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Recipe: Party Punch IX

This is the best punch I have ever tasted and is requested at every shower and wedding that takes place in our family and at our church.

Party Punch IX Ingredients

  • 3 (3 ounce) packages fruit flavored Jell-O mix

  • 4 cups white sugar

  • 13 cups boiling water

  • 2 (46 fluid ounce) cans pineapple juice

  • 1 (16 ounce) bottle lemon juice concentrate

  • 2 (2 liter) bottles ginger ale, chilled

How to Make Party Punch IX

  1. In a large bowl, combine gelatin and sugar. Stir in boiling water until mixture is dissolved. Stir in pineapple juice and lemon juice concentrate. Divide into 2 containers, and freeze until solid.

  2. To serve, place gelatin mixture in punch bowl, and chop into pieces. Pour in ginger ale.

Party Punch IX Nutritions

  • Calories: 174.5 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 43.7 g

  • Cholesterol:

  • Fat: 0.1 g

  • Fiber: 0.2 g

  • Protein: 0.8 g

  • SaturatedFat:

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 34.3 mg

  • Sugar: 35.5 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Party Punch IX Reviews

  • I made this for my friends bridal shower and everyone kept asking, "Who made this punch?" They all loved it I used two packages of raspberry Jell-O and one package of strawberry Jell-O and cut the sugar back to about 2 cups -- and it was still plenty sweet. I divided the mixture (minus the ginger ale) into three gallon ziplock freezer bags and froze them. They were mostly hard, but not totally frozen about 15 hours after I put them in the freezer, and when I mixed it with the ginger ale (I used 1 bottle of ginger ale per bag of Jell-O mixture), it came out nice and slushyThe bride loved it so much she asked for the recipe and is using it for her wedding reception

  • This was excellent, sweet and a great offering. All of my guests liked it. It was quite hard from the freezer and the ginger ale did not melt it. Should be taken out of the freezer several hours before serving to "chop up" or defrost in microwave for a while before adding ginger ale. Once somewhat thawed, it made a slushy punch which had a different and great consistency than watery punch. (Maybe because of the jello?) A winner

  • YUM I made this for my wedding reception and it was GONE I used Cranberry gelatin and halved the sugar as others had suggested which made it just right Noting the thaw problem, I made the mix on Thursday night, let it freeze on Friday, and took it out Saturday morning around 9am for a 2pm party. It had a perfect slushy chill, and broke up with just the pour of the ginger ale and a couple stirs with the ladel

  • I made this for 400 servings and it was a big hit. I made it for 100 at a time and each time I made it using a different jello flavor. I do think I will cut back on the sugar next time as it is almost too sweet with the jello, sugar and ginger ale all sweet. I put it in quart sized zip lock bags and froze them until the event and then just cut the bags and poured the ginger ale over them. When one flavor was gone we went to another. We stored them in a cooler so they started getting softer and easy to break up in the punch bowl. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  • Excellent punch I used pineapple gelatin. A few notes: This makes 40 *servings* not ounces (I misunderstood and made *way* too much punch); the juice mixture refrigerates just fine if you dont want to/cant freeze the whole thing; and this is very sweet - now that we are drinking leftovers I think you could safely use sugar-free gelatin and/or halve the sugar.

  • I cant believe more people havent tried this recipe.... it really is the BEST. It makes kind of that neat "chewy" slushy consistency. Its more trouble than some other punch recipes, but thats primarily because of the volume of liquid youre working with (to mix as well as to freeze.) But Ive served it three times now and guests always rave. Freezing tip: use casserole/baking pans lined with foil so you can lift out the frozen slabs easily to chop them into your punch bowl. Or, ice cube trays or muffin pans (unlined) eliminate the need to chop in the first place. (But boy, youd need a lot of them)

  • My mother has had this recipe for years. It is truly wonderful. You just have to prepare it in advance because it has to freeze. People cant stop drinking it.

  • Thank you for sharing this recipe. I read the reviews and altered the recipe by only cutting back on the sugar by half. This was a wonderful punch. Will definitely make this again.

  • Great punch recipe. I usually always have some stored in my freezer just in case I need it Freeze it in large ziplock bags that have the pleated bottom and the zipper at the top. I have never had a problem with them.

