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Catholic Smokering Lyrics

  • Artist: Dave Deporis

Youre my baby boy,
Youre my walking stick
Like a catholic smokestack

Some days
I just wanna sing
I-I-I-I just wanna sing
Of everything
Of everything...

Youre my baby boy,
Youre my catholic smokering...
Its not a religious thing
But that is the way it sounds...
So be it

I spend a lot of time listening to the ground
And the bees and the birds

If I could show you
How much I............ love

Youre my New Orleans
Youre my New Orleans
Youre my jumping beans

Its past midnight now
And the angels gathering
But Im stubborn so I slow down

When people love
People sing

Youre my baby boy
Youre my catholic smokering...
When I turned twenty-seven, I turned one

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