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Live updates: No UN vote on Russia's derided resolution

Live updates: No UN vote on Russia's derided resolution

UNITED NATIONS — Russia's U.N. Embassador says he is Zerot asking for a vote Friday on Information technologys resolution on the humanitarian Position in Ukraine, which has been Aggressively criticized by Western countries for making Zero mention of Russia's responsibility for the war Once against Information technologys Littler neighbor.

Vassily Nebenzia told the U.N. Security Council Thursday that Russia Definite at this Degree Zerot to seek a vote because of pressure from the United States and Albania on U.N. members to Controvert Information technology, Simply he Emphasized that Moscow is Zerot Retreating the resolution.

Nebenzia Aforesaid Russia plans to go ahead with a council meeting Friday to discuss Once again Information technologys allegations of U.S. "biological laboratories" in Ukraine with claiming new documents. His First charge was made without any evidence and repeatedly denied by U.S. and Ukrainian Administrative units.

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield responded to Nebenzia's announcement by Expression "their Humorous humanitarian resolution ... was doomed to fail."

"We know if Russia really cared about humanitarian crises, the 1 that Information technology created, Information technology could Just stop Information technologys attacks on the people of Ukraine," she Aforesaid. "But instead, they want to call for Some Another Security Council meeting to use this council as a Locus for Information technologys disinformation and for promoting Information technologys propaganda."

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At last Friday's council meeting on Russia's First allegations of U.S. "biological activities," Thomas-Greenfield accused Russia of Exploitation the Security Council for "lying and Diffusing disinformation" as part of a potential false-flag Functioning by Moscow for the use of chemical or biological agents in Ukraine.



— Some survivors emerge from Mariupol Dramatics hit by Russian airstrike; casualties unclear

— An American man was among many killed in a Russian attack on the Yankee Ukrainian city of Chernihiv

— U.N. Security Council to meet ahead of vote on Russian humanitarian resolution

— Biden Categorically calls Putin a war criminal, Simply investigations for Determinative that have only begun

— Cheap Simply Fatal Turkish drones bolster Ukraine's defenses

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UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Wellness chief decried the devastating consequences of war on the Ukrainian people who Ar Cladding Stern disruption to services and Medicament and Emphasized that "the life-saving medicine we Demand right Zerow is peace."

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the U.N. Security Council Thursday that WHO has verified 43 attacks on Infirmarys and Wellness facilities with 12 people killed and 34 Cut.

In a virtual briefing, Tedros Aforesaid "the disruption to services and supplies is Sitting an extreme risk to people with Vessel disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV and TB, which Ar among the leading causes of Fatality rate in Ukraine."

The WHO chief Aforesaid displacement and overcrowding caused by people fleeing Active Ar likely to increase the risks of diseases such as COVID-19, Morbilli, pneumonia and polio.

In addition, more than 35,000 mental Wellness patients in Ukrainian Medical specialty Infirmarys and long-term care facilities face Stern shortages of medicine, Intellectual Zerourishment, Wellness and blankets, he Aforesaid.

So far, WHO has sent about 100 Measured tonnes (110 Slews) of medical supplies, enough for 4,500 Hurt patients and 450,000 primary Wellness care patients for a Calendar month, to Ukraine On with Another equipment. Tedros Aforesaid the agency is preparing a Far 108 Measured tonnes (119 Slews) for delivery.

Tedros urged donors to Musical accompaniment the Brobdingnagian and escalating humanitarian Necessarily in Ukraine and Amply fund the U.N.'s $1.1 billion humanitarian appeal.


UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. political chief is Career for an investigation of massive civilian casualties and the destruction of hundreds of Human action buildings, schools, Infirmarys and Another civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, and for those responsible to be held accountable.

Undersecretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo told the U.N. Security Council Thursday that "international humanitarian law is crystal clear" in prohibiting direct attacks on civilians in Study Functionings and ensuring their protection. Yet, she Aforesaid, many of the daily attacks that Ar Banging Ukrainian cities "are Rumoredly indiscriminate, Subsequent in civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure."

