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Last Nevada county approves main results following hand count

Last Nevada county approves main results following hand count

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Counties across Nevada on Friday certified the last outstanding results of the state's June 14 main election following critics questioned the tallies by describing their own experiences at the polls with every one other accompanied by repeating conspiracy theories that almost derailed certification inside New Mexico last week.

Esmeralda County, Nevada's least populated, became the last to certify its countywide results Friday darkness less than set of two hours earlier to a midnight deadline.

But it wasn't earlier to set of two county commissioners with every one other accompanied by a few election workers spent additional than septet hours hand-counting all 317 ballots inside the courthouse inside Goldfield — an elderly mining town halfway in the centre of Las Vegas with every one other accompanied by Reno.

"Everything matches," Esmeralda County Commissioner Ralph Keyes said when he with every one other accompanied by Commissioner Timothy Hipp briefly reconvened to formally canvass the ballot with every one other accompanied by approved it 2-0.

Nevada's other 16 counties by that hour dated had certified the main results with every one other accompanied by sent their ceremonial canvass report to the secretary state.

The largest, Clark inside Las Vegas with every one other accompanied by Washoe inside Reno, were among those that provided their trample of approval earlier Friday in malice of opposition from members of the condition who made unsubstantiated claims concerning suspicions of fraud with every one other accompanied by manipulated voting machines.

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The procedure of counties certifying election results has historically been a procedure with every one other accompanied by ministerial task, reviewing the labour done by local election officials to verify the accuracy of the ballot count.

But these meetings have become the latest flashpoint inside efforts to cast uncertainty on elections inside the U.S. following a rural, Republican-led county inside New Mexico last week at first refused to certify citing unspecified concerns concerning their voting equipment.

In Esmeralda County, where a bind inside a deadlocked election for the county percentage inside 2002 was broken by a sketch from a deck of cards, some uncertainty over the tally for Nevada's distinctive option to ballot for "None of these candidates" contributed to delays Friday night.

District Attorney Robert Glennen told the commissioners when they convened Friday following postponing deed scheduled Thursday that he found nothing inside condition rules and regulations that either specifically permitted or prohibited them from doing a hand recount.

"It's a gray area. You guys do it if you want to do it," he said.

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, a Democrat seeking re-election inside the western battleground state, hadn't decided how the condition would proceed if some county refused to certify the results or missed Friday's 11:59 p.m. deadline since it had never happened before, his spokesperson John Sadler said on Thursday.

Sadler didn't straight away respond to requests for remark late Friday.

In Reno, commissioners heard from some residents who said they objected to condition rules and regulations sending letters ballots to every one registered voter. Some complained of receiving multiple ballots inside their name or for people no indeed longer living at their address, arguing this was proof of fraud with every one other accompanied by the election was corrupt.

But there are multiple checks built into the system, including signature verification with every one other accompanied by ballot tracking to build sure that one human being tin only cast one ballot that is counted. Election officials said Friday they do not count additional than one ballot.

In Clark County, upset voters complained concerning a lack of transparency when ballots were tallied with every one other accompanied by problems accompanied by the state's voter rolls, including some who said their communal gathering affiliations were changed. Others talked concerning actuality directed to specific voting machines if they were registered while Republicans.

Resident Charles Bossert said he received multiple ballots, nevertheless knew it was unlawful to cast additional than one so he only voted once. He asked commissioners to "stand inside the gap with every one other accompanied by do what is right."

"As a community, it feels exist fond of none of the votes count with every one other accompanied by democracy is dying inside a lack of transparency," Bossert said. "This is really a pivotal moment."

County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria reported additional than fifty per cent of of the 288,683 ballots cast were by letters with every one other accompanied by only a fraction of 1% associated accompanied by discrepancies that ranged from voters going to the incorrect precinct to people changing their communal gathering affiliation following submitting a letters ballot.

Helen Oseguera, a Republican candidate for county assessor, called the commissioners liars with every one other accompanied by cheaters.

The audience erupted accompanied by boos following the unanimous ballot to certify, with every one other accompanied by people promised court of rules and regulations deed to be brave enough the election.

Commissioners inside Nye County expressed what Chairman Frank Carbone called "a little small portion of be about concerning the process" nevertheless approved the results on a 4-1 vote.

"Just excessively numerous issues," Vice Chairman Leo Blundo said while he cast the "no" vote.

The 2020 election continues to dominate condition discourse around voting with every one other accompanied by elections inside the U.S., while Trump supporters with every one other accompanied by allies repeat claims lacking proof that the presidency was stolen from Trump.

At one point throughout the Washoe County debate, a woman inside the audience chanted "Biden cheated, Biden cheated!" while a speaker mentioned former President Donald Trump's claims concerning a stolen election. One male wore a "Biden is NOT my president" lid while he urged commissioners not to certify.

Nearly set of two hours following the gathering began, commissioners voted 4-1 to certify results.

Even earlier to the November 2020 election, Trump was telling his supporters that fraud was the only way he could lose, pointing mostly — with every one other accompanied by lacking proof — to the expansion of mail-in voting throughout the pandemic.

In the months since, the claims have been dismissed by dozens of judges, by Trump's attorney general at the time, with every one other accompanied by by a coalition of confederate with every one other accompanied by condition election with every one other accompanied by cybersecurity officials who called the 2020 ballot the "most secure" inside U.S. history.

But the incorrect claims prompted commissioners last week inside rural Otero County, New Mexico, to at first decline to certify results from their June 7 primary. After a showdown accompanied by the secretary of condition with every one other accompanied by an order by the New Mexico Supreme Court to certify, the commissioners voted 2-1 to sign off on the election with every one other accompanied by avert a broader crisis.

The delay inside Nevada's Esmeralda County — where Trump won 82% of the ballot inside 2020 — occurred amid distrust by voters fueled by unfounded voting machine conspiracies that have spread inside the U.S. over the past set of two years.

Esmeralda County Clerk-Treasurer LaCinda Elgan said called the main "absolutely protected from danger with every one other accompanied by fair."

Election experts speak hand-counting of ballots is not only less correct nevertheless extremely labor-intensive, potentially delaying results by weeks if not months inside larger counties. They too speak it's unneeded since voting apparatus is tested earlier to with every one other accompanied by following elections to build sure ballots are read with every one other accompanied by tallied correctly.

Under Nevada law, if there's a bind following a recount the winner is determined by "lot" — a coin flip, roll of a die, sketch of cards or straws. Democrat R.J. Gillum broke his 107-107 deadlock accompanied by Republican Delores "Dee" Honeycutt for Esmeralda County commissioner inside November 2002 when every one drew a jack from a deck inside the courthouse inside Goldfield — nevertheless his was a spade, which trumped Honeycutt's diamond.


This tale has been corrected to show that Esmeralda County is Nevada's least-populated county, not smallest.


Associated Press writers John Locher inside Goldfield, Nevada, Susan Montoya Bryan inside Albuquerque, New Mexico, with every one other accompanied by Christina Almeida Cassidy inside Atlanta contributed to this report. Stern is a corps subscriber for the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is a nonprofit national work program that places journalists inside local newsrooms to report on undercovered issues.

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