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Recipe: Jambalaya II

Given to me by my Cajun aunt. The absolute best I have ever tasted. Like true Cajun recipes, the spices do not have measurements, add to taste.

Jambalaya II Ingredients

  • 1 (2 to 3 pound) whole chicken, cut into pieces

  • 1 pound smoked sausage, sliced

  • 3 green bell peppers, diced

  • 2 onions, diced

  • 5 cloves garlic, minced

  • 2 (14.5 ounce) cans peeled and diced tomatoes

  • 1 tablespoon chili powder

  • teaspoon hot pepper sauce

  • teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

  • 5 bay leaves

  • 1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste

  • 1 cup uncooked white rice

How to Make Jambalaya II

  1. Place chicken and sausage in a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until chicken is opaque and falls from the bone, 45 minutes. (I usually do this the night before and refrigerate to skim the fat.) Remove chicken and sausage, reserving broth. Shred chicken.

  2. In a large pot over medium heat, cook bell pepper, onion and garlic until onion is translucent, adding reserved chicken broth if necessary. Stir in tomatoes, chili powder, pepper sauce, cayenne, Worcestershire and bay leaves; reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes.

  3. Stir the shredded chicken, sausage and tomato paste into the spiced vegetables. Continue to simmer until flavor is as spicy as you like, adding reserved liquid as needed to thin.

  4. Stir in 1 cup reserved liquid with the rice. Simmer 20 minutes, until rice is tender. Serve or continue to simmer, as desired.

Jambalaya II Nutritions

  • Calories: 555.9 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 35.3 g

  • Cholesterol: 100.8 mg

  • Fat: 28.7 g

  • Fiber: 3.3 g

  • Protein: 37 g

  • SaturatedFat: 9.4 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 1253.6 mg

  • Sugar: 9.2 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Jambalaya II Reviews

  • Awesome recipe. Took more time than indicated on recipe though. Give yourself a good hour and a half once you start putting it all together. Used chicken breasts and boiled them alone. Used italian sausage, baking it in the oven at 325 degrees for about 45 minutes. Did cook the chicken and sausage the day before and refrigerated as suggested. Added 1/2 pound of fresh, pre-cooked shrimp with the meat. Flavor is mild enough that there is a kick but wont send you running for the water. If you like your food hot I would add more spices.

  • This recipe is unbelievable I make it for my husband & usually within a day or two he has completely polished it off (by himself). The only suggestion I can offer is to make this a little easier and faster, Ive never stewed the chicken. I will just take cooked chicken breasts & combine everything at once.

  • Add a pound of shrimp to this the last five minutes and it rocks.

  • This is the PERFECT for someone who hasnt cooked cajun food before. It provides an excelent Jambalaya base which stands on its own very well. Also, and perhapse more importantly, it gives you a nice general recipie to build off of and create your own dishes with whatevers around. Tons of fun

  • Absolutely delicious Ive always loved jambalaya, but never thought it could be so easy to make. Now I make it on a regular basis, my husband and I enjoy it very much. Since neither of us like sausage I use raw deveined shrimp, and toss them in during the rice cooking stage.

  • This is a winner. It took me about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. I used chicken breast, Eckridge beef smoked sausage, and added shrimp at the end. I had only tomato sauce rather than paste and it worked out just fine. I also used about a cup and a half of rice and increased the stock accordingly. I dont think you can mess this one up - just stick with the basic recipe and add or delete spices as you like. I added salt and pepper and a few shakes of creole seasoning. Ill be making this again for sure. Thanks for the recipe

  • Worth the time and effort. This recipe makes quite a bit, so I freeze half for later. We have served this to a crowd with rave reviews. Be sure to cook the rice long enough, I found that it took much longer than the recipe stated.

  • I cook a lot of different types of Jambalaya (vegetarian, spicy, pasta, etc.) and this is a very good recipe. I used chicken cutlets; browned them (on both sides with a little bit of the spices from the recipe), cut them into chunks, and added them for the last 15-25 minutes of cooking.

  • This has become a regular in our home Make it with Healthy Choice sausage, and its delicious AND healthy. I always substitute one green bell pepper for a red one, stir in a pound of pre-cooked shrimp during the last few minutes of cooking, and stir in generous amounts of Texas Pete hot sauce. Substitue Rotel for canned tomatoes for more of a kick. Yum A meal in itself, unless Im serving more than two, and then corn muffins (with jalapeno) and gumbo are a perfect match

  • This is great. I added some salt and pepper and a lot more hot sauce Served with "Rorys Most Wonderful Corn Bread" recipe from this site. Both were a hit.

