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Recipe: Easy Beef Stew for the Slow Cooker

Very easy to prepare beef stew. Lots of flavor and quick to prepare.

Easy Beef Stew For The Slow Cooker Ingredients

  • 1 pound cubed beef stew meat

  • 2 cups water

  • 1 (.75 ounce) packet dry brown gravy mix

  • 1 (1.5 ounce) package dry beef stew seasoning mix

  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

  • 1 (14.5 ounce) can stewed tomatoes, chopped

  • (16 ounce) package baby carrots, or to taste

  • 3 potatoes, cut into chunks

  • 1 stalk celery, cut into chunks, or to taste

  • onion, chopped

How to Make Easy Beef Stew For The Slow Cooker

  1. Put beef in a slow cooker.

  2. Whisk water, gravy mix, and stew seasoning mix together in a bowl until no dry mix remains; add Worcestershire sauce and pour over the beef. Add tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, celery, and onion.

  3. Cook on High for 6 hours.

Easy Beef Stew For The Slow Cooker Nutritions

  • Calories: 251.6 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 33.8 g

  • Cholesterol: 40 mg

  • Fat: 4.9 g

  • Fiber: 4.4 g

  • Protein: 17.4 g

  • SaturatedFat: 1.8 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 1003.2 mg

  • Sugar: 5.8 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Easy Beef Stew For The Slow Cooker Reviews

  • Whats better than having dinner ready when you get home from work AND have it taste good?? I normally dont use gravy or seasoning packets (personal preference) but decided to try this because of the ease and convenience. I made it exactly as written (well, I added in an extra celery stalk and used 1/2 onion instead of 1/4 -whatever) and this came out perfectly tender at 6 hrs. I imagine if youre working a longer day you could put in on low for 8-10hrs and it would be equally tasty. I was so mad today when I left for work and forgot my leftovers at home Thanks for sharing your recipe Megan

  • Ive actually made this twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Once following recipe as given then modifying it a bit to my liking. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers saying how could you rate a given recipe if you modify it to the point of something that does not come close to what the person wrote. As given this is a great and very easy recipe. The end result is excellent and the best part is that you dont have to be a culinary chef to have an easy meal that you can be proud of serving to family or guests. A crusty bread would be all that you need to complete this as written. On my second time I modified the recipe just a bit. Because the gravy was a bit thin for my liking I made a roux from 1/2 stick butter, 1/4 cup flour and 2 cups of the stew liquid added that mixture to thicken it along with 1/2 small bag each of frozen corn and peas about an hour before finish. Thank you for your excellent recipe that I can use as is and as a base for some modifications

  • This is the first time Ive made this and did so exactly as the recipe says.only I doubled it The reviews were good so I figured, why not

  • I added way more veggies than recipe called for, but it just made it more hearty. Other than that I followed the recipe and it turned out SO TASTY

  • Easy quick delicious and impressive on the plate. Ill do this one again for sure.

  • I used 2 onions, only a half of a pack of beef stew seasoning (to cut the salt), and left out the Worcestershire (because I forgot). Added 2 bay leaves and some peas when it was about finished. Husband approved

  • Very delicious even better when pared with white rice

  • I used two cups of beef broth instead of water, skipped the tomatoes (family preference) and added mushrooms. My slow cooker cooks fast ;) so only took 3 hours on high. Excellent

  • This is really good beef stew. I have made others but this one is very good. I think it is the combination of the tomatoes, gravy and beef stew mix that gives it the overall flavor. I have made this twice and love it. The one note I will make are the people who write reviews and say "I did not have these five ingredients so I used these instead" and then go on to say they did not care for it. If you dont have the right ingredients that the recipe calls for then go get them and then make it and you will probably like it.

  • I followed the recipe exactly. Did not find it salty at all. I will put in more carrots next time ---- there were lots of potato chunks but it could have used more carrots (for our tastes). My husband kept saying, "This is delicious.". This recipe is a keeper --- good ole down home flavor Thanks for sharing.

  • Made this for company and everyone raved about it I made it the day before and added an additional can of tomatoes when I heated it up the next day. Add a fresh fruit salad and some crunchy rolls with butter to make a great meal on a cold day

  • Great recipe I followed it as written and the stew was wonderful. Simple, flavorful and filling. Thanks, MeganReed, for sharing this.

  • I pretty much kept to the recipe and loved the idea of not having to brown the meat or veggies before adding to the slow cooker. Always looking for easy slow cooker recipes and I will make this again soon.

