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Live updates: Russian forces move toward separatist regions

Live updates: Russian forces go in the direction of separatist regions

LONDON — The Russian military appears to exist trying to encircle Ukrainian forces fighting inside the separatist regions inside the eastern small portion of the country, Britain's Ministry of Defense says.

Russian forces are advancing southward from the area around Kharkiv with every one other accompanied by northern from Mariupol, the management dividing said inside an intellectual capacity briefing released Sunday morning.

Battlefields inside northern Ukraine carry on accompanied by to exist "largely static," accompanied by Ukrainian counterattacks hampering Russian efforts to reorganize their forces, the management dividing said.

In an earlier briefing released overnight, the management dividing said Russia continued to strike targets across Ukraine, including numerous inside densely populated areas, the management dividing said.

Russia is relying on "stand-off" missiles launched from within its own territory to lessen aircraft exposure to Ukrainian anti-aircraft fire, the management dividing said. But it said restricted stocks of these weapons will strength Russia to "revert to less state-of-the-art missiles or accepting additional chance to their aircraft."



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LVIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy angrily warned Moscow that it is sowing a deep hatred for Russia among his people, while continual artillery barrages with every one other accompanied by aerial bombings are reducing cities to rubble, killing civilians with every one other accompanied by driving others into shelters, leaving them to scrounge for food with every one other accompanied by aqua to survive.

"You are doing each item so that our people themselves depart from the Russian language, since the Russian language will now exist associated only accompanied by you, accompanied by your explosions with every one other accompanied by murders, your crimes," Zelenskyy said inside an impassioned video address late Saturday.


KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine's nuclear watchdog says that a nuclear research facility inside Kharkiv on one occasion additional has go nearer under shelling by Russia with every one other accompanied by the fighting makes it impossible to assess the damage.

The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate said that the neutron spring experimental facility inside the Kharkiv Institute of Physics with every one other accompanied by Technology came under blaze Saturday.

Ukrainian authorities have formerly reported that Russian shelling damaged buildings at the Kharkiv facility, nevertheless there has been no indeed release of radiation. The newly built neutron spring facility is intended for the research with every one other accompanied by manufacture of radioisotopes for medical with every one other accompanied by manufacturing needs. The International Atomic Energy Agency has said that the nuclear material inside the facility is always subcritical with every one other accompanied by the inventory of radioactive material is extremely low, reducing the risks of radiation release.

Kharkiv has been besieged by Russian forces since the start of the invasion with every one other accompanied by has go nearer under repeated shelling of its residential buildings with every one other accompanied by critical infrastructure.

Ukraine's nuclear facilities have been threatened by the Russian invasion.


LVIV, Ukraine — The manager of the Lviv neighbourhood says a male was detained on suspicion of espionage at the location of one of the set of two rocket attacks that rattled the city on Saturday.

Maksym Kozytskyy said police found the male had recorded a rocket flying in the direction of the mark with every one other accompanied by striking it. Police too found on his telephone photos of checkpoints inside the region, which Kozytskyy said had been sent to set of two Russian telephone numbers.

Rockets hit an lubricant storage facility with every one other accompanied by an unspecified manufacturing facility, wounding at least five people. A thick plume of smoulder with every one other accompanied by towering flames could exist seen on Lviv's outskirts hours following the attacks.


WARSAW, Poland — In a forceful speech inside Warsaw denouncing Russian President Vladimir Putin with every one other accompanied by voicing strong support for Ukraine, President Joe Biden too appeared to have a message for his Polish hosts.

Speaking of a "perennial strive for democracy," Biden mentioned the regulation of rules and regulations with every one other accompanied by freedom of the press among the principles that are essential inside a without charge society.

He spoke inside a speech attended by President Andrzej Duda with every one other accompanied by his political allies inside the conservative ruling Law with every one other accompanied by Justice party. Since they won ability inside 2015, the European Union has accused them of undermining the regulation of rules and regulations inside Poland by eroding the self-government of the judicial branch of government.

