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Recipe: Summer Potato Salad

This is a lemony potato salad; it tastes a little lighter than a traditional potato salad.

Summer Potato Salad Ingredients

  • 5 cups peeled and cubed potatoes

  • 3 eggs

  • ? cup lemon juice

  • cup vegetable oil

  • 2 teaspoons white sugar

  • 1? teaspoons seasoning salt

  • 1? teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

  • 1 teaspoon ground mustard

  • teaspoon ground black pepper

  • cup mayonnaise

  • cup chopped green onions

  • ? cup chopped celery

  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

How to Make Summer Potato Salad

  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add potatoes; cook until tender but still firm, about 15 minutes. Drain, and transfer to a large bowl.

  2. Place eggs in a saucepan, and cover completely with cold water. Bring water to a boil. Cover, remove from heat, and let eggs stand in hot water for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from hot water, and cool. Peel, chop, and add to potatoes.

  3. In a small bowl, combine lemon juice, oil, sugar, seasoned salt, Worcestershire sauce, mustard powder and black pepper; mix well. Blend in mayonnaise. Pour lemon dressing over potatoes, and stir to coat.

  4. Mix in green onions, celery, and parsley. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

Summer Potato Salad Nutritions

  • Calories: 312.6 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 23.3 g

  • Cholesterol: 85.7 mg

  • Fat: 22.8 g

  • Fiber: 2.8 g

  • Protein: 5.4 g

  • SaturatedFat: 3.6 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 340.6 mg

  • Sugar: 3 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Summer Potato Salad Reviews

  • Wow Deviled eggs meets potato salad. this was wonderful. I was scared after reading all the reviews about how much lemon to use, so I did it in measured steps. Tasting along the way. I definately ended up using 2 tablespoons of lemon juice instead. For those comments about the greyish color, add turmeric, i add it to all my potato salads, its hardly for the taste, since its so subtle, its more for a yellowish coloring. I did not have celery so I did not use that, but Im sure it would have been much better with it. I would have shredded some carrots for an added color but didnt have any. This dish is definately the only potato salad dish I will ever make, to accomodate those that would not prefer eggs in this salad, the only thing I would do is serve it with and without. Also there is no reason to add veg. oil or olive oil, you dont want that oily flavor, I just added 1 tbl of butter for a little of that flavor. I added 1 tbl of paprika for a kick as well as a bit of lemon zest. It was divine

  • I love the idea of the lemon. This is very good. Measured everything exactly. *1/3 cup celery=1 stalk* Used red onion instead of green. Diced my potatoes first and could see that 3 eggs would be a bit to much for me so only used 2. Thought I had season salt and had picked up chicken barbeque seasoning by mistake so used 3/4 tsp. paprika and 3/4 tsp. Old Bay. This worked out very well; therefore added salt. I would agree that 1/3 c. lemonjuice is a bit tart but sometimes depends on the lemon. The nice thing about making a dressing beforehand is that one can adjust accordingly. I added a bit more sugar to cut down on the tartness and added some lemon zest to make it taste more lemony instead of just tart. This added a new dimension to the dressing. I agree that there is a bit more dressing for the 5 cups potatoes but again, a personal preference. It wasnt soupy but I would like it a bit less loose. Next time Ill just add 1 extra potato. All in all a great recipe and will make again with the adjustments. I was tempted to throw in some dried dill, as I thought that would compliment the lemon but decided against it for the review. Thanks for the nice recipe.

  • I Loved this...I was looking for a mean potato salad and this is definately "IT" OMG Youve got to try this, Im totally done searching, I will never use any other recipe again, I love this Cant say it enough, This is the best Thank you

  • This was very good. I did make a few changes after reading some of the reviews. I added some oregano and some dill. I also used olive oil instead of the veggie oil. I mixed everything together and then added the potatoes. Will definately make again (with my changes). Thanks for the post.

  • This was good, but we prefer our more traditional potato salad recipe. If I make this again, Id use a lot more potatoes, or a lot less dressing...measured carefully, but still there was way too much dressing.

  • Wasnt impressed. used fresh lemon juice and it was just too lemony. others might like it, though.

