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Recipe: Chicken Kiev

This fantastic Russian Chicken Kiev recipe has been my family favorite for the past 30 years. It is reasonably easy to prepare and is worth the time.

Chicken Kiev Ingredients

  • ? cup butter

  • teaspoon ground black pepper

  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder

  • 2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

  • 2 eggs

  • 3 tablespoons water

  • teaspoon ground black pepper

  • teaspoon garlic powder

  • 1 teaspoon dried dill weed

  • cup all-purpose flour

  • cup dry bread crumbs

  • 2 cups vegetable oil for frying

  • lemon, sliced

  • cup chopped fresh parsley

How to Make Chicken Kiev

  1. Combine 1/3 cup butter, 1/2 teaspoon pepper and 1 teaspoon garlic powder. On a 6x6 inch piece of aluminum foil, spread mixture to about 2x3 inches. Place this mixture in the coldest section of your freezer and freeze until firm. This can be done ahead of time.

  2. Remove all fat from the chicken breast. If using whole chicken breasts, cut them in half. Place each chicken breast half between 2 pieces of waxed paper and using a mallet, pound carefully to about 1/4 inch thickness or less.

  3. When butter mixture is firm, remove from freezer and cut into 6 equal pieces. Place one piece of butter on each chicken breast. Fold in edges of chicken and then roll to encase the butter completely. Secure the chicken roll with small skewers or toothpicks.

  4. In a mixing bowl, beat eggs with water until fluffy. In a separate bowl, mix together 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, dill weed and flour. Coat the chicken well with the seasoned flour. Dip the floured chicken in the egg mixture and then roll in the bread crumbs. Place coated chicken on a shallow tray and chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

  5. In a medium size deep frying pan, heat vegetable oil to medium-high. Fry chicken for about 5 minutes then turn over and fry for 5 minutes longer or until the chicken is golden brown. To test for doneness, cut into one of the rolled chicken breasts to make sure it doesnt have a pink interior. Serve immediately, garnished with a sliced lemon twist and a sprinkling or parsley.

Chicken Kiev Nutritions

  • Calories: 485 calories

  • Carbohydrate: 24.2 g

  • Cholesterol: 181.1 mg

  • Fat: 24.9 g

  • Fiber: 1.7 g

  • Protein: 39.9 g

  • SaturatedFat: 9.4 g

  • ServingSize:

  • Sodium: 304 mg

  • Sugar: 1.2 g

  • TransFat:

  • UnsaturatedFat:

Chicken Kiev Reviews

  • This recipe is really good, however I had a hard time keeping the butter in the chicken. I fried the chicken for about 2 minutes on each side, then baked it for about 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven and it came out perfectly. I did use more dill, because I love it. A great recipe

  • I have to disagree with everyone who said this recipe was easy. To keep it short and sweet, be prepared. It was messy, time consuming (getting the chicken wrapped securely around those pats of butter is HARD....rolling the chicken breasts pierced with skewers/toothpicks in the coatings and getting them well-covered is even harder) and the end result was very bland. Maybe I should have used some salt (which is not listed anywhere in the recipe)??

  • I will NEVER buy a packaged kiev again. I think the dill did it. Followed receipe, only added BonBell cheese (1/2) per breast. All I can say is excellent. Fried to brown, finished in oven (350 degrees for 30 mins.)

  • This recipe is good, but I just want to remind that Kiev is the capital of Ukraine NOT Russia So this is Ukrainian Chicken Kiev recipe.

  • You all have to try Uncle Bills recipes. Hes great.

  • I mixed dill, parsley and garlic powder into the butter. Boyfriend (Russian) thought it was fantastic. Thanks

  • My husband and I just love it I didnt have to change the recipe at all

  • This was quite easy to make although I couldnt taste the dill. Perhaps add more dill to the flour mixture next time. Also, I used pre-crushed corn flakes instead of bread crumbs which made it very crispy & yummy. More garlic wouldnt go astray. This recipe has definitely made it into our familys usual recipe box

  • Wonderful Brought back memories of eating at the Mir Hotel in Moscow. I prepared and served this recipe for 3 adults and 4 children. Adults and children enjoyed it. I kept reminding the kids to watch out for the toothpicks.During preparation I had better luck pounding the chicken in a large glad zip-lock bag than with wax paper.

