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Recipe: Super Soup

This is a very hearty, cheesy soup.

Super Soup Ingredients

  • 2 turkey legs

  • 1 cup diced celery

  • 1? cups diced potatoes

  • 2 (10.75 ounce) cans condensed cream of chicken soup

  • 1 pound processed cheese, cubed

  • 1 cup diced carrots

  • 1 cup diced onion

  • 1 (16 ounce) package frozen chopped broccoli

  • 4 cups water

How to Make Super Soup

  1. Boil turkey in water until tender. Cut up meat, and add back into turkey broth.

  2. Add onions, potatoes, carrots, and celery. Boil until tender.

  3. Add frozen vegetables, and cook 15 minutes more.

  4. Stir in cream of chicken soup and cubed cheese. Cook over medium-low heat until cheese melts, stirring often.

Super Soup Nutritions

  • Calories: 471.9 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 24.6 g

  • Cholesterol: 145.6 mg

  • Fat: 25.2 g

  • Fiber: 3.8 g

  • Protein: 37.1 g

  • SaturatedFat: 12.2 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 1504.8 mg

  • Sugar: 8.6 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Super Soup Reviews

  • This is a great soup, but I did make some minor changes. I had 2 frozen turkey legs that I partially cooked on the stove with the 4 cups of water and some chicken bouillon. While that was cooking, I chopped the carrots, celery, and onion and put them in a crockpot. I added the turkey legs (whole) and the broth and let that cook on high for a few hours. I then cut the meat off the bone and added it back to the crockpot along with frozen corn and a bag of frozen broccoli and cauliflower and some rice. Just before serving, I added the can of cream of chicken soup, but no cheese. My kids loved it and it is definitely a comfort food type of soup that I will make again.

  • This is a great soup, but I did make some minor changes. I had 2 frozen turkey legs that I partially cooked on the stove with the 4 cups of water and some chicken bouillon. While that was cooking, I chopped the carrots, celery, and onion and put them in a crockpot. I added the turkey legs (whole) and the broth and let that cook on high for a few hours. I then cut the meat off the bone and added it back to the crockpot along with frozen corn and a bag of frozen broccoli and cauliflower and some rice. Just before serving, I added the can of cream of chicken soup, but no cheese. My kids loved it and it is definitely a comfort food type of soup that I will make again.

  • This is an exceptionally great soup. Igenerally dont approve of Velveeta, butin this case, I wouldnt try anything elseIt is one of my familys favorites,especially on a cold winters night.

  • Ok Ok. This is an absolute awesome recipe Heres what I did to make it even better First I poached my turkey. Used 3 turkey thighs, filled a big pot with water & a cup of chicken broth, waited for the water to boil,then put in my diced potatoes, cut up veggies & the 3 turkey thighs. Bring water down to a simmer, cover with lid and dont touch for 30 mins. I poured the water/chicken broth into a gravy strainer, and poured 4 cups of skimmed liquid into my croc pot. Put 1 can each Cream of Chicken & Cheddar soup substitute for cubed cheese & mixed it with a wire whip. Cut my turkey to mouth size bites & put in the croc. Added a half bag of Green Giant frozen mixed veggies, set on low for 4 hours. Didnt add the onions for no particular reason, will add next time. By far the most tender turkey I have ever had in soup. Incredible. Snowin like mad here Massachusetts & sittin back with a hot & hearty soup TY Melody

  • I made this soup using left-over turkey and it went over well with my family. I love recipes that let me sneak in vegetables that they normally turn their noses up to, like broccoli. The only thing I added was a healthy dose of ground red pepper. Thank you for sharing. On edit: The leftover soup was so thick that I used it for pot pie. I mixed 1 stick butter, 1 cup milk, and 1 c self-rising flour and poured it over the soup. Baked 350 for 1 hour. It was wonderful.

  • Omg, is this soup yummy i made my broth & took meat from a turkey breast carcass. from there, i followed the recipe exactly as written except for using fresh (blanched) broccoli & adding 1/2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper. bordens "american singles" processed cheese worked very well. youll discover this soup is even more delicious when served the next day thank you melody

  • I highly recommend this soup. It is a fast & easy meal all in itself. I will be making this a lot this winter.

  • I didnt use cheese mainly because I forgot to buy it but also because I wont use processed cheese. I had cooked a turkey breast for Thanksgiving, so I took some of that meat off and shredded it into the soup. I sprinkled some cheddar on the top. It is so good, and it warms up well (probably better without the cheese). Perfect with a half baguette on a cold fall day.

