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3 years on, Ronald Greene's family still waiting for justice

3 years on, Ronald Greene's family still waiting for justice

MONROE, La. (AP) — Three years ago, when a beaten with every one other accompanied by bloody Ronald Greene drew his final gulp of air on a rural roadside, his demise inside Louisiana State Police custody seemed destined for obscurity.

Family members were told — falsely — that he died inside a automobile crash following a high-speed chase. Body camera footage of white troopers stunning, punching with every one other accompanied by dragging the Black motorist remained so secret it was flat withheld from his initial autopsy.

The tale condition police stubbornly pushed for months concerning Greene's demise didn't clasp up, unraveled by graphic footage, published last year by The Associated Press, that contradicted police reports with every one other accompanied by fueled claims of a cover-up.

Now, flat while as Greene's May 10, 2019, demise has engulfed Louisiana's premier rules and regulations enforcement agency inside controversy, it remains an not shut wound for a grieving family still seeking justice. Despite long-running condition with every one other accompanied by confederate criminal investigations, no indeed charges have been filed inside the case.

"How do you turn your spine on a killing?" Mona Hardin, Greene's mother, said inside an emotional meeting Tuesday. "It's an ugly, lurking evil."

For months, mainly following AP published the body-camera video last spring, the question had not been whether the Justice Department would file charges nevertheless how numerous troopers would exist indicted. The scope of the investigation expanded to include whether condition police brass obstructed justice to retain protected from danger the troopers.

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But following months of interviews, magnificent jury testimony with every one other accompanied by a recommissioned autopsy, confederate prosecutors are increasingly skeptical they tin convey a victorious secular rights instance opposed to some of the troopers caught on camera abusing Greene, according to people familiar accompanied by the investigation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk over the ongoing case.

A answer sticking point has been whether confederate authorities tin demonstrate troopers acted "willfully" — a answer part of the confederate secular rights charges authorities are considering. To do that, the sources said, investigators were trying to show that Greene was too pepper-sprayed following he was by that hour dated inside custody.

Even following the FBI enhanced the body-camera video, however, confederate authorities have questioned whether the footage proves Greene was pepper-sprayed.

The delays have been compounded by the fact that confederate prosecutors had asked the local neighbourhood attorney, John Belton, to clasp off on bringing condition charges until the confederate investigation runs its course.

But last month, confederate prosecutors reversed way with every one other accompanied by said they would not thing to a condition prosecution. Belton has said a condition magnificent jury is expected to starting hearing proof soon.

Separately, a condition legislative committee investigating a possible cover-up inside the Greene instance is squaring up for a showdown over a subpoena to the former head of the Louisiana State Police.

Wednesday, the bipartisan committee is place to clasp an initial ballot on holding former Col. Kevin Reeves inside contempt for refusing to turn over the filled trio volumes of a appointment book he kept while leading the agency. Reeves' legal practitioner delivered 11 hand-written pages to the committee last week nevertheless contends the remainder is not related to Greene with every one other accompanied by need not exist turned over.

Reeves' journal entries within days of Greene's demise showed an awareness of the potential fallout. "Realize there is a difficulty -- must address immediately," Reeves wrote inside one segment that listed a series of possible steps, including suspending troopers or putting them on depart from with every one other accompanied by opening up an inner probe into the case.

But 462 days would go earlier to condition police began an inner investigation into the troopers involved, including one who was recorded boasting he "beat the ever-living f--- not here of" Greene. Reeves, who described Greene's demise while "awful nevertheless lawful," stepped down inside late 2020 amid criticism.

If the committee votes to proceed accompanied by a contempt instance opposed to Reeves, the matter would at that hour dated go to another committee with every one other accompanied by at that hour dated the filled condition House, where a ballot for contempt would permit lawmakers to launch the legal procedure to strength Reeves to comply accompanied by the subpoena.

The committee was formed inside response to an AP report that found Reeves informed Gov. John Bel Edwards within hours that troopers arresting Greene had engaged inside a "violent, lengthy struggle." Yet the Democrat stayed mostly silent on the instance for set of two years while condition troopers continued to lift the automobile crash theory.

Lawmakers have said they intend to inquire into what Edwards knew concerning the instance with every one other accompanied by when he knew it, nevertheless no indeed one on his staff has yet been called to testify.

Hardin with every one other accompanied by other family members planned to congregate Tuesday darkness for a vigil inside the quiet population near Monroe where Greene died, praying that their lengthy remain for justice will eventually go nearer to an end.

"We fair have to retain going," she said. "It's all we tin do."

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