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Recipe: Baked Potato Salad I

Is this a baked potato salad or a cheese and potato casserole? Try this recipe and decide for yourself.

Baked Potato Salad I Ingredients

  • 8 medium potatoes, sliced

  • pound sliced bacon

  • 1 pound processed American cheese, sliced

  • onion, chopped

  • 1 cup mayonnaise

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • cup black olives, sliced

How to Make Baked Potato Salad I

  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Butter a 9x13 inch baking dish.

  2. Put sliced potatoes into a large pot, and fill with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and cook until tender but still firm, about 10 minutes. Drain, and set aside.

  3. At the same time, place bacon in a large deep skillet. Cook over medium-high heat until evenly browned. Remove to paper towels to drain.

  4. In a large bowl, stir together the potatoes, cheese, onion, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Spoon into prepared baking dish. Crumble bacon over the top, and sprinkle with olives.

  5. Bake for 1 hour in the preheated oven, until golden brown.

Baked Potato Salad I Nutritions

  • Calories: 421.5 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 26.7 g

  • Cholesterol: 49.3 mg

  • Fat: 29.4 g

  • Fiber: 3.3 g

  • Protein: 13.8 g

  • SaturatedFat: 10.6 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 844.5 mg

  • Sugar: 1.7 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Baked Potato Salad I Reviews

  • Very good Of course I tweaked it just a little. Instead of the processed American cheese I used a two cup bag of shredded sharp ceddar cheese; shallots instead of onion; 1/2c mayo & 1/2c sour cream; 2 cloves garlic. I threw the shallot & garlic in with the bacon during the last stages of cooking and then topped the potatoes. I left the olives out but that my personal taste. This really turned out to be a great recipe Thanks

  • Im not sure why this is in the salad category. This is a good recipe. I would just use sour cream and forget the mayo- much more flavor. Also, skip the olives. One other thing, my potatoes came out undercooked- make sure you are just about there BEFORE you place in casserole as this oven temp does not bake the pieces the rest of the way.

  • I was inspired by the name of this dish to make a "Baked Potato" salad, rather than a casserole type "baked" potato salad. I used 1/3 mayonnaise with 2/3 sour cream, bacon cut into one inch pieces and crisped, diced red onion, green onion, salt, and grated marble cheese to make a cold potato salad. Tasted just like a loaded baked potato. What a hit it was at my BBQ - especially with the boys I am sure to make this again and again

  • I never was able to make a really good potato salad until this one.My brotherinlaw and I are the cooks in the family so when I bring something over I always want something that is going to be an wow recipe to him and This sure lived up to it. Every time I make it people talk about it. Very important tho. It deff needs to sit all night it taste so much better the next day. It is so easy and so good. every one loved it. Added more sour cream and part of the mayo.The first time we ate it we ate it hot out of the oven. Now I bake it and then refrigerate all day until evening.Or until it is very cold . I take it out and break it all up in a bowl and add more sour cream. Top with extra shedded chedder and mexican mix cheese and some more bacon. serve it cold. Every one loved it and wanted more when it was gone. Makes a really great cold salad. Also Im not sure how it said to do the onions but I chopped them up. quite a few and then carmelize them. The flavor goes thru the salad but no sharp onion pieces in the salad. Kids here that dont like onions love the carmalized flavor of them in the salad tho. Best salad going. Like I said Better the next day. Thank you for this recipe.

  • I am not really sure what I was expecting, but all I could taste was warm mayo. Not being a fan of warm mayo, I added some sour cream, that didnt help and I ended up throwing most of this away. I wish I had read other reviewers suggestions of just adding sour cream and not mayo before I started. Also, make sure you leave your potatoes in large slices, most of mine fell apart and I boiled them less than the suggested 10 minutes.