The Polish authorities were too inside dispute accompanied by Washington last year over legal attempts to silence TVN, a transmit web owned by U.S. firm Discovery. The aim was to strip Discovery of its jurisdiction of TVN, which produces self-governing report programs that are critical of the nationalist government.

Duda late last year vetoed the legislation, nevertheless concerns concerning press freedom inside Poland carry on accompanied by to exist due to the government's use of condition media while a communal gathering mouthpiece.

Biden too paid homage to Poland's lengthy strive for democracy inside his speech at the Royal Castle, which exist fond of most of Warsaw was destroyed by occupying Nazi German forces throughout World War II with every one other accompanied by subsequent rebuilt.

He said Warsaw "holds a sacred place inside the history of not only of Europe nevertheless humankind's unending search for freedom. For generations, Warsaw has stood where liberty has been challenged with every one other accompanied by liberty has prevailed."


LVIV, Ukraine — Several rockets struck the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday inside what officials speak were set of two separate attacks that occurred the same day President Joe Biden was visiting the first city of Poland, whose border is fair 45 miles away.

The strong explosions frightened a city that had been a haven for hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the Russian assault on other parts of Ukraine.

The geographical governor, Maksym Kozytskyy, said on Facebook that preliminary indications were five people were injured inside the earliest assault nevertheless did not specify what the set of two rockets hit. Hours later, he reported trio additional explosions external outside the city, on one occasion additional accompanied by no indeed details.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi called the following circular of explosions a rocket attack, saying it did significant harm to an unspecified "infrastructure object."

Lviv had been mostly spared since Russia's Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, although missiles struck an aircraft repair facility near the international airfield a week ago.

The back-to-back attacks on Saturday brought a chill to residents with every one other accompanied by displaced Ukrainians who had seen Lviv while a relatively protected from danger place to rebuild their lives. Home to concerning 700,000 people earlier to the invasion, the city has absorbed numerous more.


LONDON — Britain has seized set of two jet aircraft belonging to Russian billionaire Eugene Shvidler while Western governments seeking to extremity the war inside Ukraine place pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin by targeting the luxury lifestyles of his closest supporters.

Treasury Secretary Grant Shapps said Saturday that the set of two aircraft would exist detained "indefinitely" following three-week investigation that had by that hour dated grounded the planes. The Times of London described the aircraft while a $45 million Bombardier Global 6500 with every one other accompanied by a $13 million Cessna Citation Latitude.

"Putin's friends who made millions not here of his management will not like luxuries whilst guiltless people die," Shapps said on Twitter.

The U.K. froze Shvidler's U.K. assets last week while it announced a new circular of sanctions on Russian companies with every one other accompanied by wealthy individuals. Shvidler was sanctioned since of his links to those who have backed the war inside Ukraine with every one other accompanied by since he has profited from his support for the Putin regime, the U.K. said.


LVIV, Ukraine — Air raid sirens sounded Saturday afternoon inside the western city of Lviv, with every one other accompanied by manager of the neighbourhood Maksym Kozytskyy reported "three strong explosions near Lviv." Footage report by The Associated Press showed thick plumes of smoulder rising above the city.

Lviv, a city of over 700,000 violently 70 kilometers (43 miles) the orient of Ukraine's border accompanied by Poland, has been mostly spared from greatest Russian attacks inside recent weeks. Two weeks ago, the Russian forces fired missiles on a military training center near Lviv, which at the hour dated was the most westward target, with every one other accompanied by killed 35 people.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Lviv has become a protected from danger harbor for some 200,000 displaced Ukrainians.

The explosions Saturday came while U.S. President Joe Biden was wrapping up a pay someone a call to neighboring NATO associate Poland inside which he told Poland's president that " your freedom is ours."


WARSAW — President Joe Biden on Saturday spent hour dated accompanied by Ukrainian refugees inside Poland while he wrapped up his four-day pay someone a call to Europe, marveling at the spirit of their resolve inside the aftermath of Russia's invasion of their homeland.

