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Recipe: Asparagus, Feta and Couscous Salad

This elegant yet simple salad is lovely as a complement to a main course or on its own.

Asparagus, Feta And Couscous Salad Ingredients

  • 2 cups couscous

  • 1 bunch fresh asparagus, trimmed and cut into 2-inch pieces

  • 8 ounces grape tomatoes, halved

  • 6 ounces feta cheese, crumbled

  • 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

  • Black pepper, to taste

How to Make Asparagus, Feta And Couscous Salad

  1. Cook couscous according to package instructions. Put aside and allow to cool slightly.

  2. Meanwhile, place asparagus in a steamer over 1 inch of boiling water, and cover. Cook until tender but still firm, about 2 to 6 minutes. Drain and cool.

  3. Toss the asparagus, tomatoes, and feta with couscous. Add the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper and toss to incorporate.

Asparagus, Feta And Couscous Salad Nutritions

  • Calories: 540.8 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 77.7 g

  • Cholesterol: 37.8 mg

  • Fat: 16.7 g

  • Fiber: 7.3 g

  • Protein: 20.1 g

  • SaturatedFat: 7.5 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 493.6 mg

  • Sugar: 5.5 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Asparagus, Feta And Couscous Salad Reviews

  • Love this recipe, but after making it several times now Ive found that you only need 1 tbs of vinegar and 1 tbs of olive oil (or none at all). The vinegar can be overpowering if you use the full amount called for, especially when doubling the recipe. 2/3c uncooked couscous will feed 6-8 as a side. Again, the recipe is delicious. Thanks

  • Superb Instead of grape tomatoes, I added peeled, seeded and chopped Roma tomatoes. I used nice, fat asparagus spears, peeled and cooked only until al dente. Also added fresh mushrooms which had been sauteed with minced shallots, then reduced with dark rum. Used chicken stock to make the couscous instead of water, which added a lot of flavor. Added a handful of chopped, fresh basil leaves and a sprinkle of Asiago along with the feta. Brought it to a potluck at my quilting bee today and it drew raves. Many stuffed pita bread with it and appreciated that it was a filling, yet healthy sandwich. The recipe is a good starting point for a few tweaks that make this over-the-moon delicious. Even though I made quite a few additions, A+ for a versatile, out-of-the-ordinary recipe that can be altered easily to suit your taste.

  • This was very yummy-we used trader joes multigrain couscous (instead of regular). It has a combination of mini chickpeas, quinoa, large israeli couscous and orzo. The nutty flavors of the blend along with the cheese and asparagus worked very well with the sweet balsamic vinegar. We will certainly make this again.

  • This is a great side dish- and easy too Here is what I did to make it really tasty....cook the couscous in chicken broth. Then I roasted both the asparagus and the cherry tomatoes (cut in half) with a drizzle of olive oil and a generous shake of salt and pepper. I also added some sliced green onion. Mixed the oil and vinegar in a small bowl, then dressed the couscous and vegetables with it. I then tossed it with some really good quality goat feta, although only 4 oz. We enjoyed this side with some grilled salmon YUM

  • This is a great recipe. I did make several changes though. I made the couscous and let it sit out to cool to room temp.. I blanched my asparagus and immediately plunged it in ice water. I cut up two stalk celery with leaves. i made carrot slivers with my potato peeler. i opened a can of whole tomatoes, put the juice in a ziploc in the freezer for another time and sliced up the tomatoes into cubes. I also cubed a whole cucumber. When the couscous was room temp, I cut the asparagus into small pieces and added it and all the other vegies, 1/4 cup fresh mozzarella, 1 T mayo, 2 t. italian dressing, 3 sprigs fresh thyme, and about 1/4 cup cucumber dill dip (sour cream based, made for chips and vegies)mixed it all together and everyone in this household RAVED about it even the asparagus haters ate it all. Thank you for the base recipe for me to create from linda

  • This is really good. I had to modify it a little because of what I had on hand, but Im certain it would have been just as good either way. I substituted artichoke hearts for the asparagus because I didnt have any on hand and then I used flavored feta for the cheese. I might next time use white balsamic vinegar just to keep the natural color of couscous. Great recipe.

  • I used some roasted asparagus I had left over and it really made this recipe. Try with grilled or roasted asparagus for a fabulous variation.

