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Recipe: Potato Soup Mix

Potato soup in a jar is made with potato flakes and dry milk seasoned with turmeric and thyme.

Potato Soup Mix Ingredients

  • 1? cups instant mashed potato flakes

  • 1? cups dry milk powder

  • 2 tablespoons chicken bouillon granules

  • 2 teaspoons dried minced onion

  • 1 teaspoon dried parsley

  • teaspoon ground white pepper

  • teaspoon dried thyme

  • ? teaspoon ground turmeric

  • 1? teaspoons seasoning salt

How to Make Potato Soup Mix

  1. Combine potato flakes, dry milk, bouillon granules, onion, parsley, pepper, thyme, turmeric and seasoning salt in a bowl and stir to mix. Pour into a 1 quart jar.

  2. Attach the following instructions: To serve, place 1/2 cup soup mix in bowl. Stir in 1 cup boiling water until smooth.

Potato Soup Mix Nutritions

  • Calories: 161.8 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 27.7 g

  • Cholesterol: 6 mg

  • Fat: 0.3 g

  • Fiber: 1.1 g

  • Protein: 12.1 g

  • SaturatedFat: 0.2 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 437.2 mg

  • Sugar: 16.2 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Potato Soup Mix Reviews

  • We used this as a teachers gift this year, but made a few revisions.I omitted the seasoned salt, turmeric and thyme. Instead, I added 3 tablespoons of Bacos (dried bacon bits) and 2 tablespoons of freeze dried chives. It is excellent

  • Made a great gift Mixes up easily & quicklyEnded up making some for myself, as well. I found that 1 1/2 tsp. of seasoning salt was a bit too much, so I cut it back to 1 tsp and it still tasted really good. Next time, I will probably cut it back to 1/2 tsp. For Weight Watchers, it works out to 3 points/serving.

  • I made this as a gift for my relatives this year and they all loved it After some experimenting, I found that a few changes helped a lot. I cut waaaay back on the buillion- about 2-3 tsp per batch. I also cut down the seasoning salt- Id rather let the recipient salt to taste. My biggest tip- once the mix is made, run it through a blender or food processor until it makes a nice even powder. This makes a MUCH smoother soup- less like mashed potatoes, more like soup. It cuts the volume exactly in half, so be sure to change the directions from 1/2 cup mix to 1/4 cup. It fit perfectly in pint jars. Ill use this method again

  • I found the seasoning a bit different but it was very good A great lunch at work. Just add a crusty roll and an apple and youre set for the rest of the work day.

  • I left out the thyme, turmeric, and seasonsing salt but added celery flakes, garlic powder and sea salt. I also tried a variation by adding two tablespoons of cheddar cheese powdered sauce mix....good soup I made it for a hostess gift and look forward to her trying it.

  • Not too bad. A great idea for a gift and I even take it to work with me.

  • I made this soup mix for my MIL, who cant tolerate any milk products, with powdered soy milk. I tested a cupful and discovered that the soy milk is just fine, but the sodium is too high... very salty. Also, when using a half cup of the mix as the directions call for, when it cools even slightly, it is like eating mashed potatoes, not soup. Dont know for a fact but am guessing that the soy milk wouldnt cause that problem... so i suggest cutting WAY back on the seasoned salt and starting out with 1/4 cup mix to make it more like soup. Other than the salt, it has very nice flavor. To solve the sodium problem, I just made a second batch, left out the seasoned salt althogether and mixed the two together. Thanks for a nice recipe that I can send to my widowed MIL who lives alone and doesnt like to cook much... this will give her many nice little meals

  • I made these into gifts for co-workers. The soup is thinner than I expected, but am not familiar in cooking with instant potatoes. It isnt something I would typically cook for myself or my family. I think it would be better if you added some solid ingredients. This is something I would probably drink in place of chicken noodle soup/broth when I am feeling under the weather. Although, I really like the fact it is quick and just need to add water if you were in a rush. Perfect for those times at work when I cant get away and have just a few minutes to get something in my tummy.

  • Very easy to make in large quantities and very well received as a gift. I made extra and keep it at work also, great flavor and a surprising kick to it. Agree with the other reviewer that some may prefer less seasoning salt.

  • Great taste I used low sodium boullion to reduce the salt instead of changing seasonings. I keep it on hand for cool days or for camping. Nothing easier than this

  • I made four servings for a fast family dinner and added 1 cup frozen corn and 1 can 15oz white potatos (cubed) great fast meal

  • What a concept,loved it tasty,cheap,convinient,and best of all delicious.Does anyone know how to make cream soups the same way.Boop9

  • I really liked this soup mix, i did make the changes to it that the other users suggested, I added about 1/2 cup more potato flakes, I did leave in the thyme, but i took out the seasoned salt and the tumeric, and i used onion powder instead of minced onion, and also added about 1 tsp celery seed, 2 tbsp. bacon bits, and 2 tbsp. dried chives. Very Yummy and makes a great gift.

