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Recipe: Mint Chocolate Fudge

If you like chocolate and mint together, and want something to satisfy your sweet tooth, this fudge will definitely do it White confectioners coating can be found in candy supply shops, or it is sometimes called Almond Bark.

Mint Chocolate Fudge Ingredients

  • 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk, divided

  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • 1 cup white confectioners coating

  • 1 tablespoon peppermint extract

  • 1 drop green food coloring

How to Make Mint Chocolate Fudge

  1. Line an 8 or 9 inch square pan with waxed paper.

  2. In heavy saucepan over low heat, melt chocolate chips with 1 cup sweetened condensed milk and vanilla. Spread half of the mixture into prepared pan; chill 10 minutes, or until firm. Reserve remaining chocolate mixture at room temperature.

  3. In another heavy saucepan over low heat, melt white confectioners coating with remaining sweetened condensed milk (mixture will be thick.) Stir in peppermint extract and food coloring. Spread this mixture on chilled chocolate layer; chill 10 minutes, or until firm.

  4. Spread reserved chocolate mixture over the mint layer; chill 2 hours, or until firm.

Mint Chocolate Fudge Nutritions

  • Calories: 137.1 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 18.8 g

  • Cholesterol: 6 mg

  • Fat: 6.8 g

  • Fiber: 0.7 g

  • Protein: 2 g

  • SaturatedFat: 4.1 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 24.6 mg

  • Sugar: 17.8 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Mint Chocolate Fudge Reviews

  • This was so good. Im a huge mint and chocolate fan. I did it a little different, though. I used mini muffin cups and my pastry bag to make little individual layered candies. I also used white chocolate chips instead of the confectioners coating. And I melted all of this in the microwave instead of on the stove. Turned out great and Ill definitely be making again.

  • The main problem with this recipe was with the layering. The chocolate layers should be cooked seperately because by the time you get to the second chocolate layer, the mixture you set aside at room temerature has set up and is not even spreadable.

  • Great stuff Reminds me of the Mint Meltaways from Fannie May. I didnt divide the chocolate into 2 layers though... it would have been impossible to spread after it cooled. Just used one thick chocolate layer and spread the mint layer on top.

  • WOW This is awesome I did just two layers, made it in about twenty minutes on my lunch break. I didnt have green food coloring so crushed 4 candy canes and added that to the white part. Everyone says it tastes like it came right out of a candy store.

  • This is a very good recipe. The store was out of confectioners coating and so I used white chocolate. I melted the white chocolate over low heat with a T. of vegetable oil and then added the 1 T. peppermint extract. I was afraid the mint would be too strong (because it smelled strong), but it wasnt. I also took peoples advice and made two separate batches of the chocolate layer so it wouldnt harden. I layered it choc., mint, choc. The white chocolate actually turned out, although it was a little bit harder than the chocolate layers. But it was a hit with my family. Thanks

  • Delicious... we used icing sugar though cuz we couldnt find the confectioners coating, but it still tasted great We doubled the amount of mint used, and it realli brought out the minty taste. A tip: smoothing out the melted choco chips with a wooden spoon will actually make the surface rougher, its better if the chocolate chips are melted more into a liquidy substance and let it fill the pan by itself. Family members and friends alike all enjoyed it The absolute best recipe that I ever used X)

  • Very very goodYou can keep the chocolate warm by warming up a bigger pot with water, and put your chocolate pot inside the bigger pot when you are not using your chocolate and it will keep the chocolate from firming up.You can also use a candy pot which is a double pot for melting chocolate.

  • I made a glaring error when I made this fudge: I used confectioners sugar instead of confectioners coating. Oops However, Im happy I made that mistake because the mint layer turned out gooey and soft, like a truffle filling. I think I prefer it that way I love mint, so Ill definitely make this again. I might try the confectioners coating this time though...

  • Really good fudge, tastes just like andes mints, which I love. I took the suggestion and only made 2 layers. Next time, for presentation sake, Ill make the 2 chocolate layers separately, and do all 3 layers.

  • I got rave reviews for this fudge. It looked great especially for Christmas time. I used mint chocolate chips instead of using the peppermint extract.

  • Very Good They do taste like an andis mint

  • LOVED it I shared it on Facebook and within 20 mins I had 4 people ask me for the recipe. When I made it, I forgot the vanilla extract and on accident I used a whole can (14oz) of condensed milk for the chocolate portion. For the peppermint layer, I used 1/2 can of condensed milk. Also, it took me about 5 drops of green food coloring and I did an extra dash of peppermint extract. I think it taste great. Next, time I will make the chocolate layer smaller, it taste strongly like choc chips and make the peppermint layer bigger. I love peppermint though

  • I gave this 2 stars because my children were willing to eat it. However, I thought the mint taste was way too strong. Adding condensed milk to the semisweet chips cheapened the taste and the texture of the chocolate. If I try this again, I wont add so much condensed milk to the chocolate, and Ill add a teaspoon of peppermint extract instead of a tablespoon.

