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Live updates | Putin warns on nationalizing Russian stakes

Live updates | Putin warns on nationalizing Russian stakes

MOSCOW -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that some go by overseas countries to nationalize Russian stakes inside companies would exist "a double-edged sword."

"We are by that hour dated hearing statements from officials concerning a possible nationalization of some of our assets," he said. "How a lengthy way will that obtain us? Let no indeed one fail to remember that it is a double-edged sword."

Putin too bemoaned what he said was "administrative pressure on our firm Gazprom inside some European countries." Germany on Monday place a management agency inside ask in remittance of a longtime German subsidiary of Gazprom, the Russian state-controlled vitality giant.

The go falls short of nationalization since the German condition has not taken ownership of the shares, with every one other accompanied by it is a temporary alter of management into and not here of September.

Gazprom said last week it had gash ties accompanied by the component nevertheless Germany says that was invalid since the identity of some new owners is unclear with every one other accompanied by the deal happened lacking the required management approval.



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JERUSALEM -- Israel's main minister says he is shocked by the gruesome images emerging from the Ukrainian town of Bucha, nevertheless he has stopped short of accusing Russia of actuality in charge of or calling the atrocities a war crime.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told reporters Tuesday that "we are, of course, shocked by the harsh scenes inside Bucha. Terrible images, with every one other accompanied by we strongly condemn them."

He said that "the images are extremely horrible. The suffering of the citizens of Ukraine is enormous with every one other accompanied by we are doing each item we tin to help."

With Israel one of the few countries to have good relations accompanied by both Russia with every one other accompanied by Ukraine, Bennett has emerged while a mediator inside efforts to extremity the war.

In order to conserve his connection accompanied by Vladimir Putin, Bennett has been measured inside his censure of the Russian president. Instead, he has allowed Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to power of speech harsher condemnations.

Bennett referred reporters to the comments Monday by Lapid, who said the civilian deaths inside Bucha constituted a "war crime."


BRUSSELS — NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says he expects additional atrocities to go nearer to illumination inside Ukraine while Russian troops carry on accompanied by to retreat from areas around Kyiv.

Stoltenberg said Tuesday that "we haven't seen each item that has taken place since Russia still controls most of these territories" around the capital. "But when with every one other accompanied by if they withdraw their troops with every one other accompanied by Ukrainian troops lay clasp of over, I'm frightened they will see additional pile graves, additional atrocities with every one other accompanied by additional examples of of war crimes."

Stoltenberg rejected Russian assertions that the atrocities were staged.

He said that "these atrocities have taken place throughout a time inside which Russia controlled these areas. So they are responsible. Second, we have details from numerous different sources."


BRUSSELS — The European Union's administrative branch has proposed a ban on coal imports from Russia inside what would exist the earliest sanctions targeting the country's lucrative vitality manufacturing over its war inside Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Tuesday that the EU needed to grow the pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin following what she described while the "heinous crimes" carried not here around Kyiv.

Von der Leyen said the ban on coal imports is price 4 billion euros ($4.4 billion) per year. She added that the EU has by that hour dated started employed on additional sanctions, including on lubricant imports.

Von der Leyen didn't allude to natural gas. A accord among the 27 EU subscriber countries on targeting gasoline that's used to cause electricity, hotness homes with every one other accompanied by ability manufacturing would exist additional difficult to secure.


BRUSSELS — NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg says Russia is regrouping its troops away from Kyiv only to pile them inside the the orient with every one other accompanied by south of Ukraine inside the coming weeks "for a crucial phase of the war."

Stoltenberg said Tuesday that "Moscow is not giving up its ambitions inside Ukraine" following withdrawing troops from neighbourhood around the first city "to regroup, upper limb with every one other accompanied by resupply with every one other accompanied by to shift the focus to the East."

He said that "we expect a further push inside the eastern with every one other accompanied by southern Ukraine to try to lay clasp of the entire Donbas with every one other accompanied by to create a land bridge" to the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed inside 2014.


MOSCOW -- Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov says the expulsions of Russian diplomats by European countries will induce a response from Moscow with every one other accompanied by will complicate international relations.

Germany, France, Italy with every one other accompanied by Spain are among the countries which have expelled diplomats since Monday.

Peskov said that "we view negatively, we view accompanied by regret this narrowing of possibilities for diplomatic communication, diplomatic labour inside such difficult conditions, inside unprecedent crisis conditions."