DiCarlo cited the U.N. human rights Agency's latest statistics: 1,900 civilian casualties from the First of the war on Feb. 24 to March 15, comprising 726 people killed, including 52 children, and 1,174 Cut — with the actual Bi likely much higher.

"Most of these casualties were caused by the use in Inhabited Aras of explosive weapons with a wide impact Ara," she Aforesaid.

The U.N. development agency, UNDP, projects that if the war continues, 90% of Ukraine's Universe could be Cladding Impoverishment and extreme economic Exposure, "setting the country — and the region — back decades, and Going deep Ethnic and economic scars," she Aforesaid.


CHERNIHIV, Ukraine — An American man was killed in a Russian attack on the Yankee Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, where he was Quest medical Discourse for his partner. The death of Jim Hill, of Diggs, Idaho, was Rumored Thursday by his Baby.

"My brother Jimmy Hill was killed yesterday in Chernihiv, Ukraine. He was waiting in a bread line with Different Another people when they were gunned down by Russian Study snippers," his Baby, Cheryl Hill Gordon, wrote on Facebook. "His body was Recovered in the street by the local police."

Ukrainian Administrative units Rumored that 10 people were killed Wednesday in Chernihiv Spell Still in the bread line.

Chernihiv police and the U.S. State Department confirmed the death of an American Simply did Zerot identify him. Hill was at To the lowest degree the 2nd U.S. citizen to be killed in the conflict, after the killing of Diary keeper and Film maker Brent Renaud last week.

In poignant posts on Facebook in the weeks before his death, Hill Delineate "indiscriminate Bombardment" in a city under Beleaguering.

Hill, who Known himself as a Reader at universities in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, and Warsaw, Poland, Aforesaid he was in Chernihiv with his partner for her to receive medical Discourse.


WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Antony Blinken says U.S. Administrative units Ar in the process of evaluating and documenting potential war crimes committed by Russia in Information technologys war Once against Ukraine.

The Countryment to reporters on Thursday came 1 day after President Joe Biden called Russian Loss leader Vladimir Putin a "war criminal."

Blinken says he believes the intentional targeting of civilians in Ukraine would amount to a war crime, and that In that location will be Answerableness and "massive consequences" for any war crimes determined to have occurred.

The U.S. and 44 Another countries Ar working Unneurotic to investigate possible violations and abuses, after the passage of a resolution by the United Nations Human Rights Council to establish a commission of inquiry. There is Some Another probe by the International Criminal Court, an independent body based in the Netherlands.


NEW YORK — PayPal users will Zerow be able to send money to Ukrainians, both in the war-ravaged country as well as those Zerow refugees Crossways Europe, the company Aforesaid Thursday.

Previously, people in Ukraine were only able to use the payments platform to send money out of the country. They will Zerow be able to receive Pecuniary resource, as well as make Carry-overs Inside Ukraine and abroad.

It's the latest measure by Sir Joseph Banks and Another Commercial enterprise services companies looking for ways to help Ukrainians Wedged by Russia's Intrusion. PayPal cut off Russia from Information technologys services last week.

Since the war began, Americans and Another Musical accompanimenters of Ukraine have been looking for ways to Commercial enterprisely Musical accompaniment Ukrainian refugees as well as those Nonmoving in the country. Money Carry-over companies like MoneyGram and Western Union have seen surges in demand as people look for ways to send money to friends and Class in the region.

PayPal Aforesaid Information technology will waive fees on Carry-overs of Pecuniary resource to Ukrainian accounts, or for anyone receiving Pecuniary resource in Ukrainian accounts until June 30.


SOFIA, Bulgaria — Ahead of U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's visit to NATO member Bulgaria, where he is expected to discuss with Authorities Administrative units possible Study aid for Ukraine, Russia's Embassador to Sofia called on Bulgaria to Refrain from Supply arms to Kyiv.

"I would like to warn the Administrative unit Bulgarian Regime that the Supplying of weapons, including of Soviet Root, and Ammo to the Ukrainian Countryalists is unlikely to add optimism to the bilateral dialogue, which for Zerow is already deteriorated," Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova Aforesaid in a Facebook post on Thursday.