  • Its rare I find a hit with everyone in my family but this recipe made the cut. I made a few alterations however. I did not put the american cheese in with the potatoes and mayo, instead I put in about a cup of cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon , I baked it for about 35 minutes and then put a layer of american cheese on top. I put that in the oven until the cheese melted and then I put on a layer of sour cream, topped with crumbled bacon and sliced green onion tops. I omitted the black olives for my family. The true taste of a baked potatoe in a dish that everyone can easily enjoy. Everyone had seconds Thanks for a keeper

  • I made this recipe for 4th of July. Everyone loved it I followed others advice and I added 1/2 mayo and 1/2 sour cream. I added a mixture of cheddar and cheddar jack cheese and I omitted the olives. This kind of reminds you of a twice baked - loaded potato. Excellent

  • I was looking for a potato salad that would blow everyones socks off. This one didnt fail me. EVERYONE wanted the recipe. I made enough for 30 and had almost none left . This never happend with regular potato salad.

  • This is definitely a recipe I will make again and again. It is so delicious. You can trust this recipe if you are making it for the first time and are looking to impress your guests I think its a great "potato" alternative for a barbeque, although it would be delicious as a side for dinner. (Or throw in some kielbasa sausage and make it the main dish) Umm Note: do not use imitation cheese. Only real processed cheese. If you use the fake stuff you will get an oily nasty mess. Spend the extra 50 cents and get Kraft or whatever.

  • Im confused, this is a potato casserole, not salad. Still, regardless of how this recipe is classified, it was a good sidedish. I used half mayo, half sour cream. I stirred halfway through cooking and turned out very tatsy. Cheesy...but not too much. Thanks Tom

  • Wow This is great I made a double batch for something new to go with our barbeque on the Fourth & everyone ranted & raved. I did make a few changes...I used 1/2 C non-fat plain yogurt & 1/2 C low fat sour cream in place of 1/2 of the mayo. I added 1/2 a packet of dry Ranch Dressing mix and some extra garlic powder and cajun seasoning. I mixed minced green onions in as well as sprinkling some on top with a little extra cheddar cheese (which I used instead of the American processed) My husband thought hed died & gone to heaven

  • This is an excellent recipe I used Velveeta cheese, 1/2C cup of mayo, 1/2C Ranch salad dressing, and 1/2C sour cream, so my potatoes came out extra creamy and delicious. I will be making this again and again

  • I found this recipe and decided to use it at our house warming party in Sept. IT WAS A HIT, I got only one little helping and when i went back for more, it was all gone. There is nothing like walking around at your party hearing your guest rav about your food Thank Younote: try crumling your bacon first before adding it on top then place your blk olives over the bacon. Crumbling the bacon results in ever person getting the chance to have bacon with every bit

  • Made this for a potluck dinner for work but instead of baking I mixed everything but the potatoes, added the potatoes, stirred and cooked in a slow cooker (high for 1hr and then low for 3 hrs) - WOW

  • Actually pretty good. I had to make some modifications. Instead of slicing the potatoes, I diced them and I used mayo and ranch dressing mixture, cause I had no sour cream. I omitted the olives and also had no bacon, so I used crumbled cheese/garlic croutons to give it a nice crisp topping. I also used shredded yellow/colby cheese mixture instead of sliced cheese. My husband loved it, will definitely make again

  • I have made this twice so far... everyone loved it I have sent the recipe to so many of my friends =) To make things a little more simple I used precooked bacon. It tasted great In addition I used shredded cheese instead of slices of processed.

  • This turned out great To give the potatoes more flavor, I added 4 small chicken bouillon cubes in with the boiling water. This gave them a richer, tastier base. I also omitted the mayonnaise completely and substituted light sour cream. I sauted the onions to tone them down a bit (and it gave them a better texture). I crumbled sharp cheddar cheese into the mixture and topped with the crumbled bacon. The texture was much more like a baked potato than a boiled potato DelishWe brought it to a church picnic... they were scraping the bottom of the pan to get the last bite Not one drop was left

  • I needed a side dish to take to a barbeque and this was perfect Its just like a potato skin, only in casserole form. I used Yukon Gold potatoes and light Velveeta cheese. And instead of mayo, I used 1/4 cup light mayo and 3/4 cup fat-free sour cream. It was fantastic, thank you

  • I thought it would be different, so I tried it. I followed the advice of the others and substituted sour cream for the mayo and omitted the olives. It still really was very watery and not too tasty either. My family had asked me never to make it again.

