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Recipe: Dad's Excellent Scallops

Large sea scallops wrapped in prosciutto, basted with butter, and grilled. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce - ketchup, tartar, or cocktail sauce are all great with these.

Dad's Excellent Scallops Ingredients

  • 2 pounds shelled, large sea scallops

  • pound prosciutto, thinly sliced

  • cup butter, melted

  • toothpicks, soaked in water

How to Make Dad's Excellent Scallops

  1. Preheat grill for medium-high heat.

  2. Wrap each scallop with a thin slice of prosciutto, and secure with a toothpick.

  3. Lightly oil grill grate. Arrange scallops on the grill, and baste with butter. Cook for 5 minutes, turn, and baste with butter. Cook for another 8 minutes, or until opaque.

Dad's Excellent Scallops Nutritions

  • Calories: 354.2 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 5.3 g

  • Cholesterol: 124 mg

  • Fat: 21.5 g

  • Fiber:

  • Protein: 34.1 g

  • SaturatedFat: 10.8 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 957.5 mg

  • Sugar:

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Dad's Excellent Scallops Reviews

  • Mouth-watering This is a truly excellent recipe. I added garlic and lemon juice to the melted butter and sprinkled on Old Bay before wrapping the scallops. I grilled them in a grill basket rather than bothering with toothpicks or skewers. We devoured these

  • I love recipes that can be prepared ahead, are quick and easy, and so good. I made these ahead, refrigerated them and threw them on the grill as an appetizer. I reduced about one cup of heavy cream, 2 Tablespoons maple syrup, and 1 heaping Tablespoon dijon mustard and served as a sauce on the side (use caution, I didnt measure, so this is a guess). Fabulous

  • Delicious and rich. Boyfriend said they were the best scallops he ever had. I put three wrapped scallops on two skewers and served on pasta.

  • Very good recipe. The suggestion about the frozen scallops was great. I found them (not the same brand, but large size scallops) in my grocery store, no problem. I was tempted to use bacon instead of prosciutto, but that would not have been as good. The bacon would have over powered the scallop. Then I marinated the scallops in bottled italian salad dressing for about a half hour. I was worred about them sticking to the grill, so I put the marinated, prosciutto wrapped scallops on metal skewers and then put the skewers on a special shish kabob metal holder that lays on the top of the grill surface. This keeps the skewer off of the grill surface. I continued to baste them during the cooking time with the salad dressing. I grilled them for about 20 minutes. (the scallops were large and partially frozen) They were GREAT, very light actually. I can understand why some reviewers felt they were a little on the salty side, but that is the taste of the prosciutto. I did not feel the taste as over powering. I served them with saffron rice that I had made previously and frozen (from this site) and it was a great easy summer meal. This would also make a great company dish or last minute meal as one reviewer suggested. Thanks for the recipe and thanks for the suggestions.

  • Delicious and tasty - much more healthy than bacon.

  • The prosciutto definitely makes the recipe. The tastes blended especially well, and the texture was really good too. We decided to use garlic butter for variation, and found it even better

  • These were FABULOUS I purchased the Prosciutto and large scallops (size of a silver dollar) from Trader Joes. The scallops were in the frozen foods section. This makes an elegant, quick and easy dinner for entertaining. You can keep the frozen scallops on hand in the freezer, and the Prosciutto lasts months in the refrigerator. The Prosciutto is salty, so I will baste with Olive Oil the next time I make it. I served it on a bed of pasta, with steamed asparagus on the side. My husband LOVED this dish

  • Not the best I have ever had nor made. Kind of difficult and time consuming, plus extremely salty tasting. I would not reccommend for people like me who are not big salt fans.

  • Just as good as I knew they would be. I used bacon as we prefer its flavor over prosciutto.

  • These were excellent and really easy to make. Forgot to soak the toothpicks so the ends burned to a crisp on the grill but other than that, everything was perfect. I served them with horseradish sauce kind of following the idea of shrimp lejon and it was surprisingly good

  • My husband made a similar dish for me for Mothers Day. His recipe, however, called for a sage leaf between the scallop and prosciutto. It was outstanding The only change we would have made is to add another sage leaf on the other side of the scallop as well.

  • These were yummy i would cut down on the prosciutto just a little. one slice to one scallop was a little too salty for me. maybe just half a slice.

  • Awesome recipe. Using Prosciutto instead of bacon is brilliant. I didnt oil grill but put garlic butter on both sides. Will never use bacon again.