  • ExcellentIt was a last minute decision to make this, so I didnt boil the chicken. Instead, I cut up boneless, skinless breasts and pan fried them with andouille sausage in some olive oil. Before doing that, I sprinkled them with some cajun seasoning. I used red, yellow, and green peppers (leftovers from the previous nights meal) which gave it a lot of color. I omitted the tomato paste and it still tasted great. I used brown rice in place of white, and I used chicken bouillon since I didnt make any homemade broth. Great dish.

  • I wish I could give higher than 5 stars. Ive made this several times and each time its just incredible. My husband doesnt like seafood so I leave the recipe as is. I made it for my parents and they loved it. My mom has requested that I make this for our next family reunion.

  • I made this for my family on Fat Tuesday. Since we were short on time during that busy weeknight, I made the rice separately, which significatly reduced the cooking time. It was delicious and we will make this dish again.

  • I sauteed the veggies with six diced bacon strips and added a ladle of broth at the end of the cooking time, which I feel made a flavorful addition to the recipe. I had red, yellow and orange peppers on hand and they added a wonderful color to the dish. I only used 1 1/2 onions as the ratio of onions to peppers didnt seem right, maybe my onions were too big. I also used almost twice the spices (we like spicy food) and added about about a tablespoon of cumin for more of a smoky flavor. I also added the chicken and sausage (used the spicy smoked kind) when the veggie and broth came to a slow boil and let it simmer with the meat in. I think it added more flavor to the meat. I recommend cooking the rice separate and using the chicken broth to cook it in. I added another bay leaf to the broth to cook the rice and everything turned out phenomenal Definitely will cook this again

  • I followed the recipe pretty closely and it turned out great and was so easy to throw together I altered the recipe slightly by using boneless chicken breasts and chicken sausage and also threw in shrimp while the rice cooked (as suggested by another reviewer). I do like it spicier so next time I will increase the spice factor a few notches. Great, easy recipe and I will definitely be adding this to my repertoire. Thanks

  • This was good but just didnt wow me. I made just as is written and be very prepared for spicy. I like spicy but some of my Super Bowl guests were not as high on it. It was just too spicy for some. Have some cold, cold beer ready to quench the fire

  • I was actually looking for a way to use up left over seafood, from a low country boil, when I came across this recipe. It was just what we were looking for. I added an extra can of diced tomatoes, since I was increasing the amount of meat, and added extra the spices to make up for it, and then added the seafood at the end. I realized later that I had forgotten the tomato paste. I tasted it before the seafood and thought it was just wonderful, so we cant wait to make it again. Thanks for the terrific recipe

  • Tasty dish. I didnt have any green peppers so I used red and yellow...this added a sweeter flavor than I was going for so I will try the green next time. I added a handful of shrimp at the end. The dish could use a bit more salt, depending on your taste. Will definitely make this again

  • Perfect amount of spice for the kids. Not enough for me, but nothing a little hot sauce couldnt take care of. Good flavor though and very easy. I added 1# of shrimp at the very end.

  • I had a few changed to this recipe, due to what was in my pantry. i halfed the recipe. Used a lil cayenne pepper instead of chili powder, omitted worcestershire, didnt have paste so i used a small can of tomatoe sauce, 1 half a large green jalepeno, and 6 healthy shakes of hot creole seasoning. since i halfed the recipe it all came out delicious and perfect texture. Leftovers get spicier, be warned

  • This is, hands down, the best jambalaya recipe Ive made. I have been making this one for a few months now (just realized I never reviewed it). It is WELL worth the time it takes to prepare. I never measure my spices and this dish allows me to do just that. I sometimes add in more rice, counter that with more fresh stock. More cajun seasoning, less cayenne, whatever we are in the mood for that day. It is also a relatively cheap meal if you consider how much food it makes (again, sometimes using more rice than called for). Leftovers are fantastic with a little broth splashed in while reheating. Pair this with some cornbread and youve got some full kids with warm bellies. :-)

  • I didnt use a whole chicken, I used two boneless chicken breasts and I added shrimp. And this was spectacular People couldnt stop telling me how great it was. My whole family loved it.

