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Recipe: Bifana

This dish fills the house with an incredible aroma. The sweet and sour flavor of the spiced rhubarb sauce is truly mouth-watering. If fresh rhubarb is not available, frozen may be used. You can substitute pork roast, chicken, duck or lamb for the pork tenderloin, if you wish.

Bifana Ingredients

  • cup white sugar

  • ? cup cider vinegar

  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger root

  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder

  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin

  • teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • teaspoon ground cloves

  • teaspoon dried red chile pepper

  • 4 cups diced rhubarb

  • cup chopped red onion

  • ? cup golden raisins

  • 1? pounds pork tenderloin

  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

  • 4 sprigs fresh cilantro, for garnish

How to Make Bifana

  1. To make the chutney: Combine sugar, vinegar, ginger, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, cloves and red pepper in a large saucepan. Bring to simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar dissolves. Add rhubarb, onion and raisins. Increase heat to medium-high and cook until rhubarb is tender and mixture thickens slightly. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).

  3. To cook pork: Sprinkle pork with cumin, salt and pepper. Heat oil in large, heavy skillet over high heat. Add pork and brown on all sides, about 5 minutes.

  4. Transfer pork to roasting pan. Brush with 6 tablespoons of the chutney. Place in preheated oven, brushing occasionally with 6 more tablespoons chutney. Cook until thermometer inserted into center registers 145 degrees (63 degrees C), about 25 minutes. Slice pork into medallions. Garnish with cilantro sprigs and serve with remaining chutney.

Bifana Nutritions

  • Calories: 535.7 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 91.8 g

  • Cholesterol: 73.5 mg

  • Fat: 8 g

  • Fiber: 4 g

  • Protein: 28.2 g

  • SaturatedFat: 1.9 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 67.2 mg

  • Sugar: 82.3 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Bifana Reviews

  • We loved it. My husband asked me to bookmark this so I could cook it for our guests. after the chutney is made the rest is quick and easymy advice would be to cook the chutney early (a day or a few hours)and put it away until the time you do the roast.

  • This is fantastic--so good I made it for Fathers Day several years ago for a pork-loving father, and now its a tradition. My mother makes it almost every large dinner party shes hosted. I serve it with couscous with golden raisins and green onions and a green salad. It is a huge hit with everyone that tastes it

  • Id love to give the recipe 5 stars but the presentation with the cooked rhubarb on top just didnt look very good. The taste, however, was definitely a keeper, so I think Ill roast the seasoned/seared pork tenderloin until done and then serve the spiced rhubarb sauce on the side

  • What a great combination of flavors, this is really good. I followed the recipe exactly and the chutney was fantastic. I marinated a big piece of pork tenderloin in about 3/4 cup of the chutney over night and in the morning just put it in the crock pot with the chutney marinade still covering it, it was delicious and I still have enough chutney to share with my mom and make our family another meal. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Wow This is really good. I had to cook the pork a little longer than instructed because I didnt allow extra time for the basting. The temperature was right on though, I used a thermometer and it turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing this recipe. -LNP

  • My family really enjoyed this. All the different spices mixed well with the pork. Im definitly keeping this recipe.

  • So yummy, youre gonna want seconds. Sweet with warm spicy accents. Had to make some modifications because I couldnt find rhubarb in store. Substituted fresh cranberries instead and worked perfectly. Also used ground ginger instead of fresh, and omitted raisins -- still turned out great. The flavors in the chutney worked perfectly with pork.

  • This is a recipe that my whole family loves. We have made this several times and find its a great way to compliment pork (or chicken, duck, etc.) prepared almost any way. Dont be afraid to try it, you wont be dissapointed. Thanks for sharing this

  • Delicious--we love pork tenderloins, and generally I cook them with a rosemary/thyme rub. This was a great change. Its an easy meal with a little planning. I used frozen rhubarb (from my garden)--Im very glad to have found another use for rhubarb

  • Outstanding. I could not find any rhubarb this time of the year, so I used cranberries (fresh frozen) instead, it was delish

  • This was delicious I finally found a way to use the rhubarb in our garden that my husband will eat. :) The chutney could easily be used in other dishes, which is good because it makes a lot.

