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Recipe: Salmon Rosemary Burgers

These savory salmon burgers hold up well on the grill, especially if you use a nice fillet of wild king salmon. Serve on an onion roll with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and horseradish for a great barbeque main dish.

Salmon Rosemary Burgers Ingredients

  • 2? pounds king salmon fillet, skinned and de-boned

  • 1 cup dry bread crumbs

  • cup minced red onion

  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

  • 2 teaspoons prepared horseradish

  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten

  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary

  • teaspoon salt

  • teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

How to Make Salmon Rosemary Burgers

  1. Prepare the salmon by cutting into strips, cutting the strips crosswise, and chopping the fish until well minced. Be sure to remove any remaining bones.

  2. In a large bowl, mix the minced salmon with bread crumbs, red onion, Dijon mustard, horseradish, and eggs. Season with rosemary, salt, and pepper. Chill at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

  3. Preheat an outdoor grill for medium-high heat.

  4. Form the salmon mixture into 8 burger patties. Lightly coat each patty with olive oil.

  5. Place salmon patties on the grill, and cook 4 or 5 minutes on each side.

Salmon Rosemary Burgers Nutritions

  • Calories: 363.9 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 11.5 g

  • Cholesterol: 140.5 mg

  • Fat: 20.2 g

  • Fiber: 0.9 g

  • Protein: 32 g

  • SaturatedFat: 4.6 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 379.4 mg

  • Sugar: 1.5 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Salmon Rosemary Burgers Reviews

  • Fabulous My passion is cooking and I have prepared so many NEVER dawned on me to prepare burgers made from salmon My husband mixed the ingredients and he does things by-the-book. We followed the directions to-the-tee. We grilled these up and they were INCREDIBLY TASTY They stay together perfectly, had no shrinkage (make the patties exactly to the size of your onion rolls for the perfect fit), and if you double the recipe, form more patties and freeze them. They freeze perfectly fine. The olive oil is a great addition and healthy too I give this recipe 5 stars. Will do again and again. Bravo to the author.

  • Healthier Substitutions that worked great for me: Canned sockeye salmon Ground oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs egg whites I mixed it together with my hands and cooked in a non-stick pan on the stove. I didnt have time to refrigerate and they still came out great. Served over a salad of greens, purple cabbage, sliced apples, pesto, and canellini beans. Great dinner.

  • Wow I followed the recipe to the letter and they were fantastic. At first I thought pulling the salmon from the skin was a bit of a pain as I was trying to cut it off (apparently Im not that coordinated) but since I knew I would be mincing it, I got right in there with both hands and the salmon tore away from the skin rather quickly. I then popped it into the food processor and had minced fresh salmon in seconds (did the same with the red onion). I formed the patties in a Tupperware burger press so the consistancy was perfect and not a single morsel crumbled during grilling. I will be laminating this recipe because Ill be making it over and over again. Thanks so much for posting it

  • My husband loved this This is his rating. He said it is a "10" on a 10-point scale. He loved the blending of salmon with fresh rosemary (dont used dried), Dijon, and horseradish in addition to the other ingredients.This, despite my making this from canned salmon, and scaling the recipe to three servings. And, I made them on my stovetop (lightly fried).Ill make these again, using canned salmon, but would add more bread crumbs to make them hold together instead of falling apart as they did. One patty was ok; the rest were crumbs (that my husband is happy to eat as leftovers).If you like salmon, youll love this recipe. I imagine its best if made with fresh (not canned) salmon.

  • What a great recipe I look forward to playing with the ingredients--like using fresh ground ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi instead of the dijon/horseradish/rosemary. When I shaped the patties I was afraid that I hadnt minced the fish enough and that they would fall apart so I put the patties back in the fridge for a bit. It was raining out so we did them on a very hot skillet with a little olive oil. They got a wonderful sear and stayed together beautifully. I used Panko for the bread crumbs and I didnt change anything other than the addition of some fresh parsley and chives. We didnt bother with the buns and just served it on a bed of mixed greens. Fabulous

  • The flavor was awesome. I thought the rosemary may be overpowering, but went ahead with the 1 tbls. It was very yummy...definite keeper.