  • Instead of processed cheese, I used a pound of shredded cheese. Also, I layered it like you would make lasagna. I made this for a party & everyone loved it. It went so quick, I almost didnt get to try it. I made half with bacon & half without, so my vegetarian friends could have some as well.

  • Wow This was so good I skiped the olives, used sharp cheddar instead of processed cheese, and added some garlic powder. I used 1/2 mayo and 1/2 sour cream like others had suggested. I also mixed 3/4 of the bacon in with the potatos and sprinkled the remaining on top with some of the cheese. I served it warm, but will try the leftovers cold for lunch today :) Update: It was fine cold but so much better served warm. Its more like a potato cheese casserole then salad but still fantastic

  • I rate this 5 stars because it only took 5 ingredients (that counts pepper) to make such a good side dish. I used amer. cheese and light mayo, and omitted the onions and olives. Potatoes were a bit mushy, only boil them 5 min. Wow..... I think I want seconds.

  • This is a good potato side dish (truly nothing like salad but uses similar ingredients), very similar to many other cheesey potato side dishes though. I cannot believe how much american cheese this calls for though...24 slices if using a 1 pound package. I used about 1/2 that and it was plenty cheesey. I used reduced fat mayo and I used reduced fat sour cream, half mayo-half sour cream mixture. Nice tasting recipe overall though.

  • This is awesomeThe key is to make sure everythings coated so use enough mayo - the directions dont have to be can add a little more or add some sour cream (but its not a must). I always omit the black olives (just not a big fan)However, I do use chives or chopped green onions. I also put the bacon on the inside not just on top. I sometimes use velveeta and sometimes use shredded....but I always put some shredded on top and brown it. Its just like building a loaded bake potato anyway you like it. A must try This is one of my favorites

  • This was very good. I used scallions instead of regular onion, I used velveeta shredded cheese instead of the cheese slices, and I followed the rest of the recipe to the tee Everyone liked it. My dad actually made the same one and he added garlic and peppers to it. And everyone actually LOVED that way But either way it was a success.

  • Moooooo - this is so bad for you, but oh so good - Made this for a bunko party - first I used a bigger pan so I increased the potatoes to 12 - used a pound of bacon and I mixed half in with the mixture. I also used 3/4 cup mayo and added a cup of sour cream (used "light" on both). I saved a bit of the cheese (used cheddar) and added it on top with the rest of the bacon and sliced green onions halfway through cooking. is the really bad part....I added about a half of a cup of the bacon grease into the mix. I also used garlic salt. Basically, you can make it any way you want - how can you fail with these ingredients? Thanks

  • A very good recipe. I think it was a bit dry, though, so I will use another reviewers suggestion next time and add 3/4 cup sour cream & 3/4 cup mayo.

  • This was a five star only after some alterations. First, I cut the potatoes into chunks, not wedges. I left out the olives and onion. Used 1/2 cup mayo and 1/2 c. sour cream. Used shredded colby/jack cheese. Topped with chopped green onion before serving. Great base recipe, Tom

  • This is a great recipe, tastes wonderful and its so easy to make. I made this for our company picnic and everyone loved it. I substituted old cheddar cheese for the processed. Really excellent recipe, definately will make it again soon.

  • This was great. Everyone raved over this. I used shredded Colby/Jack cheese instead of the American.

  • I served this at a family cookout last Sunday with steaks. I used 5 lbs. red bliss potatoes, and decreased the cheese to 8 oz, with another two oz on top. Thanks to reviewers, I used cheddar, all sour cream, no olives, and a full lb. of bacon. The bacon in and on top of this casserole makes this superb. I cut the potatoes into large dices, skin on, and boiled them to near done. I was delighted that they tasted like the had been baked, not boiled. It was a tad dry, likely due to less cheese, so I will increase the sour cream the next time so they will be creamier when going into the oven, and there definitely will be a next time. A wonderful side dish, that upscales your typical Thanks

  • I loved this dish, and so did my family. I made it for a bbq, so delicious. I left out the olives though and it still tasted wonderful. I will definitely make it again.

