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Recipe: Cranberry Rum Punch

Theres rum in this wonderful, sparkling cranberry punch with lemon and lime slices. With bright red, yellow and green colors, this punch makes an attractive accompaniment to your partys food.

Cranberry Rum Punch Ingredients

  • 1 (32 fluid ounce) bottle cranberry juice

  • cup white sugar

  • 2 cups ginger ale

  • 2? cups rum

  • 8 slices lemon

How to Make Cranberry Rum Punch

  1. In a medium-size punchbowl, stir cranberry juice and sugar together until the sugar dissolves. Mix in ginger ale, rum, and lemon and lime slices. Serve over ice.

Cranberry Rum Punch Nutritions

  • Calories: 257.3 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 29.1 g

  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

  • Fat: 0.2 g

  • Fiber: 0.6 g

  • Protein: 0.2 g

  • SaturatedFat: 0 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 10.9 mg

  • Sugar: 25.7 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Cranberry Rum Punch Reviews

  • Hit of the party A great recipe. I quadroupled the recipie: 1-2 liter bottle of gingerale, 2-64oz bottles of cranberry juice, 1 large bottle of bacardi rum (the bottle with the handle formed into it---about USD18.00) and a cup of sugar. Perfect Proportions

  • Maybe my friends and I are a little different. But I had to triple the recipe, but leave the rum singled in order for it to taste like a *fun* punch rather than rum. Once I did that though it was great. Id just suggest mixing everything together then add the rum to taste before you dump the whole 2 1/4 cups in.

  • This was the first beverage to go at our party.We added a lemon/cranberry ice ring made in a bundt pan to pretty it up a bit. Everyone took a copy of this recipe... and you should try ittoo.

  • I really liked this recipe. I added pineapple juice to it just because I love it with Rum and feel that Cranberry Juice alone is too concentrated.

  • Great patio party punch I doubled recipe with exact proportions and it was wonderful I did take one cup of the cranberry juice and heated it on the stove. Once hot, I stirred in the sugar until it dissolved and let it simmer for a few moments. Then I mixed that into the other ingredients. Also, you must make this with a quality rum to cut down on such a "rummy" flavor. I used a "Private Select" spiced rum and it was awesome

  • The best punch Rum Punch ever Everyone that has ever tasted this punch has loved it I always run out. I doesnt matter how much punch you make youll never make enough. Its that good

  • This punch was MUCH stronger than i had expected, but i guess it did the job i ended up doubling up on the amount of ginger ale and cranberry juice, and squeezing in some fresh lime, just so that there was some other flavor besides rum. even still, i couldnt help but feel like my party guests and i were at prom and somebody had excessively spiked the punch...

  • This was really good, but the added sugar made it too sweet, next time I will leave it out.

  • This punch is very easy to make and it was a hit at our Bar-B-Q. Even though I tripled the recipe it was the first thing we ran out of. My guests loved it. My only trouble was getting the sugar to melt instead of just lying at the bottom of the punch bowl But I will definately make this again.

  • I omitted the sugar and added a little sugar free sweet and sour mix. WONDERFUL :-)

  • I would have liked more ginger ale in this in order for it to have been called punch. The first thing that you taste is the rum, I couldnt even get past that to taste the ginger ale. It wasnt a bad drink, I am glad I tried it, but I wont be keeping this one for the future.

  • Very yummy, I made this for a ladies night get-together I was having and had many comments on how good it was. I made an ice ring with a bundt pan filled with lemon slices, fresh cranberries, and cranberry juice and floated it in the punch. When it melted the punch was filled with pretty lemon slices and cranberries, I loved how it turned out. Im giving it 4 stars only because I could have standed a little more carbination, but I still loved it and Im sure Ill make it again

  • Omit, or reduce, sugar.

  • This was the biggest hit at our Halloween party last year Put the sugar in the cranberry juice early and shake it up every now and then so it fully dissolves. I think I may have used slightly less rum than this calls for, but alcohol levels are a matter of personal preference anyway. Its always best to start small and add more if needed. This will definitely be showing up again and again in our house

  • Served New Years Eve 2010...looked great...tasted better And sooooo easy

  • Very good. I made a batch both with sugar and without the sugar. Its good both ways; if youre not fond of sweet drinks go sans sugar....still good. The lemon garnish added a nice touch.

  • This is delicious - we cut back on the sugar to about 1/4 and it was light tasting and refreshing.

  • People seemed to like it but I felt it was way too strong and I used a tad less rum than called for as it was.

  • It was a hit with all the guests

  • So refreshing , great for a pool party or going to the beach. Instead of 2 1/4 cups of rum i only used 1 1/4 cups. I recommend adding rum bit by bit to get the taste you want. Cheers

  • Used a 2 liter of cranberry ginger ale, 2 - 64 oz containers of cranberry juice, 3/4 cup sugar, 4 cups of lime flavored spiced rum, and added a sliced frozen lime. Huge hit at the party

  • Awesome punch A party hit

  • I brought this to a ladies Bunco night--and it was great. All the ladies loved it and easy to make One suggestion though-- use a smooth clear rum. Makes all the diffference

  • Tasted too much like Rum...had to adjust the amounts of Cranberry Juice.Also made a second batch using Cran-Apple juice and flavor was better.

  • With a few tweaks according to the reviews, this was a huge hit at our bonfire I first made a test batch exactly as the recipe states, but it wasnt exactly what I was looking for. So to tweak it and double it and serve in our dispenser, heres what I used: 1 (64 oz) bottle 100% Cranberry juice, 1/3 c orange liqueur (Gran Gala or Grand Marnier), 4 c Ginger Ale, 3 c Bacardi rum, 8 slices lemon & 8 slices lime (gently squeezed into punch then floated on top).I also made a tray of ice cubes made of sliced lemon, sliced lime, cranberries and cranberry juice. This kept it nice and cold and didnt dilute the flavor. Made for a gorgeous presentation. Will make this every year for sure

  • A big hit at our Christmas party We will be serving again....and again...and again. Yummy

  • This was very good. I did not think it was too strong as others have said, but I do think it could use a little more ginger ale since it could be fizzier (which might also kill some alcohol flavor for some that thought it was too strong). This was a very nice holiday drink Thanks

  • It was good, it was pretty, but not exceptional.

  • Omg. Made with coconut rum & cran raspberry juice. Probably didnt need the extra sugar. One of my friends said that its like "vacation in a glass." Squeeze the lemons first - dont just put the slices in for decoration. Mom duplicated the recipe for her friends & my aunt had trouble getting out of her lawn chair :-). Love love. Will definitely make again & again.

  • Delicious Multiply recipe times USD to fill a standard punch bowl

  • I made this recipe for a party, but found in following the recipe (minus the added sugar) that it didnt really have the punch flavour I was looking for. I doctored it up adding some Cointreau to the mix and this improve the flavor greatly.

  • Not a big fan of cranberry, so it ended up being pretty so-so.

  • Delicious I made this for Christmas Eve and everyone loved it I tripled the recipe and omitted the sugar.

  • Its ok. I like sweet drinks n this was so overly sweet

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