  • Good recipe I used Alaskan salmon in a pouch and whole wheat panko breadcrumbs. I had them without the bun (because I wasnt very hungry, not because I am afraid of carbs) and topped them with a little prepared horseradish sauce. Served with steamed haricot vert.

  • These are fantastic. Scaled down to half and used crushed saltines instead of bread crumbs. Otherwise followed exactly. They held together well (the key is to referigerate the mix before forming patties...and handle as little as possible while making patties, then referigerate again). Were a hit. Served on onion rolls lightly toasted on the grill and micro greens.

  • Really yummy We used dried rosemary, we grind it in the coffee grinder.

  • I usually alter recipes a little, but after reading the other reviews, I followed this one to a tee and it was GREAT The patties held together really well, and tasted so good the bun seemed in the way. Served it with green beans and a light pasta salad for a terrific summer meal.

  • Excellent Fried in a little oil - delicious with mashed potatoes and salad.

  • This is such a great recipe so if youre going to try it please make it as WRITTEN Dont substitute canned salmon for fresh. It is not the same. Also dont listen to the people who substitute half the ingredients and then give it only two or three stars. Its not the same recipe. Ive made these burgers at least 8 times and when I got creative the taste suffered in my opinion. The flavors of the salmon, horseradish and rosemary are incredible. The grilled burgers had a nice crispy crust and were moist and tender inside. A nice change from beef or turkey burgers. Thanks to the creator of this recipe.

  • The boyfriend approves, I approve, were good Good flavor, easy to make, they didnt crumble apart. I just cooked them on the stove top since it is cold out here in Alaska Ive made salmon burgers before, but I think I would use THIS recipe again instead of the one Id used before

  • Not bad. Not good. This just seemed like a waste of salmon. There are so many better ways to prepare it. The patties were a little mushy, eggy, and lacked zest. The rosemary was too strong. Might have been better with some lemon, maybe more horseradish... I dont know. Somethin.

  • Fantastic. Hold together well on the grill, taste better than anything youve gotten in a restaurant. Easy to modify the recipe to make them your own. (I like using shallots, fresh mint, and fresh basil in place of onions and rosemary.)*** Update *** Ive been making this recipe for 5 years now. An absolute standby in my house for making ahead/freezing, as well as for casual entertaining. I always make it exactly as written now. An all-time-favorite recipe of this very busy home cook

  • Better than expected - I made a gluten free version with some GF bread crumbs and it held together great.

  • These were great. I used leftover Baked Dijon Salmon, omitted the horseradish, only because we dont really care for it. I only had green onions, so I used one of those and some parsley. Too cold to grill so sauteed them in a little butter. Yummy, hubby loved them too.

  • Good flavor..the horseradish adds a nice kick and blends well with the Dijon mustard, rosemary and red onion. However, it was time consuming to chop up the salmon until minced well and Im not sure I would go to the trouble to make them again for half my family really liked them and the other half just thought they were ok. I might try this recipe again using ground turkey instead of minced salmon.

  • We eat these at least once a week - great source of protein and good oils. I like to top it with homemade pickled onions:) YUM

  • These were fantastic What wonderful flavor. You definitely want to use fresh salmon. I cut mine into small chunks and then ground it in the food processor until it was the consistency of ground beef. I formed the patties and then put them in the fridge for a few hours to avoid crumbling when I cooked them. I broiled these for about five minutes per side and served them on onion rolls with dijon mustard. Awesome

  • These were awesome. I am not a big fan of salmon, but I try to make myself eat it often because it is healthy. These really made is easy and tasty to eat the fish. I enjoyed this a lot No big changes woth then using dried rosemary and panko crumbs.. cooked on stovetop

  • No offense intended to the originating chef, but while the burger itself looks absolutely wonderful, the taste is something that I have never experienced Perhaps less herbs would help the cause.

