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David Wilcox | No Telling Where Lyrics (Airstream)

  • Artist: David Wilcox
  • Album: Airstream

It will change you like a lover
When you dive below the reef
And see the phosphorescent colors
Shimmer way beyond belief

But when taken to the surface
All that color fades away
Cause when lifted out of water
Living coral turns to gray

But down deep, its so bright
That the light wont leave you
Youve seen this sight
And they cant believe you

Cause your words go dull
And they never could explain
There is just no telling
Where youve been

On the map it shows the mountain
But Id never seen a glimpse
Of the hundred miles of vista
Represented by an inch

That was just a trail of bread crumbs
All their words set out so clear
But theres nothing they could tell me
That could ever take me here

To this view, this height
That the heart remembers
Its proof, its life
Its the burning ember

My words go cold
And theres nothing to explain
There is just no telling
Where Ive been

When this sunrise sees me
The first light burns brand new
Seems so easy
To tell what Ive been through

But my little camera cant keep up
With panoramas all around
Theres just too much view to capture
When we stand on sacred ground

Though my mind cannot explain it
My hearts filled up to the sky
I know words could not contain it
But Im fool enough to try

Then you smile at me
And my heart is listening
Your eyes, they speak
And theres nothing missing

Its quiet up here
We can listen to the wind
Cause theres just no telling
Where weve been

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