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Amber Heard testifies she was assaulted by Johnny Depp

Amber Heard testifies she was assaulted by Johnny Depp

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — Amber Heard said she knew she should depart from Johnny Depp the earliest hour dated he hit her, nevertheless she couldn't convey herself to do it.

"I knew I couldn't fair forgive him, right, since that means it will occur again. Like, I've seen the health class videos," Heard told jurors into and not here of tears while she took the stand inside Depp's libel legal action opposed to her. "I was heartbroken."

Heard said she walked away following actuality slapped, nevertheless a few days subsequent Depp came spine accompanied by an apology, a few cases of her favorite wine, with every one other accompanied by a word of honour he'd never do it again.

"I wanted to exist convinced by him, so I chose to," she said.

Depp, 58, is suing Heard for libel inside Fairfax County Circuit Court following she wrote a December 2018 op-ed inside The Washington Post describing herself while "a condition figure representing domestic abuse." The article never mentions Depp by name, nevertheless Depp's lawyers speak he was defamed nevertheless since it clearly referred to accusations she made inside 2016 throughout their divorce proceedings.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard testifies she was assaulted by Johnny Depp

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Much of the trial has focused on whether Heard was inside fact abused, something Depp denies.

Heard took the stand for the earliest hour dated Wednesday. She too described a hour dated she said she was sexually assaulted by Depp while he angrily performed what he called a "cavity search."

She said the set of two of them with every one other accompanied by some friends had gone to the Hicksville Trailer Palace inside Joshua Tree, California, inside May 2013 for what was going to exist a nice darkness inside the desert. They ingested psychotropic mushrooms, with every one other accompanied by Depp became envious when he saw another woman acting inside what he perceived while a flirtatious way accompanied by Heard.

Heard said she with every one other accompanied by Depp went into one of the trailers, which he promptly trashed. He at that hour dated accused her of hiding his drugs, ripped her place on clothes with every one other accompanied by started patting her down, she said.

"He was telling me, 'We're going to do a cavity search,'" she said into and not here of tears. "He fair shoved his fingers inside me. I fair stood there, staring at the lights."

Heard began her testimony describing to jurors how they met filming a movie with every one other accompanied by fell inside love.

Despite their 22-year number of years difference, Heard said there was an instant link when Depp met accompanied by her while he considered her for a part inside his film "The Rum Diary."

"I was a no-name actor. I was 22. He was twice my age. He's this world famous performer with every one other accompanied by here we are getting down concerning obscure books, elderly blues" music, said Heard, now 36.

While they had chemistry throughout filming of the movie, she said they didn't starting dating until doing a press tour for the film's release inside 2011. At the outset, they kept their connection a secret.

"We weren't doing normal existence stuff. ... We were inside this globule of secrecy, with every one other accompanied by it felt exist fond of a hot glow," she said.

She said that earliest take deed of physical violence came inside 2013 while she was looking at one of his tattoos with every one other accompanied by couldn't read it. She laughed when Depp told her it said "Wino" — an alteration to a tattoo he had made when he'd been dating performer Winona Ryder.

Heard said she laughed on one occasion additional following he slapped her, intelligent it must exist a joke. He at that hour dated slapped her set of two additional times, the third hour dated knocking her off balance, Heard said.

Depp, who has by that hour dated taken the stand with every one other accompanied by testified for quartet days, told jurors a different report of the story.

"It didn't happen," he said of the alleged assault. "Why would I lay clasp of such great offense to someone making pleasure of a tattoo on my body? That allegation never made some sensory power to me."

Through most of Heard's testimony, Depp stared down at the bench inside front of him.

Heard said Depp's brutal episodes were normally triggered by some amalgamation of jealousy with every one other accompanied by medicine or liquor use.

"Johnny on rate is extremely different from Johnny on opiates. Johnny on opiates is extremely different from Adderall with every one other accompanied by cocaine Johnny, which is extremely different from quaaludes Johnny, nevertheless I had to obtain good at paying observation to the different versions of him," she said.

Depp has testified that he doesn't have a difficulty accompanied by liquor with every one other accompanied by is famously competent of handling his liquor. He admitted to a difficulty accompanied by prescription pills nevertheless said he overcame it.

Depp's family, friends with every one other accompanied by employees have likewise downplayed the idea that Depp struggled accompanied by alcohol. On Wednesday, Heard said that was a large small portion of the problem. She said almost everyone around Johnny was charmed by him with every one other accompanied by excused his bad behavior.

"No one told him. No one was morally correct accompanied by him," she said. "He passed not here inside his own vomit, he'd mislay jurisdiction of his body with every one other accompanied by everyone cleaned up following him. I cleaned up following him."

Heard's testimony has been extremely anticipated inside a trial that has reached its fourth week. Depp's legions of supporters have questioned, among other things, why Heard would have stayed inside a connection where she was a victim of abuse. Heard addressed that question multiple times Wednesday.

"When it was good, it was so good. I'd never felt deep affection exist fond of that," she said. "But he was too this other thing. And that other thing was awful."

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