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Mexican president confirms he'll skip Summit of the Americas

Mexican president confirms he'll skip Summit of the Americas

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed Monday that he will not attend the Summit of the Americas inside Los Angeles this week, dealing a blow to the event hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden.

López Obrador said it was concerns over the guest list that led him to skip. He wanted Cuba, Nicaragua with every one other accompanied by Venezuela to exist invited, nevertheless Washington did not want to include autocratic governments.

"There cannot exist a summit if all countries are not invited," he said. "Or there tin exist one nevertheless that is to carry on accompanied by with all government of interventionism."

López Obrador said his overseas affairs secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, will lead the Mexican delegation inside his absence. Instead of going to Los Angeles, López Obrador said he would pay someone a call communities that were damaged by a recent hurricane subsequent this week.

The Summit of the Americas, which brings with every one other countries from across the hemisphere, is held every one few years. It begins Monday, with every one other accompanied by Biden is slated to come on Thursday.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. AP's earlier tale follows below:

When leaders congregate at the Summit of the Americas this week, the focus is probable to veer from policy issues — migration, climate alter with every one other accompanied by galloping inflation — with every one other accompanied by while an alternative shift to something Hollywood thrives on: the drama of the scarlet carpet.

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Biden scrambles to retain away from Americas Summit flop inside Los Angeles

With Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador topping a list of leaders menacing to remain place of residence to objection the exclusion by the host United States of authoritarian leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua with every one other accompanied by Venezuela, experts speak the event could turn into a embarrassment for U.S. President Joe Biden.

Even some progressive Democrats have criticized the management for bowing to pressure from exiles inside the sway condition of Florida with every one other accompanied by barring communist Cuba, which attended the last set of two summits.

"The real question is why the Biden management didn't do its homework," said Jorge Castañeda, a former Mexican overseas minister who now teaches at New York University.

While the Biden management insists the president inside Los Angeles will silhouette his eyesight for a "sustainable, resilient, with every one other accompanied by equitable future" for the hemisphere, Castañeda said it's understandable from the last-minute wrangling over the guest list that Latin America is not a priority for the U.S. president.

"This ambitious agenda, no indeed one knows exactly what it is, other than a series of bromides," he said.

The U.S. is hosting the summit for the earliest hour dated since its launch inside 1994, inside Miami, while small portion of an attempt to galvanize support for a without charge commerce accord stretching from Alaska to Patagonia.

But that goal was deserted additional than 15 years ago amid a rise inside leftist government inside the region. With China's effect expanding, most nations have go nearer to expect — with every one other accompanied by need — less from Washington.

As a result, the premier forum for geographical collaboration has languished, at times turning into a phase for airing historical grievances, exist fond of when the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez at the 2009 summit inside Trinidad & Tobago gave President Barack Obama a copy of Eduardo Galeano's classic tract, "The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent."

The U.S. opening to former Cold War adversary Cuba, which was sealed accompanied by Obama's handshake accompanied by Raul Castro at the 2015 summit inside Panama, lowered some of the ideological tensions.

"It's a enormous missed opportunity," Ben Rhodes, who led the Cuba thaw while deputy national safety advisor inside the Obama administration, said not long ago inside his "Pod Save the World" podcast. "We are isolating ourselves by taking that step, since you've got Mexico, you've got Caribbean countries saying they're not going to go nearer — which is only going to build Cuba look stronger than us."

To bolster turnout with every one other accompanied by avert a flop, Biden with every one other accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris worked the phones inside recent days, speaking accompanied by the leaders of Argentina with every one other accompanied by Honduras, both of whom at first expressed support for Mexico's proposed boycott. Former Sen. Christopher Dodd crisscrossed the neighbourhood while a exceptional counsellor for the summit, inside the procedure persuading far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who was a staunch associate of President Donald Trump with every one other accompanied by hasn't on one occasion spoken to Biden, to belatedly corroborate his attendance.