  • This recipe is very good. I agree with the other reviewers who said that there needs to be some extra spices. I added fresh oregano, fresh thyme,paprika, cracked pepper, sea salt, and parsley. Just for fun, I used one red bell pepper along with two green; the slight sweetness of the red was complementary to the jambalaya. I recommend using the whole chicken because, along with the sausage, it creates a very good stock in which to cook the rest of the ingredients. It was a very easy recipe to make, and I love how you do not have to be exact with the measurements when cooking dishes like this.

  • Delicious flavor, but I simmered for over an hour and could NOT get the rice cooked thoroughly. I loved it anyway, but next time Im going to make the rice separately until just cooked, then simmer in the Jambalaya for a while for flavor.

  • Good stuff. Use some Tasso Ham and Andouille Sausage instead of the smoked sausage if you can get your hands on it.

  • A very good recipe. The only complaint was that there was too much of a tomato taste so next time I would either leave out the tomato paste or only use a 16oz can of peeled tomatoes.

  • Great Recipe. Made only a few changes. Used a pack of boneless, skinless chicken breast rather than the whole chicken. Used one large onion & one large bell pepper and extra garlic. Mixture was very thick, so I chose to cook my rice separately in chicken broth and then served the stew over the rice. Very good

  • Very good recipe. I had to simmer about 40 minutes to get the rice done. I would also recommend serving over a bed of rice.

  • The most delicious dinner I have ever cooked. It had the perfect amount of spice. Not too spicy, just a little kick. Cant wait to eat the leftovers

  • This is a wonderful tasting Jambalaya. I was lucky enough to find canned tomatoes in Cajun flavor. I also used canned chicken broth because I didnt have time to leave the stuff overnight and skim the fat. I added 1t thyme and 1/2t black pepper, too. I used Kielbasa, shrimp, crab, and scallops with the chicken. Everyone at my dinner party loved it...a couple ladies took the recipe home, too.Thanks Claire.

  • Yum I didnt have all the ingredients on hand and it still turned out delicious. Ill have to make it again and follow the recipe more closely.

  • I have made this so many times and it is wonderful My husband requests it over and over. A few changes: I add a jalapeno pepper to the sauce, I use boneless skinless chicken breast, polska kielbasa, and shrimp. Also I make the rice seperately and serve the Jambalaya over it. Im not a big fan of making the rice in the dish for fear it may become to mushy. Enjoy

  • I added shrimp- yummy

  • Great Recipe. I actually made it over three days. Boiled the Chicken and Sausage day one. Made the Jambalaya up to the point of adding the broth and rice on day two (and the longer it simmers, the hotter it gets). And then reheated, added the broth and rice the day we were doing to eat it. Had enough for three more mealsNext time I may try grilling the chicken and sausage for a little more flavor.

  • I loved the taste of this, but found it was much more time consuming than the recipe indicates. Plan on spending some extra time in the kitchen Its worth the effort.

  • This recipe is oh so easy and oh so good Everyone raves about this dish. I have been making it for over 5 months now. I was very nervous on making it at first. I thought I would mess it up. Impossible Now, I add crab meat and shrimp with the chicken and sausage and anyother seafood we want. Thanks for the recipe It is a keeper

  • This recipe is excellent I made it for a dinner and my southern friends loved it Everyone had seconds This dish wasnt spicey enough for me, though, so I added a couple more teaspoons of chili powder and hot sauce. Otherwise it was delicious

  • My husband doesnt like Jumbalya, but after I served this he said, "This is really good...What is it?" Works for me. I made up a new name and he now eats Jumbalaya regularly ;).

  • We always try to goto New Orleans once every year or two. The food there is awesome. This Jambalaya was New Orleans quality at home. If I had ordered it from any Brennens or similar caliber restaurant in New Orleans, I would have been completely satisfied. I did spice it up a bit more with hot sauces and peppers than the recipe required., but otherwise it was perfect.

  • Really good flavor and consistency. I made this with three modifications. I cooked the rice separately in chicken broth, I seasoned with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper along the way (to shredded chicken, to rice and broth, to sauteeing vegetables), and I used whole canned tomatoes and pulled them all out just before adding the tomato paste since my husband doesnt like to eat cooked tomatoes (that he can see) I used a "Cajun Andouille" sausage that turned out to be much too hot for me to eat, but my husband and teenage son loved it. I was quite content eating around the sausage because the dish is really delicious. I also cooked the mixture about two times longer than the recipe called for, uncovered the whole time, and kept adding chicken broth. Dont forget to pull out the bay leaves before serving.