  • This is the best, easiest beef stew Ive ever made. I used only half a can of stewed tomatoes to cut back the sugar and it added the perfect amount of sweetness. Love this recipe

  • Dont get me wrong the food was fine. The smell of the Worchestershire sauce was overwhelming the initial day. I smell subsided after a night in the fridge and the consistency was better for me personally. Would try again but perhaps tweak the amount of Worchestershire sauce or substitute.

  • I out grew the taste of envelope beef stew but still needed a quick and easy go to. I hoped this recipe would do the trick and it did. A few days a week I go to my daughters to get the grandkids off to school while she works. I like to set up a meal for dinner so at the end of the day its all set to go. Very easy to assemble while getting 3 little girls ready for the day. Everyone ate it up and said it tasted great. I made a second time for my husband with the only changes being I used petite diced Italian flavored tomatoes instead of chopped stewed tomatoes. I also added a cornstarch slurry the last 30 mins to thicken it up for his liking. Across the board everyone really enjoyed it and I will be making again.

  • Daaaaaaalicious So hearty and yummy, I used a peppercorn gravy and chili flakes...really good. I increased the water to 3 cups and added mushrooms and lots of was really good.

  • I had high hopes for this recipe, but unfortunately it turned out very salty. I used reduced sodium beef gravy mix and that was the only change I made to the recipe. Even with the reduced sodium gravy mix, it was too salty. I think this could be a 5 star recipe, but will add more liquid next time to counter the saltiness.

  • Yummy & easy

  • Take note of the oz for the seasoning packets. Im guessing the person who thought it was too salty may have accidentally used a bigger brown gravy packet than the recipe called for. The beef was very tender and potatoes cooked perfectly. Only thing I added was a bag of frozen peas during the last hour of cooking. Its not chock full of flavor...but that happened to be good for my kids. Adults may prefer a stew with more flavor.

  • Perfect I doubled the recipe except used only one package each of stew seasoning and gravy mix. Super easy and definitely a keeper

  • This recipe is pretty good as is. Id recommend when selecting the stew and gravy packages go with the lower salt options and get NO salt added stewed tomatoes. Thats what we did and was perfect.

  • This was really good. Thank you for sharing

  • Delightful, I added a few of my own seasoning to the meat but besides that very good recipe.

  • EVERYBODY loved it Including my 2 year old

  • Awesome easy recipe I made it just as it was written with one tweak. The only improvement I did was I mixed a 1/4 c. of flour with some of the soup broth and the stirred it back into the stew and left it cooking uncovered for the last 15 minutes. It made it thicken right up and was delicious

  • Made as is, this was perfect. Since I love vegetables I added more celery (four stalks), four chopped potatoes and an entire onion. I love that while it is a rich stew, it is still somewhat brothy so it pairs perfectly with a crusty bread. Next time Ill try a cup of red wine to replace a cup of water just to see how it turns out. Also, Ill definitely double the recipe--this was finished cooking at 8 p.m. and was gone within two hours, feeding only two people

  • I was skeptical about putting two packets of seasoning in and I was right- IT WAS SO SALTY


  • I made this and it came out great, I would recommend seasoning the meat with some salt and pepper. I would also recommend with about an hour left in cooking time combine 1 Tbsp of corn starch and 1 cup of water stir til dissolved then pour and mix into crock pot. It helps make the gravy (sauce) thicker not as watery.

  • Excellent recipe Very quick & easy to make. I put everything in the slow cooker on low for 6 hours & turned out delicious Next time I will definitely double this recipe

  • This was one of the best beef stews I have had. Number 1, very easy to put together and 2, tastes great.

  • Used red potatoes and the hubby loved it, very good.

  • Best & easiest beef stew ever I added one additional can of stewed tomatoes and added 4 large potatoes, cut into small cubes.

  • Ive made this recipe many times over the past few years. Its so easy to make and tastes very good for what it is I only docked one star, because obviously a "home made" traditional stew with red wine and the works would blow this out of the water. But the recipe as written is easy, quick, and delicious Since Ive made this many times, the first handful was following the recipe as written, which yielded the same flavorful results as when I tweak it, but i tweak it according to my personal tastes. I always add 2 bay leaves (I always do in slow simmering beef entrees) a handful more onion and potatoes, cut the baby carrots into thick slices, add a tablespoon of garlic, and extra worcheshier sauce (because my boyfriend and I love it), then about an hour before its done I add some frozen corn to taste, which i really think rounds out the stew as a whole and makes it even heartier. To those who think they can make this extra flavorful the first time making it and wants to add extra spices....dont. a McCormick beef stew seasoning packet is all you need. If you like your stew on the thicker side, reduce the water and seasoning packets. Otherwise, I never have to add cornstarch or flour, I actually use the full seasoning amount in the recipe, the juice from the tomato can, and about 1 3/4 c of water. Its a perfect recipe for those short on time or are just learning to make basic meals, I usually prepare it in a crockpot liner the night before and twist tie it and leave it in the

  • I used tomato sauce instead of stewed tomatoes which I prefer and it still worked out and tasted great

  • Not as good as I thought it would be- gravy not thick like pictured. I did add green beans and. Orn

  • Good but would not use less canned tomatoes. I thought it was too sour. Cooked 6 hrs and could have used another 30 minutes.