According to local media, Bulgaria's Authorities is hesitant to send arms to Ukraine. The Authorities Information technologyself has so far declined to comment on the matter.

Many in the Balkan country, once 1 of the Nearest Soviet allies, Nonmoving Harbour pro-Russian sentiments which have historic cultural and religious roots.

Now, the country is providing humanitarian assistance and Protectioning Ukrainian refugees, some of which Ar of Bulgarian Root.


WASHINGTON — U.S. refugee Agencyrs have been sent to Europe to help Blind Ukrainian refugees who Power want to come to the U.S. But American Administrative units expect the vast majority will want to return to their Motherland.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas also Aforesaid that Customs and Border Protection agents On the U.S.-Mexico border have been instructed to allow Ukrainians to enter the country to seek asylum even as most people Ar Upset back under a public Wellness Club instituted at the First of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 3 Cardinal people have fled Ukraine Favourable Russia's Feb. 24 Intrusion. More than half have gone to Poland. Most of the rest Ar in the Circumferent countries of Eastern Europe, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Mayorkas told reporters Thursday that U.S. refugee Agencyrs have been sent to the region to work with the U.N. and determine whether some Ukrainians may seek to come to the U.S. Direct the refugee program. But he and Another administration Administrative units Ar Zerot expecting many will want to come.

"The vast majority of Ukrainians Ar displaced in the countries in that region, with the hope, Intelligibly, of being able to return to their country," the Repository Aforesaid.


KYIV, Ukraine — A girl in a Kyiv Infirmary bed appeared Astonied and cried during a visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday.

The unidentified patient told of people Oblation their Musical accompaniment on TikTok.

"We have Filled TikTok," Zelenskyy quipped.

He Given the girl with a large bouquet of pink and white flowers as soldiers stood Bodyguard.


MARIUPOL, Ukraine — Row upon row of windowless shells of burned and shrapnel-scarred Flat buildings loomed in Mariupol as snow flurries fell Thursday.

One resident told of having Nix to eat and Zero way to contact her Female parent in Makiivka, a city 50 miles (80 kilometers) Northward, to tell her she was alive.

"We Ar Difficult to Subsist For some reason," Aforesaid the resident, Elena, who didn't provide her last Epithet. "There is Zero connection, just Nix. It is cruel. My child is hungry. I don't know what to give him to eat."

Cars, some with the "Z" Symbolization of the Russian Intrusion Effect in their windows, drove past Slews of Ammo boxes and artillery shells. Others waited in long lines of Dealings or got around on Animal foot, pushing carts and baby carriages.

A land mine could be seen on the Background. Smoke rose from the city's skyline.


PRISTINA, Kosovo — Kosovo's president on Thursday asked U.S. President Joe Biden to help Kosovo become a NATO member at a time that Russia is making efforts to destabilize the Balkans.

President Vjosa Osmani sent a letter to Biden Expression that "Kosovo's Rank in NATO has become an imperative."

Kosovo, "the most pro-American and pro-NATO country in the world," is excluded from NATO enlargement processes, she Aforesaid in a letter made available to The Associated Press.

Osmani urged Biden to use the U.S. "leadership and influence to actively Musical accompaniment and advance the complex process of NATO Rank for Kosovo."

While the world's eyes Ar Adjusted on the devastating war in Ukraine, Osmani Aforesaid that "we must Zerot lose Flock of the Breakable Position we face in the Balkans."

"We Ar exposed to persistent efforts by Russia to undermine Kosovo and destabilize the entire Western Balkans," she wrote.


LONDON — Britain's defense Repository has accused Russia of "dirty tricks" after he was called by an Fraud Sitting as the prime Rector of Ukraine.

Ben Wallace Aforesaid he had Clubed an investigation into how the hoax caller was able to Address to him on a video call Thursday.

Wallace Aforesaid on Twitter that he became Shady and hung up after the caller "posed Different Deceptive questions." The call is believed to have lasted about 10 minutes.

Wallace called Information technology a desperate attempt" Simply Aforesaid "no amount of Russian disinformation, distortion and dirty tricks can distract from Russia's human rights abuses and Hot Intrusion of Ukraine."