  • I loved this recipe,and so did my dinner guestsI had some dressing left over ( another reviewer suggested there was too much dressing, though I disagree), happily I discovered that this is WONDERFUL over bbq chicken Sadly, I had no leftovers the next day...

  • Very good. I took a chance and made this for the first time to bring to a cookout - there was a store-bought potato salad there too, and everyone raved about mine. And honestly, anything with seasoning salt has to be good :). The salad would have been just as good with fewer eggs, so feel free to omit or reduce them, if eggs are your gripe with this recipe. Its really yummy

  • Absolutely delicious I loved the parsley in it. I couldnt wait two hours to try it, though, so I just threw it in the freezer hoping itd get cold enough and it still tasted wonderful Im so glad to have found a great potato salad recipe. Easy to prepare, too Definitely will make again.

  • This is NOW my potato salad recipe and I have thrown out all my previous ones. Its perfect and light and so much tastier than the traditional potato salad recipe. My family loves it

  • This is a wonderful potato salad and so easy to put together. I will be using it from now on at the church pinics, etc. I am a male, recently divorced, so any EASY recipe is a good start toward getting my vote.

  • WOW. Really tasty. While I was making it I was turned off by it. Dont be fooled, the final taste is amazing. I couldt stop eating this

  • I only used 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and that is all that was necessary. A wonderfully light potato salad with a very slight lemony flavor that doesnt over power. I dont like egg, so i left it out, but the end result was still a nice potato salad.

  • This ones a hit Thanks Jen - I never much cared for potato salad, but this ones tangy appeal is just lovely (I am going to increase the dressing next time - it was so yummy)

  • Nice flavor - keeps well. Big hit at the BBQ

  • I prepared this dish for a 4th of July party and it was a huge success. Will definately make it again

  • Excellent potato salad. Really enjoyed the different taste that the lemon juice and worcestershire gave it. I might add a little more lemon juice next time. A definite keeper

  • I loved the lemony flavor of this potato salad....different and very tasty

  • Excellant recipe My new potato salad recipe. I did tweek it a bit and added dill, oregano, garlic pepper grinder,fresh ground black pepper, and chives instead of the green onion. I also used 3 Lg baking potatoes which I nuked for 10 min then peeled and diced. I also used 3 eggs. Ialso just stuck the diced potatoes and eggs in the freezer in a metal mixing bowl while I whipped up the dressing. It tasted great immediately.

  • Very tasty

  • My bona fide picky-eater husband loved it

  • The only criticism I have of this recipe is that it didnt make enough and it didnt last long enough - because we loved it so much It is a truly delicious salad and so easy to make and guilt-free to eat, too I will definitely be making this again.

  • Excellent - I brought this to a BBQ with picky eaters and they liked it too I like food with a bit of kick and taste and this had it.**updated review** I made again recently and it turned out great. I dont have seasoning salt, so I used plain salt, with spices added to it (cayenne, paprika, whatever I had on hand). Very tasty. It also keeps well.

  • I love this recipe. Its a little different, but awesome. I thought, "Its not potato salad w/o pickles," but I was excellent, once you taste it, youll understand why pickles are not added.

  • The only reason this has 4 instead of 5 stars is that the salad tasted way too sour when I was done putting it together. I admit I didnt wait 2 hours.I added a big, heaping tablespoon of sour cream to tone it down and I still thought it was a little sour but decided to wait and see how everything melded together. I waited a day and this is sooooo good I will absolutely make it again (with my sour cream addition).Thanks very much

  • Decent, but not enough flavor. We did like the lemony taste, though

  • The lemon flavor adds a unique twist to this recipe. I served it at a summer BBQ and my guests loved it.