  • My result tasted ok, but it didnt have that jambalaya taste I was hoping for so I am not giving this a high rating. It tasted more like some other kind of stew. Also took a bit longer than expected to prepare and was better with added salt and extra spices. Will probably not make this again as I am wanting to make jambalaya

  • Excellent -- my husband ate this meal for 3 days straight. I sauteed the sausage, then added the veggies to sautee. Then I added chicken breast on the bone. I added chicken broth instead of the water. Will defin. make again.

  • I made this recipe almost exactly how it was written except I used 2 lbs. of boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of a whole chicken and I also added 1/2 lb. of cooked shrimp. It was good, but in my opinion the tomato taste was a bit overpowering. It had a really sweet taste to it which Im sure is from the tomatoes. Next time I will omit the tomato paste and 1 can of the diced tomatoes and replace it with some of the reserved chicken broth. Very good basic recipe though, and just enough spiciness

  • My husband and father-in-law raved about this recipe I did make a couple changes--I used cubed boneless, skinless chicken filets to speed things up and cut the fat. I also substituted one red bell pepper for color. I added some Old Bay seasoning for extra flavor, and I added some shrimp.

  • This is one fantastic dish. I have made it 4 or 5 times, for family, in-laws and friends. Always gets high praise. I make sure to make my stock with the whole chicken (skin-on) and at least a pound of hot Italian sausage. Using this as the broth brings out a rich flavor. The heat is good, and always available for increase or decrease depending on taste. Definitely make rice separately. Everyone has different opinion on amount of rice needed. Let them add their own.

  • My family loved this recipe. I made it with a can of Rotel and another can of diced tomatoes with green chilis. I left out the tomato paste all together -- my husband doesnt like a big tomato taste. It turned out great We will be making this again.

  • This recipe does taste good, but it doesnt really have the "jambalaya" flavor I was looking for. Instead, it seems to taste more like a cross between chili (chicken version) and spanish rice.

  • I have made this for a Super Bowl party and a Camping trip. It travels well. I used 2 split boneless breasts and 4 thighs instead of a whole chicken. I also use Turkey Kielbasa. Great feedback from all who have tried it.

  • This was very good, even my husband said it was good He really doesnt like jambalay and he thought this was great I made a mistake and cooked the chicken and sausage in the crockpot and the sausage was too greasy, no taste, so I removed the sausage and added a fresh batch it was perfect Thanx

  • I Like to make this in the crock pot because it really brings out the flavor. I steamed the rice seperately.

  • This was very good. To save time I bought a rotisserie chicken.

  • This was good. To make it better, take others advice and add shrimp. Whats more, the spice needs a drastic increase. I added two habenero peppers, and for this volume, I wish I added 3 At least double the recommended cayanne pepper. For added taste, sautee the vegies with about 8oz of chopped bacon. Also, in my opinion, you can not take the advice of those who said to skip the boiling of the chicken because that is the only way to really shred the chicken as is so necessary for this recipie. If youre going to do it, take the time and do it right, and you will not be sorry

  • This is an incredible recipe...I live in Texas and have many friends from Louisiana and they were shocked when I made this dish...Thank you so much

  • This recipe was super delicious The only thing I had problems with were some parts of the recipe which werent noted (dont use the all the liquid from the can of tomatoes, cover the pot after the rice is added to cook, and it definitely took WAY more than 20 minutes to cook the rice). The rice was definitely the most troublesome part,...I think it would have been much better off to make separately and just add it in afterwards to combine. Rice will still get all the flavor. Added more cayanne, pepper, salt and a bit of cumin as well. Overall, excellent starter recipe

  • This was a really great recipe; all it was missing was a little bit of salt. Thanks a lot

  • My husband is from England and has never had this dish before so I decided to make it for him. He loved it and raved about it all during the meal. I will definitely make it again.

  • Really good, but needed a little more kick as stated in a previous review. I also added shrimp which was a hit. I will certainly make this again.

  • Weve tried this recipe many, many times and really like it. As a matter of fact, many of my friends and neighbors have asked for the recipe after tasting it.

  • I used 2 lbs chicken (thighs were on sale so I used them instead of a whole chicken), 1 lb andoiulle (cajun)sausage, and 3/4 lb shrimp. I took everyones advice and omitted one green pepper. It was absolutely perfect, will add to the regular rotation

  • This is a very good and easy to make. Instead of boiling a whole chicken, we bought chicken breasts and cubed them. We then sauteed the chicken and sausage along with the peppers, onions, and garlic. We used low sodium/low fat chicken broth as well, and we could not tell that we used low sodium chicken broth. I would suggest making more rice with this though, probably doubling it because it makes a lot of jamalaya. We are looking forward to making this recipe again

  • Good Jambalaya, but it could have used some cajun spices. It needed something else.

