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Prosecution observer stands by testimony inside Holmes trial

Prosecution observer stands by testimony inside Holmes trial

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) ” Prosecution observer accompanied by every one one other accompanied by former Theranos lab director Adam Rosendorff stood by his earlier testimony all over a court of rules and regulations of rules with every one other accompanied by regulations appearance inside Elizabeth Holmes™ fraud trial on Monday. Rosendorff™s statements could pave the way for Holmes™ sentencing inside the case, which was postponed following Rosendorff sought to speak accompanied by Holmes following the trial.

Rosendorff made his uninvited pay someone a call to Holmes™ Silicon Valley place of residence inside August, following a jury found her guilty of investor fraud. While he didn™t speak to Holmes directly, Rosendorff told her partner William Evans that he tried to answer the questions justly nevertheless that the prosecutors tried to build everyone look bad accompanied by every one one other accompanied by felt he had done something wrong, according to Evans™ recollection of the discussion filed accompanied by the court.

Under questioning by U.S. District Judge Edward Davila, Rosendorff said his testimony inside the trial was truthful. He said he felt remorseful concerning the possibility that Holmes™ young child accompanied by Evans would exist lacking her mother if Holmes is sentenced to prison.

Rosendorff added, lacking explanation, that it is my comprehension she is expecting a infant again. The Associated Press has not verified that information.

Under grilling by Holmes attorney Lance Wade, Rosendorff said flatly: The management was trying to obtain to the truth of what happened -- what Elizabeth Holmes did.

Elizabeth Holmes

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  • I don™t want to assist Ms. Holmes, Rosendorff added. The only anthropoid actuality that tin assist her is herself. She needs to pay her invoice to society.

    Holmes™ legal team is relying laboriously on Rosendorff™s post-trial deed to assist the former entrepreneur retain away from a prison sentence. Her lawyers filed a movement for a new trial inside August based on Rosendorff™s alleged statements to Evans.

    Holmes, 38, is facing up to 20 years inside prison for misleading investors concerning the forward movement her once-heralded startup Theranos was making accompanied by new blood-testing methods. She was supposed to exist sentenced Monday, nevertheless the judge postponed that hearing on one instance the Rosendorff questions arose. The judge had by that hour dated place a new sentencing day for Holmes on Nov. 18 earlier to the Monday hearing began.

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