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Slimmy B | All Facts Not 1 Opinion Lyrics (GANGIN II)

  • Artist: Slimmy B
  • Album: GANGIN II

Lil nigga (ah), lil nigga (ah, ah), lil nigga (ah, ah, ah)

Me and Slimmy back to back you niggas in trouble (lil nigga)
The Glock wit me, two-toned the clip on a puzzle
Diamonds on us drippy drip they thinkin we puddles
She gon see the other side of me for thinkin I cuddle

And when she see the other side she gon see a demon
She fell in love wit this dick cause I go the deepest
See a sucka and Im tripin, I dont need a reason
Nigga fire wit this chop f*ck a vest, you gon need Jesus

A couple strokes from the back she gon need a breather
A bitch aint gettin shit from me, not a piece of pizza
Watch my relationship wit God, Im gon need a preacher
Feelin froggy nigga jump, nigga get to leapin

I dont want that fake love, nigga you can keep it
Givin love to the bitch, I just f*ck and leave her
You can catch me in the field like Im Jeepers Creepers
Keep on playin wit yo life you gon need the reaper

Oh you on my head? Then knock it off my shoulders
A gleeky on him while he leanin make that nigga sober
My future gettin brighter, but death been movin closer
I got the info from the bitch, lil bro you shouldnt have told her
Bitch play one game wit me then the game is over
My whole gang delivers smoke, nigga place a order
They ask me am I feelin fine? Yeah, kinda sorta
And yeah you the big homie but yo money shorter

Light show up on my neck aint no chain tuckin
Masked up, pull a skit, we dont say nothin
Wanna be up in this gang you gotta spray somethin
And if you wanna be my bitch you gotta pay somethin bitch
Everybody gotta die, know my day comin
Strictly only brothers, like I hate cousins
All my old hoes, you niggas stay lovin
Need to get yo ass a badge, cause you stay cuffin

Bitch get up off my dick this dont belong to you
In the lab cookin naw bitch wont make no song for you
They mournin me, Im tired of this shit Lord how long will you?
Where the woods at, naw I will not hit no bong wit you (where da cook?)
Uh, sorry uh, not sorry
Sayin that baby mine, bitch sound dumb, call Maury
Naw Im playin take this pill, thats a problem solved
Get that situated then a new dick shell be hoppin on (ha, bitch)

Im a funny nigga, you a bummy nigga
Ruths Chris got me lookin like a chubby nigga
You would text a bitch all day, lovey-dovey nigga
Im a slide through and put it in her tummy nigga
And I hate a broke bitch that be actin rich
Speakin down on my name so I cant have the bitch
All these hundreds in my pockets, Ill bag the bitch
Aint no sympathy for hoes, Ill slap a bitch

And if you thinkin Im a lick then you lack education
Why I smoke so damn much? Thats my medication
And I aint puttin down the mic cause Im dedicated
Yeah, was married to the Glock, skit got pulled then we got separated

Its a lot of chops in this bitch wit me (in this bitch wit me)
Its a lot of Glocks in this bitch wit me (in this bitch wit me)
Act dumb, youll get popped in this bitch wit me (in this bitch wit me)
G23 I got Lebron in this bitch wit me (in this bitch wit me)

And Ill bust a whole nut on yo bitch titties
And if you livin off the bitch, then you Tim Timmy (then you Tim Timmy)
Like a blind man I got a stick wit me
My bitch a goddess you be fuckin on them miss piggys
Penalty, 3 yards, bitch ya breath stink
Bitch Im good, baby wanna make a sex tape
The only pass Im givin ops is the F grade
And this choppa flip a nigga like a pancake, bitch

Nigga, all facts
And not one opinion
All facts
And not one opinion
All facts
And not one opinion
Want smoke? Yeah we want all of that ay
Nigga, all facts
And not one opinion
Nigga, all facts
And not one opinion
Nigga, all facts, dick so good Ill blow yo bitch back lil nigga
Uh all facts, ha ha all facts, ha ha all facts
Ha ha all facts, ah ah all facts, ah ah all facts, ah nigga

Slimmy B | All Facts Not 1 Opinion Lyrics (GANGIN II) Music Video

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