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David Wilcox | Guitar Shopping Lyrics (What You Whispered)

  • Artist: David Wilcox
  • Album: What You Whispered

Theres a guitar here in the window
Id like to play before its sold
Its such a classic, mint condition,
Great shape for one this old
Now all these axes have their stories
Of the gigs that they have seen
But, when this one sold the first time
I was seventeen

Of course, back then, I didnt want it
It was way too new for me
I needed something old and righteous
With its own authority
So the first guitar I ever bought
Was twice as old as me
cause its life was filled with music
As I dreamed that mine might be
I played that thing a thousand nights
And traded it away
For something slightly newer
That was easier to play

But now lately I buy new guitars
Theyre shiny as a hearse
I still like the look of road-wear
But the roles have been reversed

And now this this is a classic
That I still dont need to buy
Yeah, the old ones have their stories
But by now,
So do I

David Wilcox | Guitar Shopping Lyrics (What You Whispered) Music Video

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