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Mexico gives description of violence following 'Chapo' son nabbed

Mexico gives description of violence following Chapo son nabbed

MEXICO CITY (AP) ” The operation to detain Ovidio Guzman, the son of imprisoned medicine lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, unleashed a running firefight inside the northern city of Culiacan that killed 10 military personnel accompanied by every one one other accompanied by 19 suspected members of the Sinaloa medicine cartel.

In a blow-by-blow description Friday, Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval described a battle that resembled a war: cartel gunmen opened blaze on troops accompanied by .50 caliber machine guns, accompanied by every one one other accompanied by the armed strength responded by calling inside Blackhawk helicopter gunships to assault a convoy of 25 cartel vehicles, including truck-mounted cartel firearm platforms.

The cartel at that hour dated opened blaze on the military aircraft, forcing place of set of two of them down accompanied by a significant number of impacts inside every one one of the place of set of two aircraft, Sandoval said. The gang at that hour dated sent hordes of gunmen to assault fixed-wing aircraft, both military accompanied by every one one other accompanied by civilian, at the city™s international airport.

One civilian airliner was hit; the gunmen excessively report up airfield buildings inside a provide to place an extremity to authorities from flying the capture cartel boss not here of the city. But Sandoval said that, anticipating the resistance, authorities had unswerving away loaded Ovidio Guzman onto a military helicopter to journey into and not here of the air him unswerving spine to Mexico City.


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  • Culiacan residents posted video on communal media showing convoys of gunmen inside pickup trucks accompanied by every one one other accompanied by SUVs rolling down boulevards inside the city on Thursday. At least one convoy included a flatbed truck accompanied by a mounted firearm inside the back, the same type of automobile that caused chaos accompanied by every one one other accompanied by mayhem inside the 2019 unrest.

    All entrances to the city were blocked accompanied by every one one other accompanied by similar acts played not here inside other parts of Sinaloa.

    Rev. Esteban Robles, spokesperson for the Roman Catholic diocese inside Culiacan, said Thursday that there is an air of uncertainty, tension, accompanied by every one one other accompanied by that those who could were staying inside their homes.

    A a large amount of the streets are still blocked by the cars that were burned, Robles said.

    The Culiacan municipal management warned: Don™t depart from home! The safety of Culiacan™s citizens is the most important. Schools, local management accompanied by every one one other accompanied by numerous private businesses closed.

    Oscar Loza, a anthropoid rights activist inside Culiacan, described the circumstances while tense, accompanied by some looting at stores. On the south side of the city, where Loza lives, people reported convoys of gunmen moving inside the way of a military base, nevertheless Loza said streets around his house were eerily quiet. You don™t hear some traffic, he said.

    Juan Carlos Ayala, a Culiacan resident accompanied by every one one other accompanied by Sinaloa University professor who studies the sociology of medicine trafficking, said Ovidio Guzmán was an understandable mark at least since 2019.

    Ovidio™s fate had been decided. Moreover, he was identified while the biggest trafficker of fentanyl accompanied by every one one other accompanied by the most perceptible Chapos leader. Asked how locals were reacting to the arrest, Ayala said People have differing views, nevertheless I exist convinced by the majority are accompanied by them ” the Sinaloa cartel.

    That may exist since of the money the cartel brings to the region, nevertheless excessively since locals know that flat following confederate troops withdraw, the cartel will still exist there. As bad while it is, the cartel has ensured relative stability, if not peace.

    Guzmán was indicted by the United States on medicine trafficking charges inside 2018. According to both governments, he had assumed a growing small portion among his brothers inside carrying on their father™s business, down accompanied by long- hour dated cartel boss Ismael El Mayo Zambada.

    Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard confirmed that the management had received a appeal inside 2019 from the United States for Guzmán™s arrest for purposes of extradition. He said that appeal would have to exist updated accompanied by every one one other accompanied by processed, nevertheless he added that earliest an not shut instance inside Mexico awaits Guzmán.

    Ismael Bojorquez, director of the local report outlet Riodoce, which specializes inside coverage of the area™s medicine trafficking, said the brutal response had to do accompanied by the president™s less aggressive stance inside the way of organized crime.

    They (cartels) have taken advantage of these quartet years to organize themselves, upper limb themselves, build strong their structures, their finances, he said. I exist convinced by there are additional weapons than trio years ago. All of organized crime™s armies have strengthened, not fair the Chapitos, accompanied by every one one other accompanied by this is the cost that society is paying for this lord scheme of the confederate government.

    At Culiacan™s airport, Téllez™s commercial flying waited for its chance to lay clasp of off while place of set of two large military planes landed accompanied by troops while did trio or quartet military helicopters, accompanied by every one one other accompanied by marines accompanied by every one one other accompanied by soldiers began deploying down the perimeter of the runway.

    When the airline flying was eventually preparing to accelerate, Téllez heard gunshots inside the distance. Within 15 seconds the sound was unswerving away additional great accompanied by every one one other accompanied by a a large amount of closer, accompanied by every one one other accompanied by passengers threw themselves to the floor, he said.

    He did not know the flat external outside had been hit by gunfire until a flying attendant told them. No one was injured, nevertheless the flat external outside hastily retreated to the terminal.

    Samuel González, who founded Mexico™s exceptional prosecutor™s office for organized crime inside the 1990s, said Guzmán™s capture was a inside attendance ahead of Biden™s visit. The Mexican management is employed to have a serene visit, he said.


    Associated Press writers Fabiola Sánchez accompanied by every one one other accompanied by Christopher Sherman contributed to this report.

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