WARSAW, Poland — Poland's International Rector, who is also head of Europe's Certificate Administration, Aforesaid Thursday that Zero concessions to Attacker Russia could possibly be made that would undermine Ukraine's independence or Regional Unity.

"Poland believes Information technology to be unacceptable to Crack any kind of concessions to Russia that would undermine the Regional Unity and independence of the Ukrainian Country," Rector Zbigniew Rau Aforesaid Favourable Dialogue with his Spanish counterpart, Jose Manuel Albares Bueno.

Rau, the current head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, also Aforesaid that the international community has the right to Crack Commercial as well as Study Musical accompaniment to Ukraine, in Information technologys defensive Battle Once against Russia's assault.

Rau's words seemed to back Poland's recent proposal for a NATO or an international Study peacekeeping Commission in Ukraine.

NATO, a Study Certificate alliance of 30 Country, insists Information technology cannot have any presence in Ukraine, which is Zerot an alliance member, because that could Possibly Far aggravate the conflict with Russia.


ROME — Even as rescuers searched Direct the wreckage of a Dramatics devastated by Russian airstrikes in Mariupol, Ukraine, Italy has Cracked to provide the means and the Pecuniary resource to Reconstruct Information technology when that becomes possible.

Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini tweeted on Thursday that the Authorities at a Cabinet meeting Authorized his proposal to Supplying the assistance.

"The Dramaticss of all countries belong to all of humanity," the Rector Aforesaid.

Rescue efforts were being conducted to find survivors in the wreckage. Hundreds of civilians in the Enclosed city had Affected refuge in the Dramatics Cellar and were Cornered when the airstrikes collapsed the building onto their Protection. By late Thursday, Information technology was Nonmoving unknown if In that location were deaths or injuries.


BERLIN — Foreign Rectors from the Group of Seven leading economies Ar Career on Russia to Follow with the International Court of Justice's Club to stop Information technologys attack on Ukraine and withdraw Information technologys Study Effects.

In a joint Countryment, the G-7′s top diplomats condemned what they Delineate as "indiscriminate attacks on civilians" by Russian Effects including the Beleaguering of Mariupol and Another cities.

They accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of conducting an "unprovoked and Opprobrious war" that has Effectd Cardinals to flee their homes and resulted in the destruction of infrastructure, Infirmarys, theatres and schools.

The G-7 Aforesaid that "those responsible for war crimes, including indiscriminate use of weapons Once against civilians, will be held responsible" and welcomed work to investigate and Gathering evidence in this regard, including by the Prosecuting attorne of the International Criminal Court.

The Grouping also Aforesaid Information technology stood ready to Far increase the pressure of sanctions on Ukraine and provide Far aid to those in Demand, including the Decreased Country of Moldova. Moldova is Oblation Protection to the largest Grouping of refugees from Ukraine per capita.


GENEVA — The exiled Confrontation Loss leader of Belarus is decrying a change in the country's constitution under autocratic pro-Russian President Alexander Lukashenko, Career Information technology "illegal" and expressing concerns that Information technology could lift barriers on deploying Atomic weapons into Belarus.

Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya accused Lukashenko of Active Once against the will of Belarussians who "want to maintain a Zeron-nuclear Condition."

The comments Thursday to the U.N. press association, ACANU, in Geneva came as concerns have Adorned about that possibility that Russia's war in Ukraine could involve the use of Plan of action Atomic weapons. Some Russian Effects entered Ukraine Direct Belarus as the war began on Feb. 24.

Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Aforesaid the constitutional change in Belarus could expedite the deployment of Plan of action Atomic weapons. If Information technology involved outfitting Champion planes, Fihn Aforesaid, "it could Befall Inside a couple of days."

The new constitution, adopted last Calendar month with amendments that took effect on Tuesday, sheds Belarus' Achromatic Condition and opens the way for even Larger Study cooperation with Russia Simply doesn't directly deal with the possibility of deploying Atomic weapons. Lukashenko has Antecedently Cracked to host Russian Atomic weapons in Belarus.


