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David Wilcox | Right Now Lyrics (Turning Point)

  • Artist: David Wilcox
  • Album: Turning Point

Riding out into the night
You know why and where to go
She cant wait to roll you right
She called you up and told you so

Feel the wind now as it cleans away your past
This when you feel your future changing fast
Right now, right now, right now

Keep your mind back on the road
Concentration on the curves
She made time feel slow
She cranked the volume on your nerves

The town is sleeping and the motors making time
Take it easy, hold it right at ninety-nine
Right now, right now

See the candle in the dawn
Lovers light is burning still
Need some sleep to carry on
Wonder when you ever will

There beside you she is breathing, slow and sweet
She is smiling as you slide under the sheet
Right, right now, right, right now, right, right now

David Wilcox | Right Now Lyrics (Turning Point) Music Video

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