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Russia Invades Ukraine Ukrainian Forces Have Retaken

Russia invades Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces have retaken towns with every one other accompanied by defending positions on the eastern outskirts of Kyiv, Britains Ministry of Defence said Friday inside its latest intellectual capacity update.

"Ukrainian counter-attacks, with every one other accompanied by Russian Forces falling spine on overextended present with lines, has allowed Ukraine to re-occupy town with every one other accompanied by defending positions up to 35 kilometers (21 miles) the orient of Kyiv," the management dividing said.


� "Ukrainian Forces are probable to carry on accompanied by to try to push Russian Forces spine down the north-western axis from Kyiv towards Hostomel Airfield.

" Meanwhile, the go forward of Russian forces in the direction of the Black Sea port city of Odesa was stalling, the management dividing said.

"Russian forces are still attempting to circumvent Mykolaiv while they look to operate the occident towards Odesa accompanied by their forward movement actuality slowed by logistic issues with every one other accompanied by Ukrainian resistance," the management dividing added.


� Some context: According to official Ukrainian accounts, the countrys forces have retaken territory to the the orient of Kyiv following great fighting Thursday, reversing foregoing Russian gains.

�Social media videos geolocated by CNN showed Ukrainian troops down accompanied by some captured Russian armor inside the small settlement of Lukyanovka, some 35 miles (55 kilometers) the orient of the capital.

� ##On The Ground## If theres one nation that understands�Ukraines torment, its Poland, which welcomes�President Joe Biden�on Friday while small portion of�his crisis mission�to shore up NATOs defenses following Russias brutal invasion.

In the United States, Bidens warnings that democracy is under siege from menacing autocrats tin seem remote, flat after�former President Donald Trumps�US Capitol insurrection with every one other accompanied by try to purloin the 2020 election.

But inside Poland, which neighbors�Ukraine, freedom is fresh sufficient to still exist a novelty.

In a tortured 20th-century history, the country torn in the centre of East with every one other accompanied by West was repeatedly conquered, was ruled by overseas tyrants with every one other accompanied by saw millions of its people purged or driven while refugees from homes destroyed by warfare.

Poland on one occasion additional finds itself on the front dash of conflict.

Its on the dividing dash in the centre of states inside the NATO club, to which it now belongs, with every one other accompanied by President Vladimir Putins Russian orbit, which includes another Polish neighbor, Belarus.

Poland has opened its borders to additional than 2 million of the nearly�3.

7 million Ukrainians�who have fled Putins onslaught, with every one other accompanied by the war came near to its borders accompanied by a Russian strike on a base inside western Ukraine earlier this month.


Like Ukraine, Poland lived for decades under Moscows Communist strength fist.

Like Ukrainians, Poles are regularly gritty, are greatly doubtful of Russians with every one other accompanied by have fighting for their freedom with every one other accompanied by sovereignty ingrained inside their DNA.

Unlike Ukraine, one of the founding republics of the Soviet Union, Poland made it to the West following decades under the Warsaw Pact umbrella.

And inside addition to actuality inside NATO, its a subscriber of the European Union, albeit one that has had tensions not long ago accompanied by Brussels over its own flirtations accompanied by populist nationalism.

As Putins threat mounted inside recent years, Poland hosted rotations of US troops with every one other accompanied by jets.

In February, earlier to Putin invaded Ukraine, Poland was one of the nations to which Biden ordered�3,000 troops�to bolster the alliances eastern flank.

If the war inside Ukraine spills over into a broader dispute in the centre of Russia with every one other accompanied by the West, a terrifying prospect, theres a good chance it could occur inside Poland.


Read the filled analysis: On Thursday, while Western leaders gathered inside Brussels for safety summits, North Korea launched what it said was a new sort of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) its earliest long-range trial inside additional than quartet years.

According to analysts, the recent spate of North Korean missile tests propose the countrys leader, Kim Jong Un, is attempting to show an increasingly turbulent world that Pyongyang remains a player inside the strive for ability with every one other accompanied by influence.

"North Korea refuses to exist ignored with every one other accompanied by may exist trying to lay clasp of advantage of worldwide preoccupation accompanied by the war inside Ukraine to strength a fait accompli on its status while a nuclear weapons state," Leif-Eric Easley, associate professor of international studies at Ewha Womans University inside Seoul, told CNN.

