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Recipe: South Carolina Sweet Tea

Remember, this is the South, where simplicity is the secret to most recipes. Follow this to the T and you will have sweet tea, Sand Lapper (South Carolina) style.

South Carolina Sweet Tea Ingredients

  • 3 family size tea bags

  • 2 cups white sugar

How to Make South Carolina Sweet Tea

  1. Using an electric coffee maker, Place the 3 tea bags in the strainer basket (not in the pot). Brew the tea as you would coffee. Pour the sugar in a gallon pitcher. Pour in the hot tea. Continue to run coffee maker with the tea bags until you have enough tea to fill the pitcher. Allow to cool completely at room temperature, then refrigerate.

South Carolina Sweet Tea Nutritions

  • Calories: 96.8 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 25 g

  • Cholesterol:

  • Fat:

  • Fiber:

  • Protein:

  • SaturatedFat:

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium:

  • Sugar: 25 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

South Carolina Sweet Tea Reviews

  • I was born and raised in SC, and if I made tea like this my mother would have tanned my hide. There are a few things wrong with this - One not people use an electric coffee make for tea only....if you use your coffee make for coffee too, it is going to leave a funny taste in your tea. Also You never specified what kind of tea to buy...that is important, Ivew had people come up and ask me all the time. I make teas the following way: 7 regular sized Orange Pekoe Tea Bags (orange peko is the type of tea leaf, its generally what is used in Lipton and your other brands...but double check. It doesnt taste like oranges either. 1 1/2 Cups of Sugar for a 1 gallon pitcher.Put tea bags in small pot and put on stove with about 3 cups of water...give or take. You want the tea bags covered, so the bigger the pot, the more water you have to use. Bring tea to a boil and let it roll for 2-3 minutes. Turn tea off. let tea sit in pot for 10-15 minutes. While this is happeneing, fill you pitcher up half way with WARM water. Hot is good too, but it takes longer to cool off. Put sugar in warm water in stir vigourously. The secert to sweet tea is adding your sugar to warm liquid to melt the sugar so it doesnt all all to the bottom. Next, add your tea, then, you can either fill the pitcher the rest of the way up with water and refridgerate or...put ice in it to fill it up and drink. But remember...if you drink it before the ice melts, it might be a little sweet.

  • The best way to make tea.............

  • I have been making sweet tea on the stovetop for years, and then came across this recipe. I tried it, and love it I put the sugar in the pitcher right before I add the first batch of hot tea to it so that way the sugar disolves completely. I also use regular tea bags because that is all they sell in bulk at the wholesale club - so I use 10 regular size tea bags, which equals to 3 family size tea bags.

  • This recipe is as close as I have come to the sweet tea I love in certain restaurants. I make it often

  • I love this Tastes just like the restaurant ones and I will make it this way from now on Thanks, Deanna

  • Wow I didnt realize making great iced tea could be this easy Now I can make it often. I will probably cut down on the sugar though, although it did taste wonderfully sweet Thanks Deanna.

  • I have been looking for a sweet tea recipe that resembles the tea that is served in kentucky. This is as close as Ive come. I liked this teaGood Job

  • Whoa Nellie Making sweet tea in an electric coffee maker just aint raiht. For one, itll taste like coffee. What you need is 8 individual Lipton or Tetley orange pekoe/black teabags. Boil water in a 2 qt pot, and then put the teabags in the pot to steep for about 15 mins. Then put 1 1/2 cup sugar in a gallon pitcher (not a glass one), remove the teabags from the pot, and pour the tea into the pitcher, and stir until the sugar melts. Add a cup of ice, let it it melt, and then fill the rest of the pitcher with cold water.

  • I have been trying to make sweet tea that tastes like my Grannys did for years without success, until now. I use all the sugar for myself, but cut it down for my northern friends.I am going to buy a coffee maker to dedicate to tea, because even though I thought I had cleaned the coffee maker well, I still had a faint coffee background flavor in the first batch.Thanks Deanna. I make a couple of gallons a week.

  • Wow What a great recipe. It was so easy I wanted a recipe that tastes like my GrandMothers, except not quite as sweet. I only used 1 cup of sugar and it was perfect Ill add the 2 cups when my GrandMother visits. Thanks

  • I am a lifelong resident of SC, and I agree with cristiesc: you cant make tea in a coffeemaker without it having a slightly bitter taste (from the coffee residue) unless you devote your coffeemaker ENTIRELY to making tea. I make sweet tea EVERY DAY (it IS the tablewine of the South, yall know) and all I do is boil water in the microwave and then put the teabags in and let them "steep" (sit) for about ten minutes. Then I add sweetener (usually Splenda) and water. Super simple.

  • We reduced the sugar to 1 cup, it was very good. Very easy to make. Thanks

  • I never knew how easy it could be to brew tea in a coffee maker. Our favorite is raspberry it always turns out fantastic, you do have to adjust the amount of sugar depending on the flavor of tea 1 1/2 cups we found is perfect for the raspberry. My kids have a blast taking turns picking out flavors. Weve made Blueberry, Black Berry, Black Currant, Apple Cinnamon, and next were trying peach. My husband the Coca-Cola addict who would drink 3-5 cans a day has cut down his soda comsumption to 1 a day if that thanks to this recipe. With the 5 of us we usually have to make a gallon every other day. I disagree with the review below me. My tea has no bitterness at all but I clean my coffee maker including the filter portion so there is no residual anything.