  • Um um Made them several hours in advance, splashed some garlic butter on them, and threw them in the fridge. Served them over a bed of Angel Hair Pasta and the guests devoured them. There was not one scallop left Thanks

  • I used bacon instead. wonderful flavor and easy to make

  • I have never grilled scallops before, but this is one of my new favorite recipes. . . so delicious Before wrapping, I sprayed the scallops with butter, and sprinkled with a little lemon juice and Old Bay seasoning. After wrapping, rathering than using toothpicks, I put several on wooden skewers (soaked with water), then put them in a flexible grill basket for easy flipping. I didnt remember to baste during the grilling, but it didnt need it. I served these to 7 adults and 3 kids (including someone whod never had scallops before), and every single person wanted more. Thanks for the great recipe

  • I could not believe how good this came out. The only thing I did was give the scallops a sprinkle of Old Bay right before they were done. I based a few extra times as well. The saltiness of the food was perfect. Dont waiver from this recipe and youll be set for some good eating. Good job.

  • Loved it We didnt use the butter and it still turned out great. Very easy to make.

  • This is a great recipe and actually I have been using one like it for some time now. I add garlic and lemon juice to the butter as well. Great appetizer

  • Delicious. Extremely easy and very tasty. It is a very quick meal that tastes like a gourmet dinner.

  • Simple & Tasty..baste as directed to keep prosciutto from drying out to much while grilling. We have made this several times now as a main course and as an appetizer when entertaining..thanks Donna

  • Ive been looking for a good recipe for BBQd scallops and this is the best ever The prociutto makes the recipe I brushed some melted butter with lemon and crushed garlic for flavour...we loved them. This is definitely a keeper Oh and I did sprinkle the Old Bay Seasoning on them before I put them on the skewers Excellent

  • These were absolutely delicious. I normally dont care for scallops that much, but the prosciutto adds so much flavor, I couldnt stop eating them. We also used olive oil instead of buter as suggested in a prebious review. Delicious

  • This was an excellent recipe. However, I took another reviewers advice to add lemon and garlic to the melted butter. AWESOME

  • Unbelievably yummy We added garlic powder to the butter. Way better than bacon

  • I used the sauce recipe cookinmama posted in her review & I copied BJMULLANEY & added a sage leaf just beacsue I had some in the fridge. With these flavor additions, the scallops didnt need much butter so we only basted them once & we didnt use much, to lessen the flare-ups. I "shmeared" some of the sauce (fantastic recipe, cookinmama...thanks for sharing) on the plate & garnished w/a couple of sage leaves. Served Figs and Toasted Almonds Brie (from allrecipes) as an appy then the scallops & a huge salad. It was a wonderful dinner that was a snap to put on the table. Making the salad was the hardest part LOL Thansk for the recipe Donna Francis, we enjoyed it

  • Next time Ill use thinly sliced bacon instead of the prosciutto due to the cost. In this recipe you wouldnt notice the difference.

  • I really enjoyed these. I purchased prosciutto already sliced and packaged and trimmed off the excess fat from the sides. I cut each slice down lengthwise so I had two pieces from each slice. I wrapped it around the sides of each scallop, skewered with a toothpick and grilled the top and bottom of each scallop. Eat immediately while still hot.

  • Very good. I did not wrap the prosciutto around the edges because it did not want to stay. So I wrapped around the entire scallops.

  • To preface this review, I should say that I didnt use the butter and I didnt cook these on a grill, but in a skillet. Id been pretty excited about these, but honestly, I wasnt the biggest fan of the real thing. They came out a little too salty (and I did use extra lean prosciutto), and it was very difficult to gauge whether they were done. They oozed a little water. Im sure this would be better on a grill...

  • These were amazing I mistakenly wrapped the scallops twice with proscuitto and that made it too salty. Next time I will only wrap them once around. I think putting them over noodles and alfredo would be amazing

  • Very nice change of pace. I usually use bacon but this recipe is better. Not as fatty and I brushed a little teriyaki at the last minute. Make sure you use the Jumbo size scallops (about 1-3/4" - 2" diameter) or you need to adjust your cooking time. DO NOT overcook them and you will have no complaints.

  • Very tasty Not as rich as the bacon wrapped scallops.

  • Ive never had scallops wrapped in proscuitto before. Let me tell you, these were absolutely the best scallops Ive ever had I used Boarshead proscuitto, sliced paper thin. (I agree with other reviewers that you should use the best quality proscuitto available to cut down on the saltiness.) My husband grilled these on a cast iron griddle, about 5 minutes per side. Pure perfection

  • Really good Very hard, though. Didnt have proscuitto, so used bacon instead. Was hard to wrap around the scallops. But... after grilling the flavor was amazing Will definitely try this again

  • Very easy to make, very quick, and very tasty.