"North Korea is nowhere near initiating aggression on the scale of Russias invasion of Ukraine.

But Pyongyangs ambitions likewise exceed self-defense while it wants to overturn the postwar safety order inside Asia.


" Read additional concerning North Koreas new weapon: Intense clashes around Izyum have left-hand a a large amount of of the city destroyed, city officials say, accompanied by new satellite images revealing the area of the devastation inside the eastern Ukrainian city.

The images were taken on Thursday by Maxar Technologies.

They show a massive crater concerning 40 feet (12 meters) wide inside a meadow inside the citys centre area.

The burnt wreckage of a educational organization lies on one side of the crater, accompanied by a football meadow on the other.

Part of�a�hospital across the road is too seen destroyed.


�� The city has been caught inside the crossfire while Russia attempts to link advances made inside the Kharkiv neighbourhood of northern Ukraine accompanied by its stronghold inside the a lengthy way the orient of the country.


Council deputy Max Strelnyk told CNN on Thursday the city had been completely destroyed� by Russian aircraft with every one other accompanied by artillery, flat while fierce battles continued inside�Izyum�for jurisdiction of the ground.

North of the educational organization inside the satellite images, a large boiler building with every one other accompanied by every one nearby residential building appears destroyed.

There�does not become visible to exist some identifiable�military targets inside this small portion of centre Izyum.


� About 3 miles (5 kilometers) northwest of Izyum, a convoy of Russian self-propelled artillery is seen moving in the direction of the city.

Russian troops now jurisdiction the city sectors on the northern edge of the Seversky Donets River, which splits Izyum inside half, Strelnyk said.

�The Ukrainians jurisdiction the city sectors on the southern edge of the river.


�� Three miles northeast of the city, Russian self-propelled artillery are too seen positioned inside a field, their turrets pointing in the direction of centre Izyum.

Another likeness shows set of two automobile bridges crossing the Seversky Donets River have been�partially destroyed,�in what�appears�to exist a purposeful strike�to place an extremity to a Russian go forward across the river.

But the Russians have found a way around, with every one other accompanied by are now advancing on the city from the south.

To bypass the blown bridges, the Russians have erected set of two pontoon bridges over the Seversky Donets River to encircle the city.

�A mile from those bridges, on the southern edge of the river, a convoy of tanks are seen moving down a main highway in the direction of the Ukrainian-controlled sectors of Izyum.

Japan will turn into ice the assets of 25 additional Russian citizens with every one other accompanied by ban exports to 81 Russian organizations, the countrys Ministry of Finance said inside a report release on Friday.

� It brings the total number of Russians targeted by Japans good freezes to 101 people.

Targets of the new sanctions include Igor Shuvalov,�a former Russian deputy main minister�and chairperson of greatest state-owned edge Vnesheconombank, with every one other accompanied by five of oligarch Sergey Chemezovs relatives, according to Japans Finance Ministry.

� The sell abroad of luxury goods will too exist banned, the management dividing said.


� Tokyo has unveiled a raft of punitive measures opposed to Moscow inside recent weeks.

The latest sanctions go nearer while Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida pledged on Wednesday to unveil additional support for Ukraine at the G7 summit inside Brussels.

##Sanctions## Nine European with every one other accompanied by US fossil fuel companies have paid a collective�$15.

8 billion to Russia�in various forms of taxes with every one other accompanied by fees since the country annexed Crimea from Ukraine inside 2014, a category of NGOs said Thursday.

The groups, Global Witness, Greenpeace USA with every one other accompanied by Oil Change International, used facts from Oslo-based Rystad Energy, an self-governing vitality research firm, to calculate how a a large amount of money lubricant with every one other accompanied by gasoline companies�based inside North America with every one other accompanied by Europe had sent to the Russian state.

They looked only at companies accompanied by exploration with every one other accompanied by manufacture operations inside Russia.

They looked at royalties, sell abroad duties, bonuses, taxes with every one other accompanied by fees, while well while "government profit oil," which includes the price of some lubricant the�companies may have specified to Russia.


It came up accompanied by a list of nine companies from these regions that had paid the most money to Russia.