  • Wonderful recipe, I made it as written - except that I did not brown on the stove. I took anothers suggestion and put the tenderloins together with some of the chutney, which I had made a couple of days earlier, to marinate for a couple hours before putting directly into the oven. Got raves all the way round.We had pre-dinner drinks served with Hummus III and Peppys Pita Bread (recipes from this site and made the day before). Main course: te Bifana served with Basmati Rice (recipe from this site), Spring Rhubarb Salad (recipe from this site) and a green salad. Served home made French bread which I had made a couple days before and frozen - placed in the hot oven for 15 minutes and tasted like fresh.Dessert was fruit mixture of lightly cooked rhubarb and apple and fresh strawberries, topped with whipped cream, served on shortbread tart shells. (Base was Tiny Shortbread Tarts which I made larger). Great meal, everybody cleaned their plates. Easy meal to prepare in that so much could be done ahead of time. Good way to use up a lot of rhubarb as well.

  • This really appealed to me. I used pork loin chops instead of tenderloin, I only used half the rhubarb and added butternut squash that I had half way roasted, peeled and cubed. I deleted the raisins. I also changed the cooking method a bit. I made the chutney as instructed (added the squash also) but I only browned the chops about two minutes on each side then I poured the chutney into a casserole and nesteled the chops into the mixture. I then covered and baked at 350 for 30 minutes. I would decrease the cloves next time and decrease the sugar a bit, maybe even increase the cumin some. Overall it was a delightful mixture of flavors and I would certainly make again with my changes.

  • Wow This recipe is flawless. The only thing I changed was I subbed the garlic powder for fresh garlic. Also, the recipe doesnt say to cover the pork. Do cover it as it will take forever to cook otherwise. Awesome recipe and I will make this one again and again.

  • Fantabulous recipe I just cooked it tonight for the first time and it got raves all the way around the table. A few alterations I made:I prefer to cook the tenderloin to 140 degrees instead of 155, its a safe temperature and so much more succulent that way. Before I cook the pork I soak it in a Ziploc for an hour in six cups of water with 3/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup table salt. Instead of rhubarb, I used fresh cranberries in the chutney. And I paired the tenderloin with mango couscous, and a bowl of pan-fried bok choy and collard greens in a coconut-milk cream sauce. Holy Mahoney it was good

  • Delicious based on previous reviews, i replaced the 2 teaspoons of cumin with 1 teaspoon each of cumin and coriander. i also used a handblender to puree the chutney used as the baste for the tenderloin.

  • Rhubarb was out of season, so I substituted mangos, and cut out the sugar and raisins completely. It was very delicious

  • This is excellent. I did cook it a bit longer than the suggested time but other than that followed the recipe as written. Not the bifana I am familiar with but a good recipe in its own right. Great way to use up last summers frozen rhubarb.

  • The chutney is quite good -- and is a good fit with pork. I have some of the chutney leftover, so will try it with chicken next time.

  • My mother came to visit so I made this as a welcome was divine Neither of us care for rhubarb, so I used a bag of frozen cherries instead. I also brined the pork in salt water with brown sugar, and it made the meat deliciously tender. The only thing I added was thyme to rub on the pork with cumin before searing it. I covered the roasting pan with alluminum foil, and it turned out tres gourmet. Thanks for this wonderful, easy recipe

  • LOVE IT This is my husbands favorite Hes always inviting company over so I will make it again and again. I would not change a thing about it. I have not been cooking for long, and this recipe makes me look like a pro Thank you so much for posting it

  • Sooo yummy It was a great and inventive way to use up some leftover rhubarb from last season before my new stuff comes in. The chutney really compliments the juicy pork. It makes a lot of chutney so I will be using it in a chicken salad also.

  • We have been making this for several years after getting it off of All recipes in 2001. It is OUTSTANDING

  • What an excellent recipe; thank you for sharing. My husband has declared this his new favorite. The only ommission I made was the red pepper flakes, since I was also feeding 2 young children. The prep time wasnt bad for the results. Well definitely make this again.

  • The chutney is amazing. I made some with fresh rhubarb from the garden. It goes works great with chicken too

  • I followed recipe exactly and it was wonderful Would not change a thing.

  • This recipe is absolutely spectacular. I loverhubarb, so was pretty sure I was going to like it,but it turned out even more delicious than I expected. My neighbors raved and we were all very happy diners Thanks for sharing this one.