  • This punch is the best I made this punch this weekend for my daughters graduation party. After reading all of the reviews, I was hoping that my guests would be just as pleased. Every single person commented on this punch and wanted to know what was in it. I followed the recipe and made a few adjustmens that other reviewers made and it came out PERFECT I used raspberry gelatin and used only 1 cup of sugar. After boiling the gelatin, water and sugar, I added the juices and let it cool to room temp. Then I poured the mixture into 2 1-gallon ziplock bags and again let it sit to cool a little more. I froze the bags overnight and although they still werent rock hard by my party, I took them out exactly 2 hours before the party. I poured in 1 2-liter bottle of gingerale for 1 bag of mixture and the consistency was perfect It was a juice/slushy mixture and kept cold for the whole time. And the sweetness was just enough, not too sweet so 1 cup of sugar was sufficient. Anymore than 1 cup would have been too sweet. Thanks for a wonderful recipe This will be my go to punch recipe from now on

  • We have been using this punch recipe at weddings, showers, anniversaries. WONDERFUL Substitute orange juice for pineapple juice and use orange Jello for a golden wedding anniversary. Thank you DeAnna for posting the recipe.

  • This recipe not only is easy to follow but its a great hit at every event I make it for

  • Best punch was a huge hit at my Thanksgiving dinner. My friend had like 10 cups str8 and then the next day my husband finished up the rest. I kept sum frozen and when I was ready to drink it I let it defrost a lil bit and added my ginger ale, it was awesome. Will be doing this at all my gatherings......and its also good when u substitute barcardi rum instead of the ginger ale. :)

  • I made this punch for my wedding reception and it was a HUGE HUGE hit The recipe was passed around to nearly everyone.

  • This is a delicious, icy punch, great for a hot summer day. Be sure to freeze it in a container youll be able to get it out of easily (not plastic milk jugs) Use different flavors of gelatin for different flavors of punch.

  • This punch is very good I love the slightly "chewy" slush the jello gives it. After reading a lot of reviews I was ready to halve the sugar. After mixing it all, I thought it needed more I ended up adding a total of 3 cups sugar. You have to remember...there is a 16 oz bottle of lemon juice in this So there is a lot of tartness in it. My punch tasted great and the guests loved it....but, personally, I think even if you put the 4 cups sugar it would be great I would NOT do 2 cups...waaaay too tart that way in my opinion. Oh, and I used 2 strawberry and 1 raspberry. Next time I think I will use just strawberry or the mixed fruit flavor jello.

  • Ive made this punch for 2 years now. I LOVE IT EVERYONE loves it I inadvertently made a single batch (40 servings) stretch over several holidays. I pour the hot mixture into ice cubes trays & freeze them.(40 servings will fill about 15 ice trays.) I then transfer the formed cubes into gallons bags to keep in my freezer. About 3 trays will fill a gallon bag. When I want punch, I put 1 gal. bag in my punchbowl & pour 3 liters of chilled ginger ale or pineapple soda over the cubes, stir, (if it sets for a few minutes before serving, its better.) serve, & immediately refill the bowl with more soda until its full again. The remaining cubes will gradually melt into the soda. I refill the punch bowl as needed. SO...I am using WAY more gingerale than the recipe calls for, yet, I always get all the amazing compliments, just as all the other reviews have stated.I have about 15 gal. bags of punch cubes that Im using about 2, 2 liters of gingerale per gallon bag. Yielding 5 bowls of punch. I have punch for Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Years. I wont change my ways now, I stumbled upon an awesome thing here. I couldnt even imagine having the punch any more concentrated. People usually have several glasses & are shocked at themselves for having so much, but its not overly sweet this way & I think people really enough it more. I will NEVER search for another punch recipe again. This one ROCKS Thank you for posting it

  • I made this with melon fusion jello and added some green food dye for my sons sesame street party. This was a huge hit I have been asked to make this at every gathering from here on out

  • I made this punch for a baby shower yesterday and everyone RAVED over it. I used berry blue jello (keeping with the baby boy theme)butI should have known it would turn green when the pineapple juice was added. However, it was a beautiful shade of turquoise. I floated some orange slices on top and it was a great presentation. As noted in other reviews, I cut the sugar to three cups. I froze the punch in two gallon zip lock bags and it took about 4-1/2 hours to thaw to a slushy consistency. I will never have to look for another punch recipe again. This one is it

  • My teenage kids love this punch. I freeze it in ziplock bags--one batch makes 3 ziplock bags. Then I get it out when they have kids over-- and everyone loves it. I just mix it with gingerale in a pitcher and it is perfect