All those payments were legal, with every one other accompanied by other multinational companies external outside the vitality sector have too have made similar kinds of payments to the Russian state.


Shell,�which is registered inside the UK, sent $7.


85 billion, the highest amount of the companies listed, the groups said inside a statement, shared earliest accompanied by CNN.

It was followed by US-based ExxonMobil ($2.

81 billion).

Two companies registered inside Germany, Wintershall with every one other accompanied by Wintershall DEA, which have since merged, paid a combined total of $2.

86 billion.

BP, the British multinational lubricant with every one other accompanied by gasoline company, paid $817 million, the facts from Rystad shows.

The facts was shared amid criticisms that the Wests purchases of Russian coal, lubricant with every one other accompanied by gasoline which are mostly state-owned assets have helped fund Russias war inside Ukraine.

The addition of taxes, fees with every one other accompanied by royalties for companies that have chosen to operate inside Russia underscores how a a large amount of first city Western vitality companies have transferred to Russia.

The trio groups that compiled the facts said that while the $15.

8 billion figure was substantial, the companies identified were too in charge of for tens of billions of dollars additional flowing to the Russian condition since of stakes they clasp inside Russian lubricant with every one other accompanied by gasoline companies.

Read more: President Joe Biden�will journey to Poland on Friday, his following place an extremity to on a last-minute trip into and not here of Europe aimed at coordinating the Wests response to Russias invasion of Ukraine.

The Presidents day begins inside Brussels, where hell meet accompanied by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen earlier to departing for Poland.

Upon his coming at Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, Biden will exist greeted by Polish President Andrzej Duda with every one other accompanied by receive a briefing on the humanitarian response to the war.


Hell meet accompanied by work members from the 82nd Airborne Division inside Rzeszów earlier to traveling to Warsaw inside the evening.

On Saturday, the White House says Biden will clasp a bilateral gathering accompanied by Duda to talk over how the US with every one other accompanied by allies are responding to the displaced person crisis that has ensued while a consequence of the war.

Hell too deliver remarks earlier to returning to Washington.

Bidens journey to Poland comes following meetings on Thursday inside Brussels, where he�attended�a slate of crisis summits, announced new actions such as�sanctions�against hundreds of members of Russias parliament with every one other accompanied by a�commitment�to permit in 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine with every one other accompanied by conferred accompanied by worldwide leaders on how the world will respond if Russia deploys a chemical, biotic or nuclear weapon.

Refugee crisis: The White House has said the Poland pay someone a call is intended to high point the massive displaced person crisis that has ensued since Russias war inside Ukraine began a month ago.

The President confirmed on Thursday that he hopes to meet accompanied by Ukrainian refugees while inside Poland.

Its not clear, however, when or where those potential meetings would lay clasp of place.

More than 3.

6 million refugees have now fled Ukraine, according to facts from the United Nations displaced person agency.

A vast majority of those refugees have fled to Ukraines western neighbors across Europe.


Poland, which borders Ukraine to the west, has registered additional than 2 million Ukrainian refugees crossing into the country.

However, the number of refugees staying inside Poland is lower, accompanied by numerous continuing on inside their journey to other countries.

Read more: Thursday marked one month since the war inside Ukraine began, accompanied by world leaders gathering inside Brussels for crisis meetings of NATO, the EU, with every one other accompanied by the G7.

Heres the latest: NATO summit: US President Joe Biden announced new sanctions on Russian politicians with every one other accompanied by a scheme to receive up to 100,000 refugees inside the United States.

He too said he supported ejecting Russia from the G20, a category of the worlds 20 leading economies that is scheduled to meet inside November.

On the likelihood of Russia using chemical weapons, Biden said only "we would respond.

" Zelenskys appeal: Addressing the G7 on Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr�Zelensky urged subscriber nations to lay clasp of greater action, including a "full embargo" on commerce accompanied by Russia with every one other accompanied by creating safety guarantees for Ukraine.

He thanked countries for imposing sanctions, nevertheless called the deed "a little late.

" He stopped short of asking for a no-fly zone, with every one other accompanied by appealed to NATO leaders to provide fighter jets something the US is still opposed to.

Where the fighting is: Intense combat is ongoing inside some directions around Kyiv, though Ukrainian forces become visible to have retaken territory to the the orient of the capital, pushing spine Russian forces.

