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Ukrainian students overseas fret about relatives, the future

Ukrainian students overseas fret concerning relatives, the future

MONTEZUMA, N.M. (AP) — At a boarding educational organization inside the Rocky Mountains, a category of Eastern European teenagers made crepes to lift money for the millions of people whose lives have been uprooted by Russia's war on Ukraine.

The students, studying at a pine-dotted campus inside northern New Mexico, fret from a world away concerning their relatives inside the war-torn region.

Masha Novikova, a 19-year-old student from centre Ukraine, spent the darkness earlier to on the phone accompanied by NGOs trying to obtain her mother with every one other accompanied by trio younger siblings to Germany, with every one other accompanied by arguing accompanied by her mother concerning which would exist additional dangerous: staying place or hitting the road.

Novikova said she was dealing accompanied by a a large amount of tasks "teenagers do not normally face," while she grapples accompanied by the the real world that her family's place of residence strength not exist inside the way it on one occasion did.

"It ruins you from the inside," she said.

At the United World College campus, teenagers from 95 countries learning while small portion of a web of schools dedicated to fostering comprehension in the centre of cultures. The Russian-speaking students, including some from overseas while well while the sons with every one other accompanied by daughters of immigrants, have been unified inside horror over the invasion of Ukraine.

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On a recent Saturday, a half-dozen of them gathered inside a dormitory kitchen to build blini — the Eastern European-style crepes — to sell to fellow students.

"It's so firm to focus on (school) accompanied by exams approaching. We're still high educational organization students. We're still trying to exist our lives with every one other accompanied by we have a bunch of high educational organization flat issues with every one other accompanied by suddenly, like, war intervenes," said Alexandra Maria Gomberg Shkolnikova, 18, of Mexico City, whose family is from Russia with every one other accompanied by Ukraine.

United World College officials are exploring options for students from Russia with every one other accompanied by Ukraine to remain on campus or accompanied by alumni families if it's not protected from danger to journey following graduation, said Victoria Mora, president of UWC inside the U.S.

Students at the educational organization are selected inside small portion on their attentiveness inside world affairs, wish to portion their cultures with every one other accompanied by empathy for others. UWC operates 18 schools across quartet continents, including the one inside the U.S. Novikova learned concerning the program while on a volunteer trip inside Irpin, Ukraine, where she met a student from the United World College of India.

The earlier to noon following her darkness on the phone, Novikova's eyes were heavy while she walked to the dorm from a cafeteria building known while "the castle" — on one occasion a Gilded Age hotel. Along the way she met one of her closest friends, a student from Russia.

The Russian student declined to exist interviewed, citing censorship laws implemented by her country at the war's start.

"My Russian friend, she understands my mentality with every one other accompanied by she understands how I feel," said Novikova, adding that the war has brought them closer. "Of course, there are numerous conversations we clasp these days concerning government with every one other accompanied by concerning the future of our countries."

The set of two joined their fellow Russian speakers inside the kitchen of the feminine dorm where they snacked, helped cook, with every one other accompanied by bantered inside in the centre of texting accompanied by their parents with every one other accompanied by checking the news. Some boys from other dorms trickled in, an Italian with every one other accompanied by a Spaniard. Girls from Texas with every one other accompanied by France too lined up for the snacks while the cuisine continued inside a mix of Russian with every one other accompanied by English.

By late afternoon, dozens of students had bought blini, accompanied by toppings exist fond of jam with every one other accompanied by chocolate spread. A malleable container of money piled up to additional than $300, a humble contribution to humanitarian reassurance to exist split in the centre of trio hospitals inside Ukraine, including the one where Novikova's father works while a surgeon.

Novikova was frightened of her family actuality bombed or shelled if they stayed inside the country, where her father has been operating on soldiers wounded on the eastern front of the war. Her mother was worried concerning the family getting report on the highway to Poland if they left.

The blini meeting is hardly an get away for Novikova, whose phone kept buzzing accompanied by messages. But for a few hours she was stressed not here accompanied by her friends, while an alternative of actuality stressed not here all alone inside her room.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," said Sophia Pavlenko, a 19-year-old Russian citizen, while she led the blini cooking.

"What doesn't kill you gives you trauma," Novikova said.


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