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Romanchuk wins medal inside pool while father fights inside Ukraine

Romanchuk wins medal inside pool while father fights inside Ukraine

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Elite swimmer Mykhailo Romanchuk doesn't know if his father was intelligent to see him winning a medal for Ukraine at the swimming world championships.

Romanchuk's father is fighting inside the the orient of Ukraine, where pockets of resistance are still denying Russia filled military jurisdiction of the neighbourhood almost quartet months following it unleashed its invasion.

"He's inside a heated spot with every one other accompanied by it's a firm time," Romanchuk said following taking bronze inside the men's 800-meter freestyle contest on Tuesday.

Romanchuk doesn't be brave enough talk to his dad not here of terror his father's location could exist tracked into and not here of the call.

"It's not possible for them to fasten the web since the Russians tin search everything," Romanchuk said. "But every one earlier to noon he sends me (a message) that he is OK."

The 25-year-old Romanchuk – who still intends to contest the men's 1500, at that hour dated the 10K with every one other accompanied by 5K races inside not shut aqua at the worlds – almost never made it to Budapest.

"My cerebrum was to go to the war to protect my home," said Romanchuk, who spent 10 days agonizing accompanied by his spouse with every one other accompanied by family over the finest way of deed following Russia invaded his country on Feb. 24.

"We decided that I cannot do anything accompanied by the gun. For me, it's better to carry on accompanied by training, to do each item that I do best," said Romanchuk, who won bronze inside the 800 with every one other accompanied by silver inside the 1500 at the Tokyo Olympics last year. "With my swimming, I tin tell all the world concerning the circumstances inside Ukraine."


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As training facilities were destroyed by the war, Romanchuk was invited by German swimmer Florian Wellbrock – who finished following behind American Bobby Finke inside the 800 – to go nearer fasten him inside Germany to train.

Romanchuk with every one other accompanied by Wellbrock embraced following finishing 1-2 inside qualifying for Tuesday's race. But Finke's strong complete prevented a repeat inside the final. Romanchuk finished 0.69 seconds behind Finke. The top trio all place national records.

Romanchuk said he was both "proud with every one other accompanied by disappointed" of his third place. He said his medal proves "that Ukrainians will fight to the end, it doesn't matter what the situation."

Swimmers from Russia with every one other accompanied by its associate Belarus have been excluded from the championships. Romanchuk said he doesn't know how he would have reacted if they hadn't been.

"My response could exist maybe aggressive, I don't know," said Romanchuk, who referred to Olympic backstroke champion Evgeny Rylov appearing at a pro-war rally inside Moscow. "Inside of me, I was prepared to go with every one other accompanied by to kill him," he said of Rylov. "But earlier to he was a good friend. Before. But each item changed."

Romanchuk spoke of the demolition Russia has caused inside his country, the people killed, the lives shattered.

It makes it firm for him to focus on swimming.

"Especially inside the beginning when I moved to Germany to fasten the group. It was firm since mentally you are inside the war with every one other accompanied by you are sleeping fair trio or quartet hours since you are always perusal the news," Romanchuk said. "It was so firm inside the beginning, nevertheless at that hour dated you comprehend that all you tin do is to swim, to train, to symbolize your country."

For the freshly minted medalist, it's a hour dated to be in touch proud.

"I'm so pleased of all the people inside Ukraine. This is all I tin say. I'm pleased of the people, of the government, the president. I'm so pleased of them," Romanchuk said. "And I'm really contented to exist Ukrainian."


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