  • This is the easiest fudge Ive ever made. We have already made a cherry version and and orange version. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination I would keep the ratio of S/C Milk the same in the white chocolate layer as in the semi-sweet layers ie. 2:1. The "rest of the can" doesnt quite cover it. To keep the chocolate from scorching or crystalizing, I put my saucepan in an iron skillet to distribute the heat better

  • This was super easy and its very tasty. It looks great too

  • This tastes so much like an Andes candy, which I love. All I can say is - Wonderful Excellent Made them in 3 layers, just like the recipe says. I just reheated the reserved chocolate for the final layer to make it spreadable. A super quick, easy "cheater" fudge (since its made with sweetened condensed milk and doesnt have to be boiled) that tastes like you slaved over it. Love this recipe Everybody thats tasted it raves over it. A definite keeper

  • This was horrible. i suppose if i read the recipe before trying it i would have realized that this isnt even fudge, its melted chocolate. you dont use marshmallow or get it to the soft ball stage or any of the good fudgemaking techniques. its just melted chocolate with mint thrown in and when it cools, its not even anything like fudge.

  • I just did two layers, it didnt look the same but the taste was delish. I though it was easy enough. It was my first time making fudge and I thought it was easy enough.

  • I agree with another reviewer who said this isnt fudge, its melted chocolate. I made these for a Christmas party, along with some other fudges, and these were by far the hardest to make. I didnt feel like the recipe allowed for enough of the mint layering, as I was struggling to make it spread across the bottom layer. Then all the layers very uneven. It just didnt look as good as my other fudges. The people at the party said they liked it because I had said I was very disappointed with it, but at the end of the party, the majority was still left. Also, Ive had requests to make the other fudges there for various other parties, but no one has menioned this one.

  • Yummy so easy

  • Awesome recipe it would have been very difficult to make that first batch and wait to put it on top...i agree with the other reviews, make them all separate easy, delicious, went over great

  • Delicious candy, not really the consistency of fudge, but very good-just like an Andes mint. Thank you to the reviewers who suggested making the two chocolate layers separately-it would be impossible to spread otherwise. I also used white chocolate chips for the mint layer. Cut these into smal squares-a little goes a long way.

  • I thought this was quite yummy. I followed others advice and made the chocolate in 2 batches for the top and the bottom layers. It worked out well Its not true fudge, its "fudge-like candy" but a heck of alot easier to make than true fudge. Oh, it turned out that I was out of green food coloring, so I shook a bunch of green sugar sprinkles into the white chocolate layer while it was still in the pot - they melted and turned the whole thing green. Just a tip

  • Very good, but a bit too minty. Next time I would cut the mint extract in half.

  • Like many before me, I made one substitution and switched out the confectioners coating for white chocolate chips and 2T canola oil. Results were amazing: great presentation, simple recipe, and delicious taste.

  • Wow, was this fudge good I made it for Christmas and everyone LOVED it If you are a chocolate mint lover, make these and youll be in heaven Super simple, hard to screw up recipe. This was my first try at making fudge and I sure wish the other recipes were as simple as this one. Not to mention ridiculously good As other users suggested, I made the chocolate layers seperately. I also used white chocolate chips for the mint part because I couldnt find the coating stuff. I used a square 8 inch pan and it turned out perfect. This may be the trick to the receipe, as others have said that theres turned out more candy like. Mine was perfectly thick and fudge like. Definitely reminded me of the Mint Meltaways at Fannie Mae as others have said. Love the two tone fudge Thank you for sharing

  • I prepared this fudge as a gift for coworkers this year, and it was well received by everyone. The fudge is very sweet and rich, so I cut it into very small pieces (about 1" square). To wrap, I stacked the squares three high and bundled up in cellophane for a pretty presentation.

  • Fantastic fudge. Always a huge hit when brought to functions.

  • This was really yummy and pretty easy to make...just have to work quick before things start to cool and harden. My sister-in-law said it tasted just like a peppermint patty. She loved it I halved everything for the chocolate layers to make 2 separate. The bottom layer was chocolate. The middle was the white almond bark with a couple drops of green food coloring in it. I just swirled the color in with a toothpick. The top layer was chocolate as well. Makes for a nice presentation

  • Everyone loves this recipe. Last time my 8-yr old made it almost entirely by himself. We like to used different colored "chocolate" for the middle layer instead of food coloring.