  • I mix my powders in a plastic bag so I can crush the clumps dry milk up more easily. If I give these as gifts, Ill probably put them in individual snack baggies, so I know everything is incorporated right. I personally still need to play around w/ the amount of powder vs water I like best, but it hits the spot for a quick snack at the office (I just use the hot water from the coffee machine and make it in my mug: so easy), and is so much cheaper/healthier than canned soup (Of course I learned the hard way tho that you MUST add POWDER FIRST, then water) Perfect for Vegetarians when using veggie bouillon, or just omitting the bouillon and adding more salt/spices instead Also a perfect way to get rid of that dry milk that I bought for one recipe, and was at a loss at how to use up. Thanks

  • Great recipe -- it makes for a tasty soup. I actually make this regularly, just to have on hand for myself at work. I dont find it hearty or balanced enough to work as a meal in and of itself, but I love it as an addition to salad and a sandwich, or as a mid-afternoon snack. Cheap and easy to make in advance, and quick to prepare.

  • I agree with some of the other posters, this has way too much salt. I used crushed up veggie bollion cubes instead of chicken (Im a vegetarian). Perhaps the salt from these were higher than regular chicken bollion cubes? I also added some garlic powder to the mix.

  • Excellent I made it as gifts and put it in plastic jars from the dollar store. Easy to change around the seasonings if you like different things.

  • I wish I would have reserved some of this to try but I shipped it off to my FIL. He cant have much sodium so I used low sodium bullion and left out the seasoning salt. I did add several tbsp of chives and it looked great.

  • This is some good stuff We added 1/2 tsp. celery salt and 1 TBSP. dried chives. The chives are not only a tasty addition, but the deep green specks looked really pretty in the jars. Thanks for sharing the recipe

  • I made this today to try for gifts and was very impressed I didnt use the season salt, thyme or tuneric. I also added some bacos as suggested, 3Tablespoons was too much for me. More like 1 1/2 does the trick. I also didnt use onion flakes but did use the onion powder. It is a bit runny so extra flakes are good if you want. Im putting together a "winter survival kit" for my friends and family. I think this one will be a hit, just add water and your good to goYummy

  • This soup is a quick and easy gift idea. I am not a huge potato soup lover but I did make a sample before giving it away. I think I would like it better without the turmeric. I did add some dried chives as posted by someone else. It definitely taste better when it is doctored up with cheddar cheese and bacon.

  • This is very good and there is plenty of room to experiment with the spices.Use very hot water.

  • I followed JACKIESS1s suggestion on omitting some seasoning and adding Bacos and chives. Delicious

  • This soup turned out well, but was quite salty. I wished I followed others advice and used less salt.

  • I made a jar of this for each of my family members for Christmas. Being from a Norwegian family, potato soup is a big part of our meals, and this was a BIG hit The only thing I changed was I used less thyme. It was a bit over powering.

  • This soup turned out very runny, so I added extra potato flakes and a little extra dried milk. The did not like the chunks of onion in the soup, so I think next time Ill use onion powder instead.

  • Im not quite sure how I feel about this soup. It tastes good but when I think of potato soup, I expect something super thick but this came out extremely runny using the ratio of mix to water that they give you. I ended up adding more mix to thicken it up but its still pretty ruuny.

  • This is not bad for potato flakes and powdered milk. I did not use the turmeric (did have any) or thyme. I did add dried chives, garlic powder and bacon bits and had 8 - 1/2 cup servings + a little extra. Thanks for a quick and tasty recipe

  • This was good, but I had to add more then 1/2 cup of mix to make it like I like it. I ended up adding abour 3/4 cup mix to 1 cup boiling water.

  • This soup mix rocks I have a widowed sister-in-law who always requests a BIG jar or tub of this mix for her birthday and Christmas. I keep some for a fast, easy lunch and if I want to "fancy" it up a bit, I add some grated cheese, bacon bits, sliced green onions, and sometimes a tablespoon or so of sour cream. My SIL makes it for dinner at least once a week with a green salad and fruit. Says it keeps her sane when cooking for one Thank you for sharing this recipe, we have made it often.

  • This soup was just okay. I omitted the turmeric, used black pepper instead of white, and added a generous amount of dried chives, but it was still pretty flavorless. I didnt end up giving these out as gifts, so I gave the rest of my test batch to a group of young single soldiers. Of course, they LOVED it. Perfect for young, single folks

  • This was surprisingly good. I made it as stated except that I used hot seasoning salt--all I buy It has a good kick to it which makes it so different from packaged mixes. I intend to keep this on hand during the cold months...makes a great quick hot lunch.

  • I did not like this soup Im so glad I tried it before making it and giving it as gifts this holiday season It has a very "instant" flavor, which even though it basically is instant, I didnt expect with the good reviews it received. The consistancey is very thin and nothing like any potato soup I have ever had. Sorry, but not a keeper in my book

  • I was pleasantly suprised Good to have on hand for a cold, lazy night. I used onion powder instead, and cut back on both the bouillon and seasoning salt just a little after reading other reviews, and it was good. This recipe could really benefit from a sprinkle of sliced green onions or chives and crumbled bacon, but is really just fine as is. And does it have any fat??

