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Sniff n the Tears | Looking for You Lyrics

  • Artist: Sniff n the Tears

The tables were clean where the fine foods had been
the servants had turned all the lights off and left for the day
what could I do
the limousines gone with the wealth and the fame
of the people who lived with a view from their window
that we never knew

We all know that the time for the wealthy is through
the key to the future is held by the people like you
people like me - people like you
come on out if youre hiding in there
Im looking for you

To follow the call to a masquerade ball
where the players would never be seen with their masks off
a place in the sun
a legacy there for the whole world to share
a splendour to pamper the eyes of the rich
paid with a gun

So look to the East from the ruins of the feast
from the builders who built in the pay of the Roi Soleil
say that you knew
that the cause of Danton was not truly won
that the hearts of the people cried out for an empire and who?

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MasTer alone

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