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About Us

Want to get great blogging tips, new ideas on saving money, how to travel on a budget, or how to make everyday life less stressful and well, just BETTER?

Great! You’re in the right place! We hope that you will feel right at home here in our little warm and friendly community for creative travelers, savvy planners, and budget-conscious homemakers. We want to help by providing you with ideas that you can use to improve certain areas of your life.

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We believe that none of us is alone in the quest for living our best life. Fact is, we are all in the same boat. Or maybe we are all in the same ocean, just in different little boats. But we can all relate to each other.

We also believe that we are better when we are with those who have our best interests at heart. In other words, we need each other! If we all strive to help each other, our lives will be enriched. is a site that talks about Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, and social media.

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