  • My Salmon hating family actually liked these :) What more can I say. Its a keeper. Now I can have my Salmon and eat it too

  • Not bad, I followed the recipe exactly, and although they were good, they werent excelent. I will try them again, but modify them a little. Might try to used canned salmon to see if they are equally as good but less expensive.

  • My husband brings home tons of salmon in the summer and by winter we are getting bored of salmon steaks. I tried this recipe and it was a huge hit One hint, I made them the first time a bit on the thinner side and they stayed together well. Next time I made big fat ones and they kinda fell apart. Anyways the flavor in this burger is to die for

  • Very good. Dont make them too thick though or they tend to fall apart on the bun.

  • This recipe makes some delicious burgers I used my Cuisinart attachment to grind the salmon - while adding the rosemary into the machine at the same time to blend it in, worked very well. My husband grilled them on the BBQ and the whole family loved them

  • These were wonderful My husband loved them. I omitted the horseradish, but used everything else. They held together pretty well.

  • Truly amazing burger. The strong flavors of the horseradish, rosemary and mustard blend well with the strong flavor of the salmon. However, I could still taste the salmon Unbelievably well balanced dish

  • I tried this recipe with both fresh and canned salmon. Fresh is definitely the way to go. I didnt have fresh rosemary so I used dried, and I think I will cut back a little next time, since it overpowered the taste of the fish. I also didnt use horseradish, instead added a touch of wasabi which was a nice addition. Overall, Id definitely make this again.

  • Too dry

  • I was quite disappointed w/ how these turned out. I stuck to the recipe except scaled it down to only make 4 small patties, but they were VERY bland and completely fell apart on the grill. Made a great big mess. Will not be making again.

  • We loved these burgers But Ive made them twice, once with canned salmon and once with fresh. Please dont use canned. It just isnt nearly as good. Ive also pan fried them in a little oil, which works fine as long as you chill them first.

  • This was sooooo good What a wonderful and creative way to prepare salmon Ill definitely make them again. I didnt use the horseradish, but I will next time. They were still so tasty. Also, I cooked them on the George Forman Grill - be sure to spray top and bottom with Pam or else they will stick

  • These had a great flavor, even using canned salmon. I scaled the recipe for 1 pound of salmon. I will add more mustard and horseradish next time.

  • I made these burgers for my daughters birthday B.B.Q. and they were a HIT Everybody loved them and wanted the recipe. I must say, I cheated a little. I used fresh salmon flavoured trout instead of salmon (the trout cost half the price) and no one new the difference. If you have never had salmon trout you must try it. You really cannot tell the difference. The burgers held up perfect on the BBQ.

  • I followed the recipe to the letter T. They did not want to hold together so I gave them extra time in the fridge and they still fell apart. I lost almost 1/3 of the burgers into the bottom of my grill. Once I ate one, while they were tasty, you can skip the rosemary, it was totally lost in horseradish. When I ate one, it fell to pieces so I ended up with a bun and no meat. Then finished the meal by using a fork to eat the meat off of my plate.

  • These are delicious, and a great alternative to hamburgers or salmon filets. Did need a little more salt to suit my familys tastes.

  • Who isnt trying to get more Omega-3s in their diet besides the sea lions and bears (and other salmon loving creatures)? What a wonderful way to eat Salmon I had dried some Rosemary I got from my folks versus store bought. Used my George Foreman Grille for two at a time cooking. Then I freeze patties in aluminum foil for future consumption. This way I can eat Salmon once or twice a week with limited effort. This is a VERY good tasting Salmon Burger...Im thinkin "Perfessional" in quality. BTW I used Sockeye, but better OR cheaper species would work well too.

