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Recipe: Aunt Gwen's Fried Egg Sandwich


  • 2 cup bacon drippings (see below)

  • 6 eggs

  • 23 slices bread

  • Waxed paper


  1. Heat the drippings in a wide flat-bottomed skillet until they spit and smoke. Break in the eggs. They will immediately bubble around the edges, making then crisp. Break their yolks with a fork and swirl them around, so that they are scattered fairly evenly through the whites. This will cook very quickly and the eggs should be tough. Either push them to one side of the pan or remove them, and fry bread in the drippings for each sandwich, two slices an egg. Fry on one side only. Slap the sandwiches together and press them firmly. Wrap them in waxed paper.;

Source: Aunt Gwen's Fried Egg Sandwich All About Trends

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