  • Only change I made was to scale it down slightly (a half cup of couscous is plenty for two as a side size portion) Great side dish Thanks

  • My compliments to the chef This is definitely going to be a great addition to our backyard BBQs I added chopped, fresh basil - and will probably add more next time. The next go round I will add more tomatoes and feta than called for.

  • Delicious I added some sliced black olives that I had left over after making a Greek salad and some diced red onion. Terrific recipe

  • Didnt have cherry tomatoes, so I used steamed diced carrots to get the coloring in the dish. I like how the dressing doesnt overpower the nuttiness of the couscous. I did add about 1/4 tsp. lemon juice to the dressing, to tie in with the Grilled Lemon Herb Pork Chops I served with it, also on this site.

  • What a delicious recipe Well be having this often. I did make a few changes. I used Israeli couscous (bigger than couscous). I browned it in a skillet with a little olive oil and a couple cloves of garlic and pepper then added equal parts water( 2 C Israeli couscous, 2 C water), brought it to a boil, then reduced to med. low and simmered covered for 10 minutes. I grilled the asparagus and also a couple green onions. I didnt have enough feta on hand so I used what I had and added a little parmesan to compensate. Im thankful because any more feta would have over-powered the salad. Finally, I had basil in the fridge so I cut up a few leaves and added that. It was a great addition but the salad was absolutely good enough on its own.

  • This dish only took 20 minutes to put together. I didnt hae couscous, so I used acini de peppe pasta. It was wonderful - the recipe makes a lot This recipe is a keeper.

  • Not sure how to rate this as I changed some major things. But it turned out amazing I used artichoke hearts instead of asparagus and Quinoa instead of Couscous. This was a truly great dish that I made with the Mediterranean chicken dish from this site.

  • Hubs is not terribly fond of couscous, so I made this recipe using orzo. I had already cooked orzo in the freezer, which made this even easier. I just eyeballed the salad ingredients didnt measure. For the dressing, I used white balsamic vinegar and cut it to 2 T. and used lite olive oil. The white balsamic ensured that my salad wouldnt turn an ugly shade of brown. I also went about this a little differently. I tossed the orzo, asparagus and grape tomatoes separately in a little dressing and then layered each ingredient in that order on a serving dish. Then topped the layers with the crumbled feta. I think the salad is much prettier layered, instead of tossing everything together. I didnt think of this until it was too late, but some toasted pine nuts would have been an excellent addition. Regardless there was not a bite leftover, which means we really enjoyed this and it will be made again

  • I used the roasted garlic flavored couscous and I cooked it in chicken broth. I roasted the asparagus and tomatoes. I added chopped green onion and I did salt the veggies when I roasted them. ...and I added some salt after I mixed everything together. Very good I think the next time I will either add or serve with grilled or roasted shrimp.

  • Yum I used brown rice (cooked in chicken broth), left out the tomatoes (I just dont like them), used 3 Tbs light balsamic dressing, added enough feta to taste, and the kicker, added dried cranberries and sliced roasted almonds. Holy cow--yum

  • Very tasty half the vinegar. cook couscous in chick broth.

  • So tasty, so simple - brilliant recipe

  • This was a tasty salad. I read the reviews and used just 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and 2 tbsp of olive oil. That seemed like the right balance because the vinegar flavor was a back note instead of the main flavor. I boiled the asparagus for a few minutes until they were crisp-tender because that is how I prefer my asparagus. The couscous that I had on hand was garlic-herb flavored so I think that probably helped flavorwise. Also, my feta cheese was garlic-herb flavored.

  • I made this recipe exactly as it is above and I felt like it was missing something. Sort of bland tasting.

  • I think I would add a little more balsamic vinegar and oil to this next time. It seemed a little dry, but other than that it was very good.

  • It needs something more. the recipe is ok, but it is not as good as it could be with some tweeks...

  • The dressing needing a little bit more, but overall easy and delicious Add some chickpeas and you have yourself a meal.

  • I served this with BBQ salmon, and they paired beautifully. Eight of us gobbled up every bit. I didnt change a thing.

  • Excellent summer salad. Even my hubby who is a more "meat and potato guy" loved this salad and asked for me to make it again.