  • I loved this recipe I got all kinds of raves at work. I did make some changes though: since I made it around thanksgiving, I used leftover turkey. Also to use up some leftovers, I used leftover gravy instead of one can of soup. Definitely a soup to repeat in our house.

  • This is a tough one for me to rate. I really, really like the flavor of the soup, but for some reason, I didnt like the turkey in it. It just seemed out of place for some reason. The dark meat just kind of stood out to me, not in a good way. Its odd because I really like turkey, I swear I ended up eating around all the turkey and really enjoyed the soup. I wasnt in the mood for broccoli so I threw in some fresh mushrooms instead and I cubed up a block of cheddar instead of using Velveeta. I might try this again but will probably use chicken instead. Thanks :)

  • This soup was excellent. I made it as recommended and it was delicious. Even my kids 4,3 and 3 liked it....veggies and ALL They were a little suspicious of the broccoli at first, but once they tasted it in the cheesy soup they were sold. My son ate 2 bowls My husband loved it as well. It is a great soup if you just want some comfort food on a cold day or to use up veggies you have sitting around. Thanks for sharing your recipe

  • I was pleasantly surprised with this recipe. It was very simple to make and my toddler had TWO bowls ;). I ended up using chicken tenders instead of turkey and I baked the chicken and then diced it and added it in with the potatoes and carrots. I omitted the frozen veggies and used 1/2 chicken broth 1/2 water. I will definitely be making this again soon Thanks for this recipe.

  • Even the kids, who dont usually like soup, liked this one. I used all fresh veggies, diced turkey I had in the freezer, and added shredded cheddar cheese at serving time as I didnt have processed cheese. Well make this one again.

  • Fixed this soup today, delicious My husband loved it. I only prepared half of the recipe. Did not have any celery, added some celery salt to the soup. Very rich and filling. Will make often this winter since I still have leftover turkey breast in the freezer. Will substitute chicken broth for the water.

  • I made this in a crockpot. Used 1 can of cream of chicken soup and one can of cream of celery soup. Added thyme, pepper and sage to enhance the soup flavor. Also used a tip from a previous review to use some parmesean cheese - as well as 1/2 of the called for processed cheese. VERY good flavor. Thank you

  • I LOVE this soup I have used chicken broth and left over turkey (instead of boiling just the legs) and it takes great Great texture very hearty Great meal I love it

  • WOW This is a great soup. I did make a few adjustments to suit my familys taste. I used my leftover turkey carcass from Thanksgiving to get the broth. Boiled this most of the day and got a really rich stock with plenty of meat that fell off the bones. Also I only used 1 can of cream of chicken soup and used shredded cheese instead of the processed stuff. I used frozen green beens for the vegetable and added a tablespoon of coarsely ground black pepper for a little spice. I served this tonight with the French Bread recipe from this site along with a salad and chocolate cake for dessert. It was definitely a hit with my family.

  • Delicious soup... I used leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and recently started to make my own cream soup base to skip the msg in canned soups (cream soup recipe on this site). I used about 2 1/2 cups of turkey and added some chicken boillon to my water. I made it thick because thats the way my family likes it I will definately make this again left out the broccoli because I didnt have any, but the celery, carrots and potatoes were enough Thanks

  • Perhaps if I had followed the directions more exactly I would have wound up with the "super soup" that everyone else is raving about. Unfortunately, I wanted to make a big pot and used over 2 qts of water and my huge leftover turkey. Added 3 cans chicken broth to get some flavor. Then my mistake.. I hate celery, so I diced it in my food processor. That was alright, but I also diced my carrots and onions in there. End result (after 3 cans cream of chicken / 1 can cream of celery/ half pound of velveeta / half lb cheddar /some parmesan and romano and mounds of seasoning) was basically a slightly cheesy, creamy broth with mini chunks of potato and a few veggies. (Oh yeah, I ended up using 1 lb mixed frozen and 1 lb green beans.) I doubt Ill do this again, I prefer my usual, entirely homemade (i.e. no cans of soup and processed cheese) turkey, lentil, and barley soup, but if I did, I promise to follow the recipe Thanks anyway. Cheers

  • Wonderful recipe to experiment with - I used leftover turkey from Christmas, and 1 15oz can each of chicken broth and water instead of the 4 cups of water. Also, I did not have all of the veggie ingredients, so I used what I had in the freezer: mixed veggies for soup that included okra, corn, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and lima beans among other things. I used 1 can each of cream of chicken and cream of celery (to make up for the lack of actualy celery), and also added 1/2 cup of brown rice and some Old Bay Seasoning. I cooked and stirred until the rice was done, adding almost a second can of chicken broth to keep it soup-like.Had the leftovers the next day in homemade turkey pot pie (suggested by another reviewer)Thank you for this really good recipe for me to play with