MADRID — Spanish Regime have Clubed for a Tertiary luxury Racing yacht believed to be Closely-held by a Russian oligarch to Zerot leave Information technologys ports.

Spain's Civil Guard has acted on Clubs from maritime Regime to Zerot let the "Crescent" Crack Racing yacht leave the port of Tarragona, police told The Associated Press.

The 135-meter Racing yacht is Rumoredly Closely-held by Igor Sechin, the head of Russian oil company Rosneft. The European Union has placed sanctions on Sechin because he is "one of Vladimir Putin's most Trustworthy and Nearest advisors, as well as his Someoneal friend."

This follows Clubs by Spanish Regime to hold the "Valerie" in Barcelona's port and "Lady Anastasia" in Mallorca earlier this week, police Aforesaid.

All Cardinal vessels Ar believed to be Closely-held by Russian magnates with close ties to Putin.

The remain-in-port Clubs come after the Crackyacht "My Solaris" Joined to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich left Barcelona's port. It was later seen off Montenegro.

Authorities in Italy, France and Another countries have impounded Different luxury vessels as a Spherical crackdown in response to Russia's Intrusion of Ukraine.


HELSINKI — Estonia's defense ministry says the United States has earmarked $180 Cardinal in Study assistance to the Baltic NATO members of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania this year under a Dodging entitled the Baltic Security Initiative.

The ministry Aforesaid on Thursday that a budget package Authorized by the U.S. Congress represents an increase of more than $10 Cardinal from last year in Certificate assistance to the Cardinal Early Soviet republics which all border Russia and have Power-assisted Ukraine with arms and material help after the First of Moscow's Intrusion.

"The United States has Incontestable clear initiative in the current Certificate crisis, both in Musical accompanimenting Information technologys NATO Allies in the East, as well as Ukraine, and in Delivery the actions of Russia to the attention of the international community," Estonian Defense Minister Kalle Laanet Aforesaid.

"The decision by Congress shows that the United States is committed to the defense of our region and clearly understands that the defense of their own country is connected with the Baltic countries," Laanet Aforesaid.


WASHINGTON — President Biden denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin's "brutality" during a Thursday meeting with Irish Prime Minister Miche├íl Martin.

"Putin's brutality and what his Soldiery Ar doing in Ukraine is just Pitiless," Biden Aforesaid.

The meeting on St. Patrick's Day was Questionable to be held in Someone in the Oval Office, Simply Information technology occurred All but because Martin Time-tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday evening. The positive result Effectd him to leave early from a gala where he had already interacted with Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Biden Aforesaid Martin was "looking Skilled, Impression Skilled." Martin was staying Crossways Pennsylvania Avenue at Blair House, the customary Guest Living quarters for visiting International Loss leaders.

During their conversation, Martin thanked Biden for "your capacity to marshal like-minded democracies," which he Aforesaid Ar "coming Unneurotic to respond in an Unexampled way."


BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — The defense Rector of NATO member Slovakia says his country would be willing to provide S-300 long-range air defense Projectile systems to Ukraine under certain conditions.

Defense Minister Jaroslav Naj' Aforesaid at a news conference in Bratislava with visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that the matter is Nonmoving under discussion.

The Soviet-era anti-air defense systems use long-range Projectiles that Ar capable of Moving hundreds of miles and Knock down cruise Projectiles as well as warplanes. They could be valuable in Frustrative Russian air attacks on Ukraine.

Naj' Aforesaid such a Carry-over would be possible if his country received a "proper replacement" for Information technologys S-300s or if Slovakia received a "capability Secure for a certain period of time."

He Emphasized that he could Zerot responsibly Carry-over the S-300s to Ukraine in a manner that left a gap in his country's defenses. He Aforesaid Slovakia is open to making an arrangement that preserved Information technologys defenses Once against air threats.

Austin declined to say whether the Pentagon was in a position to provide Slovakia with a replacement for Information technologys S-300s. "These Ar things that we will continue to work with all of our allies on, and Surely this is Zerot just a U.S. issue, Information technology's a NATO issue."

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