  • Great recipe-I used israeli couscous which is more pearl size. I also added 1/4 cup of fresh diced italian parsley and used garlic/lemon flavored feta which I found at my local supermarket. I also served this salad chilled as a side with grilled fish and broiled mango slices. This salad was very filling but was a fresh take an the same old side salad

  • Great and super easy

  • Great flavor, easy to make. We dramatically cut back on both the olive oil and the basalmic vinegar (season to taste) and used fat-free crumbled feta cheese and found it tasted just as good. Great served cold or hot. Large portions. Can substitute broccoli for asparagus depending on whats in season.

  • Love this recipe Its so easy and I just made it for a potluck that I need to go to in an hour I substitute goat for the feta cheese and its fine. I also use a mixture of gourmet tomatoes to add more color. I think this would be great on orzo, instead of couscous. To add more flavor, I used a boxed flavored couscous mixture (one that is flavored with olive oil and garlic). I think it tastes better. I will make this for lots of meals to come


  • Very easy and delicious. I only had a 4oz container of cheese instead of 6oz and it didnt seem to matter. I also lightened up a little on the vinegar and oil as others recommended. I would start with half the amount and add to suit your liking.

  • This was very good. I did not have a problem with blandness because I used the flavored couscous packages--one was a pine nut and the other was roasted garlic, as I doubled the recipe. I halved the amt of oil and vinegar as recommended by other cooks, but in the future, Id think about eliminating the oil altogether. Overall, a big hit. Am now thinking about trying it with chick peas rather than couscous to make it a little more healthful, in which case Id definitely use the oil, how much TBD.

  • A light and fun summer salad thats very pretty cause of all its colors

  • This was just okay. I found it rather bland by itself.

  • This is really great. I always have these ingredients on hand. It will be a regular in my house.

  • Fantastic recipe i did change it slightly based upon reviews plus took a shortcut and used canned asparagus, and a large vine-ripened tomato diced really small, halved the vinegar/oil, and used chicken broth and garlic to cook the couscous (used Israeli variety) and my kids and hubby all ate seconds and asked for it for lunch tomorrow - THANK YOU :)

  • I just made this and it is fabulous I made one-half the recipe using a tricolor couscous with vegetable stock. As couscous can sometimes be a bit dry, I added a little extra stock then as the couscous was cooling I added sauteed onion (about 1/4 cup) and garlic (one large clove) and then stirred the feta cheese into the couscous/onion/garlic to incorporate the flavors. I used steamed asparagus and a medium chopped and seeded tomato. To finish the dish I drizzled the balsamic vinegar and olive oil evenly over the couscous and mixed it in. This made 4 generous servings

  • I will definitely be making this again Everyone at my house loves this salad.

  • Wonderful I only used 1 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp vinegar, added a salad cucumber, garlic salt and a dash of cayenne. Fantastic

  • Very well-balanced. After reading other reviews of this recipe, I made a couple of modifications: easy on the feta, swapped white wine vinegar for balsamic and grapeseed oil in place of olive oil. Added finely chopped red onions, a bit of garlic and parsley. Took it to a dinner party and it was a smashing success. This will become a new regular in my repetoire

  • Great recipe I tweaked it a little bit when I made it. I added celery, cucumber, and carrot to the tomato and aspragus. I only used 1 T. balsamic vinegar, and added 3 T. of greek dressing. I also served it cold, and everyone loved it. Thanks for a great recipe.

  • This was fantastic A perfect side dish, especially with summer just around the corner.

  • Just curious. When it calls for 2 cups of couscous, is that cooked or uncooked?

  • This turned out really good, but I did a few things differently after reading other reviews. I grilled the asparagus, which gave it a very nice flavor. I added some sliced green onions. I only used about 4 oz. of feta, which Im glad I did because I think the full amount would be too much. Also, instead of adding the vinegar and oil, I just drizzled on a little balsamic vinaigrette dressing instead. This was a very yummy dish Id definitely make this again and again.

  • A good base for a recipe. I had quite a few little tweaks and a person could have lots more, you just need to adjust to your tastes. I roasted the asparagus instead of steaming. I used parmesean/asiago instead of feta and I would have used a little less oil/vinegar in the end. I wasnt sure how much couscous to use...2 cups dry or 2 cups cooked. I went with the two cups cooked and this easily made four side servings, if not six. But again it was a little too much oil/vinegar for the amount of couscous. I like mine to be a little more dry.

