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Recipe: Maple Glazed Pork Loin

Everyone cleans their plate when I make this. I serve it with three cheese mashed potatoes and a garden salad.

Maple Glazed Pork Loin Ingredients

  • 1 (5 pound) pork loin roast

  • cup butter, melted

  • cup white vinegar

  • ? cup light maple flavored pancake syrup

  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch

  • cup brown sugar

How to Make Maple Glazed Pork Loin

  1. Place the roast into a large resealable bag. In a small bowl, stir together the melted butter, vinegar, pancake syrup, cornstarch and brown sugar. Pour into the bag with the roast. Seal, and turn to coat. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Place the roast into a roasting pan or large Dutch oven, and pour the marinade over it.

  3. Cover, and roast for 1 hour in the preheated oven. Remove the lid, and continue roasting until the top is browned and the internal temperature is at least 145 degrees F (63 degrees C) when taken with a meat thermometer. Remove from the oven, and let rest for about 10 minutes before carving. The internal temperature should increase by 10 degrees.

Maple Glazed Pork Loin Nutritions

  • Calories: 392.2 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 7.5 g

  • Cholesterol: 119.7 mg

  • Fat: 22.9 g

  • Fiber:

  • Protein: 36.7 g

  • SaturatedFat: 9.8 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 110.3 mg

  • Sugar: 6.6 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Maple Glazed Pork Loin Reviews

  • You can also wrap the loin in bacon...the maple blends nicely with that flavor.

  • This was good. My first time making a pork roast & it couldnt be easier I used soy sauce in place of the vinegar.

  • Made this when my in-laws came for dinner Sunday. Delicious flavor, so easy to prepare. I had a large pork loin, so doubled the marinade. I used 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup soy sauce. Kept some out for drizzling over the pork when it was done. Everyone loved it. Will make again

  • My kids and husband were still raving about this 3 hours after dinner. I doubled the glaze and used soy sauce in place of the vinegar. I did not follow the directions for roasting. I had a 12 inch boneless pork loin that I roasted at 350 (uncovered) for about 80 minutes (fat side UP), and it was moist, flavorful and so tender. I marinated the meat for about 4 hours and it came out great. I also threw potatoes in at the start. My kids took the leftovers and made sandwiches. Very nice glaze

  • This was very good but I think next time I will replace the vinegar with soy sauce.

  • This was absolutely fabulous I replaced the vinegar with soy sauce and basted the roast every 10 - 15 minutes during the last hour in the oven. I just might try this on the grill.

  • This a great recipe for people who are diabetic. My dad loves it

  • Great I followed the recipe and loved it. So easy. Perfect for company, too

  • I definitely finneagled with this recipe. I added four small granny smith apples large diced into the roasting pan. I also substituted the vinegar for soy sauce and added anentire stick of room temp butter versus half a stick (I dont normally cook like that, but I knew it would make a real nice glaze). I put all of the glaze ingredients in the roasting pan and stirred them up in there. I then put the pork loin in and tossed the loin around in the glaze. Baked it at the same temp and time as the recipe indicated.This was a WOW dish. My future husband said it was the best, juiciest, most delicious pork hes ever eaten. The apples were roasted and not too sweet, and the glaze was just heavenly. I threw two sweet potatoes in the over for a side and called it a night. I cant say enough great things about this recipe. It will definitely be a staple in our house

  • Mine was just a tad dry. Good flavor, will make great sandwiches.

  • Will definitely make this again Great flavor My family loved it Subed white wine vinegar for white vinegar as it was what I had on hand...

  • This was fantastic The only minor changes I made were that I used apple cider vinegar because I love how well it pairs with pork, added about a quarter cup of soy sauce and had to use regular syrup instead of light because it was all I had. The pork was moist and tender and the drippings were great served over the pork.

  • I used this glaze over sliced kielbasa, apples and onions in the crockpot. This really worked out great. Everything was cheap to come by or already in my pantry and cooking this for 4 hours on HIGH and I had a dinner lickety-split. My boys ate every bite. Thanks.

  • I didnt use the cornstarch and it tasted amazing

  • Such a great dish I made it for a pot luck dinner with my friends and it was gone immediately I used soy sauce instead of the vinegar and let it marinade in the fridge overnight and it was so flavorful and tender

  • Used one of those Reynolds roasting bags and it came out very moist.

  • Delicious I cooked it at 180 degrees for about 5 hours and internal temp of 155. I also used a pan that left little room so the roast was half covered with the liquid...This recipe is now a favorite.

  • This was disappointing. No discernable maple flavor. Hard to believe this was because I used real maple syrup, instead of the called-for maple-flavored pancake syrup. I thnk Ill stick with dry spice rubs on my port loin.

  • Came out delicious It was so easy to prepare and make and the end result was sweet

  • Really good The marinade was delicious and, as my sons pointed out, it tasted good with everything on the plate. :-) Ill be making this again at some point. Thanks for sharing

  • This was easy to make but not very tasty. Hardly anyone in my family liked it. Also, the cooking time was waaaay off. My 5.5 lb. pork loin roast had to cook much longer.

