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Natalie Imbruglia | Shiver Lyrics (Shiver)

  • Artist: Natalie Imbruglia
  • Album: Shiver

I walk a mile with a smile
And I dont know
I dont care where I am
But I know its alright

Jump the tracks
Cant get back
I dont know anyone around here
But Im safe this time

cause when you
Tell me, Tell me, Tell me
Stupid things, like you do
Yes, I
Have to, have to, have to
Change the rules
I cant lose

Cause I shiver
I just break up
When Im near you
It all gets out of hand
Yes I shiver
I get bent up
Theres no way that
I know youll understand

We talk and talk
round it all
Whod have thought
Wed end up here

But Im feeling fine
In a rush
Never trust
Youll be there

If Id only stop and take my time

Cause with you
Im running, running, running
Somewhere I cant get to
Yes I have to have to have to
Change the rules
Im with you


What if you get off at the next stop
Would you just wave as Im drifting off
If I never saw you again
Could I (could i)

Keep all (all)
Of this (of this)

Chorus: x2

Natalie Imbruglia | Shiver Lyrics (Shiver) Music Video

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