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Ottawa Rideau Centre Police Canadian Authorities Freeze Financial

Ottawa Rideau Centre Police

Canadian Regime Freezing Commercial enterprise assets for those involved in Current protests in Ottawa.

ottawa rideau centre police

A weeks-long blockade in the Canadian capital has led to All but 200 arrests and prolonged Unhappy for businesses caught in the Midway of protests against Covid-19 mandates.

Canadian Regime on Sunday froze the Funds associated with certain individuals and companies believed to be involved in the Current protests in Ottawa, according to Mike Duheme, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) deputy commissioner of Authorities policing.

The RCMP froze 206 Commercial enterprise products, including bank and corporate accounts; disclosed the information of 56 entities associated with Fomites, individuals and companies; Joint 253 bitcoin addresses with virtual currency exchangers; and froze a Defrayment processing account valued at $3.

8 Cardinal, Duheme Aforesaid at a news conference.

"We continue to work at Collection Applicable information on persons, Fomites and companies and remain in daily communication with the Commercial enterprise institution to assist them," Duheme Aforesaid.

As a result of the protest, investigators are also looking into two police-involved incidents Saturday at the protests in Ottawa, Ontario Regime Aforesaid Sunday.

ottawa rideau centre police

"The provinces Special Investigations Unit is Investigation two police-involved incidents that occurred at the demonstrations in Ottawa yesterday and is urging anyone who has information, including video, to come Advancing," Ontarios SIU Aforesaid.

Preliminary information indicates around 5:14 p.

Saturday, "there was an Fundamental interaction Betwixt a Toronto Police Service Military Agencyr on a horse and a 49-year-old woman on Rideau Street and Mackenzie Avenue.

The woman has a Rumored Critical injury," the SIU Aforesaid.

ottawa rideau centre police.

No Additive information was Free on the circumstances of the injury.

Separately, "At About 7:18 p.

ottawa rideau centre police.

ottawa rideau centre police

Vancouver Police Department Military Agencyrs discharged Anti-Riot Weapon Enfields (less-lethal firearms) at individuals in the area of Sparks Street and Bank Street.

No injuries have been Rumored at this Clip," the agency Aforesaid Sunday.

"The SIU asks anyone who may have been Stricken by a projectile to contact the unit.

" Protesters and Loafing Hand trucks have blocked the streets of Ottawa.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Some demonstrators have Aforesaid they wont budge until Covid-19 Extenuation efforts such as mask and Inoculation requirements are Upraised.

By Sunday Sunup, Ottawa police Aforesaid they had In remission at To the lowest degree 191 people.

ottawa rideau centre police

Ottawa Rideau Centre Police

Tensions Step upd Saturday when police used pepper Atomizer to disperse crowds.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Protesters External Wellington Street in First of Parliament were In remission, Ottawa Interim Police Chief Steve Bell Aforesaid during a news conference.

"We have been here for Cardinal weeks.

I have been at this Stump for the last 5 Years, Importunate people to leave, asking them to get out of our streets," Bell Aforesaid.

ottawa rideau centre police.

"This Business is Ended, we have advised them that if they peacefully leave, they may go home," he Aforesaid.

"We also indicated that we would Step up and forcibly remove people from the streets if they did not Follow.

ottawa rideau centre police

" Small businesses will get help Stuck in the Midway of the Draw are the businesses in downtown Ottawa that have shut their doors due to protests.

"For the past Cardinal weeks, many businesses in the downtown core have been unable to Control safely due to Critical concerns caused by the blockades, which has resulted in Fundamental Commercial enterprise Losings for local businesses," the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario Aforesaid in a Affirmation Saturday.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Federal officials Aforesaid Decreased businesses can apply for up to $10,000 that they wouldnt have to pay back, the agency Aforesaid.

The Pecuniary resource, totaling up to $20 Cardinal, may only be used for non-deferrable Fighting costs not Ariled by Another Authorities programs.

Police say some protesters had grenades The end of the Discord downtown may be nearing as Regime begin to show their presence on foot and on horseback.