  • Absolutely fabulous potato salad. I do not normally like potato salad, it is too fattening, but this was so good everyone had at least 2 helpings I loved it

  • This is one of the best potato salads Ive had. I love it. I however, made a few modifications. The biggest being that I didnt add the eggs, I am not a huge fan of them in potato salad, so if youre thinking of using this recipe but dont like eggs, or dont have them, it still turns out REALLY GOOD. Regarding the lemon juice, I ended up adding it to taste after I mixed the rest of the ingredients as to not put too much in, I found this to be really helpful and it turned out just right. I ended up using just a little bit less than was called for. OVERALL really excellent salad

  • I loved this potato salad. I followed the exact recipe and am so glad I did. I was a little leary about the lemon juice but this potato salad taste exactly like my favorite deli one I grew up on. I added paprika, just for garnish Oh yeah... I did cheat and use ready-to-eat hard boiled eggs

  • This was really good I cut back on the lemon juice a bit and added some paprika for colour. Next time well add more veggies for some extra crunch and flavour. Really good and alot lighter than regular potato salad. We will definately make this again Thanks alot

  • Awesome.

  • Really delightful. I love a good potato salad, and this one hit the proverbial spot. I followed the recipe pretty exactly and have no complaints. Next time I think Ill follow another users suggestion and try adding some lemon zest while reducing the lemon juice.

  • This is my first recipe from and it was delicious. My lemons were very tart, so I increased the sugar by 2 teaspoons and I added bacon. I also made another potato salad, but this one was raved by everone at yestdays July 4 BBQ. Im glad I found this site.

  • I have been making this recipe for 3 years now. Its wonderful. Personally, I love the lemony flavor. To increase the lemon flavor and not the tartness, I mix in the grated zest of 2 lemons. I also add about 3 tablespoons of fresh dill. Wonderful recipe

  • Love it Made it for a B-Day party for my sister and everyone thought that it was great. Extra zing. Better than just plain mayo for flavour. I only used half of the lemon juice. Im going to make it again today, but Im going to try it with lime juice instead. Thats all I have. Im sure itll be great. Love it.

  • This was just ok...and I love lemon Nothing special and I wouldnt make it again.

  • Loved this one Dressing is tangier and lighter than usual.

  • Very good This is not your average potato salad - it has a nice clean, lemony taste. Will be great for summer BBQs. I used fresh lemon juice & next time will decrease to 1/4c. Just a bit too lemony. I will also decrease the amount of parsely (I used dried since I forgot to buy fresh) 3T was way too much Almost gave the potato salad a greenish, grey look - almost like I let my potatoes go grey (which I didnt). I added extra celery & green onion - I like a crunchy potato salad. Overall, a keeper recipe

  • I served this the other night and every single person said that this was the BEST potato salad they had EVER tasted-- including myself It is so tasty-- lightly tangy, just the right amountof spiciness, not bland at all like some potato salads can be. I will make this again and again Delicious

  • Everyone loved this when I took it to a friends BBQ

  • Delicious

  • It was just ok.

  • This recipe is easy to make, and the lemon gives a summer staple an even more summery flavor. I thought it needed more spice than listed (as many other reviewers did), so I added tarragon and garlic salt. (I omitted the season salt). As we like a tangy taste, I added a bit of rice wine vinegar as well as the lemon juice. The worcestershire turns the dressing and whole salad a bit grey - - still tastes greatThis is just another example of how you can use a recipe for a jumping off point for your own creations. Great stuff

  • This is great. I started getting tired of potato salad but now its like eating something new. I even received a compliment on it by someone who said they never eat other peoples potato but they really liked this one. Now every time we make potato salad this is the recipe we use.

  • What a great potato salad I love the tanginess. Im sure Ill be making this again very soon Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  • Very good salad nice and lemony

  • Lighter, just like it says and a huge hit with my husbands family last month :)

  • I personally loved it.....hubby prefers the all mayo kind(hes not a big fan of lemon), but said it was ok. I thought it was refreshing and a nice change from the same old. I did use olive oil in place of the veg oil, 3 lbs. of baby reds, and used reduced fat mayo. Next time I think I might add a little cayenne pepper for a little heat, over all it was great and I will make again for a crowd.

  • I have made this recipe for my family several times already.For us this is it Store bought no more It will help to make this the day before and allow to absorb the flavors.I slow boil the potatoes,not to well done.Firm but not soft. Drain and allow to cool.Mix the sauce/taste and adjust to your palate.Mix it and you will be surprised Why wait for summer? :)

  • This was different, but in the good way. I took this to my family reunion and it was gone within a half hour.