  • This was really good. We used more sour cream, less mayo, mixed in green onion and used frozen cubed potatos instead of fresh. I made them ahead of time, we cooked them the next night on a camping trip.

  • I admit that I was put off by the idea of baking mayonnaise and potatoes. However, Im glad I tried it because it is FANTASTIC Even my husband who doesnt especially care for spuds thought it was tasty 3.21.06 Ive made this lots of times since I first reviewed it, and now have it just right for our personal taste: skip the olives, add extra-sharp Cheddar cheese, a little more mayo, and also some Ranch dressing. Ive made it with bacon bits, and I dont think its nearly as good. This is always a winner at potlucks and cook-outs. Thanks so much, Tom

  • I was shocked at how good this was. The picture doesnt do it justice. I just substituted a few things because I didnt have the other ingredients on hand. I used 1lb hot italian sausage instead of bacon, 2c shredded cheddar cheese, and 1c sour cream that I had just made into ranch dip earlier (using a Hidden Valley Ranch packet) instead of mayo. My 2 and 3 year olds ate all their food and my husband had thirds This is definately something Ill keep in my recipe box.

  • This is delicious - as long as you dont use American Cheese I use cheddar or the Mexican Blend instead and it is yummy. I prefer green onions and the half mayo/half sour cream mix. This is always devoured and enjoyed by all - my bunco group asks for this to be made as part of the snacks served at my house Ive had to pass this recipe on to many, many people whove tried it. It was the first item to disappear when I made it as a side dish for a camping potluck - and while I always make plenty....there were a few who couldnt help but whine about there being none left for thirds...

  • Fabulously delicious I recently tried this recipe for the first time & it was very tasty and fairly easy to make. I followed the recipe exactly, except I used light mayo & turkey bacon. Excellent I will definitely make this again.

  • This is wonderful My vaiations were 1/2 cup mayo and 3/4 cup ranch dressing.....I also used pre-cooked crumbled bacon..Definetely will make again

  • Amazing I love this dish This is more of a casserole than a traditional potato salad. Perfect side dish for anything from BBQ to steak. Instead of 1 cup mayo I just used 1/2 cup and added 1/2 cup sour cream.

  • My Husband doesnt like potato saled and loves this

  • This goes so nice with grilled food. I substituded the baking potatoes for red skin and used Velvetta. YUMMY

  • Ive been making a recipe similailar to this for years. It is delicious I cook my potatoes with skins on until fork tender and then peel them and cube them, and sometimes I use little red potatoes and quarter them and leave skins on. I omit the olives and use scallions to top.

  • This recipe is the best I have made it for several cookouts and people just LOVED it Highly recommend

  • Great crowd pleaser Pretty to look at too :)I left out the olives, used red potatoes (skin on), 1/2 mayo, 1/2 sour cream, green onions, and sharp cheddar cheese. I cooked the bacon in the microwave to free up my stovetop for other things I was making for my dinner.I do wonder, though if the step of cooking the potatoes for 10 minutes in boiling water is a necessary step when theyre going to bake for an hour in the oven...

  • This was fantastic In the Allrecipes tradition, I made some alterations of my own. I used vegetarian "bacon" and shredded sharp cheddar cheese in lieu of the American cheese. Per others suggestions, I used a combo of light mayonnaise and light sour cream. I did cook my potatoes with a bouillon cube so I didnt even need any extra salt for flavor. Also, I didnt have a regular onion on hand so I used green onion. YUM

  • This was great but a little dry. We dont like mayo so I substituted 1/2 sour cream and half french onion dip - very tasty, but I needed more than the one cup total. Ill make it again.

