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Recipe: Beach Towel Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

Rank: Easy

Time execution: 2 hr

Can be served for: 24 persons


  • 20 cups white buttercream or frosting

  • Yellow gel food coloring

  • Orange gel food coloring

  • Turquoise gel food coloring

  • 34 of your favorite cupcakes

  • Four 3-inch pieces blue sour gummy candy strips, such as Sour Belts


  1. Color about 3 cups buttercream yellow. Color about 3 cups buttercream orange. Color about 3 cups buttercream turquoise. Transfer each color as well as the remaining 4 cups white buttercream to pastry bags fitted with large plain round tips.

  2. Arrange a 4-by-6 rectangle of cupcakes. Cover all the cupcakes with about half the white buttercream and spread to cover. Chill the cupcakes until the frosting is firm, about 25 minutes. Starting at one of the top corners the rectangle, pipe horizontal lines in different colors and thicknesses, keeping the lines as straight as possible. Reserve about a quarter of each frosting to decorate the top.

  3. Use a bench scraper (a flat and rectangular metal baking tool) to flatten and smooth the buttercream: With a gentle amount of pressure, drag the bench scraper along the buttercream in the same direction as the stripes, making sure to clean it after each swipe. Pipe an orange pair of flip flops on the blanket and make the strap with sour belts. Pipe a white outline of sunglasses and fill in the lens with blue. Pipe a white sunscreen bottle on the blanket. Decorate the sunscreen bottle as desired.

Source: Beach Towel Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

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