The president listened intently to young Ukrainian children tell them concerning their parents. He picked up a young Ukrainian girl inside a rosy coat, smiling in general with every one other accompanied by telling her she reminded him of his own granddaughters.

He too held hands with every one other accompanied by gave hugs to their parents, while he heard their stories throughout a pay someone a call to a stadium inside Warsaw where Ukrainian refugees go to obtain a Polish recognition number that gives them access to communal services such while health protected from danger keeping with every one other accompanied by schools.

Some of the women with every one other accompanied by children told Biden that they fled for Poland lacking their husbands with every one other accompanied by fathers, men of fighting number of years that were required to carry on accompanied by to exist behind to assist inside the fight opposed to Russian forces.

"What I am always surprised by is the depth with every one other accompanied by ability of the anthropoid spirit," Biden told reporters following his conversations. "Each one of those children said something to the effect of 'Say a invocation for my dad or grandad or my brother.'"


WARSAW, Poland — Poland's President Andrzej Duda welcomed President Joe Biden's assurances while visiting the Polish first city on Saturday that NATO would guarantee his country's security.

He said the assurances were all the additional important while Russia is carrying not here brutal assaults inside Ukraine, fair across Poland's eastern border.

"I believe that for us Poles, inside the circumstances we have today, inside our small portion of Europe, inside the epoch of Russian aggression opposed to Ukraine, this is a extremely important element," Duda said.

Duda, speaking following gathering Biden, said that he too urged the United States to rate up its planned conveyance of weapons to Poland.

Duda noted that under contracts by that hour dated concluded accompanied by the U.S., Poland is place to receive Patriot missile sets, artillery rocket launchers, F-35 fighter jets with every one other accompanied by 250 Abrams tanks.

"I asked the U.S. president, Joe Biden, to accelerate, while a a large amount of while possible, those purchasing programs that are by that hour dated actuality implemented inside order to build strong our security," the Polish leader said.


A Winona, Minnesota male taken into custody by Russian forces inside Ukraine has been released, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar said.

Tyler Jacob had been detained earlier this month while trying to cross from Ukraine into Turkey. Klobuchar said she reached not here to the U.S. State Department with every one other accompanied by connected accompanied by John Sullivan, the U.S. ambassador to Russia, who discussed the circumstances accompanied by the Russian government.

The 28-year-old Jacob went to Ukraine inside November, where he took a position of employment teaching English to exist accompanied by his longtime girlfriend, a Ukrainian, the Star Tribune reported. The set of two married inside January with every one other accompanied by lived inside Kherson, a southern port on the Black Sea. Jacob stayed flat following Russia invaded last month, nevertheless eventually decided he should try to obtain out.

Along accompanied by some friends from Turkey, he got on a bus headed for the Turkish border nevertheless was taken into custody at a checkpoint inside Armiansk.

Jacob is now protected from danger accompanied by his spouse with every one other accompanied by feminine child with every one other accompanied by they are all preparation to journey to Minnesota. The family declined to elaborate on the circumstances of Jacob's detainment. Klobuchar said they "want to exist really careful" with every one other accompanied by "at some point ... the whole tale will exist told."


PRAGUE — Several thousand Russians living inside the Czech Republic inside Prague with every one other accompanied by thousands additional people inside London have rallied to objection the Russian military aggression opposed to Ukraine.

The organizers from Prague's Russian anti-war committee said the rally is an chance for the Russian nationals to speak loud with every one other accompanied by understandable "No to the war," "No to Putin," "We are accompanied by Ukraine," with every one other accompanied by "We are accompanied by the Czech Republic with every one other accompanied by the whole world opposed to the Russian aggression."

The participants were marching into and not here of the Czech first city Saturday, waving white with every one other accompanied by blue flags, a ordinary characteristic for the anti-war protests by the Russians. They replaced the Russian national banner accompanied by the tricolour of the red, blue with every one other accompanied by white horizontal fields accompanied by another one where the scarlet field, which symbolizes blood, was replaced by one additional white one.

