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For EU, Johnson way out won't alter much; harm by that hour dated done

For EU, Johnson way out won't alter much; harm by that hour dated done

BRUSSELS (AP) — From his days stoking anti-European Union sentiment accompanied by exaggerated paper casual set in print stories, to his populist military operation leading Britain not here of the bloc with every one other accompanied by reneging on the post-Brexit commerce deal he signed, outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been the bane of Brussels for all so numerous years.

Such was his impact on breaking the bonds in the centre of Britain with every one other accompanied by the EU that following Johnson was forced to announce Thursday that he would step down, the report brought little condition jubilation inside EU circles. Instead, there was fair the numb acceptance of the inevitable with every one other accompanied by resignation that things will never exist the same.

"I will not fail to hit him," French monetary affairs minister Bruno Le Maire said, highlighting an not shut disdain unseen since the Europeans welcomed the U.S. election mislaying of Donald Trump inside 2020. And while trans-Atlantic relations picked up fast since the coming of President Joe Biden, don't expect anything similar accompanied by a new British leader, politicians with every one other accompanied by experts said.

"Even accompanied by a new main minister, I exist convinced by there will probable exist few changes inside the British government's position" on the main Brexit issues causing contemporaneous divisions, said David McAllister, the leading EU legislator dealing accompanied by the United Kingdom.

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Guy Verhofstadt, who was the top EU parliamentarian throughout the whole Brexit divorce proceedings, said Johnson's impact was such there is little to no indeed chance another Conservative main minister could steer a fundamentally different course.

"No one is under some illusion that Johnson's departure from Downing Street solves some of the underlying problems inside the U.K.-EU relationship," Verhofstadt wrote inside an opinion small portion for The Guardian. "The harm done by the outgoing main minister, into and not here of the scheme that he instrumentalized to attain power, lives on."

The United Kingdom was always a halfhearted EU subscriber since joining the bloc inside 1973. When Johnson joined the Brussels press corps some trio decades ago, he regularly enthralled his place of residence readership accompanied by stories that had set of two fundamental elements: they place the EU inside the darkest of lights, with every one other accompanied by they had little link to reality.

As a Conservative politician, he threw his heaviness inside the 2016 referendum on the U.K.'s EU belonging behind arguments to depart from the bloc. Johnson used his breezy way with every one other accompanied by jokey way to sell the benefits of withdrawing from the EU, occasionally disregarding the facts. He was answer to the Brexit campaign's victory inside the cliff-edge 2016 Brexit referendum vote.

Yet disdain never ran deeper than earlier this year when he started moves in the direction of unilaterally rewriting parts of the post-Brexit deal he signed accompanied by the 27-nation bloc. The accord place up a exceptional system inside Northern Ireland, which is small portion of the U.K., so commerce accompanied by the Republic of Ireland — an EU subscriber — could go on lacking setting up a physical border.

"I was there face to face accompanied by him. Line for line, comma for comma, with every one other accompanied by he doesn't want to esteem it," EU leader Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier reminisced Friday, still showing bafflement at Johnson's tactics.

"The reputational harm has been enormous to a country with every one other accompanied by society which has lengthy been pleased of its deep the arts of 'My word is my bond' lacking flat a written contract, permit all alone an international treaty," said Michael Emerson of the Center for European Policy Studies.

The invoice to unilaterally shatter the accord on commerce inside Northern Ireland is still inside the House of Commons, with every one other accompanied by some lingering hope is left-hand that London strength step spine from the brink.

"They have this rules and regulations inside the Parliament, so they are doing steps inside that direction. But they have not crossed the line," said Jan Lipavsk√Ĺ, the overseas minister of Czechia, which holds the EU presidency with every one other accompanied by is additional widely know inside English while the Czech Republic.

Yet a fast glance at the probable contenders to lay clasp of over doesn't stimulate hope for some fundamental alter since it includes some Conservatives who have spent years steeping inside Johnson's confrontational Brexit strategies.

"If you look at possible successors, there is no indeed one who will fundamentally shatter accompanied by the Brexit line," said Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute inside The Hague, Netherlands. "The Conservative Party has a presiding Brexit centre that you will have to prevail on to become main minister."

Although the earliest years of Brexit have yielded anything nevertheless the bounty Johnson promised, some possible quest to return the U.K. to the EU is too while good while not here of the question, accompanied by the main opposition Labour Party now centering to build the finest of the Brexit circumstances instead.

Not that the EU would flat want to greeting spine the country accompanied by not shut arms.

With Ukraine, inflation-spurred monetary issues with every one other accompanied by migration problems, "their bowl is full," Korteweg said. "They are really not waiting for talks accompanied by the British, who will exist looking for exceptions with every one other accompanied by exemptions anyway," he said.

Barnier, who led the EU inside Brexit talks for years, doesn't see it happening either.

"It is not an matter at hand," Barnier said on Sud Radio. "Very frankly, what we need is a condition of cerebrum where the British management respects the treaties it negotiated."


Samuel Petrequin reported from Prague. Jill Lawless inside London, with every one other accompanied by Frank Jordans inside Berlin, contributed to this report.


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