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Recipe: Pina Colada IV

This recipe was originally created by a man called Monchito in Puerto Rico in 1954. For the kids we used lots of ice cubes instead of crushed ice, and added 1 tablespoon of sugar. (Of course we omitted the rum) It came out thick, creamy, and oh so good.

Pina Colada IV Ingredients

  • cup crushed ice

  • 6 fluid ounces pineapple juice

  • 2 fluid ounces rum

  • 1 fluid ounce sweetened coconut cream

  • 1 fluid ounce heavy cream

  • 1 pineapple wedge

  • 1 maraschino cherry

How to Make Pina Colada IV

  1. In a blender, combine ice, pineapple juice, rum, coconut cream and heavy cream. Blend until smooth. Pour into glass and garnish with pineapple wedge and cherry.

Pina Colada IV Nutritions

  • Calories: 490.7 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 52.8 g

  • Cholesterol: 40.8 mg

  • Fat: 17 g

  • Fiber: 1.3 g

  • Protein: 2 g

  • SaturatedFat: 12.3 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 32 mg

  • Sugar: 42.2 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Pina Colada IV Reviews

  • Very, very good. Im not a big fan of alcoholic beverages, but I enjoyed this drink. My blender is really bad so I had a hard time getting 1/2 a cup of crushed ice. Enjoyed it anyway My husband, whose not fond of tropical drinks had 2 servings. He added lots of pineapple chunks to his. Adding the cream gave this an excellent texture. Cant wait to make this for company. Thanks Geekhousewife.

  • Yummy...i made 2 batches 1 w/o the rum (for the kiddos) and another with the rum...both were on the rocks instead of blending them...they are well worth making....and my husband is on his way to the store for more rum for thanks for sharing =)

  • I tried this recipe this weekend (minus the cream) and it was great. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our home made coladas. Thanks

  • Very good recipe, and the kids liked it as well (virgin, of course).

  • MMMMM is all I have to say about that No but really, it was really good I dont drink and thought I would give it a try so I tried it. I used Malibu rum, and I couldnt find coconut cream so I used coconut milk instead and it was oh so yummy I dont like liquere so this was perfect because I couldnt taste nothing but the coconut and pineapple The only problem was that it went down so nicely it was gone so fast and I had to make another one Thanks

  • It was very good

  • The Best Recipe I have found to date. Thanx =)

  • It was okay. Id try another recipe.

  • This is yummy I dont know what everyone elses problem was with this. But, I followed the directions exactly and it came out very tasty Thanks for the refreshing drink on this 90 degree day

  • Yummy I love pina colada flavor.

  • This didnt turn out too well. But then I probably drank too much Classic Spanish Sangria before trying to make it

  • It was okay

  • Never thought trying to duplicate Juans award Pina Coladas from Cuba, would be so difficult.

  • Made it exactly as the recipe. Then made it again. Yum

  • Delicious Just the right consistency and taste. Great drink for a gathering

  • Used fresh pineapple, coconut milk, sailor jerry and irish cream instead of heavy cream, these are soo good, thanks for sharing

  • It turned out to be a hit in the house. Although I added a little extra cream with my own glass. it tasted great.

  • Amazing

  • Excellent. Makes me ready for an umbrella, white sand & blue water. I used a hand shaker & it worked well.

  • Its ok, not my favorite.

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