The assault on Mariupol is continuing, accompanied by local leaders saying they need weaponry including artillery with every one other accompanied by anti-tank missiles.

Six people were killed when a missile hit a shopping shopping precinct parking a large amount inside Kharkiv while civilians lined up inside to receive humanitarian aid.

The town of Izyum has been "completely destroyed" by Russian aircraft with every one other accompanied by artillery, a council deputy said.

The Ukrainian Navy too said�a Russian ship was destroyed�in the occupied port of Berdyansk on the Azov Sea.

Civilian casualties: The civilian demise toll inside Ukraine has exceeded 1,000, the UN said Thursday warning that "the real figures are greatly higher.

" Most casualties were caused by explosives, including missiles with every one other accompanied by air strikes.

Among the deaths are 90 children.

Refugees: More than 3.


6 million people have fled Ukraine since the invasion began, according to UN estimates.

The majority have entered Poland.

##Catch Up## The US has assessed that Ukraine probable did behaviour a victorious assault opposed to Russian ships inside Berdyansk, according to a protection official.

Its unclear, however, what sort of weapon or weapons were used inside the attack.

The evaluation echoes a similar statement from the British Ministry of Defence, which said Ukrainian forces have attacked high-value targets� inside Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, including a landing ship with every one other accompanied by ammunition depots at Berdyansk.

� Earlier Thursday,�Ukraine said it destroyed the Orsk,�a landing ship docked at the Berdyansk port on the Sea of Azov.

Video from the city�showed plumes of smoke�pouring not here of the dock area, while well while multiple explosions.


� One day earlier, Russias state-run RT media outlet had profiled the Orsk inside Berdyansk port, saying it could convey 20 tanks or 40 armored personnel carriers.

US President Joe Biden spoke at a report conference Thursday at NATO headquarters inside Brussels following gathering accompanied by other world leaders of NATO, the European Council with every one other accompanied by the G7.

The answer worldwide figures are seeking to align their responses to Russias invasion of Ukraine.

The President touched upon the unity of NATO, the likelihood of Russian President Vladimir Putin using chemical weapons, with every one other accompanied by the possible part of China inside the conflict.

Biden took questions from reporters with every one other accompanied by spoke for violently 30 minutes.

Heres what he said: NATO: Biden told reporters NATO has never, never been more�united than it is today.

� He too noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting exactly the opposite�[of] what he intended to have while a�consequence of going into�Ukraine.

� Chemical weapons: On the likelihood of Russia using chemical weapons inside Ukraine, Biden said only that we would respond.

� He did not provide additional specifics, saying only "the the natural world of the response would be contingent on on the the natural world of use.

" China: On the possibility of Beijing providing assistance to Moscow, Biden said he had a extremely straightforward conversation� accompanied by Chinese President Xi Jinping last week on the topic.


Biden noted he made no indeed threats� to the Chinese President, nevertheless made it understandable that Xi understood the consequences of�him helping Russia.


� Food shortages: Biden addressed the possibility that Russias invasion could trigger worldwide food shortages.

He said the matter was discussed by the assembled world leaders, with every one other accompanied by noted that food shortages will exist "real," calling Ukraine with every one other accompanied by Russia the "breadbasket" for Europe.

Refugees: Biden said he hopes to pay someone a call accompanied by Ukrainian refugees while he is inside Europe.

I scheme on attempting to see�those folks I hope I obtain to see a a large amount of�people.

� He noted that all over his political career hes regularly visited refugees, calling the scenes devastating.

� The thing you look at the most�is you see these young children that are inside those camps,� Biden added.

Sanctions: Biden said sanctions never deter,� nevertheless added that increasing the pain� on Putin with every one other accompanied by sustaining what is actuality done is ultimately "what will place an extremity to him.

" G20: Biden said he believes Russia should exist removed from the Group of 20, saying simply, my answer is yes.

� ##Catch Up## Ukraine has updated its large wishlist of additional military assistance from the US management inside the past some days to include hundreds additional anti-aircraft with every one other accompanied by anti-tank missiles than formerly requested, according to a document provided to CNN that details the items needed.