  • I love this recipe prep time very fast it was the most delicious Savory beef stew I think I have ever ate it is a must-do recipe for you all out there I made no changes to the recipe very delicious

  • Added some mushrooms, green beans.Thought the recipe was greatIt will be made again. Was asked to share the recipe with friends.

  • Accept this recipe is easy and my family loves this recipe thank you for whoever posted this because you are a lifesaver

  • Not a fan. My husband asked me to not make it again.

  • No changes. Yes, Ill make it again

  • I actually added a few more carrots and potatoes (i love my carrots) and a little extra water to compensate. it turned out wonderful. very easy to make. i will definitely make this again.

  • Add 1 tsp of Ground Cayenne Pepper to give a slight bite. The familys not much a stew lovers group but they liked it

  • Made it the other night, and it was a great hit with my wife and kids. One of the things I really love about this recipe is that it is also inexpensive to make. I am a financial guy, and my wife and I ran into some major money problems a while ago. One of the things that we found is that we spend a lot of money on going out to dinner and even was spending a lot when we cook at home. We have been working on reducing those expenses. This recipe has been added to my favorites not just because it is good but because it is inexpensive to make.

  • Made it as written

  • Very tasty If doubling the recipe, not quite all the veg. will fit so try 1 1/2 of the mixes.

  • Absolutely delicious I love this recipe. Nothing better than having this with bread and butter on a cold night :)

  • Really good. Ill definitely make again. I had to substitute my own seasonings for the seasoning packet because of sodium content. I just set Lawrys salt on the table for everyone else who doesnt need to worry about sodium, and everyone was happy. 6 hours on high was perfect.

  • Smelled fabulous, great to have on a ray that is a blizzard .

  • Amazing. Will make again

  • Sooo good. made it exactly how the recipe calls for except doubled it. used a pot roast for the beef. really yummy plus I have mad left overs. doubling this recipe probably makes 10-12 big servings easily.

  • Was absolutely best stew Ive ever had Delicious

  • Very good and easy to make. I didnt add the beef stew mix and I wish I did because it did need salt and pepper.

  • Made this today opted out of using the carrots because I dont care for it. Other than that it came out perfect. All of the people who said it was too salty I suspect they didnt put the correct measurements.

  • Love this easy stew Will make a few small modifications next time. Only 8 oz stewed tomato. Will add string beans also. Always a nice touch I did take another reviewers advice and made a roux to thicken the sauce. Awesome recipe Love it

  • This is perfect every single time comes out thick with lots of gravy for pouring over whatever you like..meat is tender and flavorful and vegetables nice and soft but not overly done. have made this recipe about 6 times now and comes out exactly the same each time..plenty for leftovers as well

  • Easy and excellent. Very delicious. I added a can of peas because I like peas in my stew. Substituted a cup of Guiness for one cup of water. Otherwise, followed the recipe.

  • Was really good and easy thanks

  • This is so Good. Thank You. One thing that I did was to Cook it on Low for about 9 1/2 hours.

  • Very easy to make . Great Tasted

  • I did not have the gravy mix on hand so omitted it. Instead of water I used 1 cup of beef broth. The slow cooker made its own juices. Cooked on low for about 7 to 8 hrs. Was just wonderful.

  • Very good just as written. I didnt change anything and thought it was great. we live in Florida and not many nights are cold enough to make you want hot stew, but this will be my new go to recipe for those brisk 60 degree evenings.

  • I wasnt impressed with this recipe.

  • This came out great, and perfect for winter too. I added a fresh chopped tomato instead of canned, and added sweet peas and green beans. Served with butter noodles, it was perfect.

  • It was a very bland tasting dish, so I added a 1/4 cup of marsala cooking wine, more spices and au jus gravy mix. Made it a much thicker and tastier stew

  • I followed the recipe but added more red wine. I would definitely serve it again

  • Absolutely the best beef stew I ever made Followed the recipe but added 2 large sliced garlic cloves I will definitely be making this again Thanks for the recipe

  • This is a very easy and flavorful stew I like mine to be full of vegetables, so I add 3/4 of a cup each of frozen corn, green beans and Lima beans about halfway through the cooking time. Theres still plenty of liquid.

