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Recipe: Coconut Persimmon Smoothie

Great snack you can enjoy during the fall, or any other season if you freeze leftover persimmons like I do. Adjust the spices to your own tasting. Sprinkle with extra coconut or nutmeg if desired.

Coconut Persimmon Smoothie Ingredients

  • 2 ripe Hachiya persimmons, chopped

  • 1 cup milk

  • 1 banana, cut in chunks

  • cup ice

  • ? cup shredded coconut

  • cup honey

  • teaspoon ground ginger

  • teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • ? teaspoon ground nutmeg

How to Make Coconut Persimmon Smoothie

  1. Blend persimmons, milk, banana, ice, coconut, honey, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg together in a blender until smooth.

Coconut Persimmon Smoothie Nutritions

  • Calories: 166.4 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 34.7 g

  • Cholesterol: 4.9 mg

  • Fat: 3.1 g

  • Fiber: 1.7 g

  • Protein: 2.7 g

  • SaturatedFat: 2.5 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 44.8 mg

  • Sugar: 26.2 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Coconut Persimmon Smoothie Reviews

  • Ive made this twice and find it refreshing. These are my modifications: I use unsweetened almond milk, no ice, a frozen banana, (I keep a bag of peeled bananas in the freezer for smoothies.) Bob Red Mill unsweetened flaked coconut, about an inch of fresh ginger, and I used less honey - about a teaspoon. I used the persimmons, cinnamon, and nutmeg as directed.

  • Wow that was delicious Thank you.

  • Perfect autumn smoothy

  • It was good . The cinnamon makes it taste worm so be sure to chill your supplies before blending it .it was very tasty. :-) :-)

  • I used frozen mango cubes rather than ice cubes and threw in a 1/2 cup of spinach for added nutrients. Delicious way to use my past their prime persimmons

  • I didnt have any of the ingredients, so I just substituted with partially melted chocolate ice cream. Honestly, I didnt have all the ingredients, so I used 1 persimnmon, the spices, about 1 C plain yogurt, honey, raw egg and orange/mango juice. Tot fab : )

  • I made it with soy milk. While it was really good, I think Ill try it again with dairy. Makes quite a lot.

  • Great smoothie. I used coconut milk to make it non-dairy, and no ice since that would make it too thick for my taste.

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