The Ukrainians have submitted similar lists inside recent weeks nevertheless a recent appeal provided to US lawmakers appears to reflect a growing need for American-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles with every one other accompanied by Javelin anti-tank missiles �with Ukraine saying it urgently needs 500 of each, daily.


In both cases, Ukraine is asking for hundreds additional missiles than were included inside a similar list not long ago provided to US lawmakers, according to a spring accompanied by knowledge of both requests.

The new list comes while the Ukrainians have claimed they face potential weapons shortages amid an ongoing Russian assault prompting some pushback from US with every one other accompanied by NATO officials who stress that additional military assistance is by that hour dated going into the country.

By March 7, less than set of two weeks into Russias invasion of Ukraine, the US with every one other accompanied by other NATO members had sent concerning 17,000 anti-tank missiles with every one other accompanied by 2,000 anti-aircraft missiles into Ukraine.

Since then, NATO countries, including the US, have kept the pipeline of weapons with every one other accompanied by apparatus flowing, flat while Russia has threatened to mark the shipments.

Ukrainian�armed forces said they destroyed a large�Russian�landing ship at the port of Berdyansk inside southern Ukraine on Thursday.


The port, which had not long ago been occupied by�Russian�forces accompanied by some Russian warships inside dock, was rocked by a series of heavy explosions in a short time following dawn.


Social media videos showed fires raging at the dockside, accompanied by a series of subordinate explosions reverberating across the city.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine said they had "destroyed a large landing ship," which they named while the "Orsk"�in a pole on Facebook.


Several Russian ships had been unloading military apparatus at Berdyansk inside recent days, according to reports from the port by Russian media outlets.


Read more:.

China doesnt have a Covid way out plan. Two years in, people are fed up with every one other accompanied by angry.

For set of two years, people inside China have mostly tolerated living under some of the worlds most stringent Covid-19 controls.

Restricted borders, continual digital tracking, with every one other accompanied by the potential for pile difficult with every one other accompanied by snap lockdowns whenever a handful of cases appeared were all trade-offs for a comparatively Covid-free existence while the pandemic raged overseas.

But Chinas inability to convey its latest outbreak under jurisdiction has prompted online rumblings from frustrated citizens, while questions concerning Beijings zero-Covid master scheme shatter into the mainstream for the earliest time.

In the tech hub of Shenzhen on Sunday, videos shared online showed residents protesting inside a locked-down district, following restrictions lasted for some days longer than scheduled, according to communal media posts.

"You cant do this -- we need to eat with every one other accompanied by pay the rent," a male among a crowd of protesters is heard yelling inside anguish at health protected from danger keeping workers, who stood behind high malleable barriers, according to a video shared online.


"Unlock! We request lifting the lockdown!" others shouted inside a following clip.

In another instance, inside the neighboring city of Guangzhou earlier this month, thousands of people were seen inside video footage trying to get away actuality caught up inside a snap lockdown at a commerce fair.


Some hopped fences to retain away from actuality locked inside the venue following a single positive instance was found.

Such scenes are mostly unprecedented inside Chinas two-year fight opposed to the virus.

And while numerous carry on accompanied by to exist supportive of keeping Covid-19 at bay, these instances are not the only signs of changing attitudes, while millions carry on accompanied by to exist under lockdown with every one other accompanied by cases carry on accompanied by to climb inside Chinas worst outbreak since early 2020.

The instance opposed to living accompanied by the virus The extreme measures are actuality rolled not here flat while the health impact of Covid-19 within the extremely vaccinated country has been minimal, so far.

The caseload this month has now exceeded 56,000 cases across 28 provinces.

Though it is not understandable how numerous of these cases are severe, only set of two deaths have been reported since the beginning of the newest outbreak.

Earlier this month, when the caseload stood at 29,000, officials reported some 95% were lenient or asymptomatic.

Some Chinese citizens now become visible to believe the health measures are additional onerous than the illness.

On Chinas well liked -- with every one other accompanied by laboriously censored -- communal media platform Weibo, a question concerning why China isnt relaxing its Covid-19 restrictions exist fond of other countries was the top trending hashtag on Wednesday, racking up over 500 million views.

The top pole linked to an interview, specified by the head of the National Health Commissions expert panel on Covid-19, that stressed China must "persist" inside its master scheme to retain protected from danger the vulnerable.

