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Hole in the Head [Full Intention Vocal Mix] Lyrics

  • Artist: Club Mix 2004
  • Album: Clubmix 2004

Seven hours since you went away
Eleven coffees, Rickki Lake on play
But late at night when Im feeling blue
Id sell my ass before I think of you
Seven hours since you closed the door
Started a diet, got a manicure
Erased your number from my telephone
And if you call me I wont be at home
He said

Why do you cry
For the guy
Say goodbye
Why do you cry
For the guy
Say goodbye
I said OK, cause

Oh, boy do you miss me like a hole in the head
Because I do boy,
And its cool boy
And ooh, bet you never thought Id get out of bed
Because of you boy,
Such a fool boy

Eleven hours on a brand new day
Im getting ready to go out and play
Its late at night, Im caught in a groove
Id kiss my ass before Im feeling blue
Seven hours, what you calling for?
A bunch of flowers and I slam the door
Youre in my face, sorry whats your name?
Takes more than begging to reverse my brain


Im through with it
Over it
Not having it
Crazy shit
Not feeling this
Cant deal, I quit
No more, No more
Im through with it
Not having it
This crazy shit
Not feeling it
Cant deal with it
No more of it
No more, no more
Breaking off the bun
A brand new day has just begun
Just because you made me go "ooh"
Doesnt mean Ill put up with you
Dont you dare turn back
Cant you see I wont take that?
I aint crying not over you
Better for your head up like I told you


Chorus: x2

Hole in the Head [Full Intention Vocal Mix] Lyrics Music Video

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