  • WOW I wasnt expecting these to be quite this good I used canned salmon and this still far exceeded my expectations I used mayo instead of horseradish, and added a little extra dijon/mayo to my mix since canned salmon is a little dry. It reminded me a little of crabcakes, so it would be great even without the bun

  • Fantastic My husband, 1 year old, and I all loved it. This will be my new go to recipe when cooking for company.

  • Tasty burger. I mistakenly bought horseradish sauce instead of straight horseradish, so the flavor wasnt as strong as I had hoped. But we topped the burger with a little extra sauce and it was perfect. Next time Ill do it the right way and Im sure itll be excellent. I only took off 1 star because I had a hard time getting the patties to stay together. Perhaps this is just the nature of the Salmon burger, but you really can only flip it once--so be sure its done

  • Really, really good I used dried rosemary instead of fresh and it came out fine.

  • I have made this recipe many times because its so versatile. I like to scrap the bun and serve it up with a side of white rice. Everyone loves it I also recommend trying it with coarse mustard inside and on top for a little extra flavor.

  • Very tastey I will add more fresh rosemary and probably some parsley next time. We preferred eating without the bun...delish with horseradish and the dijon mustard.

  • AWESOME i had salmon, and i wanted to do something different with it this was absolutely delicious, my daughter was a bit worried about the horseradish at 1st, but i told her its just part of the recipe, and she needs to give it a try, by the time we got done eating she asked me if i would buy more salmon delicious i will be making alot of these

  • Recipe needs a little more spice for my taste.

  • Thank You so much This this recipe is wonderful. I have been buying the salmon burgers from whole foods, very pricey Now I can make them even better at home. I added about 2 ozs. of crumbled blue cheese to the mix. Even better

  • My hubby didnt care for these

  • Very tasty. I used Sockeye, because its what I had, and used oregano rather than rosemary.

  • These are the best salmon burgers Ive ever eaten, and I used canned salmon. I can only imagine how good theyd be with fresh salmon. I also pan fried them, and I know theyd be better on the grill. Nevertheless, they have a lot of great flavor, and I loved the crisp outside. They are my new salmon patty recipe.

  • I bought the salmon in the packet instead of canned. The canned stuff is really gross... you have to pick out scales and bones. Otherwise, this recipes is great. Super easy to prepare and tasty. The hubby loved it too

  • My whole family loved this A great way to use some of the salmon in my freezer. It was snowing outside (on Oct 30th), so I cooked them in a non-stick pan with a bit of olive oil and butter. Kids put ranch on their burgers. Adults did Dijon and/or horseradish, and I added acodado -yum I only had my dried rosemary, and the flavor was still good.

  • Excellent recipe. Made them many times.I prefer a bit more flavor. I add cayenne pepper, red pepper and Tabasco sauce which wakes them up a bit.

  • Yum Very good as written. Probably used a little more bread crumbs because the patties seemed wet. (May have had more than the 2 1/2 lbs. Hard to say when youre working from a freshly caugh salmon. But the flavors were very good and I like the suggestion of food processing the minced fillet - made the flavors mix together better.

  • I reduced the rosemary by about half, and added a half teaspoon of garlic paste. (Im a HUGE fan of garlic)They were so easy to put together, and surprisingly easy to grill... no broken or crumbly patties.Goes great with wasabi mayo too

  • These are GOOD I thought they would be dry and falling apart, but not at all. I topped it with butter lettuce, tomato, and avocado. Ill make these again.

  • This is a very good recipe. I left out the horseradish and scaled it down to three burgers. My only complaint is that the burgers were huge and falling apart. BUT, they tasted great. I will make this again.

  • Love it

  • I scribbled down the ingredients and headed to the kitchen. I didnt write the instructions. So the olive oil got thrown into the mixture. I deleted the horseradish because I was using a wasabi mayo on the bun. I also didnt use rosemary because my kids wont eat it. I wouldve liked the rosemary. But overall I like the Paula Deen one is better.