  • Excellent recipe. I need to practice the skills but even for a first time, this turned out very well and my family all enjoyed it, even the picky eaters. This is worth the effort for a special dinner, but isnt overly fussy. I used a meat thermometer to gauge the chicken which also helped.

  • This is not as easy as those frozen ones you can buy but they taste a lot better. The steps in this recipe may make someone apprehensive but it wasnt as hard as it appears. I too used anothers advice and fried for a few min and then baked until cooked through. I served over Uncle Bens wild rice pilaf and a side of steamed veggies and it was very good. It worked great for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend and leftovers were ALMOST as good as the ones right out of the oven.

  • Very good and if you are having trouble with keeping the chicken together use some cooking string like they have on roasts and untie before serving

  • Never really realized exactly how easy Chicken Kiev was until I made this for one of our "The Amazing Race" dinners. Great flavor and something that adds that "extra something" without taking up any extra time.

  • This turned out pretty good. I followed the suggestions of others and fried them for about 6 minutes until they were browned and then baked them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. I used 1/2 cup butter and 1.5 tsps garlic powder for the garlic butter. I also used fresh dill (about 1 Tablespoon but think I should have used more). One thing I didnt like is that the flour seemed to all come off in the egg mixture. Next time I think I might just mix the dill (etc) with the bread crumbs so I dont lose it all. It was also a whole lot of effort for dinner, but the taste was definitely worth it.

  • 4.5 stars. First time with this particular recipe. Followed both the original recipe and several of the suggestions offered in the reviews. These included: adding more dill, more garlic and added cheese---babybel bonbel (those little wrapped round cheeses). I found making more butter mixture and cutting them into very small pieces made it much easy to roll the chicken---same for the cheese. Cooking string helped keeped things together better than toothpix. Try adding a little of the dill and parsley mixture inside the chicken before rolling it up. Served with seasoned broccoli rice florets.

  • This recipe was very good. I used Italian bread crumbs to give the chicken a little more flavor.

  • Surprisingly easy to make, for a recipe that comes out so impressive For a variation, try stuffing it with chopped veggies. Excellent

  • This recipe is fabulous I really enjoyed it and found it fairly easy to make. The hardest part is rolling the butter into the chicken. I used garlic salt instead of powder because I love salt. I will definitely keep this recipe on hand

  • Very good recipe Follows the true aspects of this classic dish

  • My husband and I loved this recipe. I made them ahead of time and kept them in the fridge for a couple hours before frying. I followed other users advice and quick fried them and put them in the oven for about 15min to finish. They turned out great. Will definately make them again.

  • Found this recipe this morning Very good Very easy The butter froze enough on a dinner plate to roll in the chickennand I added a little parsley and freshly grated garlic to the mix, just as one other commenter posted they had done. I also used olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Following the directions was simple and dinner was a huge success Thank you Recipe favorited

  • These werent terribly difficult to make but we thought they tasted good.

  • I start making this the day before. When I put the butter in the chicken, I wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Its easier to flour and egg it the next day, because it is firmly set in the rolled shape.

  • Very good, was a little bit of a pain rolling but it was very good.

  • My family loved it Next time we will use half the dill, though. I had chicken thighs instead of breasts so I put the butter under the skin, coated it and cooked it like you would Southern fried chicken. It worked out just fine.

  • Made this tonight for my family What a hit We used Crisco instead of vegetable oil, it fries so much better. I fried and then baked as others suggested. My family LOVED it Even if some of the butter escapes, it flavors the chicken enough that its not a huge deal Very good We will make a again

  • It was pretty good, but hard to handle. I coulnt keep the butter inside the chicken. I deep fried for 5 minutes and then baked until cooked through.Over all not a bad recipe. I will make it again, but this time figure out a way to keep the butter inside

  • We had company over for dinner and this recipe really impressed After reading the reviews, I fried the chicken like the recipes states, but then baked it in the oven to finish cooking. It seemed like I lost a lot of the butter while it was baking, but there was still plenty left inside. It was also really juicy and flavorful. It was a little time consuming, but this will become a weekly staple in our household. What I liked best was that I already had all the ingredients.

