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Recipe: Brown SugarCaramel Latte

Sometimes coffee is a dessert in itself. This is one of my favorite morning treats to make a Monday seem less intimidating. Youll need a battery-powered milk frother or its just not the same.

Brown Sugar-Caramel Latte Ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar

  • cup half-and-half

  • 1 tablespoon caramel ice cream topping

  • cup hot, brewed coffee

How to Make Brown Sugar-Caramel Latte

  1. Stir brown sugar into half-and-half until dissolved. Whip with a milk frother or small whisk. Pour coffee into a mug, and stir in caramel sauce until dissolved. Pour frothed half-and-half into coffee, and serve.

Brown Sugar-Caramel Latte Nutritions

  • Calories: 183.6 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 29.4 g

  • Cholesterol: 22.6 mg

  • Fat: 7 g

  • Fiber: 0.2 g

  • Protein: 2.3 g

  • SaturatedFat: 4.4 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 103.7 mg

  • Sugar: 13.3 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Brown Sugar-Caramel Latte Reviews

  • I made this in the blender with coldcoffee, three large ice cubes and whole milk. I also upped the brown sugar totwo tablespoons and used Starbucks butter caramel sauce. EDITED: Now that I make this to reflect a healthier lifestyle, I use fat free half-n-half or fat free evaporated milk and sugar free caramel. Tastes the same but less issues with my blood sugars and I dont worry so much about calories.Very, very good. Subtle sweetness.Great for those hot days when you wantan iced coffee but dont want to payUSD5 for one from Starbucks.

  • This was so good I used Splenda Brown Sugar blend and Smuckers sugar free Carmel Sauce (made with Splenda) and I couldnt tell the difference. This will be a weekend staple.

  • This was absolutely delicious I used caramel sauce made for coffee (Torani, I think), but since Im a wimp if coffee flavor is too strong, I added an additional tablespoon of brown sugar. I really enjoyed it, and even with the extra sugar it wasnt too sweet. I prefer to have this over Starbucks And I think next time I will use the recommended amount of brown sugar to give it a try.

  • Wow, this was good It reminded me of a quick version of a caramel machiato, but even tastier. I am tempted to come up with a lighter version, but this is so good I think I might just save it for a special treat. I never thought to add brown sugar to coffee. Yummy

  • I made this latte with 2% milk (a little more than the recipe called for) instead of the half and half and it was delicious with a lesser calorie count. I also sprinkled some brown sugar on the top, because I was serving it to guests, and was very happy with the visual result.

  • DeliciousSeemed to be missing something so I added cinnamon on top. The family raved.

  • Easy and delicious Now if I could find an easy caramel recipe that I could make I could ALWAYS have all of this on hand. (I, too, iced it - yum)

  • This tastes wonderful. I like my coffee a little sweet, so I added an extra half tablespoon of brown sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. Also, like I do with all of my coffee drinks...I use ice cream and melt it, then use it as creamer. Of course, only use these recommendations if you dont mind sugar rushes and crashes.

  • I just tried this using Torani caramel flavoring and whole milk. It turned out a lot sweeter than I like, but I think if I tweak the brown sugar next time, it will be perfect for my tastes.

  • Yummy Reminds me of McDonalds caramel-mocha, but A LOT cheaper

  • Easily to become one of my favorites Could be very addictive.Thanks.

  • Yummmmmmmmmy

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe Ive been looking for a recipe that would duplicate my favorite coffeehouse drink and this is it Its a great drink hot or cold, Ive tried it both ways. The only thing I changed was, if I drink it cold, I add a little bit more brown sugar and then blend in the blender with a few ice cubes. YUM UPDATE 7/8/12: I make this recipe all the time... since Ive been drinking it so often, I started using 2% milk in place of the half and half and I cant tell a taste difference, its still delicious I bet even Skim Milk would be good in this... can you believe I actually pass up my favorite coffee place now to come home and make this instead? I never wouldve thought that would happen If you use Pioneer Womans method of making cold-brewed iced coffee (No coffee maker required - Im hooked) and keeping it in the fridge, this drink whips up in a snap... my new favorite If you want the best iced coffee of your life, you need to try this recipe

  • Delicious, first homemade latte I have liked, thanks

  • I am soooo not a coffee drinker. Recently, however, I have started stealing hubbys cappuccino. He suggested I find an I tried this and decided that maybe I am, just a little bit of a coffee drinker, after all. I didnt really measure anything...just eyeballed it. It could be a little sweeter, in my book...or maybe my coffee was too strong. In any case, I will definitely make again

  • Made this and loved it I have caramel flavored syrup, so I used that instead of the ice cream topping. My husband will only drink coffee if its from Starbucks, but he took a sip of this and finished the rest in less than a minute. Win

  • YUM Needed something good for a road trip and this fit the bill. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Good flavor. Not too sweet.

  • Delicious Thank you. I added a little pumpkin spice on top for the season.