  • Its pretty bland as by the exact recipe. I reduced amount of vinegar and added parsley and toasted almonds. Also, a whole bunch of asparagus is way too much for just four servings of this salad. After those adjustments, the salad came out DELICIOUS

  • Lovely. I added kalamata olives and red peppers, and my couscous had already been cooked in chicken broth, so I went light on the dressing.

  • Wasnt sure if I liked the texture of this salad. Also found it dry

  • I had to use fresh parmesan instead of Feta but it was very good. Great with grilled meat.

  • Great summer main dish recipe - I added fresh herbs - oregano, parsley and basil, along with shredded carrots and cucumber. Can feed 6 easily as a main dish. I used 2 T balsamic vinegar and 3 T olive oil and mixed together then added to the couscous. You could easily use red wine vinegar instead, but I like balsamic. Highly recommended, easy recipe - definitely will be made again

  • Awesome. I cooked the couscous in chicken broth and the White Balsamic is the way to go Much more visually appealing. YUMMMMM

  • A wonderful side dish. I cut the recipe in half (feeding 2 adults) and still have about 4 cups leftover.

  • Tasty. Used whole wheat couscous

  • So delicious I will be making this quite often

  • Quick, easy, and delicious Just happened to have couscous, but not a must for this awesome salad. My husband loved that I made asparagus a bit more fun Will definitely make again.

  • I did not care for this at all. I was looking for something to have for lunches and this certainly is not it for me. I did roast the asparagus as suggested by several and that was a great idea. Other than that I made this exactly as written. It was way too dry - ....sorry maybe its just my taste but Im being honest. I picked at the veggies and will end up tossing this - breaks my heart to do that - I tried to send it home with my Dad but he wasnt having anything to do with that either.

  • Delicious and easy. Also is good even if you dont have the asparagus.

  • The only complaint I have is that the couscous absorbed too much of the balsamic flavor and the rest didnt. If I were to make it again I would combine the couscous and the rest right before serving.

  • This is really delicious. i halved the amount of the couscous but keep the remaining ingredients the same. however, i used about 3T of parmesan cheese instead of feta and it is great i am serving this with pan seared red snapper from this site for dinner

  • Love it, i roasted the asparagus in the oven with olive oil and sea salt. Will make it again

  • Super yummy and simple if you know how to prepare couscous. I was trying to tie some flavors together with the rest of the meal so I added about a fourth cup of chopped cilantro and a few sliced leeks.

  • A geat hot day salad recipe. The only change I made to the recipe was to cook the 2 cups of couscous in chicken broth which added great flavour. The recipe does make loads, and as others have said, is great the next day served cold (or even heated).

  • This sounded healthy so I tried it. It turned out to be an attractive tastey dish - one I will definitely make again. Thanks

  • Pretty good the feta was a little overpowering for me, might try different cheese next time.

  • I broke my own rule and modified this quite a bit to make it fit with our style of eating; really, all I did was cut the couscous to one cup (which makes it more of a vegetable dish than a starch dish), the olive oil to one tablespoon, the vinegar to two tablespoons, and the feta to four ounces. It was very good this way, but I imagine its also very good as written - probably even better, because how can more cheese possibly be a bad thing? You just cant go wrong with these flavor combinations.

  • A delicious couscous dish. I cut the recipe in half and still had a ton of food. I added extra feta, because I love it, and basil, oregano, and parsley as someone previously suggested. I mixed up all the ingredients except for the couscous and asparagus and let it prep in the fridge until I was ready to cook.

  • Delicious

  • This recipe is fabulous. One of my absolute favorites. Its light and tasty. Ive made it multiple times. You have to kinds like balsamic vinegar to get into it. Thanks so much for the recipe

  • I did not reaaly care for this recipe- the taste of vinegar was overpowering and the colour was unappetising.

  • My husband liked this more than I did...the aspargus just didnt thrill me in a greek type recipe for some reason.

  • In general I find balsamic vinegars and vinaigrettes too overpowering in a couscous salad. So after reading the other reviews I used 1/2 cup of a very nice Italian salad dressing instead. For us it was just right. Everything else was according to the recipe. A lovely salad

  • Tasty.

  • Simple and tasty. Although I put one tablespoon less of the balsamic vinegar to give it a more mild taste, which I really liked. Overall it was very good and I would make it again.