  • This is one of my "standard" potato salad recipes. I make it about once a month. Every time I make it, I have too much dressing left over. I sometimes add a little more eggs and celery. Often I add bacon. The recipe stands by itself -- the additions are simply personal preferences which will always be part of cooking.

  • I have made this 4 times now and we enjoy it. We prefer it with red potatoes and to not use the oil but rather to add a bit more mayo if it needs it. A bit of seasoning and celery salts, and less lemon and you have quite a good salad

  • This was a great recipe. I love potato salad and cant find one that is perfect, but for something a bit different for summer this was great My 5 yr old loved it & Ill be sharing it with my sister

  • Very good easy didnt use the sugar added some garlic pepper and onion powder

  • Ive made this several times and my family and I love it. I didnt make any changes. The lemon really sets this apart from traditional potato salad.

  • I made this potato salad and it was really good - everyone ate it up. It was a little on the tangy side which isnt what were used to...but I will make it again and probably add some grated carrot.

  • My family loves this recipe We prefer a more creamy texture in our potato salad, and when this is all blended and warm its delicious. The lemon is the secret, I think, that brings out that zip

  • I used 2 tbs of lemon juice and 1 tbs of oil. It was good, and the next day it was less lemoney.

  • "Low mayo" only 1/2 cup. The other ingredients keep the potatoes moist. Potato salad has lots of flavor...maybe low cal. Definitely save it. 5 stars

  • Was looking for a lighter potato salad and this is really good. The lemon, I used fresh, compliments the fish we BBQ. Used some red potatoes as well as russet and left on the skins.

  • OK but not the wow potato salad I was hoping for.

  • This was really good but I will use more lemon juice next time I make it. The lemon flavor gave it a really nice taste.

  • Loved the idea someone had about adding tumeric. This was good. Fresh and tasty.

  • Great Recipe I used regular onions, I think the green onions would have been better. Tastes the best at room temperature or warmer. I did not have any celery, but it could have definitely use it.

  • Im always wary of writing reviews when Ive changed the recipe, but Ill make an exception I only used about half the mayonnaise sauce in the recipe to keep the fat content down, I didnt add the sauce to hot potatoes but let them cool first and I omitted the mustard (girlfriend hates mustard). Nevertheless, the flavours were bright and well balanced and we kept the leftovers for lunch the next day Will definitely make this again.

  • This was great I served this yesterday for a family BBQ and it was a hit. I did make a couple changes: I used yukon gold potatoes, unpeeled. I left out the eggs as we are not fond of eggs in our potato salad. I also had to leave out the parsley as I didnt realize mine was past its prime, and I didnt have time to go to the store. Everyone loved the lemony taste and that it wasnt as "mayo-ey" as regular potato salad. Definitely a keeper

  • A wonderful, easy to make recipe. After eating it with dinner one night I decided to try it with some salsa and bacon bits. These additions gave it a fresh new taste from the previous night.

  • Fabulous I used two eggs rather than three, omitted the lemon juice and added about 3 tsp. of Tabasco. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Next time I will keep a closer eye on the potatoes though as they were overcooked for my taste, but that was my fault :(

  • My whole family absolutely loves this recipe. I did have to omit the Worcestershire sauce because one family member is vegetarian but other than that I followed the recipe exactly. It did not last long as everyone ate it right up. I plan to make it again and again exactly as written but still omitting the Worcestershire sauce as it had incredible flavor without it.

  • This salad is very delicious. I used the Yukon Gold type of potato. Wow

  • A pleasant change from the heavy type potato salads. We rarely serve or eat them but this is just a bit different. I do not understand reviewers saying it is "soupy" I found it to be the opposite. Maybe I did something wrong. Anyway, thanks for a facelift on potato salads.

  • Love the lemon in the potatoe salad, truly is a lighter version of a potatoe salad I think I will always use this recipe

  • Pretty good but nothing too special.

  • INCREDIBLE. The citrus balances the inherent creaminess of the salad making it extremely refreshing to eat. The eggs did not overpower the taste at all (although the smell does) so that my friend (who HATES eggs) actually liked this.