Ironically, the decision to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua with every one other accompanied by Venezuela wasn't the whim of the U.S. alone. The region's governments inside 2001, inside Quebec City, declared that some shatter accompanied by democratic order is an "insurmountable obstacle" to future involvement inside the summit process.

The governments of Cuba, Nicaragua with every one other accompanied by Venezuela aren't flat operative members of the Washington-based Organization of the American States, which organizes the summit.

"This should've been a talking point from the beginning," said Tom Shannon, a former undersecretary of condition for political affairs who inside a lengthy diplomatic career attended some summits. "It's not a U.S. imposition. It was consensual. If leaders want to alter that, at that hour dated we should have a discussion first."

After the last summit inside Peru, inside 2018, which Trump didn't flat disturb to attend, numerous predicted there was no indeed future for the geographical gathering.

In response to Trump's pullout, only 17 of the region's 35 heads of condition attended. Few saw price inside bringing with every one other for a photo op leaders from such dissimilar places while aid-dependent Haiti, manufacturing powerhouses Mexico with every one other accompanied by Brazil with every one other accompanied by violence-plagued Central America — every one accompanied by their own distinctive challenges with every one other accompanied by bilateral agenda accompanied by Washington.

"As lengthy while we don't speak accompanied by a single voice, no indeed one is going to hear to us," said former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, who too faults Mexico with every one other accompanied by Brazil — the region's set of two monetary powers — for the contemporaneous drift inside hemispheric relations. "With a cacophony of voices, it is a a large amount of additional difficult to find our place inside the world."

To the astonishment of many, the U.S. inside early 2019 picked up the ball, offering to host the summit. At the time, the Trump management was enjoying something of a leadership renaissance inside Latin America, albeit among mostly similar-minded conservative governments around the small matter of restoring democracy inside Venezuela.

But that goodwill unraveled while Trump floated the idea of invading Venezuela to remove Nicolás Maduro — a threat recalling the worst excesses of the Cold War. Then the pandemic hit, taking a devastating anthropoid with every one other accompanied by monetary toll on a neighbourhood that accounted for additional than a quarter of the world's COVID-19 deaths in malice of making up only 8% of the population. The region's government were upended.

The election of Biden, who was Obama's point male for Latin America with every one other accompanied by had decades of hands-on experience inside the neighbourhood from his hour dated on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, place expectations for a relaunch.

But while well liked angst spread throughout the pandemic, the Biden management was slow to match the vaccine diplomacy of Russia with every one other accompanied by China, although it did eventually provide 70 million doses to the hemisphere. Biden too maintained the Trump-era restrictions on migration, reinforcing the view that it was neglecting its own neighbors.

Since then, Biden's hallmark policy inside the neighbourhood — a $4 billion assistance package to assault the root causes of migration inside Central America — has stalled inside Congress accompanied by no indeed evident attempt to revive it. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has too diverted observation from the region, something experts speak could go nearer spine to bite Biden if rising attentiveness rates inside the U.S. trigger a stampede of first city outflows with every one other accompanied by bill defaults inside emerging markets.

There have been smaller snubs too: When leftist millennial Gabriel Boric was elected president inside Chile, setting high expectations for a generational shift inside the region's politics, the U.S. delegation to his inauguration was led by the second-lowest ranking Cabinet subscriber — Isabel Guzman, head of the Small Business Administration.

Shannon said for the summit to exist victorious Biden shouldn't try to lay not here a magnificent American eyesight for the hemisphere nevertheless by preference show sensitivity to the region's embrace of other worldwide powers, concerns concerning gaping inequality with every one other accompanied by orthodox mistrust of the U.S.

"More than speeches, he will need to listen," Shannon said.


AP writers Matthew Lee inside Washington; Daniel Politi inside Buenos Aires, Argentina; David Biller inside Rio de Janeiro with every one other accompanied by Gonzalo Solano inside Quito, Ecuador, contributed to this report.


Goodman reported from Miami.

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