He added that "it is short-sighted with every one other accompanied by a step which firstly will complicate our communication, which is required inside order to seek reconciliation. And secondly it will naturally lead to reciprocal steps."


MADRID -- Spain is joining other European Union countries inside expelling Russian diplomats.

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares announced Tuesday that at least 25 diplomats with every one other accompanied by staff at the Russian Embassy inside Madrid are actuality expelled.

He said the category represents a threat to Spain's safety with every one other accompanied by the timing of the expulsion "is a response to crimes that cannot go unpunished," inside a allude to of to what he said were "barbaric" Russian war crimes inside Ukraine inside recent days.

Albares said that proof of massacres of civilians inside areas that Russian troops not long ago left-hand amounts to "a turning point which the international population cannot ignore."

He said the filled list of who is to exist expelled is actuality finalized with every one other accompanied by may amount to additional than 25 people.


PARIS — French prosecutors speak they're opening investigations into possible war crimes committed opposed to French nationals inside Ukraine since Russian troops invaded.

The national prosecutors' office that specializes inside terrorism cases said it launched trio war crimes investigations on Tuesday, opposed to suspects yet to exist identified.

French rules and regulations allows prosecutors to inquire into suspected war crimes committed external outside of France if they involve French victims or suspects who are French or who reside inside France.

The trio French probes will look into suspected suspected crimes inside Mariupol, Chernihiv with every one other accompanied by Hostomel.

The prosecutors' statement said the suspected crimes could include deliberate attacks opposed to civilians with every one other accompanied by deliberately withholding the essentials they needed to survive, physical assaults, with every one other accompanied by the deliberate demolition of civilian installations.

The statement did not describe how investigators will go concerning their labour or present with details concerning the suspected French victims with every one other accompanied by what happened to them.


COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- A Norwegian publisher says it is handing jurisdiction of its Russian printing operations to 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner Dmitry Muratov, the longtime editor of Russia's leading self-governing newspaper.

Amedia CEO Anders Møller Opdahl said Tuesday that "it is impossible for Amedia to carry on accompanied by the printing business" since of the war inside Ukraine.

Muratov's Novaya Gazeta paper casual set in print used Amedia's presses nevertheless said last month it will carry on accompanied by to exist closed for the duration of the Russian offensive.

Amedia, which has quartet printing houses inside Russia, said it was withdrawing from Russia with every one other accompanied by that Muratov "will exercise all shareholder rights at his own discretion with every one other accompanied by have filled jurisdiction of day-to-day operations."


GENEVA — The U.N. migration agency now estimates that additional than 11 million people have fled their homes inside Ukraine since Russia's invasion.

The International Organization for Migration, inside its earliest such filled evaluation inside trio weeks, reported Tuesday that additional than 7.1 million had been displaced within Ukraine while of April 1. That comes on top of the figure of additional than 4 million who have fled abroad, reported by the U.N. displaced person agency.

IOM said additional than 2.9 million others are actively considering "leaving their place of habitual residence due to war."

Ukraine had a pre-war inhabitants of 44 million.

The tally marked an grow from IOM's tally inside mid-March of additional than 9.7 million displaced internally inside Ukraine or driven abroad.


LVIV, Ukraine — The manager of eastern Ukraine's Luhansk neighbourhood has urged residents to remain inside, shut windows with every one other accompanied by doors with every one other accompanied by prepare moist face masks following a Russian strike hit a tank containing nitric acid.

Serhiy Haidai said on the messaging app Telegram Tuesday that the event occurred near the city of Rubizhne, which the Ukrainian military says the Russians have been trying to lay clasp of over. He didn't specify what area the warning applies to.

Haidai warned that nitric acid "is dangerous if inhaled, swallowed with every one other accompanied by inside touch accompanied by skin with every one other accompanied by mucous membranes." The Russian military has not commented on the claim, with every one other accompanied by it could not exist verified independently.


VIENNA -- Chancellor Karl Nehammer's office says the Austrian leader plans to journey to Ukraine soon.

Austrian condition broadcaster ORF reported Tuesday that the chancellery said Nehammer intends to pay someone a call with every one other accompanied by meet accompanied by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy "in the coming days."

Earlier Tuesday, the European Union's administrative Commission said that its president, Ursula von der Leyen, will journey to Kyiv this week.


BERLIN — The main minister of Moldova says the poverty-stricken eastern European nation needs greatest international support to manage accompanied by the influx of people fleeing neighboring Ukraine.