  • I absolutely love this recipe, as does everyone I have ever made is for. I use minced garlic instead of powder. I also use a bit more red chili to kick it up a bit. The leftover chutney is great on anything Thanks for the excellent recipe

  • This was a great way to use up Rhubarb thats not a desert. Great combination of flavors. Went well with both chicken and pork. Im going to try a double batch and freeze it next time for an easy quick topper.

  • This was a fantastic sauce for pork tenderloin - I made it for a dinner party - and it was truly impressive It made the house smell great too I am not a great cook - and this recipe helped me fool my guests I might try and use a sugar substitute the next time to try and make this more low carb and somersized This is a keeper recipe for me

  • This is definitely a keeper It was a nice day, so we grilled it after marinating a couple of hours in some pureed chutney. I cut back on the red chiles, and will probably leave it out altogether next time since there were so many other flavors to enjoy that the heat wasnt necessary.

  • Heavenly Ive made this three times now. Make the chutney just in time to cool before serving. On the second day its almost too pungent. Fresh, it has a marvelously complex flavor with lovely layers to it. Your guests will swoon. I nearly do as it cooks I dont use cumin on the pork. Its a bit much with the chutney/sauce, I think.Update 2011 - I just rub the tenderloin with a little salt/pepper and dry mustard. A large dollop of leftover chutney is excellent in a bowl of oatmeal

  • I had made this a couple times before this review and loved it, as did my husband. But I couldnt remember the name After receiving an enormous bounty of rhubarb from a co-worker, went looking again for this recipe. The chutney is a great way to use rhubarb and very flavorful. Good with chicken - as I have used it more with chicken than pork

  • This was great Good mix of flavors and goes very nicely with pork tenerloin. Ill bet you could can this in jars and then always have it on hand.

  • This was really good but my husband said it needed ground pepper.

  • Wonderful. easy to prepare and my boyfriend and i just loved it.

  • I served this to some friends, and she is a wonderful cook. They, and we, were crazy about it

  • This was really good. My father-in-law and husband both loved it. I added a bit of salt to the chutney though. Very simple. Thanks

  • I substituted red wine vinegar for the cider vinegar and omitted the ginger because I didnt have them in the house. My husband thought it was great and we should save the recipie - which is saying a lot because he is not a fan of recipes that include cinnamon. My 3 year old didnt even seem fazed by the red pepper (I used ground, not flakes). I thought it was good and easy .

  • What an unusual recipe with the various flavors. My husband wasnt wild over the chutney but I thought it was superb.

  • I wasnt as wild about this as a lot of people were. Like some others, I substituted cranberries for the rhubarb. I thought it made a lot of chutney--think that part could have been cut in half. (Ive been trying to find ways to use up the leftover chutney--I was surprised to find its really tasty just mixed with some plain yogurt; also good mixed in chicken salad.) My husband, who is sensitive to smells didnt like the strong vinegar smell of the chutney cooking. The chutney tasted fine, though, not too vinegar-y. It was a little tart, though, so I added orange juice and apple sauce to sweeten it up. I put the pork in a brine of water, salt and sugar for about an hour and a half before I cooked it--not sure how much it helped, but the pork was pretty tender. I think I prefer a simpler pork--I found the very strong taste of the chutney overpowered the meat, but thats probably a personal preference.

  • This was a great recipe, the only thing I left out was the raisins and changed the garlic powder to crushed garlic. Rhubarb isnt in season so I had to buy frozen. I really enjoyed making this it made the house smell wonderful, my husband loved it. Cant wait to make it again.

  • The rhubarb was delightfull and it really did hit the spot with the pork ,better than apple sauce anyday.

  • This is my husbands favorite dish I make If it were up to him, wed have it once a week. It makes the house smell delicious. I cook it with a mixture of strawberries and mango instead of the rhubarb and sugar.

  • Personally I made it with chicken because thats what was available. Be careful not to burn the topping onto the pork while in the oven. I ended up with a black mess around the pieces of meat but the dish itself is great.

  • Wonderful This is the 2nd time Ive made this and its just as good as I remember.

  • It was delicious I used fresh rhubarb from my garden and substituted a fresh cayenne pepper from my garden for the dried red chile pepper. I used a slightly larger pork loin, so this increased the cook time by 25 minutes. I will definitely be making this againBy the way, if you cant find fresh rhubarb at the grocery store, look in the freezer section, it comes already cut up. Which is a plus, since prep time was longer than advertised.Thanks for the great recipe

  • My frozen rhubarb also included strawberries. The flavor was good but I didnt like how it mushed up the texture. I will, however, make this again.