  • Im giving this a four star rating because the flavor is pretty good, and its easy to make, however the name is misleading. This isnt "fudgy" at all, but tastes exactly like Andes mints (which I also happen to love, so its all good) They are spread quite thin, as well, also making them look like Andes mints. All in all makes a great candy, but this is NOT fudge.

  • really hard to make.if you are easily frustrated dont make it.

  • Not exactly fudge, but more like candy. Still a really great candy. I didnt make it with the food coloring, but I think that would definitely add to the effect

  • If you like andes mints, youll love this fudge. It is very easy to make. I was worried about using peppermint instead of regular mint flavoring but it still tasted great

  • Very good recipe. Although the flavor (and coloring) is similar to Andes candy, this is definitely a fudge. People who thought it was too candy-like may have thought otherwise had they used a 8- or 9-inch square pan so that the pieces were thicker in size. This fudge looks good and tastes better

  • I followed recipe but it ended up being too sticky to work with. I wont use this recipe again.

  • This fudge turned out wonderful. I used Almond Bark for the confectioners coating (dont know what confectioners coating is or where to find it), and I used Mint extract instead of peppermint extract.

  • Everyone at work loved them and asked for the recipeI did have a lot of trouble spreading the fudge, though. I added a little evaporated milk to the pot when I cooked the 2nd chocolate layer and that made it much easier. Then I dusted the plate with powdered sugar using a sifter, put the fudge down, then dusted them again. Just an added touch to the presentation

  • Great recipe. Thank you Susan

  • I am not a big fudge fan because they are so overpoweringly sweet. But this one was so delicious that I ate a small piece. Then I ate about 5 more small pieces Easy enough for my 10 year old to make.

  • It was good but i little too minty for my tast

  • This recipe was so quick and easy. I was a bit worried about the chocolate part. I thought that with semi-sweet chocolate chips, it wouldnt be as sweet as fudge should be. I made this for Christmas and every loved it It is now my duty to make this every Christmas.

  • I was a little more than disappointed in the taste of the mint part of this. I had to use the white almond bark, because that was all I could find. I did not like the flavor that the bark gave for the mint part of the recipe.

  • I made this for my dads birthday and he loved itA really simple and yummy recipe.

  • I screwed this up because i had no idea what confectioners coating was, but the chocolate layers were wonderful, and the mint touch was perfect

  • Like other reviews suggested, I prepared the chocolate layer as one thicker layer. By the way, I used good quality chocolate as it melts better and instead of Semi-sweet, I used Milk chocolate. I also used white chocolate for the topping, tinted it green, and spread a layer about 1/4" thick on top. This set up beautifully. Not only that, but once cooled and cut, looked as if I purchased it. Very good flavor, very nice presentation. This recipe is a HIT : )

  • This recipie is what got me started on this website. So very easy and people just raved. Cant go wrong.

  • Easy to make, pretty to serve, and delicious

  • This is definately a good recipe. im a fan of mint and chocolate...this reminds me of a giant andes mint.

  • Love this candy, my kids also loved it they asked me to make it two or three time a week after the frist time that I made it. a keeper

  • I loved this and it was very easy.. disapeared pretty fast though.

  • The taste was very good, but not a traditional fudge. Everyone at my work liked it, however I found it to taste too much like melted chocolate chips. I will make again for the holidays until I find a better recipe.

  • This was so very good it was easy to whip up and was a hit at the Thanksgiving party. The plate was empty at the end. It reminded me of a york peppermint patty. Realy Yummy

  • Very simple and yummy recipe

  • Ive made this a couple of years for Christmas and everybody loves it. I do have a problem with the layering so I do it as only two layers. One layer on the bottom as the chocolate with the mint layer on the top. It comes out fine that way. I cut back a tiny bit on the peppermint because a little bit goes a long way with peppermint

  • I made this for my family during the Thanksgiving weekend and they loved it

  • This is a very good recipe. Although i didnt fully follow the recipe. Instead of using peppermint extract i used peppermint chips and used 3 cups of chocolate chips

  • My family and myself love this recipie. I prepare the 1st layer and 3rd layer seperate because by the time I get to spreading the 3rd layer on it is too hard.

  • I used the mint chocolate morsels instead of the extract yummy

  • Im a little confused by the results of this recipe. The fudge didnt taste, look, or feel like traditional fudge. The actual taste of the fudge was good, but not quite what I was expecting. Maybe I prepared it wrong?

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