  • This was the best potato salad Ive had in a long time Used half the oil and it was still fabulous.

  • Delicious I followed the recipe and everyone loved it

  • Much lighter and zestier than traditional potato salad. The sauce gives it a nice zing without being too intrusive; you can actually taste the potatoes It was delicious.

  • This is the best potato salad Ive ever had..light and refreshing,its even better the next day

  • I made this for fathers day and it was a hit with everyone I added horseradish to the dressing which gave it a great kick

  • Dont make the same mistake I did and taste the lemon mixture before you put it over the potatoes. This is by far the most delicious potato salad I have ever tasted Wow Better than my moms? Didnt seem possible but it is de-lish Yummy, yummy & yummy

  • HANDS DOWN the tastiest potato salad Ive ever had And the best part is that most of the ingredients I had on hand. So delicious and fresh-tasting. Definitely awesome. :)I didnt have the dried mustard, so I used a little squeeze of regular yellow mustard in its place. And I didnt use all of the dressing, but I stuck with all three eggs and Im glad I did. Next time I wont cook the potatoes for the whole 15 minutes, but really this recipe was great Thanks

  • This is the yummiest potato salad Ive ever eaten I did make some improvisations, I substituted julienned radishes instead of the celery since I didnt have any and it gave it a nice crunch and a little zip, I also added the dill because lemon and dill work so well together and I didnt add the eggs. I may put them in just before the picnic Ill be attending but didnt want them to get soggy and it was so good without them I dont know that theyre necessary. Ill definitely make this again thanks for sharing it

  • Loved the lemon in this recipe and I actually used a little more than called for. Yummy.

  • Mmm, mmm. Some good salad. Being as its rather warm, I didnt want to be boiling water in the house. Roasted/baked the potatos on the grill instead. And why in the world would you use veggie oil when you could use olive? No green onions, so used a couple dashes of onion powder. And oregano seems to pair so well with lemony dishes that a couple dashes of that went in as well. Only negative would be that between the oil and the mayo, it can leave the salad with a bit of an oily taste in your mouth. But overall, very good.

  • This is the first time Ive made potato salad and it went over great Even my boyfriend who doesnt like potato salad asked me to make this again. I added a little dill, and only used half of the lemon juice. I didnt have any leftovers- will make it again

  • This recipe is very good. I made mine with everything and also added some red pepper :) Just remember you have to give it time to chill in the fridge...:)

  • Very good potato salad. We sprinkle with Ancho Chili powder to give a little extra flavor and color. Thanks for sharing

  • This was a nice difference to traditional potato salad. It had a light flavor. I made this to go along with BLTs for dinner. I didnt change a thing. I will definately make this one again

  • Great change from the standard potato salad I did use less lemon after reading other reviews....but the lemon flavor was great I had many compliments on this dish.

  • This is by far my favorite recipe for potato salad. I love using red potatoes for this. The texture is heavenly.

  • This potato salad keeps really well and it was a big hit at a BBQ I went to recently. The vegetarians had three helpings as they couldnt eat anything else, and they said it was delicious

  • I used red potatoes instead of regular but other than that I followed exactly. I thought it was a little bland.

  • Delicious Everyone loved it. I added carrots and I did not add eggs. The lemon juice is absolutely key to the success of this recipe

  • I really liked this potato salad - nice change from the store bought stuff. This was my first attempt at making it & it turned out wonderfully - I omitted the celery as I didnt have any & I topped it with real bacon bits. Very Yummy was a hit at the BBQ. Im keeping this one thanks for the great recipe - in reading through some of the reviews I will try using olive oil next time & adding some dill.

  • This recipe was alright. I substituted olive oil for the veg. oil and only used about 3/4 of what was prescribed. I used miracle whip instead of mayo. It was a nice change from regular potato salad, but not my favorite. The lemon is almost too much.

  • Wow this was a hit at my bbq. Very very good and tasted even better the next day.

  • What a great find I made a few omissions but it went over great with a large crowd.

  • I thought it was o.k. Ill stick to my recipe.

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