  • I made the mistake of using seasoned potato flakes, and the soup was too salty. Next time I will use plain potato flakes or omit the salt. Good flavor, just too salty

  • After my first batch, I put the milk through a food processor before all the other ingredients. I found the milk did not want to dissolve as quickly as the other ingredients. I also added grated parmasean/romano cheese and cut back on the salt. The buillon was salty enough. Great idea and so glad I found this recipe. My first time to do "gifts in a jar" and a winner on my list.

  • Way to salty,

  • I make this a lot. Especially at Christmas time for gifts. I add additional salt and pepper in the mix and havent put in the turmeric because I have never had it on hand. Still delicious

  • This is very quick and easy But, there is way to much salt in this recipe Next time I will try it with out the extra season salt at all.

  • I thought this was great, easy to make and it tastes good too. I did make some changes after reading other reviews though: I increased the minced onion to 1 tablespoon, and used 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder instead of the thyme, turmeric, and seasoning salt.

  • This is really good Im vegan, so I replaced the milk powder with soymilk powder and the chicken bouillon with vegetable, and it still tastes amazing. The other changes I made were: seasoning salt replaced with 1/4 tsp garlic salt, 2 tbsp nutritional yeast added, white pepper replaced with black, and a few shakes of that Mrs Dash salt-free chicken seasoning blend. I also ran the mix through my food processor to get a smoother reconstituted product. Yummy

  • Made as a gift for elderly widow. Great, easy hot lunch for her. I didnt have any bouillon so had to leave it out. As others suggested I left out thyme and turmeric. Used 1/2 tsp seasoned salt and added 2 tablespoons each of bacos and dried chives. For me the right consistency was 3/4 cup dry mix to 1 cup water.

  • I was surprised ... this is a very good potato soup. The seasonings really make it very tasty. I will be giving these away as gifts this Christmas ... great for coworkers for a good quick lunch

  • I used this recipe as a base and made it more to our tastes. I added 2 cups of instant mashed potato flakes (whoops), replaced the minced onion with a combo of onion powder (1/4 teaspoon) and 1 heaping teaspoon of dried chives, added 1/4 teaspoon of dried garlic and left out the turmeric. I blended everything together in the food processor thoroughly. It was editable but we wont have again. It was super salty and the seasoning salt flavors did not complement the others. Oh well, thanks for sharing.

  • I made this for my grandmother for christmas last year and she is always asking for the recipe and wants me to make her more. She has a lot of food sensitivities and this was great for her.

  • I had some new soup bowls to give for gifts. I wanted to put a simple soup mix w/these to add more charm to the present. Well.......this was a BIG HIT I NEVER got soooo MANY compliments I have been asked to make this for a basket for our church fair in Nov. and put some kitchen items w/it for a raffle present Then LOL I tried it myself........and NOW I keep a container of it in my cupboard to eat myself For added change? You may want to grate up some cheddar cheese to mix w/it when its done and piping hot For varied changes try varying your spices..........but what a GREAT tasting EASY PEASY soup mix to eat on a COLD WINTERY day I recommend it to EVERYONE Even try adding left over ham to it or some hot dogs if your kids want some good tasting soup

  • I love this Its a base, and once anything is addeddried shiitake, sliced cherry tomatoes, roasted veggies, etc.the salt quotient drops. If youre giving it as a jarred gift, it might make sense to cut the salt; I used a less salty option (Rancho Gordos Stardust), so the result stood wonderfully as is. The consistency of the result, in combining a cup of water and half a cup of mix, was slushy for me, no harm no foul, a good start

  • A nice easy comfort food soup...too much salt though, will cut it in half it next time. And I did add 1 tablespoon of dried chives (might add more next time)

  • I thought I would give the soup mixture in jars, as gifts, so I made the recipe 1st. To me, it had an odd sort of taste. I think it was the tumeric. I didnt give the soup mix as gifts. I will try it again, eliminating the tumeric this time. Update: I did try the soup mix, eliminating the tumeric. I liked it much better and did give it (without the tumeric) as gifts in jars.

  • This was very very salty. The combination of the bouilion and the salt was too much. I loved the idea but this was terrible.

  • CraftyMy grandmother is in and out of the hospital a lot but does her best to be very independent. She also likes to have potato soup Given her restrictive diet she also has to know exactly what the nutritional value of a meal is. I saw this recipe elsewhere but thank goodness for Allrecipe Now when she doesnt feel like fussing over a meal she can put this together quick and not worry about throwing her diet out of whack.

  • I had to cut the season salt and onion down by about a third, otherwise very tasty

  • This mix is so good and so easy. I didnt have parsley so i added Chives. It is absolutely wonder. I bagged it in a ziplock bag then put in a burlap bag with a tag and instructions for gifts.

  • Ive made this, and it was surprisingly tasty. And you cant beat it for convenience The only thing is, I would strongly suggest starting with a lot less of the seasoning salt, then giving it a taste. You can always add more, but you cant take it away if its too much.

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