  • This was great thank you.

  • This was a lovely base to work from. I added about a I/4 teaspoon of fennel seeds, a teaspoon of molasses, two apples diced and a shot of Forty Creek Honey Spiced rum. I brined and smoked the loin and finished in the oven with the chutney glaze. Served with chutney on the side.

  • Loved the chutney I didnt have time to brown the pork chops so they were pale and also could have been moister.

  • I have made this again and again and again. I cheat a little to save some labour (particularly dishes) and brown it in my Le Creuset then just cover it with the entire amount of chutney and throw it all in the oven until done.

  • This was delicious Made it as per the recipe but only had 3 cups of rhubarb, so added a big handful of dried cranberries. They added a nice flavour and a little punch of colour. I have leftover chutney and Im excited about trying it with another dish - or maybe with cheese and crackers Cooked pork to an internal temp of 150degrees. Took longer than 25 min. but meat was just a tiny bit pinkish and very juicy.

  • We enjoyed this, and it smelled wonderful. The flavor was more of the spices than the rhubarb. A meat thermometer was a "must", as our tenderloin cooked a bit quicker than expected. Served with basmati rice, steamed carrots and sugar snap peas. Next time, I may add a splash of white wine to the remaining chutney to make it more of a sauce, and then garnish with plumped craisins to enhance appearance on the plate.

  • Ive made this so many times, I am now having to reprint it. When I first printed it I had to use both the front and back of the paper, you couldnt condense it. Now the paper has gotten so stained + greased marked I cant read it anymore. This is amazing on the tenderloin or almost any cut of pork (well, maybe not ribs :) ). Not to forget chicken as well. Wonderful on Cream Cheese, Brie or an Oka cheese too.

  • This was pretty easy to make. My husband enjoyed it but my son didnt really dig the rhubarb. Which is suprising because he eats everything. It had a good flavor and was "different."

  • This was great I made it with chicken and used regular vinegar which worked just fine. I did leave it in the oven too long and the sugar fused to the pan in a blackened mess. Luckily the dish itself was fine.

  • Amazing, so good canned the chutney for later too

  • Only a few things that can be done with rhubarb, most of them desserts.Rhubarb mushy, but very tasty. Didnt have garlic powder, so used minced garlic, about 2T. I used Thomson raisins, but dried cherries or cranberries could also be used. Just keep an eye on it so it doesnt burn to the bottom of the pot.

  • ChrisB

  • I switched the cooking up on this. I threw all of the ingredients into a one gallon zip lock bag (I used boneless pork chops, left out the golden raisins and cilantro, I didnt have them on hand, and added twice as much olive oil). I let it marinate for a few hours and threw it in the freezer to make later. I took this out the night before I made it and left it in the fridge, in the morning I threw it in the crock pot on low and just let it cook. The meat came out dry so I will use a tenderloin in the future and will also consider searing it before adding it to the pot. But the smell was amazingI wish I had doubled the recipe. This was perfect for the busy person and I am sure that it is even better when it is made the way it is written. Over some rice and green beans, perfect dinner or lunch.

  • By far the BEST roast I have ever made. I used half the amount of ginger since I had dried, and I substituted yellow curry powder for the cumin since I dont like plain cumin. Then I put it in my crockpot. So delicious

  • Excellent chutney (I used frozen cranberries) that is delicious on turkey sandwiches the next day.

  • Very tasty, it makes a lot of sauce.

  • Took longer to cook than listed, but other than that, wonderful I didnt have rhubarb so I replaced with tart apples and fresh cranberries, cutting back on the sugar. Perfect

  • Wow, this is a total winner We were looking for new ways to use our rhubarb this year, and thought wed give this a shot. The picture doesnt do it justice, and Im so glad we tried it despite the cover art The flavors come together beautifully, and the chutney is the perfect pairing for the pork. GREAT way to cook the pork too - browning then cooking in the oven. Really lovely dish.

  • It tastes great Make sure you use fresh ginger and your cumin is actually crushed not whole. We ate it with rice which is not traditional but it goes well anyhow.

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