  • This is the best punch I also reduced the sugar, and I freeze in ziploc bags. I always have a bag in my freezer for family parties. I made this for a wedding shower and have been asked for it again and again since. Im making it this weekend for the baby shower... Also, we divided the punch in half and added champagne to the "adult" punch bowl Delicious

  • Everyone loved this punch

  • AWESOME punch I had this at my baby shower and I was addicted to it. I drank it ALL day and was so sad when it was gone. Everyone else loved it as well I followed other reviewers advice and bought 3 ginger ales and froze the punch starter in 3 different zip lock bags , laying them flat to freeze overnight. Then took them out a few hours before to let them get a little slushy (put them in the fridge if they get too slushy) and then chopped them up into 1 ginger ale at party time I used 2 watermelon and one strawberry jello trying for a pink color, it was close, but lighter then Id like. Thanks for such a great recipe

  • WONDERFUL I requested that this punch be made for my wedding by one of my mother-in-laws friends --- I was not disappointed We had over 200 guests in attendance at the reception and EVERYONE LOVED this punch. We still get compliments on it and asked for the recipe. We used a strawberry jello mix since my colors were coral and yellow, but I think raspberry would have been just as delicious. This recipe is a must, Ill never use anything else.

  • I used a version of this recipe for the punch for my daughters April 5th wedding, and it was very successful To make the color coordinate with a lavender/silver theme, I used 1 box of lemon jello and 2 boxes of pineapple. Combining tips from others who had tried it, I left out ALL the sugar and used 8 ounces of "Santa Cruz Organic 100% Lemon Juice Not From Concentrate" per recipe. I divided the punch into three, 1-gallon, bags to freeze it (about 7 1/2 cups per bag.) To serve, the punch was thawed for a couple of hours, and then each bag was combined with one 2-liter bottle of chilled ginger ale. When we needed to speed up the thawing process, we put the punch bowl in a hot water bath in the sink and broke up/stirred the punch base as it thawed.This was a little more expensive than some punches, but we needed a dairy-free punch, and this one worked well

  • This is a most have punch I was weary about the Jello part but just like everyone else says here, it turn into a nice slushy drink. A lot of my guests was amazed that the slush look like ice and how tasty it was. It was a blast hit Better yet, to spice up the party we had made another bunch one with liquor and Bacardi rum. BEWARE as this punch will make your guest go bonkers as u cannot taste the liquor and the flavor makes you have drinking to many I think we had to take a five and hide the punch after guest was throwing paper-plates lol Place a warning sign on punch because it makes anyone act foolish LOL. Other then that its a must have large parties. Also, do add LESS sugar.. 5 Star Thats for the recipe. I will use this again

  • I thought it was good a little work seperating and all, but the day of the party was easier this way...usually im still mixing up the punch when people start to arrive since im always late anyways, i divided into 4 freezer bags so i could evenly divide it into the punch bowl with 1 bottle ginger ale/2 freezer bags. i used 2 1/2 cups sugar & the 2 strawberry 1 raspberry jellos. i placed the bags in the freezer about 1pm the day before the party & took it out of the freezer at about 12pm the day of the party & the party was at 3pm. they werent completely frozen solid but mostly froze. i used the least frozen bags in the first bowl & reserved the more frozen 2 in the utility sink for later...and i did need them cus everyone did love the punch it tasted like a fruit punch slushy i thought. definitely will make again, my boys want me to try grape next time.

  • This was a big hit at our birthday party. Next time I will make a smaller makes a lot Very good, though.

  • This recipe was awesome Everyone loved it The only minor problem I had was that when I placed the punch in the freezer, It did not freeze in 2 hours It took more like 6 hours But it was still a success at the bridal shower I hosted.

  • I made a version of this punch for a 70th birthday party, and it was a huge hit. Because my children dont like pineapple juice, we used strawberry/kiwi juice instead, and still included the lemon juice. We used sugar-free Jello (strawberry, black cherry, and raspberry) and Sprite Zero to keep the sugar content down, and cut the sugar down to between 2.5 and 3 cups. I divided the punch into 6 Ziploc bags, and froze for about 24 hours. The night before the party, I placed all the bags in the refrigerator, and they were the perfect consistency the next day. We used less soda than the recipe called for, just going by taste. It wasnt too sweet and it had a nice tang to it. Both kids and adults really enjoyed it - everyone who tried it had at least 2-3 servings. I would definitely make this again.