  • I thought it was lovely. Moist with a little sweetness. Made it for my mom on MOthers Day and got no complaints

  • I just made this for my family especially my mom on mothers day and everyone was impressed by the sweet taste and how tender the meat was. My mom asked me for the recipe when I was done.

  • I made this tonight and used the tip above on using soy sauce and it turned out great. It tastes like a real good ham more than a pork loin. We really enjoyed it.

  • This was probably the best pork loin that I have ever tasted out of the oven. It was tender and juicy, and the marinade was just the right sweetness. Every single slice was gone. The only thing that I wish, is that the marinade was a little thicker, so that it is easier to drizzle over the meat when it is finished. But what a great (and easy) recipe

  • This was practically gone before I could even get it out of the oven. It earned rave reviews when I made it.

  • Wife and I loved it.

  • I love this recipe, easy to make and so delicious

  • Such a good taste. I marinaded it over night and it had wuch a sweet taste and so tender.

  • I really liked this recipe. I used cubed pork and cooked it stovetop and threw in a chopped apple. The flavours were great and it was super easy Thanks.

  • My family all loved this BUT the cooking time was not at all acurate (hence 4 stars). I had a 5.62lb pork loin and it took 2hrs. 20 min to get to 145deg. I would definitely make it again but make sure that I allowed more time for cooking.

  • This recipe was a delight a refreshing change

  • YUM I wasnt sure what to do with a Pork Loin I purchased on sale. Found this recipe on the Mobile version. I was short on Maple Flavored syrup, so I substituted additional Brown Sugar. It was so good and Juicy. Per my family, its definitely a recipe Ill use again

  • This recipe is so easy, and the roast came out tender and juicy. The subtle maple flavor and he moist tender pork make this main dish one we will make again and again.

  • The ingredients in the recipe didnt sound 100% appealing to me but I trusted the reviews and Im glad I did. Its that nice change of pace from regular pork loin I was looking for. Served it with garlic mashed taters for my boyfriend and his sister and they went back for seconds. Always a great compliment

  • This is sooo good One of VERY few "sweet" pork recipes my husband likes. We have this often and Ive never changed a thing (I normally end up doing that at some point.) My husband decided that since I like scented candles that someone should make one with the smell of this in the oven-I agree GREAT recipe Thanks for a family favorite.

  • Delicious I love sweet sauces, and the maple flavor really went wonderfully with the pork. I made a few changes: I had boneless pork chops instead of a loin, and I didnt leave enough time to marinate, so I just put the chops in a round pan, made the sauce as instructed (except I used real maple syrup, since that is what I had on hand), and poured it over the chops. I baked them at 350 for about 25 minutes and it came out fine. I also put a slice of bacon on top of each chop, which made them even better The sauce was a biiiit thick, but it tasted so good I didnt care all that much. When I make this again in the future (which I definitely will) I think I will add a little bit less corn starch. I served with corn souffle and au gratin potatoes, but the style of potatoes didnt really work with the dish. Im going to serve it with bacon-fried corn next time, and maybe leave the bacon off the chop itself.

  • We cooked the pork at a football tailgate, it was absolutely delicious. However, I would also recommend cutting the pork and serving with toothpicks because it can be a sticky mess otherwise

  • My family really enjoyed this recipe. It was delicious. When the pork loin was done cooking I thickened the sauce a little before I spooned it over the sliced pork. The sauce is sooo good. It could be used over other meats as well. Thank you for this recipe. I have never been able to cook pork loin without it ending up dry. This was really moist. I will be making this again.

  • I was a bit nervous to attempt my first solo try at cooking a pork loin for my wife, but this was simple and it turned out great i cooked the pork in a roasting pan, but i used some foil instead of a lid, but made sure not to fully cover. the flavor was definitely not what we were expecting, but it was fantastic and we both loved it

  • This smelled great while cooking, but the pork roast came out tasting like plain pork roast with not much flavor. I even left it marinate in the fridge much longer than the 2 hours that is called for. Maybe Ill try it again with a smaller pork roast.

  • I made just as written. Was good, but seemed lacking in flavor. Would have preferred a thicker sauce that would "stick" to the pork. Mine seems to just run off and pool in the bottom of the pan. Cooking time too much longer than expected.

  • I made this tonight. We LOVED it it was so easy and fast to make. I added a tiny bit of cayenne pepper cuz we like things with a bit of a kick.. It was so good I love maple flavor so I love this. Thanks for sharing. 100% will make this again.

  • I used two sliced leeks instead of the onions. Eliminated the mayo, flour and butter. Baked it in a cast iron pan. Love this recipe. Yummy. SORRY, THIS WAS MEANT FOR SCALLOPED POTATOES AND ONIONS.

  • Wow extreamly tasty. I cook using a digital meat therometer (if you dont have one, get one) and the pork comes out very moist every time.