  • Hand chop the salmon coarsely to avoid mushy texture. Be more generous with the minced red onion. Added minced garlic and 1/2 cup chopped parsley. Started out with 1/2 cup of bread crumbs and adjusted it until desired; for a little under 1 kilo of salmon, I ended up using 3/4 cup of bread crumbs. The hamburger patty maker was so helpful in shaping them; placed two medium scoops on a piece of parchment paper, cover loosely with a piece of Saran plastic wrap and plunge the patty maker on top.

  • Best patties of any sort of meat/fish I have made yet These left me very satisfied

  • These were EXCELLENT I substituted saltines for bread crumbs (was out of bread crumbs) and it was still really good.

  • These are excellent. So much flavor..better than beef I have added this to one of my usuals. Boyfriend loves it to. Great healthy weekend dinner. Definitely let it chill though, otherwise it will not form patties.

  • I absolutely love these burgers and have made them many times already. A great alternative to the same ole beef burgers.

  • A bit crumbly, but delicious flavor. Used Arctic char instead of salmon.

  • Really good. I used canned salmon, white onions and added gorgonzola cheese crumbles into the meat mix before cooking. I put it on a grilled whole wheat bun and made a spread of spicy brown mustard and horseradish and put that on top. It was fantastic

  • These turned out great I used some leftover cooked salmon fillets and substituted a little dry onion soup mix for the onions (I was out). I didnt have any horseradish either, so I used extra Dijon mustard. Best way Ive ever had salmon I cant wait to try it with the horseradish and red onion.

  • These burgers were absolutely delicious Jay and I will be making these again soon.

  • These were excellent I was never so happy to hear that my husband wanted hot dogs...perfect chance to make these for myself Canned salmon can be ok in a pinch, but I think burgers like this should always be made out of fresh salmon - it adds so much to the flavor and texture. The patties are a bit delicate when raw, but held together beautifully on the grill as well as on the bun - just make sure you brush with oil and let them grill a bit before attempting to flip over. Served on a whole wheat bun with a lemon-dijon sauce. Froze the leftovers and I will be enjoying them later this week. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe

  • Really good, even my husband the super picky eater thought it was delicious Im not a very good cook, but they came out perfect. I halved the recipe so Im not exactly sure on the proportions, but it still came out great. I used a George Forman grill and the burgers held together really well. Its a keeper

  • These were delicious I didnt have fresh rosemary, so I used 1/2 TB dried (I ground it) and it still turned out great I didnt eat mine with a bun, but served it with garlic mashed potatoes and salsa - YUM

  • I used canned salmon. Expected more based on the reviews. Maybe fresh salmon would help for next time.

  • Honestly this might be my favorite recipe from this site yet I LOVE, Love, love, Salmon I threw everything into the food processor to mince it up and used my hamburger press, and they came out perfect No problem at all with them falling apart when I grilled them. Served them on kaiser rolls with fresh sliced tomato, red onion, and romaine Made homemade sweet potato fries from this site for a side TO DIE FOR

  • This will be my go-to recipe for salmon patties from now on. I did not put it on a bun, I just ate it as a patty. I will make often and will take places as well. Yummo

  • Followed the directions to a T just as some of the previous posters had said they did. Served this for the first time to dinner guests (a risky move) but lucky for me, these turned out GREAT Wow Our friends loved them Very moist and tender, great flavor, even with onions (which Im normally not a big fan of). I personally ate them with just a kaiser roll (couldnt find onion rolls), lettuce and tomato, and it was delicious Patties held generally well together, although the first one or two patties sorta fell apart on the sides when I flipped them but thats because I flipped too early. Cant wait to make these again YUM

  • Unless you like grinding up your filet minon to make a burger, keep your salmon in one piece and try a different recipe.

  • Delicious. I wouldnt change a thing. They are quite flimsy when raw, but hold their form extremely well after cooking.