  • This stuff is great. Everyone asks me to bring it to events.

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G A-M-A-Z-I-N-GThe best punch everI freeze the jello misture the day before so it is perfect by the next day. I also sometimes substitute Sprite for Gingerale and sometimes use both. Makes a TON Make sure you have a HUGE punch bowl (and something else) :) Everyone that tries it LOVES it

  • I served this at a baby shower and it got rave reviews... I should have made a double batch, it went so quickly I used half the sugar recommended, and it was still very sweet. Next time I will use 1/3 of the sugar in the recipe, and I think that will be perfect. I also froze the gelatin mixture in ice cube trays and portioned tupperware containers so I had some smaller frozen pieces in the punch bowl.

  • Very tasty and colorful I used lime and cherry jello. My xmas guests loved it I had lots of extra jello so I am saving it for our Super Bowl Party

  • Excellent I made this for my nieces surprise birthday party and everyone loved it. I used half of the sugar called for and stuck with the ginger ale It wasnt too sweet and wasnt too acidic.

  • This is delicious We served it for our 3 daughters wedding receptions. Ones colors were lavender and purple, so we mixed the strawberry gelatin with enough boiling water to dissolve it, then added grape juice. We also have a large freezer so we poured it in plastic buckets,(we quadrupled the recipe) and covered with heavy duty foil. When it would start freezing around the edges, we would stir it, replace the foil and continued to stir each time it would freeze around the edges until the whole container was frozen.( this is actually the way we made slushys when I worked at a dairy bar back in the early 60s as a teen) This way it never froze solid, but was like a slushy (eliminating the need for chopping, and in my opinion is tastier).We spooned it into the punch bowl and added chilled ginger ale, lemon lime soda is also good, and cheaper.We had so much left over from one of the weddings, that we froze it and 2 weeks later when my friend had a smaller reception we served it at hers.

  • Made this punch for my daughters sweet 16 party. Received many comments and two people asked for the recipe. I followed advice of other reviews and used two packets of raspberry and one strawberry. I also used 3 ziploc bags to freeze the punch in and added 1 bottle of ginger ale per bag. And, I also made green punch just by using 3 packets of lime jello. I served the red punch at the party and that was plenty, I really didnt need to double the punch at all. However, after we got home, we had several guest and they made the green punch and loved it. They said it was better than the red. Thanks for a great punch recipe

  • Absolutely loved this So did all of our party cause it was GONE I made it as stated except I halved the recipe (which it made one full punch bowl still) I also halved the sugar- so a total of one heaping cup. I used strawberry and raspberry jello.

  • I made this punch for my sons 8th birthday party and it was a big hit I chose this recipe because my kids do not like the flavor of kool-aid or fruit punch. You can customize this punch with the jello. I chose 2 strawberries and 1 cranberry. Like other reviewers I also reduced the sugar to 2 cups and it was still quite sweet. I divided the punch into 3(gallon size) freezer bags on a Thursday night. Saturday morning I placed them on the counter around 1100 for a 4pm party and once the ginger ale was added,it was perfect. My 15 year old son said the punch was addicting and the sodas went untouched. My sister requested the recipe for her sons 18th birthday party next week

  • I made this for a babyshower and everyone loved it. most important, however, was the fact that it was super easy. i used frozen pineapple rings to make it pretty.

  • I made this at my nieces bridal shower, never made punch in my life and it was a hit everyone loved it. I did cut the sugar.. for 150 people it called for 15 cups and I only used 6 cups. And it was just so perfect I do advise you do this,I noticed alot of people cut the sugar because if not it is "too" sweet. On the jello jelatin I used 9 boxes of mixed fruit flavor and 2 boxes of cherry.

  • I have made this punch now for a few years. Every family event I have been asked to make this punch.

  • Very, very good. I received only compliments and requests for this recipe. My suggestion: I froze the punch in ice cube trays. This way I did not have to do any chopping. Just drop them into a pitcher/bowel and add the ginger ale.

  • THIS IS THE BOMB Everyone loved it at a baby shower at my house. They kept asking for the recipe I would make this again and again It smelled weird mixing the pineapple juice with the lemon concentrate....but it is EXCELLENT - no weird smell after freezing. I USED ONLY 2 CUPS of sugar and it was perfect. I used raspberry jello mix. People drank it so fast it seemed I had more frozen stuff than gingerale - you could easily use 3 bottles of gingerale to the same amount of frozen stuff - in fact I added about 6 cans of Siera Mist to the remaining frozen stuff and it was fine.... MAKE IT YOUR GUESTS WILL LOVE IT AND THINK YOU ARE THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST I froze the frozen stuff in 4 separate dishes and chiseled it apart and then it gets nice a slushy Make it yall

  • Delicious Big hit at my sons b-day party As suggested by others, I separated the punch into zip lock bags.