  • The best Much better than a loaded baked potatoe. I used 3/4 C. Mayo, and 3/4 C. Sour Cream, 1/2 American, and 1/2 Shredded Cheddar Cheese, and cubed the potatoes, cooked covered until the last 15 minutes, uncover and broil on low. Thanks, Terri

  • Loved this recipe for the basic idea and for getting me started... read some of the other reviews and made the following changes: I cubed my potatoes (this how I personally like potato salad). After draining and putting potatoes in a bowl I added 1 cup of Miracle Whip (what we use instead of mayo) and then sprinkled 1/2 package of "Hidden Valley Ranch Original" seasoning all over. Added salt and pepper. Add some dry minced onion (what I always have on hand) and a couple of handfuls of shredded colby/monterey jack combo cheese. Mixed all together and put in casserole dish. Topped with the rest of the shredded cheese and crumbled bacon. This was DELISH and I will definitely make it again So easy and very tasty

  • I preferred this hot, but ended up serving it cold due to a malfunctioning oven, and it was a hit cold. I used all the ingredients but didnt measure anything. I boiled the potatos for 20 mins, cooked up TONS of bacon, and mixed it with mostly sourcream and a little mayo. Used lots of cheese too.Make sure to season with s&p.

  • This is a very good party salad. I did not add enough bacon or sour cream. I will next time I make this. Skip the mayo. Use sour cream. I used shredded cheddar cheese. Very good salad.

  • I have made this 2 times now, and think I perfected it by round 2. The first time, I did what other reviewers suggested, and did 1 cup sour cream and 1/4 cup mayo. Most people loved it, but my husband thought it tasted a little bland. The second time I made it, I received RAVE reviews- kept everything the same but added 1/2 packet of Garlic and Herb seasoning mix (by Lipton soups. Threw some canned onion rings on top the last 10 minutes of baking, and voila Instant success

  • This was not only outstanding but very easy to make I did however take the advice and used half sourcream and half mayo and cheddar cheese My husband and company loved it

  • Instead of the processed cheese I used about 3 cups of shredded cheese. Served it with sour cream and salsa for a mexi flare.

  • A friend of mine had gotten a similar salad from the deli and we loved it. After finding this recipe, I had to try it and it was delicious. I used cheddar cheese instead of American and left out the olives. I also left the skins on the potatoes to add to that baked potato feel.

  • Im confused, this is a potato casserole, not salad. Still, regardless of how this recipe is classified, it was a good sidedish. I used half mayo, half sour cream. I stirred halfway through cooking and turned out very tatsy. Cheesy...but not too much. Thanks Tom

  • We had this over the Memorial holiday and we thought it was very good. I left out the olives, but next time I think I will sprinkle green onions over the top before serving so it is more like a baked potato.

  • This was so good. Like a loaded baked potato. My only questions were whether to peel the potatoes (I did not because my kids dont like it) and how much do I stir the ingredients together. I was afraid to mash the potatoes so I gently folded it all together. I dont think you can go wrong with this one. Just dont use a potato that would crumble too much like russets. And slice them about 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick. I used the olives too because I love them.

  • Oh my goodness, this stuff is amazing I have made it SEVERAL times, enough that Im somewhat known for it now, and pretty much stick to the recipe every time. The changes I do make: 1/2 mayo and 1/2 sour cream, the bacon goes in with all ingredients rather than just on top, and I add some Velveeta with the other ingredients and sprinkle Cheddar (or whatever is on hand) on the top. The Velveeta gives it a more cheesy flavor. Also, the onions get cooked with the bacon. This is a very unhealthy and delicious recipe :)

  • Yummy Very simple to make and very tasty I used some of the other variations that seemed to work well.....1/2 mayo and 1/2 sour cream and I also used shredded jack cheese. This is sure to be a regular in our house, thanks for the recipe Tom

  • I made this for the first time a few nights ago for a potluck. Everyone loved it I even had a few requests for the reciepe. I did change it up a bit, as did some others. 1/2cup mayo, 1/2cup sour cream, 3/4cup ranch. I used large potatos so I only needed about 5. Very good, even as leftovers the next day

  • This recipe was perfect for my picnic I did change some things though...I was making it for a big picnic so I increased the serving size and I only used 1 c. of Mayonaise and added 1 1/2 c. sour cream, eliminated the olives and used shredded montary and cheddar cheeses instead of american because that was what I had. I also cooked the bacon but left it out and on the side for the vegetarians at the party. It came out great and I had so many compliments on this dish. It truly tasted like a baked potato and was even great heated up the next day I will definately make this again.