  • Yumm Just what I was looking for. It was a little too sweet for my husbands taste so we make it less sweet for him. I love it either way. Thanks

  • Simple and good. Added lemon as well.

  • I could drink this all day, (and sometimes do) I have been making tea this way for many, many years. Two cups of sugar is the exact amout you should use, but I understand that that can be a bit sweet for some people. The only thing I do differently than this recipe is that I use 4 tea bags, I like mine a litle darker and stronger. Also, you can do this on the stove top, in the coffee maker, or in those automatic tea makers sold in most stores. That is the way I make mine now. Anyway you make it, its delicious

  • How many cups in coffemaker? 12 cups?

  • Wow This could not be any easier. I just love southern sweet tea. I have only had it in South Carolina. I just got back from a trip and figured that Allrecipes would have a recipe. Sure enough they did. This is EXACTLY like what I had in S.C. I made it as directed and loved it. My husband liked it a lot but wanted to try a batch with a little less sugar. I just made a batch with 1.5 c sugar and it is also good. Thanks for a great recipe.

  • Wow This is the best, just like one of the fairly expensive (bottled) store bought ice teas we often buy. Weve been experimenting w/ iced tea for awhile and I just couldnt get it right..who knew that the BEST ICED TEA around was so easy to make. We drink lots of tea, so we will definitely be making tea according to this recipe a-lot

  • I would give this five stars except that for my personal taste 2 cups of sugar is way too sweet..(and I really like sweet tea)...I use 1 1/2 cups of sugar and that is about right for my families taste. I also use 4 Family sized Tea bags because we have always used 4 per gallon. I put the sugar in the carafe and when the tea brews and comes out hot it melts the sugar. Just a quick stir and the sugar is melted so no gritty unmelted sugar taste. I then rinse the pot out so that I am not pouring sugar inside my coffee maker. Then I refill the pot and run it through again to make 1 gallon. Works great

  • Finally I am a sweet tea expert Thanks so very much for sharing this recipe. I actually tried 1/2 Splenda and 1/2 sugar. Ive lived in the South for 16 years, and Ive learned the trick.

  • A easy recipe that is refreshing and satisfies my sweet tooth. Instead of using the coffee pot, I used the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker, putting the sugar in the pitcher before the tea was brewed. I used one cup of sugar. Would like to hear if anyone has tried it using a sugar substitute such as Splenda.

  • Aint nothing finer than sweet tea in Carolina

  • Wow Sweet tea--SO easy. I reduced sugar slightly. For me it turned out a little strong--but thats the way I like it. I will be making this at least once a week. Thanks so much for sharing ----I would like to add that now I make this tea 1-2 times per week. Love it

  • Just like the tea my husband grew up with. I use 6 tea bags in an electric 3qt. tea maker, I use half splenda and half sugar. I also melt the sugar/splenda in hot water before adding to the tea.

  • This is recipe is easy and is the best sweet tea Ive had since I left Georgia. I cant keep enough around the house and is much cheaper than buying it at the store. Thank You Very Much Squidmom, FL

  • So simple and good

  • In South Carolina, this is how tea is supposed to taste. Stays in my fridge year round.

  • The best tea my family has ever had. Will make 100s of times before I die.

  • Simple and delicious

  • Tastes just like the one they serve at a local BBQ joint. Definitely reduce sugar to 1.5 cups (you may find that even then 1.5 cups is still too sweet) I used a mixture of 3/4 cup splenda, 3/4 cup sugar and it tasted great

  • This is the best tea Restaurant style I used 3 pots full.

  • This is my favorite way to make tea I keep it in the fridge year round. I use 1.5 cups of Splenda and it comes out perfectly every time.

  • Brilliant I recently had a sweet tea at the spa that had a hint of coffee flavor to it. I loved it :) it never occurred to me that you could use a coffee maker for tea

  • EXCELLENT sweet tea. Since Im not from SC, I cut back on the sugar for the second batch (and third, and fourth - its a staple in the house now) and love it.

  • A beautiful, clear tea. Ive never been able to make iced tea without it being cloudy. This tea is perfect both in looks AND in taste. I didnt have family sized tea bags, so I used 6 regular sized. Even better with a wedge of lemon. Im going to try making it with some peach flavored water and see how it comes out

  • This was so easy Tastes like north carolina restaurant quality. Will keep making this on a regular basis

  • This is exactly how Ive been making my tea for over a year and when I tell people I use a coffe pot, they look at me like Im nuts. But, its so easy, and it tastes just like the tea we get at local resturants. I actually let my tea bags steep in the tea for about twenty minutes and then pour it into my pitcher. I then add the sugar(two cups) and top with tap water. Its awesome

  • Finally a recipe that tastes like the sweet tea you can get in the southern style resturants

  • Very Easy, Very Good

  • Love the fact of letting the pitcher fill with fresh brewed tea instead of watering it down. Did have to cut the sugar in half though I found it a little too sweet. But then again I fill about a third of a tall glass with lemonade and then the tea.

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