  • I had a party and made this punch mostly for the kids. I cut the recipe in half and used 1/2 C less sugar. I wish I had made the full batch because within a couple of hours, it was gone Both kids and adults really enjoyed it.This will go on my favorite list, it is delicious. I used raspberry and strawberry gelatin and it was perfect.

  • Every time I make this everyone loves it. Its just about party season so I cant wait to start making it again.

  • I made a double batch for my parents 70th wedding anniversary. I added a carton of orange juice and 2 teaphoons of almond extract, then made my ice ring of punch with whole maraschino cherries, pineapple rings, and thin orange slices. The presentation was as good as the punch Despite the delicious other drinks we offered, this punch was by far the favorite. I was pleased as punch

  • Excellent Recipe.

  • AWESOME PUNCH This turned out amazing, and I didnt change a thing, I left the sugar in and it was the right sweetness. People couldnt stop raving about it at my thanksgiving dinner. I cut the recipe in half and it serves 16 guests perfectly, had plenty left for seconds and thirds even for those who wanted it.

  • I made this a few nights ago for a party with a bunch of teenage girls and their mothers. It was a hit We were following a "P" theme, so we called it "Pucker-Up Party Punch". The only changes I made were to cut the sugar in half (good move, in my opinion) and divide the mixture up into 4 gallon sized bags to freeze in smaller portions. We used a regular sized punch bowl, and two bags (half of one recipe) plus one bottle of soda filled the bowl perfectly. We made it up the night before, and pulled the bags out of the freezer a few hours before the party to allow the mixture to soften a little bit. Oh, and we used "Blackberry Fusion" Jell-o. Also, for those of you worried about acidity of things like this, it wasnt bad I expected it would have been a lot worse, but it didnt burn at all ;)

  • Wow this was the hit of our family Thanksgiving party Delicious

  • Excellent punch I made it for my sons graduation party. The sodas were hardly touched but the punch was gone I will definitely use this recipe again. Thanks.

  • This is the BEST punch I have ever had...and my family agreed Thank you

  • Best punch ever

  • I made this punch and it was delicious. It stays well in the freezer and you can pull it out and make it for different occasions. The sweetness offsets the sour for the perfect combination. You have to try it.

  • My friend made this and i had to come on and save it to my box. This is a great punch. I would have gave it 5 stars but she decreased the sugar to 2 1/2 cups. And it was perfect like that. Used 2 strawberry and 1 rasberry good. I will be making this for Christmas this year.

  • The best punch I have ever had I made it for a shower and everyone loved it

  • This is a great punch for all occasions. Everyone thought it was great I Will definately be using this a lot in the future

  • This punch recipe totally ROCKS I made it for a baby shower and everyone was raving about it and asking for the recipe. I halved the recipe and had plenty for 13 ladies who all had more than one glass. It was so good that Im going to make it at Thanksgiving.

  • I did not enjoy this punch nor did my family. It stayed in the refrig until I threw it away. I enjoyed the slushy affect, but the gelatin mix was too heavy, I guess.... I will not make it again.

  • I have made this recipe for Girl Scouts in the past every time there is an event; I hear we want you to make the punch In a few weeks my Daughter graduates and she has already said "THAT PUNCH MOM" you have to make "OUR Punch" Well the party also includes her Grandparents 50th Anniversary so we will be making more then a double or triple batch. And it didnt take much for her to over ride Grandmas punch recipe. I truly like the idea of using freezer bags- even though I sell Tupperware. I used a larger containers the last few times, but if you dont give enough time to thaw you run into problems. So this time I will use freezer bags and carry them in Tupperware- just in case they leak. :) I also like the idea of smaller versions frozen for use at home on a hot summer evenings adding a can of ginger ale or sprite. Never seem to have leftovers. I use the recipe just as it calls using Strawberry or Raspberry Jell-O and I do not cut down on the sugar. Now I cant wait to have some punch.