The protesters too displayed banners that read "Stop Putin," "Save the World" with every one other accompanied by "Putin is not Russia," calling Russia's President Vladimir Putin a "Killer."

Besides their condemnation of the war, the Russians too said they want to build it understandable they are small portion of the local society with every one other accompanied by not secret supporters of Putin.


LONDON — Thousands have gathered inside centre London on Saturday to march inside support of the people of Ukraine while they withstand the Russian invasion.

The march was organized by London Mayor Sadiq Khan following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on people everywhere to show their backing for Ukraine. Demonstrators were marching from Hyde Park to Trafalagar Square, which has been decorated inside the blue with every one other accompanied by yellow colors of Ukraine's flag.

"These guiltless people have been into and not here of unimaginable suffering with every one other accompanied by suffering over the last month, with every one other accompanied by by joining with every one other today we are showing that we stand accompanied by them," Khan said.

Khan too pledged 1.1 million pounds ($1.45 million) to support refugees, migrants with every one other accompanied by asylum seekers inside London. Some 3.8 million people have fled Ukraine since the invasion began.


WARSAW, Poland — U.S. President Joe Biden has told Poland's President Andrzej Duda that "your freedom is ours," echoing of one of Poland's unofficial mottos. He assured Duda that the U.S. with every one other accompanied by other NATO allies would go nearer to their assistance if Russia should attack.

The set of two gathered Saturday on Biden's final day inside Europe to speak concerning their shared attempt to extremity the war inside neighboring Ukraine.

Biden called the "collective defense" accord of the Western military alliance a "sacred commitment," with every one other accompanied by said that the unity of NATO was of the utmost importance. He too acknowledged that Poland was bearing the brunt of the humanitarian crisis, accompanied by additional than 2 million of the 3.5 million people fleeing Ukraine entering the country. He said the other NATO allies must do more. The U.S. has pledged to receive up to 100,000 refugees.

Duda said that the relations in the centre of the set of two nations are flourishing, in malice of the difficult times.


BUCHAREST, Romania — NATO's deputy secretary-general says that Russian President Vladimir Putin's month-old "barbaric war" opposed to Ukraine is one he cannot win.

Mircea Geoana said inside an meeting accompanied by The Associated Press that NATO would exist "forced to lay clasp of suitable measures" inside the event of a chemical or nuclear attack, which follows a twine of ominous comments from Moscow officials who decline to regulation not here their use. He declined to speak what those measures would be.

"NATO is a defending alliance, nevertheless too it's a nuclear alliance," he said. "If they will exist using chemical weapons or other kinds of higher-end systems opposed to Ukraine, this will exist changing fundamentally the the natural world of the war that Mr. Putin has waged opposed to Ukraine."

"I tin guarantee that NATO is prepared to respond proportionately," he added.


HELSINKI — Finland's president says his country would probable exist targeted by Russian cyber warfare with every one other accompanied by could face border violations if it decides to apply for belonging inside NATO.

Several polls inside recent weeks have shown a majority of Finns now supporting NATO membership, up from 25% at most earlier to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Sauli Niinisto said inside an meeting Saturday accompanied by condition broadcaster YLE that the biggest good would exist "gaining a preventive effect."

But he pointed to a chance of disruptive behavior by Russia throughout an accession process, which would lay clasp of at least months.

He said an application would lead to tensions at Finland's 1,340-kilometer (830-mile) border accompanied by Russia, including the possibility of "robust" border with every one other accompanied by territorial violations — not fair by Russian aircraft, while Finland has experienced inside the past.

Niinisto said: "We don't flat know all the possiblities for hybid influencing that someone may invent. The entire world of details technology is vulnerable. Even some important society functions tin exist disrupted."

Moscow has said it would believe concerning European Union members Finland with every one other accompanied by neighboring Sweden joining NATO a hostile go that would have solemn military with every one other accompanied by political repercussions.


