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David Wilcox | Hometown Lyrics (Underneath)

  • Artist: David Wilcox
  • Album: Underneath

She wanted to move
She wanted to try something new
She wanted to live in San Francisco
In a place with a view

She wanted the sound
She wanted the life all around
She wanted the fun and the action of a livelier town
But he, he would still disagree
Cause he loved the stillness of morning
And the wind in the trees

He needed the stars
He needed to say, "This is ours"
And look at a field and a pasture
And a road with no cars

He wanted a farm
He wanted a horse in a barn
He wanted a life in the country, far from the town
So they, they chose to stay
They found a place where they hoped
They might both have their way

But that compromise was a life in the suburbs
That they both could despise
With nothing of either, too much of each
The things that they hoped for were both out of reach

No land for the garden, too far from the stores
No new folk to talk to, loud neighbors next door
Though traffic was endless, no one stepped outside
An outpost of loners whove come there to hide

Why they stayed, all those years
The answer cant be found
But there they were, there they fought
And there they stood their ground in my hometown
In my own hometown
Wonder what Ive made that far
In my own hometown
In my own hometown

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