  • This is really good when coated with Rice Krispies in place of the bread crumbs.

  • I didnt really care for this recipe. Although it was easy, there was a lot of different steps that made it time consuming and involved for anyone making this for their family.

  • I have to agree the recipe was a bit bland and the butter was difficult to contain. I often find many of these recipes bland and in need of more. I always enjoy skinless boneless chicken breast recipes for the health value but all the butter negates this benefit. Cest la vie. I will be trying it again.

  • Chicken was very moist. I brinned it for 3 hours prior to preparation. Couldnt really taste the dill or the garlic - recommend using more of each and probably coating the outside just prior to the flour. Also I think cheese like fontina would be a great addition. I pre-softened the butter for 15 seconds in the microwave which helped blend the ingredients and shape it into the required rectangle. Also cooked in a pot instead of a pan. The oil was higher 2/3 up the rolled breasts and six minutes worked perfectly on both sides. Got a great brown this way as well. If you dont use cheese recommend a little salt. This dish has an excellent look just needs a little more flavor. I didnt use fresh dill (rather out of container) probably a mistake. I also might use boiled fresh garlic in the butter mixture next time.

  • Chicken Kiev is so so good Have made it for over 40 years, and never tire of it. Its a delightful "company" dish But please, use real garlic, not garlic powder. Its easy and tastes so much better With real garlic, this would be 5 stars

  • Serve with SOUR CREAM, it tastes awesome with Chicken Kiev.

  • This does take time. . . and is in my opinion tough. . however that being said it is not impossible to pull off. A few things, make sure your oil isnt too HOT my poor guys burned in a minute. . .still good but not cooked and they had to be finished in the oven. Second, I would make a garlic sauce to go over them to save the flavor if your butter disappeared. Some salt wouldnt go astray in this dish. Basically dont expect to get it right first try. . .experiment lol And more dill

  • Third times the charm. Ive tried to make Chicken Kiev before and failed, this time it worked, but not as written. Used Stardust331s tip about browning, then baking, and Tracy32999: So, they didnt use salt, if everyone jumps off a bridge, are you going to jump too? Of course you should add salt

  • This is a pretty good recipe but I have always had Kiev made with Tarragon NOT dill. Tarragon lovers should try it that way.

  • Just to let everyone know - Kyiv is the Ukrainian spelling of the capital of Ukraine and it is not russian.

  • This is the first time Ive made Chicken Kiev where the butter actually stayed in it until it was served I usually bake it in the over and the butter always leaks out, so maybe the trick is to pan fry it I did use chives instead of the dill, because thats how Ive always made it. Next time I will try some of the pieces with the dill as directed.

  • I didnt freeze the butter but it comes out and melts. If you want to save a few calories, fry it in little oil and then bake it.

  • Wonderful recipe with great flavor A little time-consuming but well worth it.

  • OMG Fantastic A bit of work but well worth it. Will make again

  • Took to a dinner party with Uzbekistan theme, never having made fried chicken in my life, snatched up the second I put it down, had to snag a piece for myself...I used tenderloins instead of breast simply so I could serve more (made frying time 5 mins), delish the butter is everything Total freaking hit.

  • I went to my.butcher and had him butterfly a nice plump, lean boneless chicken breast. Much easier to.pound flat and roll up starting with a thin fillet. Messy? Yes. But worth the effort.

  • A low fat version can be made by using cream cheese instead of butter. Spray with oil and bake in oven 25-30 minutes, depending on size

  • I had some trouble getting the chicken breasts to roll up and stay that way, but I blame the chicken I bought for that. This recipe has some pretty good flavor.

  • It was perfect, though I did use terragon as the only spice and also blue salt which is a result of an old hobby of mine. Everyone loved it and my mother couldnt stop talking about how good it was. I would recommend this recipe if you want to get a taste of foreign foods. (If you dont live in a country that includes chicken Kiev in its culture)

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