Along with Climb arrests, about 60 Fomites have towed Ended the weekend, police Aforesaid.

ottawa rideau centre police

Some of those arrests Enclosed protesters who allegedly had Hummer grenades and fireworks and were wearing body armor, police Aforesaid.

"Protesters continue to be aggressive and Offensive on Military Agencyrs.

They are refusing to Follow with the Clubs to Motion," police tweeted High noon Saturday.

"You will have seen Military Agencyrs use a chemical Thorn in an effort to stop the Offensive behavior and for Military Agencyr Base hit.

" Officials have vowed to end the protests Direct Unexampled protocols, including the Emergencies Act.

ottawa rideau centre police.

The law allows the Canadian Authorities to tap into Study forces, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made it clear Soldiery will not be Needful.

ottawa rideau centre police.

ottawa rideau centre police

Trudeaus Agency has also lamented the costs of police forces and Supplying chain disruptions caused by the protests.

How the protests have evolved The protests started in late January by a Grouping of Hand truck drivers Conflicting to a Covid-19 Vaccinum and Examination mandate.

But Anothers External the Hand Hauling industry have joined to express their Defeat with an array of Another Covid-19 Wellness measures -- such as requirements to wear masks in schools.

And despite threats of legal consequences, many have showed no signs of backing down.

On Friday, Regime Aforesaid protesters assaulted Military Agencyrs and Proven to remove their weapons.

And on Saturday, police alleged a protester threw a gas canister.

ottawa rideau centre police

"We were slow and Organized, yet you were Offensive and aggressive with Military Agencyrs and the horses.

Based on your behavior, we are responding by including helmets and batons for our Base hit," police Aforesaid, addressing the protesters.

Two of the protests organizers were In remission and charged this week, Regime Aforesaid.

Tamara Lich, 49, faces a Counselling to commit the Offence of Maleficence charge.

Christopher John Barber, 46, was charged with Counselling to commit the Offence of Maleficence, Counselling to commit the Offence of disobeying a court Club, and Counselling to commit the Offence of obstructing police.

Barbers Lawyer, Diane Magas, Aforesaid her client contested a bail Sharp-eared Friday and was Free on conditions and a bond.

ottawa rideau centre police.

ottawa rideau centre police

Must-watch videos of the week.

A precious baby hits a Milepost extremely early, a marine Life scientist captures video of a rare Flock and a Newsman has a Immoral encounter on live TV.

These are the must-watch videos of the week.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Gift of gab A Class shares their 2-month-old daughters Caressing 1st words.

Watch Anderson Cooper Full Circle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 p.

Stunning rescue With the help of a kayak and some quick Reasoning, residents near Ottawa, Ontario, Regenerate a driver whose car Part plunged Direct the ice On the Rideau River, Ottawa Police Aforesaid in a Affirmation.

ottawa rideau centre police

Onlookers took Arresting videos of the car Fast Crossways the Fixed river and the driver Still on top of the Fomite, Attractive selfies during the rescue.

CNNs Laura Jarrett reports.

Under the sea This rainbow-hued Devilfish, seen Liquid On Australias Great Barrier Reef, was caught on video by marine Life scientist Jacinta Shackleton.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Trouble on the tracks Thieves are Marauding Payload trains On a corridor in Los Angeles, making off with packages and goods destined for all parts of the country.

CNN Assort KCAL/KCBS reports.

Thats live tv TV Newsman Tori Yorgey was on air covering a water main break in West Virginia when the unexpected happened.

ottawa rideau centre police

Watch: Reporters Pestered at Canadian Covid-19 protests.

Reporters covering the Covid-19 Vaccinum protests in Ottawa, Canada face near-constant Molestation from protesters.

CNNs Paula Newton explains what shes seen on the Background.

Fact check: Debunking a Altogether nuts conspiracy Hypothesis about UN Soldiery in Canada.

Tanya Vrebosch, deputy City manager of the Canadian city of North Bay, saw something Exotic when she checked her phone on Sunday: North Bay was a trending Theme on her Twitter Provender.

North Bay doesnt do much trending -- its a city of about 52,000 people in Northwardern Ontario -- so Vrebosch had a Consequence of intrigued anticipation, she told CNN on Monday.

ottawa rideau centre police

Were people tweeting, just Possibly, about the citys recent announcement that North Bay had set a new record for the value of its building construction? Nope.