  • This is an awesome, creamy recipe My 5yo had 3 bowls, 3yo had 2 We scaled back on the cream of chicken (1can) and half the cheese, as I didnt want it to be too thick. I also used a turkey cutlet, half chicken broth/half water, and added pepper, fresh rosemary, basil, and sage yum

  • I loved this soup. Me and my daughter were arguing over the last bit of soup, and I really was supposed to take it to my mothers house. I made it 2 days after thanksgiving. I froze the rest of my turkey meat that was left over and I am making it again this weekend. Maybe some of it will actually make it to my moms house.

  • Great recipe Thanks for sharing

  • This was a yummy soup that was great for leftover turkey. I used leftover dark meat and 2 cans of chicken broth with about 1/2 cup of water rather than the 4 cups of water called for. Also added pepper. We really enjoyed it

  • Loved this Used leftover turkey breast and swapped out one of the cans of cream of chicken for cream of broccoli...okay and maybe added some extra potato...but this one is definitely a keeper Perfect for these cold New England days

  • What a great way to use up left over turkey legs I used fresh broccoli, and I added fresh rosemary and parsley along with salt and pepper and this was about the best soup I have ever made. I lightened it up a bit using low fat soup and cheese. Definitely a keeper

  • This soup was excellent. I used a turkey breast and added some chicken bouillon to make the broth richer. Very tasty

  • This is a great soup that will make you look like a super chef I used cut-up chicken breast with a can of chicken broth and 2 cups of water. This is my favorite soup recipe Makes great leftovers as well. Great

  • Great for the whole family, my 7 year old cried the entire time i was making it, saying he wouldnt like it, then i made him take a bite, and he gobbled it up, and asked for 2nds, instead of carrots or frozen brocoli, i used a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and i used left over turkey with chicken broth to replace the water since i didnt cook my turkey in it yummy

  • Very good Ive tried other soups to throw my leftover turkey in, but this is the best Ive tried so far.

  • I changed several ingredients in this recipe because of what I had on hand (1 can cream of celery soup, leftover turkey) and because I dont use cheese products like Velveeta, I substituted some grated asiago cheese instead, and used some celery salt, all-purpose seasoning salt, oregano, basil, 3 peppercorns, and poultry seasoning powder in the water before adding the canned soups. I also left out the potatoes because I was nearly out of room in the saucepan. Delicious and easy My husband wanted me to try some kind of creamy turkey soup instead of the traditional broth based with our leftovers. We all loved it, even our 1-year-old son. Thanks Melody I will make it again when we have turkey leftovers.

  • INCREDIBLE My husband and I LOVED this soup. We used our turkey leftovers, next time Ill try chicken. What an excellent recipe.

  • Was quite condensed, had to add milk to thin, but all in all quite good.

  • Recipe is aptly named. Great use for left over turkey.I substituted Campbells "Cream Of Chicken With Herbs".Easy to make

  • I like it but made some changes. I used cut up chicken legs to make the stock. I skipped the onion and used a hard grated cheese rather than Velvetta. I added fresh brocoli and cooked it in the pot. I used a mixer to make everything smooth and then added chicken. INstead of cream of chicken soup I used a little goat cheese. Yummy

  • Delicious My 8 year old will absolutely not touch broccoli...except in this soup He loves this soup Thank you for sharing

  • I tried this recipie with my leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving. It was very hearty and soooooo easy to make. I added a bit of pepper for taste and didnt use potatoes, but all-in-all a recipie I will use again.

  • I added larger amounts of vegitables than called for, reduced the cheese by 1/3, and put in 1 tbsp. Season All (I found it somewhat bland without the Season All). My husband described it as "hearty" and had a second helping.

  • This was so good Its very creamy, my in laws said I could sell this in a restaurant. I used chicken breast and it didnt make a difference. Love the recipe, wouldnt change a thing about it.

  • Husband loved it hes just trying and learning to love veggies. I used chicken broth I had frozen. Then used left over smoked turkey from holidays and substituted cheese soup and left over cream cheese ball about 1 oz maybe plus 1/2 cup of cheddar for the Velveeta it was plenty of cheese. Also added red pepper flakes. Going in recipe box for sure. Thank you

  • Im a cheese-lover, so am surprised at how really good this was even though I only had a few slices of cheese on hand

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