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Top of My Head Lyrics

  • Artist: David Wilcox
  • Album: East Asheville Hardware

The top of my head shines through my haircut
Even when I brush, shape, and style
The top of my head smiles at the young man
Telling me I must have been alive a while

The top of my head shows up in pictures
Dont it make me look so strange?
I guess I only see my used-to-be
And everybodys seen me change

On the top of my head, I got a suntan
My tops down for the sunny day
So strange to be a grown man
Wonder how I got that way?

I cant believe all that time I wasted
Worrying bout the hair I lack
Sometimes I catch myself leaned in the mirror
Wondering if its growing back...
On the top of my head
The top of my head

Never mind telling me all about distinguished company
Yeah well, sure it looks great on them
But thats a few great men who made a difference in history
You see, it only looks right on a great man

With a lifetime of great things done
Time has got tight, its gotten late, man
Id like to think that I have just begun

But theres no sense riding in a big, black Stetson
Theres nothing I can hide away
And they say, every hair on the head is counted
So is every single day

On the top of my head
The top of my head
The top of my head

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