  • I made this for my daughters Sweet 16 party. I used 2 raspberry and 1 strawberry flavored jello mix. As other reviewers stated it was too sweet, so, I used 3 cups of sugar. It turned out very good. I put it in 3 gallon size ziploc freezer bags and laid flat in the freezer. Everyone at the party loved it and was all gone This will be the punch Ill make from no on. Cant wait to try other flavors of gelatin

  • It was a hit I used 2 rasberry and 1 strawberry jello and 3 cups of sugar. Froze it in lg. ziplock bags. Easy and refreshing

  • Not much of a punch drinker and boy was this good, had to make three more batches for the kids gobbled it up during our thanksgiving dinner. I used orange and raspberry gelatin and only two cups of the sugar. I also added fresh orange and strawberry slices and thawed it out a bit prior to mixing the gingerale as suggested by others.

  • Loved it while I was preparing the jello mixture ( it makes alot) I was kinda worried about what I just got myself into. But luckily I conitued and froze the mixture in gallon size bags (I think it made 4 or 5 bags), froze them flat in the freezer a couple of days ahead of time. Day of the party I took them out to thaw about 2 hours prior and they were easily broken up. Everyone who saw the mixture before hand thought it was a little weird. Once it was all prepared, everyone loved it So many compliments. Just a few drops were left. I used 2 rasberrys and 1 orange jello. Thanks for a great recipe. I will use this punch recipe from now on.

  • Great punch Make sure you have an extra bottle of gingerale on hand as I needed 3 bottles probably since I only took out of the freezer 2 hours in advance.

  • Really tasty. Multiple people at my party commented on how good it was.

  • I made this punch for thanksgiving and it was perfect I used a large stock pot to mix the ingredients, because my punch bowl was too small. I then had my hubby help me pour into a small container and then pour into 2 gallon sized freezer bags before freezing. I recommend making this the night before because it took at least 12 hours to freeze. I also used 7up and 2 strawberry and one raspberry jello pack. Cant wait to make more at our Christmas party.

  • I gave this recipe four stars because I didnt think it was as wonderful as most reviews make it out to be, but Im admittedly not a punch person. Ive had punches that I do enjoy, but Im really not a fan of the ginger ale + sorbet/juice/whatever-you-have-on-hand punch kind of person. I made two batches of this to discover that it was MORE than enough so I kept the ice cubes in freezer bags in the freezer.. Any time my husband would fix a drink (tea, juice, soda, etc) hed pop a few of these in there to add a little something extra. I must admit - the tea version was very good

  • This punch is delicious We used it at a couples meeting at church and everyone loved it. my only change would be to use half the sugar since the Gin is sweet enough.

  • Ie made this punch a few times & it is always wonderful & i am always asked for the recipe.I use strawberry jello & 2 1/2 cups sugar & it;s great :-D

  • Made this for my daughters wedding. Everyone loved it...and received requests for the recipe. I cut the sugar quantity in half. And I made one batch with lime gelatin and one batch with berry. Both were de-lish

  • Made enough for one huge bowl of virgin punch and one huge bowl of champagne punch. Everyone loves it and I am always asked for the recipe

  • OMg This was a hit for Christmas get together. Im making now again for our Valentines day party. Yummy I also used less sugar it is a little too sweet for my taste but otherwise a winner.

  • Please be aware that this punch is not suitable for vegetarians due to the gelatin. Any ideas on how to make it vegetarian-friendly?

  • I made this for my daughters grad party. The colour was purple, so I used grape jello. Handy that is can be made ahead of time. The recipe says its 40 (4 oz) servings. Its really double that I ONLY USED HALF THE AMOUNT OF SUGAR AND EVEN THAT WAS TOO SWEET You can use 1/3 cup well-rounded bulk jello mix per box called for.

  • I made this recipe for a party. I used strawberry and raspberry Jello, but only half the sugar. I added Sky pineapple vodka with the ginger ale. People raved about it, and everybody liked the slushy texture. It all went.

  • The Punch was great. I loved how it was like a slush. Everyone loved it

  • I was so excited to have a new punch recipe that it seemed everyone enjoyed. I was very let down. I made this for Christmas. I made this recipe as is... First of all when they say large bowl it needs to be really really large. Mine ended up in a big stew pot, because non of my bowls were large enough for all the liquid. Second, cut the sugar, WAYYYY too sweet Luckily I bought extra ginger ale and you could make a tolerable glass with half ginger ale and half punch. I was also hesitant because of the gelatin. And I didnt really end up liking that either. It tasted like I was drinking Jello. I gave it two stars because the kids drank it. Another tip, take the frozen punch out a little early to slightly thaw, so you dont have issues.