  • If you like the regular iced coffee at McDonalds youll like this. I needed a little more sugar that what the recipe called for and I substituted chocolate topping for the caramel because that was what I had on hand.

  • I like it The frothing directions werent useful for me but everything else was great. :) Used half 2% milk.

  • I used milk instead of half and half, and Kahlua flavored coffee from my Keuring, since I dont have an espresso machine. Delish

  • This was very good next time i will double it though i use a big coffee mug and it was only half full. going to the kitchen for another one LOL

  • I heated the caramel syrup and the brown sugar with the water for the coffee. There was no problem with the caramel syrup settling at the bottom when I finished my drink. This makes a great cold drink with ice cubes are blended in

  • Awesome-ness Great combination of brown sugar and caramel I also like that this latte has more coffee (I used three shot of espresso) than milk. Added fresh homemade whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top

  • I enjoyed this just about as much as Starbucks version Its so easy, too Youre right, the battery-powered frother makes it extra special

  • This was a very good start to the day, and it tasted delicious Sweet and wonderful

  • I made this in my Ninja Coffee Bar and the presentation is very nice. I poured the caramel syrup into the mug first, then I poured the brown sugar-half-and-half frothed mixture and then placed the mug in the Ninja Coffee Bar and......voila A layered coffee drink that is not only delicious but looks it also.

  • Wow :) love this. Ive made a pitcher of iced coffee every Sunday for about the last 5-6 years. We love it, so weve tried many combinations, this is one of my absolute favorites - with a pinch of cinnamon. although I have to add the cinnamon to my cup separately because DH doesnt care for cinnamon in his coffee. Other wonderful variations - vanilla, amaretto flavoring, a dash of nutmeg, even coconutand of course about a half pack of hot chocolate :)YUM - Thank you Bjergins, a great recipe

  • Good flavor, but instead of half & half I would use heavy whipping cream. The foam wasnt worth the work.

  • Love it Now I can stay home for my Starbucks Thanks.

  • This was good...Im just not terribly fond of half & half in my coffee, so I didnt like it as much as I hoped I would.

  • I made this exactly by the recipe (aside from the frothing) and loved it Thanks

  • Very good latte, I really enjoyed it. Ill be making it many times in the future.

  • I often use caramel flavor syrup in my coffee so this tasted similar to my regular morning coffee. The recipe called for more caramel than I typically use, which was good, and the addition of brown sugar instead of my usual sweet n low was a very welcome change. A delicious drink.

  • Very good Something different when Im tired of my usual. Its sweeter than Im used to, but then I can just add more coffee to compensate. I make it with Coconut milk since that is what is in our fridge.

  • I love caramel lattes from coffee shops, but I thought this was too caramel-y and lost the coffee flavor. Next time I will use about half the caramel syrup.

  • Very delicious. My daughter and I used La Lechera by Nestles (my family says this is the best caramel sauce) and I believe this made all the difference. We enjoyed making and drinking this together.

  • Delicious Better than an overpriced drink from a Barista

  • Just the right Fall Flavors ??

  • I have a question can you make this with tea instead of coffee because my mother doesnt drink coffee and she wanted to try this

  • I made this recipe just as prepared, and it is fantastic What a satisfying drink, and just 184 calories I was easily consuming this many calories by dressing my coffee with cream and white sugar. This is a perfect drink for sipping while at my desk. Love it and I cant wait to make it again...tomorrow morning

  • This is a great recipe for a cold day It tastes like Starbucks coffee and is fun to make.

  • I didnt have the caramel topping, but this was delicious without it. YUM

  • Really good As close to a coffee shop latte as Ive ever come.

  • Didnt change a thing. It was marvelous and a lot less expensive than a coffee shop. Now I can have one for pennies anytime I want.

  • I made this per the recipe, using my milk frothier, with one change. I used 1% milk, instead of half and half because I was out of half and half. It tastes good; I think it would have been a bit richer with half and half, but this is good. Ill get some and try it again to see what difference it makes. I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on top.

  • Unequivocally delectable

  • This is definitely a dessert--so sweet, and really good. I could go with half the sugar and half the caramel sauce, and it would still be great for me.

  • Just tried this recipe and it is heavenly ?? Will make many more times.

  • Im a total coffee wimp, so I love the really sweet drinks. I dont have a milk frother, so I just use a whisk or a fork. I would never have thought to add brown sugar to my latte (or sundae sauce in lieu of fancy coffee syrup, for that matter) This is a tasty drink warm, and I imagine it would be just as good iced. It *is* very sweet--my dad liked it as-is, but preferred it with a little less sugar.

  • A nice treat similar to what you would buy at a fancy coffee shop. I made this exactly as written and it was tasty. A tad to sweet for me but thats a personal preference. Will definitely make this again with less brown sugar as I love Carmel lattes.

  • Very good

  • It was pretty good despite the fact that I used milk instead of half and half.

  • Saved me a trip to the coffee shop. Really tasty. I didnt froth mine.

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