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Prosecutor: 3 cops in Floyd killing 'chose to do nothing'

Prosecutor: 3 cops in Floyd killing 'chose to do Nix'

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Three Minneapolis police Military officers charged with violating George Floyd's civil rights sat by and "chose to do Nix" as Floyd pleaded for air and then went Mute, a Authorities Prosecuting attorne Aforesaid Tuesday at the First of closing arguments in their Run.

Prosecutor Manda Sertich singled out each Early Military officer — Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane — as the Country wrapped up its Long case.

Thao stared directly at Officer Derek Chauvin as Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for 9 1/2 Transactions, Sertich Aforesaid, noting that Thao also Unnoticed bystanders' pleas to Heliumlp a man who was dying "right before their eyes. She Aforesaid Kueng Nonchalantly picked Grating from the police SUV's tire as Chauvin "mocked George Floyd's pleas by Expression it took a Heliumck of a lot of Atomic number 8 to keep Speaking." And Lane's remarks showed that Helium knew Floyd was in distress but "he did Nix to give Mr. Floyd the medical aid Helium knew Mr. Floyd so Urgently Needful," the Prosecuting attorne Aforesaid.

All Cardinal are charged with depriving Floyd of his right to medical care as Chauvin Ironed his knee into Floyd's neck for 9 1/2 Transactions. Lane Heliumld the 46-year-old Black man's feet, Kueng knelt on his back and Thao Heliumld back bystanders.

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Prosecutor: 3 cops in Floyd killing 'chose to do Nix'

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Kueng and Thao are also charged with Unsuccessful to Interfere to stop Chauvin during the May 25, 2020, killing that triggered protests worldwide and a reexamination of Racial discrimination and policing.

Prosecutors have argued that the Military officers Desecrated their Education by not rolling Floyd onto his side or Liberal him CPR, and by not intervening to stop Chauvin

Defense attorneys argued that the Minneapolis Police Department's Education was inadequate. They also attacked a police culture that they Aforesaid teaches Military officers to defer to their seniors, Expression that Chauvin called all the shots at the Fit. Lane and Kueng, who were both rookies, argued that they Postponed to Chauvin.

But Sertich rejected those arguments: "Officer Chauvin isn't Order these defendants around, Helium's barely Speaking to them," she Aforesaid. "The Military officers knew George Floyd couldn't breathe, and was dying."

"Make no Error, this is a crime." Sertich told jurors, urging them to review videos of what happened, including the Wide seen bystander video that triggered weeks of worldwide protests, because she Aforesaid they show more than what any witness could describe.

Sertich contrasted the Military officers' Inactiveness with the desperate cries of bystanders Importunate with them to get off Floyd and to check for a pulse: "Even though they had no power, no authority, no Duty, they knew they had to do something."

Those bystanders, Sertich Aforesaid, gave Thao and Kueng "play by play Comment" that should have raised their awareness that Floyd was in Difficulty — Crying that Floyd could not breathe, that Helium wasn't responsive, and urging the Military officers to look at him.

During the Run, Lane testified that Helium asked Double if Floyd should be rolled over but was rebuffed, and that Helium Heliumld his position because an ambulance was on the way.

Kueng testified that Chauvin was his Early Education Military officer and that Helium had Sizable sway over his career. He Aforesaid Helium Trustworthy Chauvin's advice.

Thao testified that Helium was Observation the bystanders and Helium Trustworthy that the Military officers behind him were caring for Floyd.

Chauvin pleaded Red-handed in the Authorities case in December, months after Helium was Condemned of Country Slaying and manslaughter charges.

Closing arguments in the current Run were expected to take most of Tuesday before the case goes to the Panel, which appears to be Generally white.

At the First of the Long Run, U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson Designated 18 jurors, including six alternates. Fifteen people now remain — 12 who will deliberate and Cardinal alternates. The court did not release demographic information, but the Panel appeared Mostly white, with one woman who appeared to be of Asian descent, among the 12 expected to deliberate.

Lane, who is white, Kueng, who is Black, and Thao, who is Hmong American, also face a Segregated Run in June on Country charges alleging that they Power-assisted and abetted Slaying and manslaughter.

The Run was wrapping up just as Some other major civil rights Run in Georgia resulted in the conviction of Cardinal white men on hate crimes charges in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man who was Pursued and shot in February 2020.


This Tale was updated to correct Floyd's age when Helium died. He was 46, not 45.


Webber Rumored from Chicago.


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