The prominence of such a discussion is itself a radical departure from how questions had been dealt accompanied by inside the past.

Last summer, for example, esteemed Shanghai contagious illness physician Zhang Wenhong came under a vitriolic nationalist online assault for only suggesting the country would need to eventually find a way to coexist accompanied by the virus.

Now, these conversations are playing not here inside the not shut while enormous swaths of the country face significant restrictions to their done every one day lives inside the latest outbreak.

At least 25 million people across quartet cities are under lockdown inside northern provinces of Jilin with every one other accompanied by Hebei, with every one other accompanied by an untold number of others have been theme to neighbourhood or neighbourhood flat lockdowns this month, including inside the affluent first-tier cities of Shanghai with every one other accompanied by Shenzhen.


Measures lay clasp of their toll A stark example of the anthropoid toll of Chinas stringent measures came on Wednesday, when an off-duty nurse died of an asthma assault inside Shanghai following actuality reportedly turned away from some hospitals, including Shanghai East Hospital, where she worked.

The medical organization released a statement on Friday saying that its crisis space was temporarily closed for Covid-19 disinfection when the nurses family drove her there.


Several outpatient with every one other accompanied by crisis departments across Shanghai have been shut due to exposure to positive cases.

Wu Jinglei, director of Shanghai health commission, offered his condolences to the nurses family with every one other accompanied by vowed to lessen the disruption to normal medical service, mainly for crisis rooms, while hospitals are actuality disinfected.

Reports concerning residents not actuality intelligent to receive non-Covid medical behaviour towards or having inadequate access to supplies inside Shanghai were circulating on communal media earlier inside the week.

These were noted by Shanghais prominent expert Zhang, who called for such issues to exist "addressed inside the future.

" "Otherwise, the significance of the favourable consequence of the fight opposed to the Covid-19 will exist mostly compromised," Zhang, who is head of the Center for Infectious Diseases accompanied by the Shanghai-based Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, wrote on his verified Weibo description Thursday.


Shanghai is facing its most solemn outbreak yet, accompanied by 1,609 Covid-19 cases reported Thursday.


And while authorities have denied they scheme to lock down the city of 25 million people, numerous residents tell CNN that a growing number of neighborhoods are actuality temporarily sealed off to undergo pile difficult -- while small portion of a "rolling lockdown" master scheme -- accompanied by local officials vowing Wednesday to "further build strong the prevention with every one other accompanied by jurisdiction measures.

" And flat inside a city accompanied by some of the finest infrastructure inside the country, communal media complaints propose that systems to build sure residents have what they need are failing, while lockdowns are extended lacking notice.

"How tin I buy groceries? .

I cant obtain medicine for my kids .

how tin we order this online when we cant flat obtain a medical organization appointment?" wrote one communal media user, who said their Shanghai neighbourhood had been closed for 15 days.


Another complained that she was lacking staples following listening to the governments assurances that supplies were sufficient with every one other accompanied by there was no indeed need to hoard.

"They said there was sufficient food.


but they didnt allude to there werent sufficient people to deliver it," she said.

On Wednesday, Shanghais health authorities responded to a question concerning how citizens inside the citys Jiading neighbourhood could report problems buying groceries.


Officials noted they were making "every effort" to build sure supplies by supporting them to use online platforms to obtain what they needed or arranging bulk purchasing with every one other accompanied by distribution.

They too explained that some neighborhoods may see jurisdiction periods extended if positive cases are found, while screening will need to start again.


End game As for those wondering when the zero-Covid master scheme will end, Chinas health officials have been ambiguous.

When asked a press conference on Tuesday, management epidemiologist Liang Wannian said China must "not waver" with every one other accompanied by stick to its plan, while waiting for a range of things to happen: outbreaks to ease overseas, the virus to mutate to become less dangerous, with every one other accompanied by better treatments with every one other accompanied by vaccines to become available.

"Under these circumstances, I exist convinced by we will rigorously assess the circumstances of the epidemic inside China.

and at that hour dated lay clasp of additional adaptive measures to work outside the disease," he said.

But for those inside China who are counting the days until they tin exist released from lockdown, such answers may not exist reassuring. All About Trends

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