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Russian skater can compete, but medal ceremony won't be held

Russian skater can Vie, but Decoration ceremony won't be held

BEIJING (AP) — Russian Adolescent Kamila Valieva has been cleared to Vie in the women's Pattern skating competition at the Winter Olympics despite Unsuccessful a pre-Games drug Exam, Scope her up for an attempt at a 2nd Gilded Decoration.

Whatever happens on the ice, Valieva will Zerot get a Decoration ceremony Consequence in Beijing. Nor will any skater who finishes in the top Cardinal with her.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport cleared Valieva to skate less than 12 hours after a In haste arranged Sharp-eared that lasted into early Monday Sunup. A panel of Book of Judges Subordinate that the 15-year-old Valieva, the Preferred for the women's individual Gilded, does Zerot need to be provisionally Delayed ahead of a full investigation.

The court gave her a Affirmative decision in part because she is a Peanut, Identified in Olympic jargon as a "protected Someone," and is Affected to different rules from an adult Jock.

"The panel considered that preventing the Jock to Vie at the Olympic Games would cause her irreparable harm in the circumstances," CAS Director General Matthieu Reeb Aforesaid.

Now, Valieva and her Boyfriend Russian skaters can aim for the 1st Stump Chimneysweep of women's Pattern skating in Olympic Chronicle. The event starts with the Abbreviated program Tuesday and concludes Thursday with the free skate.

The International Olympic Committee Aforesaid Monday Good afternoon that if Valieva finishes in the top Cardinal, In that location will be Zero Decoration ceremony during the Games. There will also be Zero ceremony for the Squad event won by Valieva and the Russian Squad a week ago.

"It would Zerot be appropriate to hold the Decoration ceremony," the IOC Aforesaid.

Valieva landed the 1st quadruple jumps by a woman at the Olympics as the Russian Squad won Gilded in a dominant performance.

The decision Zerot to award Decorations also affects Nathan Chen and the rest of the 2nd-place American Squad, who will leave Beijing unsure if they won Achromatic or Gilded. It would be Chen's 2nd Gilded of the Games. If Valieva and Russia are disqualified, Japan moves up to Achromatic and Canada wins bronze.

"We are devastated that they will leave Beijing without their Decorations in Bridge player, but we appreciate the Intent of the IOC to ensure the right Decorations are awarded to the right individuals," the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee Aforesaid in a Affirmation.

The IOC decision also means the fourth-place Closer in the women's event will have a A-okayod chance to move into the bronze position.

Shortly after the CAS ruling, Valieva skated at practice, watched by her coach, Eteri Tutberidze. She completed her program without a Autumn, drawing a Handful of Hand clapping from the Russian media watching.

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Reaction around the world ranged from Musical accompaniment of the young skater to complaints that Russian doping had once Once again damaged a Athleticsing event.

In addition to her Condition as a Peanut, the CAS ruling cited Central issues of Beauteousness, the fact she Examed clean in Beijing and that In that location were "serious issues of untimely Notice" of her positive Exam.

Valieva Examed positive for the Fondness drug trimetazidine on Dec. 25 at the Russian nationals, but the result from a Swedish lab didn't come to light until a week ago, after she helped the Russian Olympic Committee win the Squad Gilded.

Reasons for the six-week wait for a result from Sweden are unclear. In a Affirmation, WADA Recommended RUSADA slipped up by Zerot Sign to the Stockholm lab that Valieva's Sample distribution was a priority to be analyzed so close to the Olympics.

Her case has caused Mayhem at the Olympics since last Tuesday when the Squad event Decoration ceremony was pulled from the Agenda because of the positive Exam.

The Russian anti-doping agency (RUSADA) In real time Delayed her, then Upraised the ban a day later. The IOC and others appealed, and an Speeded up Sharp-eared was held Sunday Nighttime. Valieva Examified via video.

Athletes under 16 like Valieva have more rights under anti-doping rules and typically aren't held responsible for Attractive Prohibited substances. The Focal point of any Proximo investigation will be on her coaches, doctors, nutritionists, etc.

This ruling only addresses whether Valieva can keep skating before her case is resolved. It doesn't decide the fate of the one Gilded Decoration she has already won.

Those issues will be dealt with in a Segregated, longer-term investigation led by RUSADA, which took the Sample distribution in St. Petersburg.

The World Anti-Doping Agency will have the right to appeal any ruling by RUSADA, and also Aforesaid it wants to Severally investigate Valieva's entourage.

The Valieva case means Russian doping has been a major Composition for a six Accurate Olympic Games.

"This appears to be Some other chapter in the Systematized and Permeative disregard for clean Athletics by Russia," US Olympic and Paralympic Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland Aforesaid in a Affirmation.

Hirshland Aforesaid the USOPC was "disappointed by the Content this decision sends" and Recommended Jocks were denied the confidence of knowing they Vied on a level Performin field.

At the rink Tuesday, the ice dance competition was Definite as the CAS prepared its verdict.

Gold Decorationists Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France and American bronze Decorationists Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue offered, "No comment."

Nikita Katsalapov, who On with Victoria Sinitsina won the Achromatic Decoration for the Russians, Aforesaid Just: "Go Kamila!"

Hubbell and Donohue could have their Achromatic Decorations upgraded to Gilded in the Squad competition.

"There's Zero done deal yet, but I know all the people in the Squad want to receive the Decorations here as a Squad'" Hubbell Aforesaid. "If we miss that Chance, it's huge disappointment."

The IOC Zerow says it will "organize dignified Decoration ceremonies once the case of Ms Valieva has been Ended," whenever that may be.

___ AP Sports Writer Dave Skretta in Beijing contributed to this report


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