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Recipe: 15 Recipes for the Feast of St. Joseph's Day

St. Josephs Day is a feast day that honors Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary and stepfather of Jesus. It is celebrated on March 19 every year and is always a food-focused holiday for those who observe it. There is the creation of St. Josephs Table, decorated and covered with foods that people believe to be lucky. These include fava beans, lemons, and any food with breadcrumbs which represent the sawdust Joseph would have created as a carpenter. Fava beans are lucky since they are one of the only foods to survive historic droughts. No meat is ever placed on a St. Josephs table, since it occurs during Lent, but seafood is common. And according to legend, any woman who manages to sneak a lemon off the St. Josephs Table on the feast day will have luck finding a husband. Here are some of our favorite dishes featuring St. Josephs Table ingredients that are perfect for celebrating the day.

Source: 15 Recipes for the Feast of St. Joseph's Day All About Trends

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