  • A very good pork loin. Very tender.

  • I sedan soy sauce rather than vinegar. It was very good and Ill make it again.

  • This was my first roast ever. It turned out very nicely. I substituted soy sauce for the vinegar. That seemed to work well. Tender with a nice maple flavor. I will definitely be making this again.

  • This is delicious I doubled the recipe and, using the advice from previous reviews, I used 1/4 cup of soy sauce AND 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (my preferred vinegar). Then I browned the meat and put it in my crock pot. Soooooo yummy We had a dinner party and everyone raved about it. I used part of the sauce to make a gravy with corn starch, it was amazing My husband told me to make sure I keep this recipe.

  • This is delicious I was only using a 1.8 lb loin but I doubled the glaze bc we love extra. I used ACV in place of regular vinegar and added 1/4 c of regular sodium soy sauce. I also used a mix of half REAL maple syrup and half pancake, plus a squirt extra. added a dash or 2 of cayenne for a teeny kick, and a pinch of salt. it actually fit in my banana bread pan perfectly, which I lined with foil and left extra overlapping so I could wrap it up tightly. only took 35 minutes in the oven, and was perfect with baked sweet potatoes. oh and I only marinated it for a lil over 2 hours, (and poked lots of holes in it with my meat thermometer- its perfect for that ) but it still had lots of flavor...the kids were licking their plates thanx so much for a new family favorite

  • Even my teenage daughter who refuses to eat most of what I cook, got seconds

  • Cooked this recipe tonight, family loved it.

  • Reallly really yummy i did it with mustard mash yum but used honey very good :o)

  • I thought this recipe would not have been as good with vinegar, so I used my best judgement and used soy sauce instead. And the outcome? The best pork tenderloin glaze I ever tasted I really liked the brown sugar in this too. This was both sweet and savory. It is definitely a 5 star glaze with soy sauce.

  • My family really liked this. It has a sweet, rather unusual flavor. I told them afterward about the syrup in it, giving it the unusual taste. Pretty much followed the recipe.

  • This one was all about the glaze which is mouthwatering. Ive incorporated it into some rice and meat dishes since as its not only delicious but a quick and simple and there was not a piece of loin left on anyones plate.

  • I used this recipe as written and the pork roast was fantastic. My family raved about it so much that we are making it for a Christmas eve dinner since it is my sons first Christmas back from Afghanistan.

  • I dont know where I went wrong with this recipe but it sure was flavorless. The pork loin also turned out tough and I followed the recipe to a T. We did not care for it at all. Sorry.

  • I rated this a 3 as my roast turned out very dry. I thought it was the cut of meat I used which was a boneless pork loin roast and wondered if it would have been better if I used a roast with the bone in. I really dont like to use that cut as a boneless is so nice to slice. I cooked it for the required time for the size. I saw that only one other person thought thiers was dry. I used soysauce instead of vinegar but that should not have caused the dryness. Any ideas from anyone as I would like to give it another try.

  • My family really liked it so I will be making it again..

  • I made this and it was scrumptious. It took way longer to roast than recipe said. I watched the thermometer and took it out to let rest 10 minutes. The pork was the very most tender I have tasted. My carrots and potatoes were undercooked so have to nuke them next time to precook a little. The sauce is so very sweet. Will definitely make this again and again. This recipe is a keeper.

  • This recipe is amazing. as an added flavor I wrap it in bacon. my husband loves it.

  • This recipe is GREAT New family favorite SO QUICK to to whip up, too I used REAL maple syrup, though...not "maple flavored syrup" ...Not sure if that made a difference...but this is FABULOUS

  • I made this the other day and it turned out great. I love the flavoring and so did the other people in my household. Thanks.

  • Was my first time making a Pork Loin and it turned out great Best part...virtually no clean up because all of the mess is on the foil

  • Making it right now, did not use the vinegar as most of the comments on here said they substituted with soy sauce, I added baby carrots and mushrooms to the sauce, lets see how it turns out. Oh and I did not have corn starch at home so I used 1 teaspoon of flour instead.

  • I made this recipe as is and my family keeps asking for it again and again. Now I double the marinade because its so good

  • Solid recipe that is a good jumping off point for other recipes. Unlike many others I did not shy away from vinegar. Vinegar combined with the incredibly sweet elements of maple syrup (I used the real deal not fake syrup) and brown sugar is a spectacular combo.

  • This recipe is outstanding i made as is and the only thing i might change is adding a bit of garlic.

  • Turned out great and I followed the recipe exactly. Will definitely make this one again.

  • Very easy, very tasty

  • Very tasty

  • Awesome. I used maple syrup and will make it again. Easy and tasteful.

  • I thought this was really good, my daughter ate it up. this is a keeper, i cooked it for 1 hour it was a little pink inside but when it was resting it kept cooking bringing it to a perfect moist loin when we ate it,i did also baste when in the oven

  • Moist and simple flavor to go with many sides

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