  • Love it I also add cooked shrimp just before serving. This is a keeper recipe.

  • Great recipe Want to shorten your time? Use shrimp instead of chicken. Just add it during the last 5 minutes or it gets rubbery (I use two bags of the frozen 32-37 count pre-peeled shrimp). I also add some chopped jalapenos. Oh and dont ever use minute rice with this recipe to cut down on comes out to thin.

  • I made this exactly like the recipe calls for and it was everything everyone said it would be. It was even better the next day.

  • Fantastic and very easy My friends ask me to bring it to parties, tailgates, camping, etc. Like others, I did make some minor modifications, following their lead. To save time, I bought a rotisserie chicken from the store, used andouille sausage and added a 1 lb of chopped cooked shrimp. Also, I used only 1 pepper and doubled the chicken broth. Definitely worth it

  • I didnt have the tomatoes so I used salsa....same thing

  • MMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMM, the whole family loves it, and I can make it as spicy as I want. TERRIFIC

  • This is what cooking is all about to me - a labor of love that takes time not effort, and the sum is greater than its humble parts. My husband loves this, and I love the process of making it. Thanks for sharing

  • I had never made jambalaya before, but decided to try it for my daughters birthday party, which fell on Superbowl Sunday. We had 35 guests at the party, and they all raved about it It did take a while to cut the vegetables, because I doubled the recipe (to 16), but it was otherwise very simple. I used cooked Cajun sausage from Sams club and put it in when I simmered it. I made it the day before and then the morning of the party, I added the rice. It was a little too spicy for the kids, but some of the adults wanted it hotter I definitely recommend this and it would be a great dish for Mardi Gras. Kudos to Claires aunt

  • This is a really great recipe. It does take longer to cook the rice than the recipe dictates. Amazing, cost effective recipe that is delicious.

  • My boyfriend at four helpings (one sitting) and then declared, "You couldnt get a better bowl from a street vendor in New Orleans." I used cajun sausage (like a bratwust type) freshly made at my grocery store, cooked it in about an inch of water over the stove and sliced it up instead of smoked sausage. I also added shrimp during the last 20 min. IT WAS AWESOME

  • Not spicy at all - it was so not spicy that I gave it to my 15 month old daughter. Ive never been to New Orleans; my only comparisons are the Zatarans box mix and a Cajun restaurantPhiladelphia. After having both of those, I knew what to expect. I did cook the rice seperately; the chicken I cooked a couple days before. Also neither my husband nor myself like sausage so I omitted that and we didnt add shrimp. I would like to tryit once more and give it another chance.

  • Was a little bland for my taste - and I added a lot more spice... Also needs more rice to be like the jambalaya I have had before... I agree with others that adding shrimp is needed, too.

  • This was awesome ... will certainly be making it again. i added 1-2 lbs of shrimp to the mix as well which turned out ot be quite the crowd pleaser

  • This is wonderful Ive never made Jambalaya before But I really like this recipe. :-)

  • I make this often but I make it in half the time by using a rotisserie chicken, chicken broth and cooked rice. Not only does it take the cooking time down but it also makes certain that all the rice grains are fully cooked. The problem with using uncooked rice is that some of the grains of rice were raw when done. OH and you need to add salt and pepper to taste.

  • I thought this recipe was outstanding. My boyfriend was wowed by it. I used two large chicken breasts, cubed, and simmered them in a small amount of chicken broth. I baked the sausage in the oven for about 20 mins and added both to the spicy vegetables. I cooked the rice (I used long grain brown rice) separately in chicken broth and used about a tablespoon of each of the spicy ingredients in addition to 1 tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning. Excellent.

  • Pretty easy to prepare & delicious

  • I own a small diner that specializes in homecooked meals and I have made this several times for my customers with rave reviews.

  • Great recipe I had to add more seasoning though: cumin, adobo and Sazon. It still was missing something, didnt realize what it was til I started reading the reviews. Please add Creole seasoning to this recipe or you will not get that Cajun flavor. Otherwise great recipe..

  • This recipe was awesome. I followed it pretty much to the letter. I used 2 green peppers because they were huge. This wasnt extremely spicy. Next time, I will probably increase the hot sauce and/or cayenne pepper slightly. It was interesting regarding the heat/spiciness of this recipe. The heat was an kind of an afterthought, or kind of in the background. But as a matter of personal taste, I prefer it a little more spicy. It did seem to take a little longer for the prep time for me than the recipe indicated. But that was probably due to my not being so great at chopping and dicing. Great recipe. The jambalaya I cooked was very tasty.