  • This salad has a great balance of flavors - such a winner

  • Love this recipe Definitely worth making again

  • This recipe is delicious. I always use chicken stock to make my couscous.

  • Really good, I only used 4 0z feta cheese and it was really good

  • Delicious Used Trader Joes Harvest Grains Blend and also added chopped kalamata olives. Otherwise didnt change a thing :)

  • It was easy and tasty dish however I did some modifications. I first sauted chopped garlic in a pan with I Cant Believe Its Not Butter. When the garlic began to brown I added 2 cups of water. Then added a little adobo, black pepper, salt, one clove and savory spice to the water and let it boil for a few minutes. Next I mixed whole grain couscous to the water and took the pot off the fire. Once couscous absorbed the water I added remaining ingredients. I used more than 3 table spoons of balsamic vinaigrette. But I only had a light vinaigrette on hand. I think the vinaigrette is the key to the dish coming together. I would definitely try this dish again. Especially if I need to whip something up in a jiffy

  • I love this I tried it tonight to make a surprise dinner for my boyfriend and myself. Everything works together great. Ill be making this more than once

  • Mmmmmm. really easy. loads of flavor.and I didnt even use the balsamic. next time I will.

  • I added dried cherries and toasted sliced almonds and it was heavenly

  • Loved I added 1/4 cup of toasted pine nuts. Family loved the dish and have asked for a repeat

  • This is one of my favorite recipes. I bought everything to make it as a side but the first time I made it, it ended up being an entree. Very good

  • Added Lettuce. Used chopped tomatoes. Balsamic vinegar should have been white for a prettier dish.

  • This really is a tasty salad/main dish. I used homemade vegetable stock - so if I make this again, it probably wont taste exactly the same. Anyway, I "fried" up the couscous in a little olive oi. with some chopped shallots -- just think Rice-A-Roni - then added the boiling stock. I let it cool. The only thing I added to the couscous were some chopped scallions because I needed to use some extra. I used the vinegar/oil ratio in the recipe, and it was delicious. I refrigerated it for a few hours then served it cold/room temperature. I would make this again.

  • This is a quick and easy dish, but after making it I found it was unedible. There was too much couscous and it made the whole dish taste bland. It is too bad because it looked really appetizing.

  • I really like this salad, and so does everyone else whos eaten it when Ive brought it to work functions or parties. My only recommendations are to 1) use a flavored couscous, such as parmesan and garlic, and 2) salt liberally to bring the flavors of the individual ingredients together.

  • This is so good From the little kids up through the adults, EVERYBODY had seconds The only changes I made were roasting the asparagus in olive oil, s&p, and adding lemon when it came out of the oven, and I added a can of garbanzo beans. (Im on a garbanzo bean kick)Would absolutely recommend this recipe as a light meal or a wonderful side to......well, anything

  • This was the perfect light summer side dish for grilled chicken. I added some pine nuts and a little lemon juice. Next time I will roast or grill the asparagus.

  • Very good and super easy. The best combination in cooking Even my sister-in-law (who doesnt usually cook) wanted the recipe

  • Tomatoes and asparagus were a great variation from my usual cold couscous This was delicious.

  • I used quinoa because I didnt have couscous. I roasted my asparagus and tomatoes as well for more flavour.

  • This is a nice side dish that I would definitely serve to guests. It only took a few minuets to prepare, and the flavors are great I did add a bit of chopped red onion and some dried basil, oregano, and parsley, and I cooked the couscous with chicken broth. I actually liked it better the next day, so I will prepare it in advance next time Great recipe

  • Made this for a potluck BBQ. It was a big hit with everyone. Made it the day before and let it sit in the fridge and get happy. Used the white balsamic as suggested so the colors stayed fresh looking. Did not have enough feta on hand so also added blue cheese as well. Next time will add basil and maybe some green onions. Thanks for a great couscous recipe.

  • Great salad

  • I previously reviewed this recipe having made it with couscous, as called for, and wasnt crazy about it. I have since started making it with orzo as shown in the recipe photo and like it much better.

  • I started packing this for my husbands lunches as a healthier alternative to what I normally pack and he cant stop raving about it. I did make several alterations, though:1) Added chicken (seasoned)2) Use light balsamic vinegarette dressing3) Season the asparagus with garlic salt 4) Cook the couscous in broth

Source: Asparagus, Feta and Couscous Salad

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