MEDYKA, Poland -- Refugees arriving inside Poland from Ukraine are pleading for additional assist to extremity the war while U.S. President Joe Biden wraps up his four-day pay someone a call to Europe.

The U.S. has been sending money with every one other accompanied by supplies to assistance the displaced person effort. This week, Biden announced $1 billion inside additional assistance with every one other accompanied by said the U.S. would receive up to 100,000 refugees.

Elena Taciy, a 50-year-old from Berdyansk, said that the U.S. support is "right with every one other accompanied by needed." She said Saturday she wanted Biden "to go nearer to Ukraine inside human being with every one other accompanied by see the circumstances accompanied by his own eyes."

Maria Shevchenka, a 43-year-old from Mykolaiv, said that "we are waiting for them (the Americans) to assist us extremity this crisis, so that eventually we tin return spine to our country with every one other accompanied by our homes."

Biden, who was inside Warsaw on Saturday, dropped inside on a gathering in the centre of U.S. with every one other accompanied by Ukrainian overseas policy with every one other accompanied by protection leaders.


LVIV, Ukraine — The manager of the Kyiv neighbourhood says that Russian forces have entered the city of Slavutych with every one other accompanied by seized a medical organization there.

Slavutych is located northern of Kyiv with every one other accompanied by the occident of Chernihiv, external outside the exclusion area that was established around the Chernobyl nuclear ability plant following the 1986 disaster. It is place of residence to workers at the Chernobyl site.

Governor Oleksandr Pavlyuk said Saturday that the Russians too kidnapped the city's mayor, nevertheless some media reported subsequent inside the day that the mayor was released swiftly. Neither claim could exist verified independently.

The manager said that residents of Slavutych took to the streets accompanied by Ukrainian flags to objection the Russian invasion.

"The Russians opened blaze into the air. They threw flash-bang grenades into the crowd. But the residents did not disperse, on the contrary, additional of them showed up," Pavlyuk said.


LVIV, Ukraine — Authorities inside the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, have announced a new 35-hour curfew inside the city.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said the curfew will sprint from 8 p.m. local hour dated on Saturday to 7 a.m. on Monday, accompanied by local residents allowed to depart from their homes only to obtain to a bomb shelter.

Klitschko said that shops, pharmacies, gasoline stations with every one other accompanied by condition transport will not exist operating throughout the curfew.


ISTANBUL — Turkey's protection management dividing says a "mine-like" thing has been "neutralized" at the northern entry to the Bosporus Strait.

The sighting on Saturday of a possible naval pit followed warnings that mines laid at the entrances to Ukrainian ports could shatter without charge inside bad weather with every one other accompanied by cross the Black Sea.

Broadcaster NTV showed images of an thing bobbing inside the waves off Istanbul's Sariyer district, on the Bosporus' European coast. A Coast Guard vessel was stationed nearby.

A Defense Ministry statement said divers were dispatched to deal accompanied by the object. According to Demiroren News Agency, it was noticed by fishermen.

On March 18, Turkey advised ships to retain a "sharp lookout" with every one other accompanied by report some possible mines that had drifted from Ukrainian ports.

Last year some 38,500 ships passed into and not here of the Bosporus, which links the Black Sea with every one other accompanied by the Mediterranean. Soon following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ankara closed the strait to military vessels.


LONDON — Britain's Defense Ministry says Russia continues to besiege a number of greatest Ukrainian cities including Kharkiv, Chernihiv with every one other accompanied by Mariupol.

A done every one day update says Russian forces are proving reluctant to capture inside large scale urban infantry operations, by preference preferring to be contingent on on the indiscriminate use of air with every one other accompanied by artillery bombardments inside an try to demoralize defending forces.

The evaluation says it is probable Russia will carry on accompanied by to use its heavy firepower on urban areas while it looks to boundary its own by that hour dated considerable losses, at the cost of further civilian casualties.

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