  • I used 2 packages of Swiss Chalet gravy with 8 cups of water omitted the tomatoes, stew seasoning and Worchestershire sauce. It was so good

  • This is a great comfort food simple recipe. Ive used it several times.

  • No changes...super easy My kids ate it (my son picked out the carrots no problem) I just made it for the second time.

  • As directed except for celery..No sub..DELISH.

  • So easy and possibly the best stew I ever made Yummy

  • Very easy to make . Great Tasted

  • A little bland

  • I made this a while back for a ladies retreat and it was yummy I am making it again tonight, cant wait until dinner

  • My hubby loved it it was awesome I will make this again yummy

  • Tasty. I used a packet of dry Mushroom Soup as one of the dry ingredients it was very tasty and sooo easy.

  • Delicious

  • This was a very big hit last night. My husband loved it I added corn and green beans with the carrots. It was delicious Will make this again.

  • I used low sodium brown gravy and stew mixes but followed the recipe. big hit with everyone, my step father who doesnt eat leftovers even had some for lunch the next day.

  • This was almost too easy. The only thing I did different was brown my meat in paprika before putting it in the crock pot and used gravy master to thicken up the broth. I also omitted the tomatoes as I dont like them. Still got rave reviews on the first cold night if the season

  • Very rare you find a recipe on here that you dont have to alter to make it palatable. However, this recipe was a winner. We made it exactly per the recipe and it was a hit all around. Definitely, definitely make this stew I did thicken it a bit near the end, but thats just my familys personal preference for stews. I used pioneer brown gravy mix and crock pot brand hearty vegetable beef stew seasoning mix.

  • Fantastic stew. Easy to make.

  • Good but would not use less canned tomatoes. I thought it was too sour. Cooked 6 hrs and could have used another 30 minutes.

  • My family l9ves it i made this a while ago but made it different but still tasted the,same

  • Love this recipe Ive used yellow honey gold potatoes. Still cut them in small pieces. Theyre the only ones that actually get cooked enough for me. Ive also started adding 1/2-3/4 cup flour the last 1/2 hour to thicken the stew. A little garlic doesnt hurt this recipe either Its a huge win for us

  • My son loves it.. i made it for our family and i thought my son was not going to eat any but he did and he ate about two toddler size bowls and i was so happy he at it :) One proud momma here

  • Very easy inexpensive recipe

  • I thought it was really good and my 9 yr old ate it but the next day she didnt want any of the leftovers. I liked the seasoning and gravy packets but they had a LOT of sodium. Probably wont make it again for that reason.

  • Just adding my praise and appreciation for this simple and delicious recipe. If you are a novice cook or new to using a crockpot, then this is a great cold weather recipe to get you going Of course, I read all the reviews before I got my ingredients and that helped. As someone pointed out, already - make sure that you have the dry mix proportions right (gravy mix and stew seasoning packet) or that will affect the outcome. I did use two cups of beef broth in place of the water and added a few splashes of Chardonnay for some deeper flavor. One thing I was concerned about was the cooking time, most crockpot recipes call for 3 - 4 hours on high or 6 - 8 on low, and this one using only a pound of meat called for 6 I did see where one commenter cooked for 3 hours and was fine with the result so having a very new model, I cooked for about 3 and a half hours in total. While I do think the meat would have just become more fork tender with further cooking, the vegetables were at the perfect stage, any more time and they would have become mushy. I used two stalks of celery, a half an onion, and three carrots. For the potato, I used one very large sweet potato. As the recommended stewed tomatoes called for further chopping, I opted to use a similar sized can of diced fire roasted tomatoes. (Also, a suggestion from a commenter.) Then, with about half an hour to go, I made a slurry of equal parts water and corn starch and mixed that into the stew for a thicker gravy. Perfection Yep,

  • Hardest part was peeling the potatoes, everyone loved

  • We really enjoyed it along with some cornbread.

  • Wow, was this easy and good I doubled the recipe..and used regular carrots rather than baby, my personal preferance. very quick and easy. my picky bf who hates veggies approved.

  • I had to alter it just a little, was missing a few ingredients, and it wasnt bad; it only needed some salt and pepper once served. I just wish it were a little thicker.

  • I made this but the liquid I use on all my beef is coffee. I know it sounds weird. It does not taste like coffee and makes a beautiful gravy that tenderizes the beef. The meat will melt like butter on your tongue.

  • Very simple recipe. I Added more carrots, potatoes & celery & left out the beef stew seasoning packet since I didnt have it. Seasoned with bay leaf, kitchen bouquet & extra beef base for flavor. Recipe made a lot of stew & will use it for another dinner Thanks for a great recipe

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