  • I made this recipe awhile ago and had freezed the leftovers. We heated them up the other night and it was SOOOO GOOD I am going to make this again, I dont think I changed anything on the recipe..... Thanks

  • My husband LOVED this. He ate three bowls tonight alone I couldnt make it to the store so I made some substitutions and did without some items. I only used one large onion and no bell peppers or tomato paste. I had packs of chicken breast strips (already cooked) from the pack (sometimes used on salads) that I used instead of cooking a whole chicken. I also used smoked turkey sausage since we dont eat pork. I boiled the chicken and turkey and also added a little shrimp for 15-20 minutes. Everything else I did the same except at the end I added a little chicken broth to get the texture I wanted. The amount of seasoning listed in the recipe are perfect if you like just a little spice, but not too much that you have to constantly drink to relieve the spice. I used minute rice on the side as directed on the box and used two cups instead of one. Thanks

  • It turns out a bit mushy, but is great for left-overs

  • This is a great recipe. I made it over the christmas holiday for 20/25 people and everyone raved about it Thanks for putting this recipe out there. Ive made it 3 times now and its been great every time (I added crab, shrimp, and scallops because I love seafood).

  • This recipe is pure genius. i scaled it down to two (it still made enough for 3), replaced half the green peppers with purple peppers, and doubled the cayenne pepper to make it spicier. i also cooked the rice separately so it wouldnt turn mushy. it tasted amazing, i will definitely make this again

  • This was ok - not a lot of flavor and too much tomato. I wont make it again.

  • My husband and my nanny LOVED it. Ill definitely make this again

  • Fantastic recipe. I never tried to make this before and it was easier than I thought but it did take me longer than what the recipe stated so keep that in mind.

  • All I had to compare this to was a dish of jambalaya I had at a restaurant. This recipe definitely met if not exceeded my expectations. I did as most people seemed to be doing and used boneless chicken breasts. I also substituted crushed chiles for the cayenne, hot Italian sausage for the smoked and jasmine rice for teh white rice. Awesome recipe

  • I tried this recipe last night and it turned out really good. Boiling the whole chicken, shredding it, and using the broth adds so much to the recipe. For other recipes, I would only use chicken breast, and it is not as flavorful. The only thing that I didnt like was that the rice got to mushy. Next time, I will make the rice separately (as someone else suggested) and poor the sauce over it. Also, I added jumbo, uncooked shrimp to mine in the last step. It isnt jambalaya without shrimp.

  • Was pretty good for first time making Jambalaya. I would suggest cooking rice separately and then adding. Took a while for rice to get tender in mixture. I would add more spice because it was not very spicy by recipe. I will fine tune it and add Shrimp next time.

  • This is very good if you increase the spice. I added a finely diced jalapeno and twice as much chili powder and cayenne. I also used both Texas Pete and Franks.

  • Great recipe adjusted it for 12 servings came out great. Added smoked shrimp from my Treager smoker grill to give it a smoked flavor everyone loved it.

  • Wow this was good. I made modifications; I used 6 italian sausage links and 2 cups of rice, with 2 cups of chicken broth. It was wonderfully thick and spicy. This recipe was also very easy to make and so simple.

  • Love this recipe I usually cook it in a slow cooker. If I am running short on prep time I just put the whole chicken in then lift it out, after cooking, in one piece (depending on how much it falls apart) & return the meat to the pot. I often add a little smoked paprika or may substitute some black garlic for part of the fresh. I have also added chunks of squash, zucchini, or okra when my CSA has given me more than I can otherwise use. They soak up the flavor & dont change the taste of the final product.

  • I found this recipe easy and delicious. I added a bag of frozen shrimp and my family loved it

  • This recipe was really good, I had to add more tomatoes to cut some of the spice ( I added xtra seasoning) but it turned out great. I will not be adding the rice but will make it on the side next time, it soaked up too much of that wonderful juice.

  • Awesome recipe. I doubled it, added shrimp, used andouille sausage, and added a lot more cayenne, red hot, and chili because I like it very hot, and I used a little less of the broth because I like it thick. I might not boil the sausage first next time, to keep more of the flavor in the meat, and not in the broth, because I tossed some of it anyway, but it was very good as is.

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