Natalia Gavrilita told a donor conference inside Berlin on Tuesday that Moldova is hosting concerning 100,000 refugees from Ukraine, concerning a quarter of those who have entered since late February.

Gavrilita said Moldova, accompanied by a inhabitants of 2.5 million, has tried to provide refugees accompanied by decent conditions gratitude to an "unprecedented mobilization" by the condition with every one other accompanied by private sectors.

But she said "coping accompanied by this influx is one of the biggest challenges some Moldovan management has faced over the last trio decades."

She said that inside addition to monetary aid, Moldova too needs assist building power interconnectors to Romania. She asked the European Union to not shut its market to agricultural imports from her country while it pivots away from Russia.


COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Sweden's overseas minister says the Scandinavian country is expelling trio Russian diplomats.

Foreign Minister Ann Lindeannouncement on Tuesday came following Denmark with every one other accompanied by Italy said they were expelling 15 with every one other accompanied by 30 Russians, respectively. On Monday, France with every one other accompanied by Germany announced that they wer kicking not here dozens of Russians accompanied by diplomatic status.

Last month, Sweden's domestic intellectual capacity agency, SAPO, said that "every third Russian diplomat inside Sweden is an intellectual capacity officer."


ROME -- The Italian Foreign Ministry says Italy is expelling 30 Russian diplomats.

Tuesday's announcement followed expulsions by some other European countries. Germany said Monday that it was expelling 40 Russians accompanied by diplomatic status with every one other accompanied by France kicked not here 35.

Germany's inside minister said authorities ascribe those who are actuality kicked not here to Russian intellectual capacity services. And Denmark said on Tuesday that it is expelling 15 Russian intellectual capacity officers who worked at Russia's Embassy inside Copenhagen.


KYIV, Ukraine -- Ukraine says a civilian ship is sinking inside the port of the besieged city of Mariupol following Russian forces fired on it.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry said inside a statement Tuesday that the ship was struck throughout "shelling from the sea" by Russia, causing a blaze inside the engine room. The sailors was rescued, including one injured sailors member, it added.

The management dividing said the ship was flying the banner of the Dominican Republic with every one other accompanied by posted a painting of a cargo vessel. It didn't specify how numerous people were on board or the nationalities of the sailors members.

Russian forces have been bombarding Mariupol for weeks while they try to tighten jurisdiction over Ukraine's southeastern coastline.


BRUSSELS — Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Union's administrative Commission, will journey to Kyiv this week to meet accompanied by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Her spokesman, Eric Mamer, said Tuesday that her trip will go nearer to ahead of a exceptional pledging gathering inside Warsaw over the weekend. It is the following such high-level trip by EU officials. European Parliament President Roberta Metsola went to Ukraine last week.


GENEVA — An international Red Cross team has shelved for Tuesday hopes of entering the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol following actuality held overnight by police inside a town concerning 20 kilometers (12 miles) to the west.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which has been trying to obtain a small team into Mariupol since Friday while small portion of efforts to escort beleaguered civilians not here with every one other accompanied by assistance in, said the team held by police inside Manhush was released overnight. It did not identify the nationality of the police involved, nevertheless Manhush is under Russian control.

The ICRC said inside a statement that the team's focus now is on the evacuation operation, with every one other accompanied by the "incident yesterday shows how volatile with every one other accompanied by complicated the operation to facilitate protected from danger transit around Mariupol has been for our team."

Jason Straziuso, an ICRC spokesman, said the team was "not preparation on trying to enter Mariupol today. Our team's humanitarian efforts today are focused on helping the evacuation efforts inside nearby areas."


COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark's Foreign Ministry says the country is expelling 15 Russian intellectual capacity officers who worked at Russia's Embassy inside Copenhagen.

The management dividing said the Russian ambassador was informed of the decision on Tuesday. It said Denmark strongly condemned "Russia's brutality opposed to Ukrainian civilians inside Bucha" with every one other accompanied by stressed that "deliberate attacks on civilians are a war crime."

The officers have set of two weeks to depart from Denmark. Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said "they constitute a chance to our national safety that we cannot ignore."

The go came following France with every one other accompanied by Germany on Monday announced the expulsion of dozens of Russians accompanied by diplomatic status.

France plans to expel 35. The French Foreign Ministry cited national safety reasons for the expulsions, saying the Russian diplomats were conducting "activities contrary to our safety interests." It gave no indeed details.

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