  • Everyone loved it

  • If I could give this 1000 stars I would This was so easy to make, and soooooo delicious, I had so many people compliment this punch at my daughters party, Im also making copies for a few moms right now lol. I cut the sugar down to 3 cups, and used 3 gallon bags to freeze the liquid, I took the punch out of the freezer way late, but after a few good pokes with a huge fork and pouring the ginger ale it slushed up nicely Thanks for an awesome recipe

  • Im not sure what was off in this recipe but I think it may have been the cranberry jello that made it taste off to me. I used 2 boxes raspberry and 1 box cranberry and decreased sugar to 2 cups. I will try this again but next time I will use 3 boxes of mixed fruit.

  • Served this at my daughters 6th birthday party and the adults as well as the kids went crazy for it Will definitely make again for all special family events.

  • Delicious

  • I have made this punch several times and it is always a hit. My sons teenage friends LOVE it. Our favorite is with strawberry/banana jello. We half the sugar as others have suggested. Definitely one to keep in you recipe folder.

  • Tried this recipe for my daughters graduation party. It was delicious. I froze the mixture in quart ziploc bags in advance and on the day of the party placed them in a cooler about 3 hours before I was ready to mix the punch. It was so good I made 2 different kinds before the night was over. Guests loved it. I will use this again and again and again

  • This punch was amazing It was my first time making punch and it was a real hit, everyone was wanting more and more I had to convert some of the measurments so I could understand them better; I used 2 (1L) cartons of Dole Pinapple Juice, and 1 can of frozen Minute Maid Lemon concentrate. It worked out perfect Thanks

  • I cannot rave enough about this punch I get recipe requests every time I serve it, and always have to make PLENTY

  • This is the best punch, hands down. Delicious, I cant say enough. I put it in 3 gallon size freezer bags. I serve a whole bottle of ginger ale with each bag. When the bags freeze on their sides, it freezes the punch thinner than a container, so its not so hard to break up the mass. SO DELICIOUS

  • This is great I know people dont care for changes but this is also good with 1-6oz Strawberry Jell-O & 1-3oz box Raspberry Jell-O. Also half lemon/half lime concentrate. And of course, a bottle of good rum.

  • Great Punch. I made it for my sons graduation open house last year and am making it again this year for my other sons open house because it was such a big hit. I took the advice of freezing it in quart size ziplocs. Remember to thaw 4-6 hours before serving.

  • Ive never done punch for christmas but I decided to do this one at my daughters insistance. WOW am I glad, everyone loved it. The kids drank it like water. This ones going in the recipe box:)

  • Great punch. Have made this recipe several times. Only thing... be careful about the gelatin colours used if substituting. I mixed grape and orange jello, still tastes great but has a very unappetizing brown colour. To compensate, I added a whole jar of maraschino cherries and some red food colouring. Then it was semi-pinkish. The cherries really added to the punch and helped the colour - so Ive kept adding them anyhow. I only add them at the end though - not freezing the cherries.

  • It was a hit with party guests, but a bit too sweet for my liking. Couldnt drink more than one small glass. Definitely recommend freezing in ziploc bag portions.

  • This is THE BEST punch ever. I love the slushy texture and sweet-tart flavor. I used 3 boxes of sugar-free lemon jell-o and reduced the sugar by one cup. I would recommend making this more than a day in advance, to provide plenty of freeze time. I divided mine into two gallon-sized freezer bags, which worked great. Next time, though, Im going to divide it into quart-sized freezer bags so I can pull it out with just a can or two of gingerale to serve my family of four. This punch is too good to save for special occasions

  • I was a little hesitant to make this for my daughters graduation party last weekend since it was so different from most punch recipes, but it was a HUGE hit Yes, reduce the sugar to 3 cups, not 4, and add a little more ginger ale. I used raspberry, strawberry and cherry jell-o. The slushiness of the punch was great And the left over punch base can just stay in the freezer.

  • This punch was greatI used raspberry geltain mix.thankyou for sharing

  • Im not quite sure why this punch is rated so high by most people. I tested this recipe for my daughters graduation party and Im glad i did because we did not care for it. I have some frozen left maybe I will try it with 7up instead of the ginger ale. Even so I make a much much better punch and will stick with that.

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