  • Better than other salmon burgers from this website. I used can salmon & dried rosemary & it still tasted fine. I think next time Ill add more horseradish though.

  • Very tasty burgers My boyfriend and I made these the other night and they were great. We served the burgers with sweet potato fries and lemon garlic sauted shrimp. Yum

  • This was an awesome recipe. Family loved it Only thing I might do differently is reduce the amount of bread crumbs, increase the Dijon and horseradish. Needs a nice mayo sauce to go with this sandwich.

  • I am trying to make a fish or seafood dinner every Friday night. These burgers were perfect. I served them with a relish made of diced tomato, green onion, cucumber, feta, lemon juice, lemon zest and mayo. Amazing flavour, we loved them Thank you

  • I made this recipe exactly as directed and thought they were fabulous. Ive made them twice and I do not think the rosemary is overwhelming but I also enjoy strong flavors.

  • I made this recipe today and I have to say we didnt like it. That is my familys opinion and my own. I love salmon but this recipe is not to my taste, you may try it yourself but do it at your own risk.

  • My burger looked just like the picture :) It was very good. The only thing that I didnt like was the texture. Just a little mushy for my taste.

  • Mine didnt quite stay together but I suppose that could be because I used canned salmon. I halved the recipe to make 4 good sized patties. Bf said that to alleviate the crumbling you can add a bit of vegetable oil to the mix before you form into patties. good flavor, and they work pan fried as well--didnt want to grill since its cold out. Thanks for the recipe1

  • Delicious and easy to make.

  • My family loved these. I made them exactly as the recipe, but I chilled them after making the patties. They did not fall apart and they were really good. This is a great way of eating salmon if you generally dont like it.

  • Wonderful recipe Just wish that I hadnt put them under the broiler - got a bit charred.

  • EXCELLENT Id never tried a salmon burger just because I thought they would taste to dry and fishey. These were moist and quite flavorful. I used fresh rosemary, which is what the recipe called for and it provided a very subtle flavor. Using dried rosemary MAY overpower the flavor of the burger. Will DEFININTELY make again

  • Delicious I froze the cooked patties and I just pull one out of the freezer when Im in a rush for lunch

  • Oh my gosh I followed this recipe exactly, except I did not use fresh rosemary (it was in the spice bottle), but they turned out excellent I also used extra hot horseradish, which really blended in well with the other ingredients. My husband couldnt stop raving about it. If you love salmon, you must try this recipe.

  • This was amazing I like my salmon blackened a bit more so i grilled for a bit longer and I love garlic aioli so i made some and spread on bread and it was delicious

  • These were nice. I liked using fresh salmon and rosemary. Ultimately, I feel that they were "nice" and would happily eat them again, but will in no way be racing to make them again.

  • These were very good. I think Ive been trying to turn myself into a fan of rosemary and Im coming to the conclusion that it is just too strong for me. Next time I think Ill use dill and maybe a little mint which will be more to my taste. The basic burger though is great. Out of all the great reviews two suggestions that are a must are chilling the mixture before you form the patties and then chilling the patties after they are formed and putting them right on the grill chilled. I was also very careful flipping them on the grill. They didnt fall apart at all. Panko bread crumbs are also a nice addition.

  • This was a lot of work to make, but they turned out great We made them on the grill and served with a side of fruit salsa for a summer dinner.

  • This far exceeded my expectations, though truthfully, I wasnt sure what to expect. Everyone in the house and at the party we served them at felt the same. Outstanding recipe.

  • Nice change from hamburgers. i used canned salmon to cut expenses. grill indoors on the george foreman. dash of hotsauce when ready to eat. quick and healthy.

  • Cut the recipe in half and made 4 burgers (not on buns). Used green onions instead of red,2 TBS horseradish sauce instead of the horseradish (both emergency substitutes). DEEEE-LISH What a great twist on Salmon Dont skip the frsh rosemary if you have it

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