  • Wow Made a half recipe, substituted onion powder for chopped onions, used half mayo and half sour cream, and skipped the black olives. Chilled in the fridge a few hours then ate whole darn thing with the hubby Cant wait to serve this on the 4th.

  • There was nothing remotely similar between this recipe and potato salad. It was dry and disappointing. I wont make this again.

  • Well, i have to say i toyed with this recipe a little, i used 1/2cp FF sour cream and 1/2 cup ranch dip. I only used about 12oz of cheese and left out the olives. But, what a dish This was fabulous

  • I made this version of potato salad for a BBQ cook-off team meeting and all the members raved about it....will definitely make it again.

  • What a HUGE surprise, i saw so many others reviews and though I was repulsed at the idea of this recipe, I tried it trusting all of you, I was not let down at all. This dish was wonderful.It is very forgiving and perfect for a beginning cook. One thing I will suggest is that it looks pretty, (for company) and a bit more apetizing with a sprinkle of paprika, some dry parsley and a few shakes of permasan. Then it looks as good as it tastes, also, I diced mine, and did not bother with peeling. Thank you

  • Excellent, but you really cant go wrong with these ingredients. I used sour cream in place of the mayo and I had no green onions. I will definitely buy them for the next time I make this, which will be soon Im sure Yummy

  • Outrageous I LOVE potatoes but I was skepitcal about this recipe. I scaled it to 4 servings so I had some guess work but you cant go wrong with this recipe. I used red potatoes and the combination of sour cream and mayo suggested by others. Left olives out. This can be made ahead. I prepared it in the a.m. and put it in the oven when I was cooking dinner. Well, I prepared this for 2 of us expecting leftovers - we ate almost the entire dish A few hours later I was craving for it and had the rest as a SNACK??? Will make this real soon. Thanks submitter

  • When i made this recipe i omitted the olives, and fried up some hamburger with the bacon.All i can say is Awesome. This is my fave casserole recipe now.

  • I used half sour cream half mayo, increased the bacon, used about 2/3 lb of cubed velveta and mixed the olives in but, added chives when it was done. We are waiting for it to cool so we can try it cold. The recipe says 12 servings , but not around here

  • This is the best recipe that i have tried and fixed in years i was the hit of the party after i brought this yummy and easy to make this is our familys favorite side dish now, with everyone asking for it You must try this

  • Absolutely delicious. I took the dish to a pot luck event and there was none left to bring home. I tried it for the first time myself. I used 1/2 mayo, 1/2 sour cream, and there was a small amount of tomato bacon dressing in a bottle in my refrigerator that I used up. I saved time by using a bottle of bacon bits- no mess no frying. Will make again, for sure.

  • Wow I was hesitant about using all of the cheese but, I have to say that this was just fantastic. There wasnt a drop left for leftovers

  • Very good and flavorful recipe But ALWAYS use sour cream instead of mayonaise. It turns out alot better. Also omit the olives. Wonderful recipe and thank you

  • I had to alter this one a tad bit because I was to darn lazy to go to the store. I used Colby jack shredded cheese instead of american and used bacon bits in place of real bacon. I topped it on there plates with sour cream and chives and the kids loved it. Thanks :)

  • These potatos were great I was hoping theyd be creamier, but I subbed chedder vrs. her velveeta. (Of course chedder isnt going to be as creamy)Im sure velveeta would have made it more creamy. None the less,, the taste was fabulous and my husband will not allow me to rate this anything below a 5. (I also added some crumbled blue cheese and used 1/2 mayo 1/2 sour cream).This goes great with Roast Sticky Chicken-Rotisserie Style on this site

  • I been using this recipe for 2 summers now and its a huge hit. Yes its not quite a salad but its perfect for BBQs and yummy. What I do is cook the bacon and then saut the onions in the bacon fat (drain the fat after they are soft.) I use half sour cream and half mayo. I use shredded cheddar cheese. I always use a little more than whats called for when cheese is added in recipes, I just love cheese. I use half the bacon to mix in with all the ingredients and then I sprinkle the other half of the bacon and more cheese on top. It just looks nice and its soooo yummy leave the olives out its just a personal choice.

