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War Paint Lyrics

  • Artist: Madeline Merlo

Its okay to not be okayEven the air you breathe is just too much for your lungs to takeAnd all the words that you dont sayI hear your S O S on the radio as youre driving away Come on pick up youre phoneDont have to face it alone Im gonna fight with ya and for yaYea I want you to know I will stand your ground Ill kiss your battle scars And leave my X O mark Til you can feel it can you feel itYou can call my name Ill hold your hand grenade Keep all your secrets safe Til you can see me can you see me comingRunning for ya dead of nightCan you hear me holler youre all rightIll take your fears and wipe your eyesAnd wear it all like war paint I see gold when youre black and blue I love the colors burning beautiful That you wanna use When all you wants to get out aliveYou dont have to cry for me to hear your battle cryCome on turn on your light Ive been waiting all nightTo fight with you and for youWhen all your flags are white CHORUS

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