  • These were awesome

  • Fantastic Wouldnt change a thing. I grilled five minutes per side, I think 8 would be too long. Better to be underdone than overdone. Thank you Delicious

  • EXCELLENT I added garlic, lemon juice & bay seasoning to the butter as suggested by others. Ill definetly make this one again.

  • This was good, but way too rich for me to eat as a main meal. One thing I did to save on time was to skewer the scallops as shish kabobs. I would probably make again as an appetizer.

  • I loved this recipe. I have had scallops wraped in bacon before, but the prosciutto was much better.

  • Excellent and easy - what more could you ask for. Works well cooked on the stove top as well.

  • Excellent and so simple. One of our favorite meals in the summer. I grill summer boutiful veggies along with them.

  • Good but not great.

  • While it was delish, the prosciutto was a little overwhelming. Would make them again but cut back on the pork.

  • Hit at the local cookout Used unsalted butter and procuttio from walmart deli case. Excellent, many requests for the recipecooked in expandable non stick barb-que basket from Target, it helped kept the little bites all together Awesome

  • Super easy Great taste I put the scallops on skewers instead of using toothpicks and I made the wasabi sauce from the recipe seared tuna with wasabi-butter sauce from this site for dipping. The scallops turned out wonderfully and the left overs were even better the next day. I love it when something so simple is so yummy.

  • Ok, but not as good as scallops with bacon and sauteed in butter. I will go back to my original.

  • These were awesome They were a definite hit with everyone as appetizers for a dinner party. I did some bacon-wrapped ones as well, but the prosciutto-wrapped were better.

  • Wow. Rich and wonderful. I used garlic butter with 2 cloves and it was a huge hit. My husband & I ate 5 each and we were stuffed. Not even room for dessert after

  • Yummy the basis of my very favorite appetizer "Diablos on Horseback". Just sit the scallops on sourdough rounds and then drown them in hollandaise...mmmmmmmmmm

  • These were delicious. Thought I would have enough, but ran out. I read other reviews before preparing and here is what I did. I used unsalted butter with dill and parsley. Also, I used Boars Head prosciutto. The cheaper versions of prosciutto will be much saltier. Buy a good quality prosciutto. I too skewered the scallops instead of using toothpicks.

  • Awesome Like another reviewer I used soaked skewers and put four scallops on each. They were great with the salsa from the Seared Scallops with Tropical Salsa recipe on this site.

  • Very tasty, added a slice of jalapeno

  • Certainly quick and easy, but nothing to rave about. There are much better recipes to use with expensive ingredients like shrimp and prosciutto.

  • Excellent Really wowed the Mrs

  • I thought these were pretty good except that it was too salty for us. next time i will use much smaller pieces of proscuitto because it really does give the scallops good flavor.

  • Wow My fiance is still raving about this, half an hour later. Very rich and satisfying. I made the recipe exactly as is, though next time Ill use unsalted butter instead of salted.

  • Very salty for our taste...maybe use smaller pieces of ham next time? Overall pretty good. Will try again.

  • Good, but not great. It may be the quality of scallops that we used (flash frozen) but then that is all we have to deal with here. Again, this was good but not great...

  • Made these this summer. They were wonderful So easy, and yet elegant enough for company. We made them according to recipe, only brushed them with plain olive oil. Used large fresh sea scallops.

  • This was WAY too salty. I might try again using only half a slice, but not sure that would make enough difference. Also used garlic butter instead of plain and thought that made it better...I think if I tried this again I would try those thin-sliced already cooked bacon strips (in the refrigerated lunch meat section) and see if that worked better.

  • Awesome I made these tonight as part of a seafood "fest" for me and my bf. We both loved them. After reading the reviews I might make them again with some sage or garlic butter... or maybe even sage garlic butter.... mmm yummy.

  • I really wanted to like this recipe, but it just didnt do it for us. I used the sage leaves, but the prosciuto was still overpoweringly salty. (And were a salt-loving family)Ill have to try again with a different type and see if that improves it.

  • Volpicelli

  • Followed as suggested and found it to be lacking flavor. Also very salty for my family.

  • Nice idea but ultra salty. Watch the brands of proscuito and butter carefully and rinse all meats if needed.

  • My fiancee and I like these a lot Made them twice. I used pre packaged prosciutto from the deli. I used sone with less fat marble the 2nd time and it held up better. I also used a grill basket because they disintegrated off the skewers. I serve with Brussel sprouts and jasmine rice. Perfect.

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