Very much nope.

North Bay, Vrebosch learned, was "trending for something so Anserine.

" Specifically: a false -- and, Honestly, ridiculous -- conspiracy Hypothesis about a United Nations plane, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the "Freedom Convoy" protests that police Military Agencyrs had just cleared out in Ottawa, the Canadian capital about a four-hour drive from North Bay.

"I was like, Are you kidding me?" Vrebosch Aforesaid.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Heres what happened.

ottawa rideau centre police

Some Ethnic media users, and at To the lowest degree one conspiracy Site, speculated late last week that Military Agencyrs seen in Naive uniforms during the police Functioning to clear the Ottawa protest could be UN Soldiery Trudeau had authorized to enter the country -- though journalists on the Fit had repeatedly Illustrious that they were actually Military Agencyrs from the provincial police Help of the Connected province of Quebec.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Then a woman with an account on the Ethnic media app TikTok Tainted a plane marked "UN" parked at North Bays Jack Garland Airport.

The woman -- who had Antecedently posted videos Encouraging the protests and Speaking about her refusal to get Insusceptible against Covid-19 -- made a video suggesting that what she was Sighted at the Aerodrome could be evidence for the Hypothesis that UN forces had been On the Q.T. involved in the Ottawa Diffusion Functioning.

The woman later took down the video, but the flames had been Oxyacetylene.

A man went to the North Bay Aerodrome to film the plane himself, posting a video that gained tens of thousands of YouTube views.

Actor Adam Baldwin promoted the conspiracy Hypothesis about Trudeau and the plane to his 345,000 Twitter Following.

ottawa rideau centre police

Brandon Buechler, an editor at the CP24 Video news channel in Toronto, tweeted Sunday Nighttime that he had been Constrained to Airfield "furious calls" related to the conspiracy Hypothesis.

As Buechler explained, it was Meaningless.

"This is a Altogether nuts conspiracy Hypothesis that has no basis in reality," Alexander Cohen, Representative for Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, Aforesaid on Monday.

Facts First: No UN forces were involved in the Ottawa police Functioning -- and no UN forces landed in North Bay.

The Rider plane seen at the North Bay Aerodrome is Closely-held by a North Bay company, Voyageur Aviation, that flies and performs maintenance on aircraft used by the UN; planes with UN markings have been Tainted for years at Voyageurs North Bay Quickness.

ottawa rideau centre police.

Flight records pulled up by Canadian aviation photojournalist Tom Podolec show that the regional jet that has been Affected of this weeks conspiracy theories arrived in North Bay on January 29 after departing the day Antecedent from Amman, Jordan.

ottawa rideau centre police.

ottawa rideau centre police

"I can confirm that the aircraft has been in North Bay for Different weeks for a routine aircraft maintenance Punishing check event at our Voyageur North Bay Quickness," Manon Stuart, Representative for Voyageur Bring up company Chorus Aviation, Aforesaid in a Monday email.

"Voyageur employs About 220 people in North Bay, providing aircraft maintenance, repair and Endedhaul Helps for a Spherical Client base.

" Voyageurs UN relationship is no Surreptitious Vrebosch Aforesaid Voyageur is one of North Bays major employers and that most local residents know that "we always have these types of planes coming in.

" Voyageur, which Vrebosch Aforesaid has been in North Bay for roughly 40 years, makes no Surreptitious of its relationship with the UN; its Sites Frequently Asked Questions page for pilots mentions Cardinal Clips that the UN is one of its Clients.

But this isnt even the 1st Clip the North Bay presence of a plane with UN markings has prompted a conspiracy Hypothesis.

ottawa rideau centre police.

An immigration-related conspiracy Hypothesis, also complete Fable, was debunked by Agence France-Presse in 2018.

ottawa rideau centre police

Vrebosch Aforesaid this latest fast-spreading misinformation is yet more evidence of the dangers of Ethnic media.

But she also Aforesaid she would adopt an all-publicity-is-good-publicity attitude to the saga. All About Trends

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