  • This was the first allrecipes recipe I tried and it had me hooked Ive tried very low fat versions and the completely sinful ones of this recipe with great results everytime Being a herb-lover, I add a nice bit of chopped green herbs to the mix which infuse alot of flavor into the potatoes while baking... I dont eat pork and tried different kinds of meat as the topping... this recipes a really good base to work with.. thanks

  • I made this for a church dinner and everyone loved it. Thank you for a great recipe.

  • This was too easy Guaranteed no leftovers

  • Good potato casserole with some modifications. The processed cheese is just too much with the mayo and the bacon. I used shredded cheddar. Much better. Also, I mixed crumbled bacon into the casserole instead of layering it on top. I omitted the olives and used 1/2 sour cream and 1/2 mayo. Try it--very indulgent

  • I made this for Mothers Day cookout. It was excellent and I got a lot of compliments I used cheddar instead of american, and added 2 cloves garlic,1 cup sour cream and 3/4 cups mayonnaise. Very good recipe--thank you

  • This recipe was great I made it for a potluck and it was a huge hit. I substituted "Classic Melts" cheese instead of American, and I used 1/2 sour cream, 1/2 mayo. I also sauteed the onions in the bacon grease before baking. I will definitely make this again

  • This is just like a big baked potato. Yum. For ease I used precooked bacon and Cheez Whiz, which made it a snap, and then put green onions on the top when it was finished cooking. I took this to Thanksgiving dinner with the inlaws and there was nothing left

  • FABULOUSI had a potluck to go to so I made it once the night before to try it out, and I found out that we didnt like the olives it called for. The second time I made it...SUCCESS It was delicous It just needed to be cooked for the whole hour. The people were raving about and it was the first pan to be emptied.

  • Definitely a keeper. I used Cheddar rather American because that is what I had. So easy to make.

  • This was awesome Thank you for a great recipe

  • Served this hot and it was gone I would change the name to Baked Potato Casserole. I did make the changes noted in some other reviews. Used 1 cup sour cream and about 1/2 c of mayo. Turned out nice and creamy. Changed american cheese to cheddar. Sprinkled a little on top with bacon. (Crisped some microwave bacon and it was fine). Made it the night before and popped it in the oven an hour before lunch. Big hit

  • Very good - everyone loved it. I was a little confused on what kind of cheese to use, the good ole cheese slices right? Well thats what I used and it worked very well.

  • We thought this was good, but it could have been better. I considered it to be like a twice baked potato casserole, so next time I would probably use all sour cream instead of mayo to give it that twice-baked potato flavor. Also, I used a cheese blend instead of the american cheese, so more sour cream was necessary since the cheese blend didnt melt as much and made it a little dry. But, the idea is great, and well be making this again.

  • This was great i make this all the time. i even took it camping and over 20 ppl ask me for the recipes.

  • This was a big hit, a nice change. I used half sour cream with the mayo. Thanks

  • This was awesome I did omit the olives as suggested. Thank you for sharing

  • Very good when served hot.

  • This recipe has very good flavor, but I found it to be a little dry. I made it with sour cream instead of the mayo, as per a suggestion by another review. I will try mayo next time.

  • Excellent. Tastes kind of like au gratin potatoes. Were a big hit with my fiancee and my parents

  • I think I botched up the recipe, I think it needed more sour cream and cheese, as I probably put in more potatos than I should I put in a lot more bacon. Unfortunately, the potatos came out a little dry, so i listened to one of the reviewers and added more sour cream and cheese and served it cold. A lot better I thought

  • OMG...I made this for the 4th of July and there was none left. Only thing I did differently was, I did a cup of mayo and a cup of sour cream instead of half a cup and I added half cheese slices and half sharp chedder cheese shreds. I also topped it with not only black olives and diced green onions too. It was a huge hit and now everyone is asking for the recipe.

  • Its perfect I was hungry and dont know what to eat for brunch. Saw this recipe and make it right away with everything i have in the fridge. Dont have bacon so i changed to dory fish fillet. I add carrots and tomatoes too. It was so goooood

Source: Baked Potato Salad I

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